One year of Douluo Dalu

Amazing as it seems, it was on this day, one year ago, that I found myself with a bit of spare time, an interest in improving my Chinese, and something of an obligation to give back to the community I’d leeched so much from. And so I started translating Douluo Dalu.

It’s now one year and 148 chapters later.

On the way we’ve also gone through 29 40+ page comment documents in the Google Drive, started a largely inactive forum, and started a massively active blog. While the blog is more than three months younger than the translation, it’s still had more than 18 million views, and more than 13 thousand comments. Happily, almost all the comments have been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s amazing to think that this little hobby project has probably had more attention than anything else I will ever do.

Of course, I’m not alone in the project. I’ve been helped by other translators – Fraustarrow, Jax, Josh, DtAndroid, Asphyxia, Organicity, and Marcuz – as well as several editors and proofreaders – KingGod666, Ymeny, Kal, and a host of others who have chosen not to add their names to the staff list.

Since the aim of the project is to share Douluo Dalu with more people, everyone who reads and comments on it are naturally also a part of what drives it forward (yes, that includes those of you making novel-sized discussion towers in the comments – you know who you are).

So, as one year of translations have passed, I hope there will be another. Until the Douluo Dalu translation is completed.


PS. I’ll add a small FAQ here as well.

Do you have a release schedule? When is the next release?

No, I’m doing this as a hobby project in my spare time, and my schedule is rather irregular. As such, releases happen whenever I’m done with a chapter. There is this schedule, but that’s only updated when chapters are done.

Why isn’t the Google Drive updated with the latest chapter yet?

It turns out that Google Drive isn’t really best suited for high volumes of readers. When the traffic is high, it’ll frequently bog down to levels where I can’t move documents to the public folder.

How many chapters or volumes is Douluo Dalu?

336 chapters in 48 volumes. The web novel volumes aren’t really “volumes”, but more like sections.

Have you read the entire story? What happens?

My reading is only ~60 chapters ahead of the current translation, as such I do my best to avoid spoilers beyond that. If you want them, you can read the spoiler timeline updated by DtAndroid.

[Anything about the manhua]?

Whatever you think of the manhua, please don’t go bullying the people who read it. It’s still around 10 chapters ahead of this translation, so please don’t go posting spoilers from there around here. Also, should this translation catch up again, please don’t go posting spoilers there either. It sets a bad tone for the community as a whole.

Why are the translations at the beginning so bad?

I was much newer as a translator back then. It’s not so much an issue about language skills – while my Chinese was much, much worse, that Just meant I relied more on dictionaries, and my English is still around the same level. It’s more about my confidence as a translator, my willingness to ignore the RAW phrasing and write in a way that’s more comfortable to read, and overall experience. Redoing those early chapters is on the to-do list, but it’s still second to translating new chapters.

Will you take donations?

I’m doing this as a hobby, and I rather enjoy being able to pick it up when I have time or motivation. As such I will never add any kind of chapter-sponsorship system. Were I to add donations, it’d be in terms of a beer fund.

I check the site every day!

If you happen to read any other translations and are checking those sites daily too, you may be better served using an aggregator like Novel Updates (it’s really handy).

If you have more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments here and I’ll do my best to answer.

208 thoughts on “One year of Douluo Dalu

        • Hmm, shall try it when i have time.. you know, i had to stop following quite a few novels since i don´t have the time to read them all #studylife…
          Same reason for you not getting ur first almost everywhere anymore?


          • yep… sadly as it is.. being a student and having to work is the poop-iest thing in this world.. and dont worry much, by the time ya get back to them, the novels will have plentiful bounty for ya to harvest off! hahaha

            anyways, will pray for yar success in yar studies!


  1. Congratulation. Really appreciated for all the translation you have done and the translators that have been helped along the way. Thank you very much.


  2. Thank you for the amazing translations they have been a blast to read through and look forward to enjoying the future chapters to come. 😀


  3. Thanks for having such an awesome hobby, and congratz on the one year milestone!
    I would love it if you decide to add a non-obligatory-chapter-release-beer-fund! I would seriously love to buy you a beer to thank you for all of your hard work! Keep well Bagelson!


  4. thanks for all the hard work and dedication not many would push it this far for just improving oneself and for that you have my respect and the love of most of us who have read what you [and those that helped] translated


  5. Thank you for your hobby and all the hard work you’ve put in. I got one would be happy to donate to a beer fund, so if you do decide to put that up I’m sure we’d all understand it was decoupled from the translation. Here’s to another year!


  6. congratulations for one year of translating doulou dalu…

    hoping you won’t be bored and have more extra time for translating…


  7. CONGRATULATIONS…… and Thank you very….very…very…very….much for spending your valuable time & efforts for translating my favorite novel….
    I hope I live long enough to read the last chapter of this novel…..!!!
    Again…. Thank you…Bagleson…!!!


    • What was the purpose even putting this comment here? Your pitiful attempt at trying to be passive aggressive, wanting a new chapter. People like you make me sick you can appreciate the moment which is a celebration of him unselfishly spending his own personal time and dedication to translating these awesome chapters. Show appreciation and respect man. If not just keep your damn mouth shut and don’t say anything. Have an awesome week.


  8. i’m really happy that you have this hobby…thx a lot for all the translations and hope to see it finished….keep it going you’re the man;)


  9. Thanks for all the translating you and your helpers are doing im sure its much work since chinese is one of the most complicated languages to learn 🙂
    I really enjoy Douluo Dalu one of the things that make my day every time i see a new chapter 🙂
    Keep on the good work 😀


    • He should find himself a trustworthy beverage shop, which will take donations (paypal?) and forward them in form of beer. 😀
      Maybe even with a website, showing the funds status, how much left until next order leaving and so on.
      Or we could vote for what kind of beer he is getting next XD

      But I get the feeling he would be drunk all day, just to prevent his room/house/flat from being stuffed with barrels/beer cases… 😀 That would be bad. His liver hast to hold out until the last chapter is translated 😉


  10. Respect man ^^ I totally envy people such as bagelson who can devote themself wholeheartedly to one thematic or activity. And furthermore not expacting any response.


