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  1. Thank you very much—!
    Ah, he has made some good friends! Overcoming a difficulty together certainly helps with forming bonds, huh?
    Also…that scene of meeting his uncle was as moving as expected! These feels—- -sobs- Tang Xiao, you’re awesome—-!
    Hm, time to show his strength, eh? I sure look forward to the day he has rings for his other spirit!


    • I want to see him have like all black spirit rings on his clear sky hammer, or something even more OP. Just so that when spirit hall tries shit, he launches that hammer and you see all of spirit hall shit their pants in fear. Then he just withdraws it, making them utterly confused and then launches his blue silver emperor and be like “You in my control fuckwads!!!” :3


      • Why not all red rings? He is half a Hundred Thousand Year Blue Silver Emperor, so maybe he can “transmute” his spirit rings just like Xiao Wu has done

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      • Yeah, i totally want him to have all black rings! Though i don’t know if he’ll get a hundred thousand year spirit ring because of the implication of those beasts being able to communicate like humans? But totally want him to be OP, though i want him to utterly destroy spirit hall. I just want to say that bibi dong’s revenge for her teacher is ridiculous and unreasonable!

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      • Lol cool idea, they have already leaked a little of the final fight in my opinion. Seeing as how he is the only other living twin spirit master besides Bibi Dong. She is the only one who can match him and they have yet to reveal her spirit even when she released it at the finals it only spoke about her 100,000 year spirit ring.


  2. Damn. My internet has been down about half an hour. Wish I had looked this site earlier with my phone so time would have gone smoother.
    Thanks for the update!


    • i think i would like to watch him defeat those of his level without using his spirits and them when the more powerful from older generations appear, see him use his spirit bones to defeat them (or some of them, i guess he cant defeat the whole clan in a single day after all), there is no point in hiding his skills or the bones since at the end they are from the same clan.

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      • I would like it if he kicked Clear Sky Butt using just his fists and making the clan drop and bow in fear…

        Cause you know how much of a level breaker Tang San is…

        That said… since he is near the 60th level and each Spirit Bone gives power that could be equal to 10 levels.. he’d be close to fighting on equal terms with a Title Douluo without Spirit Bones…

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        • If he gets to 60 soon, he can go hunt another spider to absorb and evolve his 8 spider lances too. Hopefully they won’t seem so brittle after that.


          • They aren’t that brittle… it’s just that Tang San put them under powerful attacks that would have crushed him…

            But they’ll get stronger… and make his mind Spirit bone the weakest of them all.

            I do love how Spirit Bones are explained though. The reason higher level Spirit Bones are better being that they are less damaged (more whole) after the death of the beast….

            But if that is the case.. then doesn’t that mean that if a 10 year Spirit gave up its Spirit Bone, it’d be as valuable as a 100,000 year bone?

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            • I know they aren’t actually brittle, it just felt like they broke often and easily before the time skip.
              As for the spirit bone, according to theory, that sounds like how it should go, but I don’t think we could know for sure unless it happened.


              • Was that actually stated to be true? Cause it was stated that older Spirit Beast gave more of the Spirit Bone… but if it is freely given… would there be any damage to the bone from a lower level beast?


                • There wouldn’t be any damage so it would be top quality of its age range. However age also affects quality of the ability and energy it has. So even a less whole but higher rank would be stronger in battle.

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            • if remember right, the age of the spirit affects the quality of the bone as well.

              i don’t remember on which chapter they said that but i’m almost sure that someone say it many chapters ago.


              • They did say that… but in the chapter when Tang San got his mom’s bone, it was stated that the reason was because the older Spirits gave Spirit Bones that were left intact… so if the Spirit freely gives the bone, it should also be intact, right?


                • “Spirit bones were also classified in ranks. Generally speaking, among spirit bones for the same location, the more intact and the greater the energy fluctuations proved the quality was better, and that it came from a higher level spirit beast.”

