Douluo Dalu – 148 – Blue Silver Emperor’s Tyrannical Control Power

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206 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 148 – Blue Silver Emperor’s Tyrannical Control Power

  1. Yay! I had a feeling that new chapter would be uploaded today.
    Thanks for the update Bagelson!!
    Haven’t had time to read the chapter yet but only title seems amazing. Can’t wait to read….

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    • …(And after reading) It was awesome! Can’t wait next chapter and conclusion of the fight.

      I’m a bit bummered that I can’t read Chinese. I could read the whole LN. =(
      For now I just need to (im)patiently wait for Bagelson to translate this. THANK YOU for that good sir!

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  2. Muahahaha!!! FEEL THE WRATH OF OP TANG SAN!!! >:D >:D
    Now to expose the spirit bones power, and rule the world!!! ………*cough* sorry got carried away.

    Side note:
    I think i would die laughing if he used his hammer with no rings to defeat the elder’s own hammer that probably has 7 or 8 rings.

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    • People say revenge won’t make you happy but so far, I feel overjoyed over the fact that tang san is practically displaying power that makes the other disciples trash. Oh, I totally agree that he needs to take over the world! Can’t wait for the moment he executes, er, I mean, kindly exchanges pointers with that cocky seventh elder. He’d chicken out if tang san’s actual father showed up.

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      • If that’s your guys’ hope then make sure to read the sequel series when your done with this. It’d probably be satisfying. Very satisfying ~(^ㄅ^)~==


      • I always found revenge will make you unhappy saying to be a bad phrase. It really depends on the person and who you’re taking revenge on. If the person had a strong back g then you’ll really hit an iron board where as I’d a pickpocketer stole your money and you killed home for it doubt anyone would bat an eye… this world had way too many double standards and not to mention the hypocrisy.


    • tang hao lost 20 levels of cultivation… did he lose his spirit rings? if he sacrificed san’s mum’s spirit ring, i would be sad


          • Consequently, my spirit power has now dropped to the seventy fifth rank. But don’t worry, the two spirit rings I got rid of were only the two lowest ranked ones. Even if only thirty percent of my spirit power remains compared to before, in this world, it would require at least a Title Douluo level to be able to put me to rest. The military glory of Clear Sky can only continue with you in the future.”

            Part 3 of chapter 144

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            • Awesome, thankyou 🙂 does that mean that if/when he recultivates then he’d be able to absorb high level spirit rings ^.- if you were (somehow conveniently) immortal could you generate a perfect all 100 thousand year spirit ring configuration WITHOUT having a twin spirit ^.-

              interesting, thanks for that link 🙂


              • sadly no once u renounce a spirit ring u can no longer cultivate to higher levels and u wont be able to absorb any other rings either


                  • my brother and i believe that tang san’s black hammer is gonna get all 100k rings. Cus at the rate he’s going already, he should atleast have 1-4 red rings on his Blue silver grass. before getting any rings on his Hammer


                    • 😀 my only hesitation on agreeing is that he may end up realising that spirit beasts at that level are all intelligent and such, we may have to introduce some evil immoral spirit beasts for him to punk


      • He didn’t sacrifice any ring but power. Think of it this way the rings are skills you get after reaching lv10 increments all he did was lose 20 lvs but doesn’t mean he lost any skills.


      • It is true, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. His family is certainly the trigger to turn him into a cold-blooded Asura. It still makes me lol everytime I think back to his reactions to Xiao Wu getting injured by others.


          • The mom thing is truly a low-blow. At least they are semi-justified in criticizing his father. If it were, say, Spirit Hall…


            • In a way, but his mother also knew the risks of being with her.

              So mommy and daddy both risked Clear Sky for their love.

              And 100,000 year beasts are too rare and valuable. In fact, even Tang Hao, even after marrying a 100,000 year beast and missing her, would have killed Xiao Wu if she wasn’t his sons lover.

              This is a world of war and if you got a treasure/weapon that is both too valuable or powerful, then people will hurt you or your family to get it.

              In that kind of world, they still chose their relationship and risked the clan.