  11. Happy anniversary! Bagelson, you’re one of my favorite translators of all time. Thank you for allowing random people like me to read Douluo Dalu. I hope this hobby is as enjoyable for you as it is for your fans!


  12. Congratulations Bagelson for one year of epic translations! Your efforts on this novel as well as Alyschu’s work on ATG introduced me to the wonderful world of Chinese web novels and I cannot see my literary world without them now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I think it is my obligation to at least leave a comment as a leecher..

    Thanks a lot for your dedication Sir Bagelson, I am more than happy to chek this site anytime I can, sometime when you post new chapter, that will make my day more than better.

    Thank you.


  14. bagelson my man, beer fund* you just got like 20 times cooler in my books. keep up the good work and thanks for what you’ve done for the community


  15. Congratulations from Brazil on your first year o translations!
    We would be happy to fund your beers, no strings attached, since we’ve been leeching nonstop and asking for MOAAR nonstop.


  16. Thanks so much for your work! I’ve only been reading about a month but am all caught up now and really surprised how fast you are at releasing new chapters.

    I can’t believe we aren’t even halfway yet.


  17. 148 chapters for one year, which means 1 chapter each 2-3 days. Really impressive!!

    I discovered the novel thanks to a spoiler from the manhua, and at first, while reading the first chapters, I had difficulties reading. But it improved really well.

    Thanks to all translators, editors, and proffreaders!!!

    From Le Mans with Love.


  18. I have read all the chapters by MTLing but am still looking forward for a proper version. Thanks for doing this project.


  19. all hail the lord bagelson!
    the devil himself has blessed you with talent in translating this story!
    finish it till the and and if possible continue with the 2nd douluo dalu..


  20. wow 1 year already! Congrats Bagelson! I’m really excited when this becomes complete… I’ll definitely read it to my children as their bedtime stories.. err excluding the brutal and killing part hehehe


      • Sending you love from the USA, thank you again for your translations and your interest in Chinese. Many of us would never have discovered this wonderful story without you.


      • Seriously!!! wow, kan ej tro vad jag ser! As a fellow swede i have also wanted to pick chinese for like the same reason but!! i have never known how #waytolazy


  21. Happy birthday!!!! (I guess???) Idk, I’m lacking sleep. Before I faint from pulling off 2ish 3ish all nighters, of like to say that my life would be dull without this novel. I’d like to say more but my eyes feel terrible and I think I should sleep now …


  22. Thank you for all your hard work! Thanks for translating, editing, proofreading, searching words and making sentences that have meaning in English~! WE ❤ YOU ALL! 🙂


  23. All hail Baegelson!!! I thank him for my erratically deliered drugs. Also, you should start a Facebook page or something for us to show support.


  24. Thank you Bagelson – sama for the outstanding translations. I am almost looking at you blog everyday to check if new chapters are posted. I really love this LN so much and really grateful that you are here for us sparing some of your time to accompany us on Little San’s journey.

    Anyway, about the FAQ about the Manhua. I have stopped reading it because something have really changed that I almost flipped the table in that chapter. I have forever dropped the intent to even look on its new chapters. I was really looking forward on that certain changes but it was axed and have been really derailed from the Light Novel.

    I am about to vomit just by thinking of that day. How about you guys? What’s your deal with the Manhua?


  25. Life (and the internet) is strange like that sometimes. Best example I can think of that is similar is Charlie Schmidt. Known for his ability to make his nose dance around while singing the thing he’s now best known for is giving the world “Keyboard Cat”.

    In other words, someone who has been on television talent shows is now best known for what was a 20 year old VHS video that was starring his now long dead cat which was dressed up in one of his son’s shirts.

    Definitely not something he or anyone else would have expected.


  26. Bagelson, have my heartfelt thank you for all the time you invested in this project. I enjoy this novel immensely and yes it is my favourite novel on the web. Thanks a lot to everyone involved in the project: Fraustarrow, Jax, Josh, DtAndroid, Asphyxia, Organicity, Marcuz, KingGod666, Ymeny, Kal and everyone not named above who helped with this enjoyable piece of art, Doulou Dalu is. And tonight I will drink something nice and toast on you^^


  27. Congratulations on a year of Doulou Dalu. Thanks Bagelson! I really enjoy reading this story. The style of your writing/translation has improved a lot as well.

    Also, a suggestion: Would it be possible to pick a day of the week and post any translations you’ve done – whether its none or one or two, or whatever. No obligation just a designated posting day. That way we can just check on that day and if there’s anything new we can read it. I know it would save a lot of us some time and productivity (for those of us refreshing way too often to check for new chpts). Admittedly, this is a our problem, a willpower problem. But also, admittedly, the easiest solution is a designated posting day. What do you think?


  28. Thank u for your hard work, hope in the end it will be a positive experience for U and u’ll grow to be a better person from this, the luck of the Irish (- the potato famine) and the heath of the cigarette smoking booze swinging centenarian to U!!


  29. Before I read the message I thought it was going to say that they had stopped translating and I was like this is it the internet is now dead to me.


  30. Thank you all for all your hard work in this site, and many happy returns with Douluo Dalu and/or any other series you might succeed it with. And the Beer fund sounds like a plan (at least once my credit cards start working again -I am greek)

    Liked by 1 person

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