                  —i think this says that intact bones can only come from a higher level spirit beast

                  “Most peculiar was that it gave Tang San a feeling of life, as if this right leg bone actually possessed a life of its own.
                  “This feeling of life can only be produced by hundred thousand year spirit beasts. This is what your mom left you.””

                  —And this more of less confirms that the higher the level of the spirit beast the better the quality, so it seems even if somehow a 10 year old spirit beast leave an intact head spirit bone, then it wouldn’t be as good as a 100,000 year old intact head spirit bone from the same species.


        • Which Doulou doesn’t have a spirit bone? I feel like the moment you get past 50 the likelihood of a spirit bone dropping jumps enormously. Tang His had six!


          • Still, having 6 is rare… in fact, most would be lucky to get one… and for a Title Douluo, they’d have so much power it is better off not getting some random Bone and instead get one that suits them better and help them level up.

            They are at the point they need quality and compatibility to fight against their equals…

            They are at the point where each level is a huge gap….

            And our little boy not only got 3 Spirit Bones, but one external that perfectly fits his style, one mental that boosts a mental ability he has (and that ability isn’t from his tool spirit, so it is a better boost) and he has his mothers perfectly compatible Spirit Bone

            he’s in a better position than most.

            Added with how he has 2 domains and his Tang Sect arts… he shouldn’t be as weak against people in the 90s….


            • While it was stated that every Spirit bone is a gap about 10 levels but i dont think this applys like 10+10+10
              Even with 3 spirit bones hes no match for a enemy with 90+ spirit power i think the limit he has should be enemys about 75-85 even with his domains


              • And his Tang Sect arts?

                And considering the fact that he’s a control, power & speed type spirit master along with how he has a powerful mental attack and his Spirit Force is way above his level?


                • I agree with ANTI, higher levels aren’t simply additive. Remember back after Tang San joined Shrek Academy and fought Zhao Wuji, afterwards when Tang Hao showed up before him and Flender that night it was mentioned that the gap between 76 and 96th rank spirit power was greater than the gap between 29th and 76th rank spirit power. Also don’t forget that a 99% compatible tri-spirit fusion between two 78th ranks and a 29th rank wasn’t able to beat a single 91st rank Title Douluo.

                  My estimation is that Tang San won’t lose to anyone who’s merely rank 60 (other than himself as rank 60), that somebody around rank 70 would have to be pretty exceptional to beat a completely serious Tang San and that you’d have to be rank 80 to have a good shot at defeating Tang San, but it definitely wouldn’t guarantee you victory by any stretch and you’d still have to have a worthwhile spirit plus either decent spirit bones or be in the upper ranks of the 80s in spirit power.


                  • Well, maybe not decisive, but he should still have a shot… why? Cause other than his rank, and Spirit Bones, he has twin spirits, his 4th ring is black, he has 2 domains, he is a power, control, and speed attack spirit master, and he has 80th rank Spirit Force and his hidden weapons.

                    While he may not be as powerful as a Title Douluo, the fact that his abilities are so varied would give him a chance…


                    • I’d only agree if it was a title Douluo who somehow reached that point without any spirit bones and Tang San directly countered their spirit somehow like an illusion only based Title Douluo.

                      Going by everything in the story so far, my hypothesis indicates that rather than 90 simply being 10 more than 80, it would be more accurate to assume that each subsequent rank is a multiple of the previous one, meaning that a Title Douluo would be like being 16x more powerful (32 ‘powerlevel’ vs 512) than a spirit king like Tang San. Spirit bones and twin spirits and a 10k year 4th spirit ring and all of that jazz can help close the gap sure but that’s still a huge gap to bridge and it’s not like the Title Douluo is just going to have no spirit bones or any advantages themselves, plus they’d likely have 5 black spirit rings with a 70k+ ring for the last one even on a conservative estimate, going by what Grandmaster said back when they first confronted Dugu Bo back at the imperial academy.