              Dad put his love before the clan and Mom was the reason for their troubles.


              • The child of their greatest genius and an unfathomably powerful creature comes to be tested to formally join the clan. This elder in particular can’t stand his parents, so it’s suddenly ok to provoke him using his murdered mother. Totally no chance of him being both powerful and insulted. At the very least the elder should have waited until they had some basic information like say, dual spirits or double innate realms. The sect in general would naturally be angry, but wouldn’t Tang San naturally be angry as well?

                Aaaaaah, I’m so confused what we are talking about anymore. He did react less to the insults to Tang Hao, because he is there to make things right in the first place. Perhaps he should have not married a spirit beast, but even more he should have waited until she was completely human before trying to take her home.

                I personally can stand that specific elder less and less haha.


                • The elder does have good reason to hate both of Tang San’s parents.

                  Both of his parents brought danger and ruin to the clan.

                  And because this is a world where the crime of the parent can be blamed upon the child, they truly didn’t care about his talent, they just wanted him gone.

                  And the elder lost his child because of their actions, so it makes even more sense to be hostile.

                  Losing ones child, the humiliation of their powerful clan in hiding (and humiliation like that is worse in their world than ours) and then seeing the child of the 2 people that basically ruined their great clan….

                  I just can’t blame the old guy…

                  And while I dislike them for their actions, I can’t blame Spirit Hall either, cause it was too good of a treasure to pass up.

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                  • I can’t disagree. The actually insult wasn’t that severe either. I had forgotten about the child who died.

                    Isn’t spirit hall wiping out all of the clans right now anyway? That they can openly exterminate even a clan supporting the emperor shocks me. It’s like they’ve already won.


                  • I can understand, why Spirit Hall wouldn’t want to pass up on a 100 000 year spirit beast, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of their actions were justified. In my opinion, they had no right to punish Clear Sky School for Tang Hao’s actions, especially since the school had already distanced itself from him and had practically kicked him out. Also, while he did kill their Supreme Ponitff, it was the Supreme Pontiff who attacked him and his family, driving his wife into suicide. Actually, I don’t think they have any right to hate Tang Hao either (but then again, I often feel that the concept of what warrants revenge in this series is quite strange. Why the hell do you need to take revenge for a comrade who knowingly and willingly participated in and subsequently lost and got injured in a perfectly fair duel?). But going against Clear Sky School because of what he did sounds to me more like they were glad to have found such a nice excuse.

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                    • That’s all well and good intellectually, but on a personal level getting your beloved mentor killed is going to grate no matter how it played out.

                      Besides, the previous Supreme Pontiff got killed over what essentially amounts to an animal in their eyes. If the Catholic pope got killed in a squabble over a dog, even if it was an expensive dog, I don’t doubt there would be some people unhappy with the killer.

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                    • Well xianxia worlds are more cruel like that. Destroy the family along with the clan. And even if your side is in the wrong as long as you felt the loss, you get revenge… Or you wish for it.

                      In some ways, it is a world where everyone is evil… Just the degrees differ.

                      Also it works with power in a xianxia world.

                      SH is stronger than CS so they can get away with it.

                      Like how a prince killing a beggar is okay but the reverse is not (extreme example to make a point).

                      It is a world where strong eat the weak are meat.


                  • Correct.

                    The elder does have all the reason to hate Tan San and his parents, but that does give him the rights to raise finger at Tang San’s mother’s character. Saying that Tang San is a bastard and his mother is a devil and what not is an insult no son can take.

                    Also, the Clear Sky Sect who gives so much importance to strength and power, but ultimately got scared of Spirit Hall’s power can only blame their weakness rather then blaming Tang San’s parents. Also, as Tang San correctly pointed, their anger should be directed toward Spirit Hall.

                    Lastly, regarding Tang San’s mother being a ‘too good of a treasure’ personally, I remember Xiao Wu once wondered why Spirit Master’s have to kill spirit beasts and why can they not get their spirit ring without killing. Towards the end, I really forward to Tang San (alongside Xiao Wu) developing a way out of this problem.