                      It took all 3 of the academy heads being mid / upper level Spirit Douluos and being willing to fight as a team against an only 91st rank Title Douluo for said 91st rank spirit master to feel they were a worthy opponent, the teachers of Shrek academy were like ants compared to that. Do you really think that the Tang San of right now is as strong as 3 Spirit Douluos who are working as a team put together? I have a high estimation of his power but it’s nowhere near that high. Besides, if Tang San could beat even a wimpy Title Douluo right now then what would the author do for the rest of the series? You can’t really have the MC of a ‘weak to strong’ growth story being able to beat the top tier of fighter in the entire world less than halfway through said story, that would just be silly.


                    • I’m not saying Tang San is Strong enough… But with hidden weapons, surprise is the greatest weapon.

                      Right now, he is probably equal to a 70th rank but add the hidden elements of hidden weapons and he would have a chance. Because of the surprise if he is alone fighting a TD, he’d have a chance.


                    • No, he wouldn’t stand a chance.
                      Going by part 1 of the next chapter which has been posted to the Google doc page just last night, even Tang San himself estimates he would only stand a chance vs a Spirit Douluo who is at 40% strength and not more than that, which would put his full strength at roughly 3x to 3.5x greater than normal 59th ranked spirit master if you add in all his techniques, domains, spirit bones and abilities.

                      3x better than any equal opponent is pretty good and sounds about right, but it’s a far cry from the 16x better +however good the Title Douluo is themselves that Tang San would need to “have a chance” against one.

                      No need to jump the gun, maybe when Tang San is a high rank Spirit Sage (rank 70s) and has continued to get spirit bones and other advantages, then maybe just maybe he’d stand some chance against a weak example of a Title Douluo who is trying 100%.


                    • But would a Title Douluo actually use their full power against him when he only has 5 Spirit Rings? Or would they underestimate him which would give him a chance to unleash his hidden weapons and poison which only 1 dude can resist…


                    • Well, he probably won’t get in a situation where it is one on one with him vs a Title Douluo where he wants to kill them and they will underestimate him giving him a chance to poison and kill them….


                    • No, just no. Tang San himself said that wasn’t possible back when that Spirit Sage illusionist was trying to torture him to death. The only reason that guy let him guard down enough for it to work is because he felt as if he had the absolute advantage over an opponent who couldn’t lift a single finger in resistance, he had no way of knowing that Tang San could break out at any split second he chose to do so. Even if the Title Douluo were to completely drop his guard, Tang San mentioned that just the TD’s natural spirit fluctuations would be enough to prevent the dart from piercing their skin as his spirit power is still too weak.

                      Your argument is basically boiling down to “But Tang San can beat a strong opponent as long as they let him kill them!”, which is a pointless argument. Just let it go.


                    • If you fought Chuck Norris in hand to hand combat and he handed you a big knife, presented his neck and waited for you to slash his jugular before continuing, then maybe you could say “I can beat Chuck Norris”. Realistically speaking though it would be an absurd situation to count on and in every other scenario you couldn’t win so you can’t really beat Chuck Norris in hand to hand / unarmed combat.

                      That’s where Tang San is at, he could only beat a Title Douluo in theory if the TD went out of their way to let him kill them, it’s just not realistic to argue Tang San can beat one just based on something as flimsy as that.


                    • A 0.0000000000000000000001% chance isn’t even worth discussing, that’s just being ridiculous and you could say that about almost anything.

                      No, let’s not just “agree to disagree”, what would it take for you to just admit you were wrong? Logical reasoning and rational debate coupled with evidence to the contrary directly from the novel and even Tang Sans own mouth isn’t enough to get you to just admit that Tang San stands no chance against a Title Douluo in a serious 1 on 1 fight, (unrealistic ‘what if?’ scenarios with an infinitesimally small chance of ever happening don’t count) so what is enough to convince you? Because you’re at ‘religious zealot’ levels of being unwilling to admit you could be wrong, right about now.

                      Or what, do you want to try continuing to say the equivalence of “Tang San can beat a Title Douluo, as long as the Title Douluo wants to commit suicide during the fight.”?


                    • Just out of curiosity… but why the hell do you even care what I think to this point? Why is it that I cannot have an opinion that does absolutely nothing in harming you or actually bothering you?

                      In fact, what I believe doesn’t even have anything to do with you.

                      I’m just going off the fact that it was stated in earlier chapters that Tang San was able to make up the difference of over 20 levels using his hidden weapons and Spirit bone (as in just one).

                      Adding in the fact that he has even greater weapons and the fact that he got more experience fighting without his Spirit, the fact that he is more used to using the hammer, and his grass had an upgrade, it’d pull the difference even lower and that is without counting the fact that he has 2 other Spirit bones and how his Spider Legs got an upgrade from that time or the fact that he has Spirit Force far above his level and can actually use that, combined with his killing intent and 2 domains…

                      So saying that he has enough new skills and powers to fight 30+ levels above his current ability (which he is used to fighting stronger people) shouldn’t be wrong.

                      And even among people of his level, he actually has his 4th ring being a 10,000 year spirit so he’s even more ahead.

                      And if the Title Douluo underestimates him, then Tang San would have a bigger chance. Especially if his unique poisons hit the Douluo, since only 1 person in the world can deal with it.

                      Tang San is experienced at level breaking fights and Xianxia characters do it often.

                      And this is also with his Xianxia luck.

                      So based on all of that, I conclude that Tang San actually has a good chance at beating a Title Douluo.

                      And Tang San also constantly says stuff like how he normally wouldn’t win or something when against stronger opponents. But it isn’t like he has no chance either.

                      Why the hell are you so set on making me believe your view. In a sense, what you are doing is even more like a ‘religious zealot’. If a person doesn’t share your view, then they don’t have to share your view.

                      And show which chapter he specifically said he’d have absolutely no chance against a Title Douluo if you have nothing else to do in your life but try to force others to believe your view for no reason then your own sad pleasure.

                      Tang San is a character that is able to fight way above his own level using just his grass and he has a bunch of techniques and abilities that bring him even farther without counting his Spirit bones.

                      He was a character that was able to fight with a full 20 level difference with a single spirit and weaker weapons and without his domain and depending on compatibility and opponents carelessness, he could have even broken a 30 level difference.

                      So if he had the ability to break a 30 level difference with lesser abilities, weapons, and Spirit bones, why would it be strange if he could do so now.

                      Tang San’s daddy is only 70th rank now, and missing an arm and leg with a messed up body and can still fight Title Douluo. So level breaking isn’t that new.


                    • Like I pointed out in the very first comment, the difference between say 20 to 30 & 80 to 90 is DRASTICALLY different. Thing like spirit bones are additive, but spirit ranks / rings are multiplicative. x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128, x256, x512 and not “10+10+10+10” etc for spirit ranks. A good spirit bone at earlier levels that gives a +10 can bridge the gap because the powergap isn’t too big even if it’s 20 levels because they’re earlier ranks. Overcoming those same 20 levels at a higher level is much, MUCH harder to do.

                      As for Tang Hao, you’re forgetting that he got rid of his two WEAKEST spirit rings, he’s basically spirit level 21 to 96, instead of being 1 to 96 and still has his 2 purple rings, 4 black and one red, which is why he can still give a Title Douluo a good fight.

                      It’s harder to level break from 59 to 79 than from 37 to 58 and *MUCH* harder than that to do 79 to 91. Tang San has improved vastly since fighting Tai Nu but the level break difficulty for higher ranks has gone up just as much if not more.

                      Also, “And show which chapter he specifically said he’d have absolutely no chance against a Title Douluo” – chapter 98, pages 11 to 13 he makes it pretty clear that sort of gap is too great. The best indication however is chapter 20, page 11, second to last paragraph. To quote:
                      Seeing the black clad man before him release nine spirit rings, Zhao Wuji felt like he was splashed with cool water, whole body shivering. As a Spirit Sage level Spirit Master, he understood the disparity between higher level Spirit Masters. Reaching sixtieth rank or higher, let alone the gap between one stage, even if it was only one rank’s difference, the strength had a certain difference. On the surface it would appear, he should have a gap of about twenty ranks with the black clad man before him, but he was very clear on, the gap between him and this black clad man, it was bigger than even compared to the gap between him and Tang San.