                    • Well, I don’t think things work out like that… Xiao Wu’s wondering was probably because she herself could create Spirit Rings…

                      But that in itself is related to the fact that she herself was a Spirit Beast of 100,000 years, which is the Title Douluo of Spirit beast. So it’s like she’s regaining her power which she has lost.

                      And even then, only Spirit Beast create Spirit bone.. and to be honest, I originally felt that way… but after reading and getting more into Xianxia, I felt that it was too shonen of an ending…

                      I mean, what kind of Xianxia world goes for world peace and to avoid killing animals…

                      Xianxia justifies war and murder, slaughter and annihilation. The weak above the strong unless if the weak has good backing.

                      So, back when this was my first Xianxia, I felt that way… but now, it’d feel like its in the wrong Genre if it does that…

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        • Clear Sky DID have a reason. Tang Hao KNEW that marrying his wife was dangerous. Heck, if he didn’t love her, he’d have probably killed her himself.

          And even then, when given the chance to let her go, he instead fought back.

          His actions all risked the Clan and made many members die and forced them into hiding.

          Tang Hao, for his wife, endangered the clan. As a member of the clan, he should put the clan 1st and be willing to destroy all threats to the clan, whether it be his wife or child.

          Him chasing after love risked the entire clan.

          So Clear Sky does have a reason to hate him, and hate to the father transferred to the son… and in Xianxia culture, that in itself is justifiable, since it is a family/clan driven world where the sins of one shame the entire family.

          Since it was his daddy troubling the clan, the issue falls on him.


        • Yeah, hating on his father I can understand even if I can’t agree with it. Pulling in his murdered mother however…

          Instead of insulting people they should cultivate. If they spent more time on their own strength maybe they wouldn’t have to rely so much on others.


  3. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Now, I hope he can kick even more Clear Sky Ass… show that Elder who is boss…. and then Tang San should conquer the world and make all the beautiful women join his harem….

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      • Can’t help it… Tang San needs a harem.. honestly, it feels wrong for this to not be a harem…

        Its like the series’ I want to be harems don’t have harems, and when I find a Xianxia series where I really like the MCs relation with a girl and it being just him and her, he gets a harem….

        Its just not fair 😥

        Like these authors plan against me…. giving me the opposite of what I want in romance for their series…

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            • I think it’s enough to imagine that everytime Hou Wu, the Me Yin snake girl or Hu Liena duels Tang San, they leave the battlefield breathless.

              I’m sure he’s like the heartrob of the empire ffs. 😛

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              • He could probably have captured them if he wanted to… in fact, none of the girls he fight ever forget him… they become obsessed with him and will sacrifice much.

                One was willing to deal with Title Douluo, another sacrificed her freedom to chase him, and the last one fell for him despite it being forbidden…

                We didn’t get to see the reaction of the water girls, but he at least got respect…

                And this was before he got perfect manners to make a girl fall for him or when he looked good.

                Back when he didn’t look good, his personality and skill made him popular with the ladies.

                After his 2nd awakening, he grew handsome and actually attractive.

                After the evil city, he had a murderous aura that scared some, but also enthralled others.

                And once he took the class, he got the perfect mannerisms to get the ladies. And he didn’t lose the previous lady catching charms either (though he didn’t show them off either).

                So Tang San can get almost any girl he wants…

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  4. So far so good! i like how he needed a fifth ring ability to break the cage, and how tang san just keep surprising everyone showing all that he got, one thing at the time.


    • From what I can see, Tang San hasn’t even moved from his starting position yet and hasn’t used any hidden weapons or spirit bones. The elder is going to be shocked when he finds out Tang San wasn’t even using half his full strength.

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  5. Sorry about the multiple PiedPiper comments I was trying to find out what my username I always use on here was thinking if it’s wrong it won’t post the comment like other pages like this but that doesn’t seem to be so


  6. Aww…. I was looking forward to seeing the word “Hybrid” used to describe him in part 1… Thanks for the chapter though!


  7. Thanks for the chapter!

    Tang San so OP! 3 spirit bones, 2 spirits, 2 domains; I wonder if anyone his age can defeat him now…


    • simple answer; NO! (well, maybe Xiao Wu because Tang San don’t want to fight againts her.)
      also depends how you define ‘his age’ ? someone also 20yrs? or something like 15-25yrs? <30yrs?