                      If that cannot convince you that higher ranks are intrinsically different from lower ranks, I don’t know what will


                    • 1st off, chapter 98 was when he was much weaker. 2nd, Zhao Wuji wasn’t as much of a level breaker as Tang San.

                      I know it isn’t adding 10, but it is still 3 Spirit Bones, one which is stronger than before, one that is 60,000 yr+ and another Spirit Bone which is not only 100,000 years, but also perfectly fitting with him differently than any other Spirit bone.

                      And it isn’t ONLY Spirit Bones. Adding 2 domains (which simultaneously weaken his enemies as well as making him stronger), his Spirit Pressure and killing intent, along with Tang Sect arts and the fact that he has twin Spirits, it allows him to level break much better.

                      Even using only the grass, he could still fight people of a higher level.

                      Note how I am still keeping his 20-30 level difference from him and his enemies.

                      Using the grass alone, he’d be close to a 70th rank master, with his 3 Spirit bones, he’d have a chance against a person of the 80th rank, and with his domain and Tang Sect arts, he should be able to have a chance against a Title Douluo.

                      And Poison is also an incredibly huge help, so even with a tiny wound, he could cause a lot of damage.

                      Even if he himself isn’t at the Title Douluo level, he shouldn’t be far from an 80th ranked person if he is trying to kill using all his arts. And while simultaniously weakening the Title Douluo and getting stronger, his poison could help give him a chance.

                      Like how Dugu Bo was able to use a surprise attack to gain the advantage over a Title Douluo was stronger than him.And the fact that he was able to survive because of his poison.

                      And while he did give up his weakest Spirits, he is still in the 70th level, he’s just better set than most people of the same level, but the level difference is still there. And his Spirit Bones are making a difference as well.

                      But it shows how the quality of ones rings and Spirit bones still make a huge difference. And because of his 4th 10,000 ring, Tang San naturally has a quality greater than others.

                      And Tang San is not only a control type, he is also someone with an agility type speed, as well as a mental type. And his Clear Sky hammer has Tyrannical power. And he has the “Disorder Splitting Wind” which traps the opponent in a wave and hits them with the power 81 times, with each hit being stronger than the last.

                      And if you add his skill at fighting without Spirit Weapons, he’s still a monster.

                      Tang San has too many factors.

                      And I am not adding each Spirit Bone seperatly.

                      I think that with the 3 Spirit bones, adding to his already level breaking power and how his 4th ring is already ahead, he’d be more than a match for 70th ranks, and his abilties of the Tang Sect and his twin Spirits would give him another 10 ranks worth of power.


                      “Tang San’s level Breaking power” + “3 Spirit Bones (one which is too perfect for him and the other upgraded)” + “His superior body” + “Tang Sect arts” + “twin spirits” + “ice-fire-mental immunity” + “poison skills” + “2 domains” + “hidden weapons” + “Surrounding plant control” + “Disorder Splitting Wind” = at least matching a person at the 80th rank.

                      And that is without counting the fact that he could use his domains to weaken the enemy a bit.

                      And good poison skill can bridge that difference even farther.

                      From there, a Title Douluo might actually underestimate him, not know about all his Spirit bones and all his strange arts which aren’t known in this world or about his domain.

                      That would give a huge advantage to Tang San.

                      The guy would think he’s fighting someone closer in power to the 60th rank when it is instead someone closer in power to the 80th rank and a master of poisons, with immunity to multiple abilities and able to fight in multiple types of styles.

                      Tang San can also deal with a larger variety of fighting styles than the average Spirit Master too.

                      So he isn’t an ordinary Spirit Master that can level break and have Spirit bones.

                      If it was just the level break that’d put him near a 70th rank and his 3 Spirit Bones, I would agree with you. But adding the numerous factors that are just way way too much to ignore, he would have a chance one on one against a Spirit master who’d underestimate him (not even to the point that they’d let him attack them).

                      Your example used a guy that had no Spirit bones, and wasn’t a level breaker like Tang San. And the fact that he didn’t have all the wide arsenals and poisons of Tang San or his strange abilities.

                      Zhao Wuji and Tang San are completely different types of characters. It isn’t a good comparison.

                      And other Spirit Masters don’t have even close to as many factors helping as Tang San, and their Spirits aren’t as powerful as his either.

                      Tang San was used to level breaking with a weak Spirit, and now he will use 2 of the strongest Spirits… that in itself makes a big difference.


                    • There’s no way I’m reading all of that until you learn to use paragraphs.

                      “1st off, chapter 98 was when he was much weaker. 2nd, Zhao Wuji wasn’t as much of a level breaker as Tang San.” – Zhao Wuji says it quite clearly; that every single level after 60 is a big difference not just the difference between a sage and a spirit douluo or anything like that. Nothing to do with him not being a level breaker and a couple of spirit bones and techniques and other things makes Tang San stronger but it doesn’t make him a god.

                      Just a few levels in the 80s to the 90s is the difference between heaven and earth, expecting anybody, no matter what advantages you give them, to ever overcome a 59 to 91 power gap despite that (the four most powerful spirit rings too!) is just ludicrous.

                      To quote chapter 65:
                      If Title Douluo were so easy to defeat, how would they be known as the strongest on the continent?

                      Additionally chapter 65, page 8 – it’s shown pretty clearly that even with three spirit masters perfectly fused together with 185 spirit levels and 16 spirit rings between them, a lowly 91st rank Title Douluo is still untouchable compared to them.


                    • 1st, I did split all of what I wrote… it’s just that when you read it with the word press reply, it condenses it all…

                      And Tang San is a Xianxia level breaker on his won.And Xianxia characters are OP (and it is guaranteed that Tang San will reach he level of a god).

                      All of his advantages aren’t small. They would add a big gap.

                      At 59th rank, he’s stronger than a 64th rank and it was significant.

                      And all of his abilities aren’t small.

                      Tang San has a large amount of abilities and powers, and he is much stronger than his level.

                      Adding his poison and the fact that his domain weakens the enemies, I’d think it would make a difference.

                      Xianxia MCs almost always become gods… so you don’t have to worry about that. But for now, he should be able to defeat most people in the 80th rank and he’d have a decent chance against a Title Douluo with his poison skills.

                      And it was actually stated that some people in the 80th rank could actually match some Title Douluo, and the Spirit Fusion of the Snake couple would also allow them to fight Title Douluo.

                      It depends on their abilities and how it works.

                      So there are many many factors to consider. And because of all his abilities and how he is a Xianxia MC with level breaking abilities, it’s not fair to compare Tang San with regular Spirit Masters.


                    • “But for now, he should be able to defeat most people in the 80th rank and he’d have a decent chance against a Title Douluo with his poison skills.”
                      Except that is not even remotely true, please think about what you are saying before you say it.

                      Tang San cannot even beat a full power Spirit Douluo right now unless there is exceptional circumstances never mind a Title Douluo. Give him another 100 or so chapters and he’ll probably be strong enough to beat a Title Douluo but *right now* it’s impossible.

                      The strongest and most perfect spirit fusion on the continent that is 3 way & over 99% affinity (chapter 64, pages 11/12) between two rank 78 and a rank 29 spirit master with Grandmaster’s intelligence leading them can “probably” beat a Spirit Douluo but cannot even scratch a Title Douluo (chapter 65, page 8) and what you’re trying to tell me is that a lone spirit master can overcome the most powerful and important 32 levels (60 to 91) as well as 4 spirit rings that are well over the 10000 year level can disregard that and kill a Title Douluo, where 13 levels and 2 spirit rings + supreme fusion utterly failed.

                      Anyway, you cannot just keep dismissing hard evidence with “I don’t think” (clearly) or “Oh well that doesn’t count because of (unrelated reason)” or anything like that. Present evidence to counter evidence, or are you only capable of saying “Well I think Tang San can beat most Spirit Douluos therefore he can beat some Title Douluos.” without supportive evidence and other such worthless non-arguments which are proven false in chapter 149 as well as others?