        • I think Xiao Wu is only potential candidate (and that is in case you count her as 20 years old, not as spirit beast of 100k+)
          Other little devils (Shrek devils younger than Tang San) don’t have what it takes.
          And if there is someone out there that is better than Tang San and same age as he, then author haven’t introduced that person yet.
          Though that’s just my opinion.


          • Well, yeah. I’m pretty sure there are some with higher cultivation than him out there. But he’s one of the few with deathgod domain. He’ll probably be the last together with Hu Liena too, but she’s older than him. He’s poisoned the ‘heart’ of Slaughter City, so it should cease to exist now.


            • No, there aren’t any other people the same age as him with higher cultivation because his father shocked the entire continent with his cultivation, but Tang San has even higher cultivation than he did when he was that age.


  8. I keep telling myself, “Let the chapters stack up, stop reading.” then the email comes in and I stop what I am doing to read. I get to the end? “Dang it!! Stop, let the chapters build, you know it will be a cliffhanger and you are going to regret not letting a 3-5 buffer chapter build. Just… ignore it next time… ignore it…”

    Ding, you’ve got mail.
    “Dang it!”

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    • Unfortunately, this is not much of a fighting novel 😛

      I haven’t seen a kick thrown in like ages (that first pointer exchange from Xiao Wu and Tang San.) It’s like they’re all mages LOL 😀

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  9. Thanks for the chapter.
    I wonder how Tang San is going to fight against the elder? Since all the elders are most likely going to be title douluos since Tang Xiao is a title douluo and it says the elder isn’t weaker than him.


    • Will be funny if he gets too carried away and used a yamas invitation…whoops, but yea that’s not going to happen. I don’t even think they will fight seriously and it will be more like if you can take this blow from me, you win.


    • Would be funny if he Tang San gets too carried away and uses a Yama’s Invitation….whoops, but that’s not going to happen. It would probably be something like “if you can take this blow from me, you win.” Probably that kind of scenario.


    • There is only 1 Title Douluo in Clear Sky Clan now – Tang Xiao. There were previously 2 – him and Tang Hao.

      The elders are not Title Douluo, might be Douluos (80+ rank). There are 5 of them or are there 7. Too confusing. Well Whatever.

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        • What I said is a fact not a guess and neither is a spoiler (I can’t read Chinese). This is what has been told to us by author so far. If you doubt me please read chapters (not this one) properly.

          PS: It is up to you to believe me. If you don’t, I can neither make you believe it nor do I have time to show you where and in which chapter (you may have to go back many chapters) this has been said.


        • But it has already been stated in more than one case that, at a level as high as that, the difference between two ranks is already great. Therfore, you don’t need the eyebrow elder to be another level, it would be sufficient for him to be, say, 87th rank, while the seventh elder would be, say, 81st. And, as far as I understood it, what they said was that the elders hold as much power as the sect master (or more), which I would interpret as being some sort of respect for one’s elders and that the sect master can’t really go against them. Besides, there’s seven of them vs one sect master.


  10. I was wondering In the manga they show the back story of Mubai and zqing of their childhood was that not cannon? Also the power up Mubai got as well then losing to save her was that also? Or does it happen later in the novel? Kinda confused tbh =/


  11. Thanks bagelson! Once again you bless us with a quick release.

    Tang Sans silver emperor really seems amazing. So OP.


  12. Why didn’t they get shocked that Tang San’s 4th spirit ring is a 10 thousand year spirit ring… They didn’t get shocked enough …


  13. I would’ve preferred the term “mutt” rather than “bastard” in this case. When I read the Chinese version, that’s the type of word that was used too. It makes more sense, cause Tang San is technically a hybrid with the blood of a spirit beast (that turned human at the mature stage).