                    • And when he defeated the 3-way spirit fusion, it should be noted that Grandmaster was still only 29th rank, and the fact that Dugu Bo had a Spirit Bone while the other 3 did not. and the fact that Tang San level broke more than they did, and all the previous factors I stated along with him being a Xianxia MC.

                      Okay, please answer this question…

                      Why the hell do you even care about what I think? Why do you have to go so far to try and convince me of your beliefs?

                      Your acting like the religious zealots that won’t stop until people listen to their beliefs, or those annoying Athiest that harass religious people to try and get them to believe their beliefs.

                      Why is it that you are incapable of just letting us peacefully part? Is the world going to suddenly end if we don’t agree? Will our agreement cure cancer?

                      I have a right to my own beliefs and you have a right to your own. So what reason are you so desperate to convince me?

                      Do you really have nothing else in life to the point that you want to debate a pointless topic for your ego?

                      My argument makes sense to me, your argument makes sense to you. We both can’t convince the other. So why must we still argue.

                      Humans are creatures with different beliefs and perspectives.Not everything will be agreed on. It is one thing to debate, but if one side feels that convincing the other is pointless, it is best to agree to disagree and just part as friends.

                      People have the right to their own opinions. Especially if those opinions harm nobody.


                    • You’re being wrong on the internet and I cannot allow that. My argument is based on solid logic and hard evidence from the novel, your argument is based on absolutely nothing more substantial than “personal belief” and no amount of physical evidence can dissuade you from it, that’s the sort of thing a 9/11 ‘the government & the jews did WTC!’ conspiracy theorist does and it annoys me.

                      Tang San has in his possession, a weapon that *IF* it manages to hit a Title Douluo and *IF* it breaks through their natural defenses *THEN* it could kill a Title Douluo. The strength gap between the two is far too big though so it would be impossible to pull of.

                      He’s an Xianxia MC, so what? Linley from Coiling Dragon is also an MC; are you saying that Linley could kill a true Paragon as he is in the story right now? He has double powerful divine abilities, he is ridiculously strong for somebody who only has 3 and a half profound mysteries fused as well as many other advantages – by your logic Linley should be able to kill a Paragon despite the gap in strength just because he has a godspark weapon.

                      Title Douluos are to Douluo Dalu, what Paragons are to Coiling Dragon: the strongest and most untouchable force in that world that can only be fought by their equals or beings who are exceptionally close to that point.


                    • Dude, get a life. It is none of your business what I actually believe. If I was being a hater, then I could understand. But if I just believe that someone is stronger than another person or what not, then that actually isn’t your business.

                      It has nothing to do with you, and it is sad if you really think you need to tell someone else what to believe.

                      Tang San is a level breaker, there have been movements where a lower level was stronger (like Tai Nuo’s strength surpassing Zhao Wuji despite it being an almost 20 rank gap and both of them being strength types.)

                      And Tang San isn’t just an ordinary level breaker but one that has way more tricks up his sleeve than any other Spirit Master. And for Title Douluo, they should only have about 3 rings being better than Tang San’s (at best, with one of the 4 rings being a 1000 year… or maybe even a 100 year).

                      And with his 2 domains and Spirit Force, Tang San has a chance of getting past the natural defense. And for hitting the TD, why would that be impossible? It is a hidden unexpected, weapon, and Tang San is extremely skilled at using them.

                      And Linely can kill many elites that fused more laws than he did… by his training in the laws, Linley should at most be a 6-star fiend. Linley would need at least another law to defeat some Paragons. So Linley is still level breaking.

                      Like when he was a high god killing 7-star fiends…

                      It is like saying Tang San can defeat his dad (before losing his limbs) and Bibi Dong when you are using that example.

                      There is near 20 Title Douluo amongst the 1000’s of Spirit masters while there are only 30 Paragons amongst billions upon billions of just High god’s alone (not counting all the gods).

                      There are obviously going to be some Title Douluo he can’t fight, and the old dude from Elephant Armor might be worse for him than most Title Douluo, and there would be many factors like that.

                      And I did have evidence. I used him level breaking, I noted all of his Spirit bones and Tang Sect techniques, and the fact that hidden weapons and poison are things that help bridge the gap. I also noted how he’d use surprise and the fact that the Title Douluo would most likely underestimate him and lower their guard thinking he is weaker than he is while we know that he’s actually stronger than his level even without all his extra stuff.

                      I also added in his twin Spirits and the fact that he actually fit different types of battle Spirit masters (control, agility, and power). Also the fact that he has the Clear Sky attack which even Title Douluo would be hard pressed to stand once it hits them.

                      Those are all factual points, and are advantages that no other Spirit Master in the world can mimic to Tang San’s degree.

                      I’m not saying if a Title Douluo were serious, that he’d be able to win. My entire conclusion was with a Title Douluo underestimating him because he’d only have 5 Spirit Rings and thinking him at most only a danger to those of the 60th rank at best. The Title Douluo also wouldn’t know about his hidden weapons or his Spirit bones.

                      Tang San’s battle Strength with just his Grass is close to the 70th ranks. He has 3 Spirit bones that should more than help him fight near the 80th rank. And again, a bunch of factors that I mentioned before.

                      Right now, some of the Spirit Douluo are like 7-star fiends, at Tang San is like Linley with his black stone space… except they would have to be more careless and all… because the real deciding factor for Tang San would be all of his power AND his hidden weapons… so surprise would be the clear cut difference.


                    • “Tang San is a level breaker”
                      See, the thing is that’s not evidence. You can’t just cling to that one phrase like a drowning man to a life buoy and expect it to save you.
                      You keep saying “Oh he has this, oh he has that, oh he has all of these advantages, etc, they will let him beat a TD”. Do you know what that is called?

                      It’s called “meaningless speculation”.

                      Yes, he has twin spirits, 3 spirit bones and all of those advantages, those are facts.
                      However, until you show, with clear supporting evidence from the novel, two very specific things, it’s absolutely meaningless to say they can do X:
                      1: How much of an advantage does each of these things provide? – Without showing demonstrably how much of a difference they each make, saying “His strength with the grass is this, his strength with spirit bones is that” and so forth is just a lot of empty words.
                      2: Just how big exactly is the gap that needs to be overcome? – Following on from the above, you cannot directly translate “Having an external spirit bone lets you level break from rank 4X to 5X” as “therefore it should equally let you level break from 7X to 8X just the same”, you have to look at all the evidence available and make a rational judgement as to how big the gaps are and scale how much of an advantage is given accordingly.
                      I’ve given to loads of evidence for point 2 showing you just how vast the chasm is between rank 59 and 91, it’s up to you now to show through what I said in point 1 that the difference can truly be overcome with what he has now.

                      At the point Tang San is at now is like Linley was back on Miluho island, he’s just had a big power up recently and can fight with the big boys without getting instantly slaughtered but he’s still just a god / spirit king and any true opponent like a purgatory commander / Title Douluo is going to beat him 100 times out of 100, but equally so there’s still a lot of the story left to go and a lot of room left for basic improvement. Besides, Tang San cannot even win if the Title Douluo underestimates him because just a TD’s natural spirit defense would be enough to keep it from breaking their skin – Tang San mentioned this in the first place that he has to use spirit power to fire it, that he’d need to get to rank 40 to fire it even once and that he wouldn’t be able to break a Title Douluo’s natural defenses to kill them without getting at least 70th rank spirit power first.


                • Holy crap what have you guys done xD you build a massive tower 🙂

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                  And he for sure wont use that against his Clear Sky brothers so no way he beats the elder who is i assume a title douluo but he will for sure make his jaw smash a hole in the ground when he sees him go nearly all out.


                  • Well, he probably won’t beat the elder, since every skill he’d have to beat a title douluo would only be able to kill… but the Elder is holding back… so who knows..


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