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    • you’re right that does better relay the meaning of the word, however, it’s not a particularly insulting term in modern english and you would lose the impact of the insult, then tang san throwing down in a duel wouldn’t make as much sense, “mutt, well, no i’m not a dog, you *insert non-insulting term*” it’d lose some impact ^^

      it’s odd (thinking about it) that calling someone a dog and/or a bitch is insulting, but somehow mutt has lost it’s way as an insult…


      • Mutt also can be taken as mixed-breed. Not only that, comparing people to animals is derogatory in and of itself. Sort of “You’re less than human. You are just a mutt.”

        On the other hand, saying his married mother had him out of wedlock also seems a bit odd. I can’t read the chinese, but the elder comments that she is an “evil spirit beast” so he is just a “____.”


        • Mutt is almost considered a complement in parts of the US. A place where mixed blood is treated as interesting and pride worthy on some level. Its not really a insult in the English language.


          • In some parts of the US it might not be taken as an insult. I’ve seen someone tell a girl, “You’re such a b****.” This was meant as a compliment after the girl had ‘burned’ someone else. This doesn’t mean that the word itself isn’t derogatory though. It’s hard to find a word in the English language that could mean ‘not a pure human’ or ‘part hundred-thousand year beast’. Maybe mongrel.

            I just went and looked up the actual definition. For a dog it means what you would expect. However, when the term is applied to humans it means something different. It is originally derived from the term muttonhead and each definition I found for mutt used “incompetent” “stupid” “fool” or “insignificant”. I was pretty off haha. Honestly I prefer mutts to purebred dogs.


  14. Man i love this chapter tang going in for the kill i hope you can finish 149 today *-*
    Thanks so much for translating Bagelson keep up the good work 🙂


  15. OK I’m crossing fandom’s here but Sir Terry Pratchett is one of the all time best authors, I finished rereading the Discworld novels shortly before his death and was SO ecstatic and SO sad when I heard he had another book after Raising Steam. It was because of his death I went looking for something new to read which lead me to One Piece manga which eventually got me here and last night at about 11 30 my time I received me preordered copy of The Shepherds Crown. His last book and according to his daughter the last Discworld book.
    My point being THANK YOU SIR TERRY, even in death you have given me hours of adventure, insight and wisdom through the literary world. I wouldn’t even be part of the refresh army if it weren’t for you.
    And as always thank you Bagelson for your fine work sir.

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  16. I’m so full of regrets right now, I’ve been trying drop comments since forever and tried registering but couldn’t because of my phone, one way or another though, my eyes always skipped the ‘leave a comment’ area till now and I feel like an idiot…so on behalf of everyone in the ‘silent reading sect’ I saying THANK you!!!, you make our day Bagelson


  17. Can someone pls tell me if tool spirits spirit abilities have been shown ‘in effect’ before, tang hao’s hammer used the 7th spirit ability, meng yiran 2nd ability affected her body, her grand pa,ma didn’t use theirs. Tang hu’s powers are kinda upgrading his hammers power. I just wanna know if tool spirits have special power set like beast spirit. Don’t count little san’s BS emp.


    • As far as I know, tool spirits do not merge with the owner which is why they are weaker before the seventh level. At the seventh level this suddenly changes. I’m not sure how, just that it does.


    • in alot of asian cultures they beleive that with alot of training u can become one with ur weapon meaning its like an extension of ur body in dd with tool spirits its sorta like that with the 7th ring making it so ur spirit can feel like its just another apendage


  18. Anyone remembers or knows what chapter did tang San acquired the second ring?? And from what beast? Or was it a plant?


  19. Lord Bagelson…thank u for the update.
    But now i need the 149, please i beg u.
    I have been refreshing the site like every 5 mins.
    Ok, then i will wait for another 5 min.


  20. Where can I find the raws for this……I would like to see if I could muddle through the chinese, because I know that Bagleson is a busy man


  21. Douluo dalu is killing me softly, just can’t wait for the next chap, and I don’t want to spoil it with lower quality from google drive


  22. Thanks for all the hard work! I love this LN. Started reading the manhwa a while back and then came here. In the beginning the differences where slim and neglectable but after reading the LN it’s clear that i like it more. It’s more graphic (even without pictures :p) and doesn’t have to hold back as much. So again thanks!


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