115 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 168 – Tang Sect, Strength Clan

  1. Wow so the str clan is all master smiths it seems from the elder ease of disassembling the crossbow that they will quickly be able to make what he needs for the sect


  2. Whoa bro! Ur on a roll! Keep it coming, though the last few chapter were quite boring, I’m loving the frequent translations!


  3. No way, no fuc***ing way. I thought “well, this time it’s impossible, but let’s check just to make sure”. 4 days, 4 chapters. Thanks!!!!


  4. ” I already have a spirit bone, my luck was good, this spirit bone is also from that Mirror Image Beast, the ability is Mirror Doppelgänger, the Doppelgänger will possess eighty percent of my strength when I use it. Now I can release five chapters in four days”

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  5. Going all out aren’t you? Thanks so much. Great way to end the week. Just keeps getting me more and more excited for what’s going to happen next.


  6. This is too much. Ohh bagelson, you’re spoiling us with back to back chapters. Are you high on something?
    Not that i’m complaining or anything.
    Lovin’ it!

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  7. I love this chapter… the creation of the tang sect hype me so much, between all the help he could take from Ning Fenzhi (I don’t think it’s only for money, They speak too much time for just being this, i want to know more) and The now Tang sect first Part, aka ex-Srength clan who are blacksmith and have a near- mysterious jade hand technique thus being the Clan Closest to the tang sect from the other world… I’m very hype to know the part they both play, the thing they can bring to the clan (or should I say sect) and What the sect can bring them (it seems that they will be the hidden Weapon, Probably the poison things but Maybe also some technique, and I want to know how they train this (because we don’t know how tang san First aquired this techniques, in a practical way i mean)

    And also Thank you very Much O dear God Bagelsan

    (P.S. sorry if my English is Bad I’m French and even if I’m able of near-perfectly understand English I’m not acually this good for writting/ speaking English)


  8. Hello my name is sprinkles and I have officially caught up from a two month internet shortage and I thank the translators who have revived me from the dead…

    *whispers thank you masters

    Bagel you are truly the bagel of breads


    good-bye sprinkles shall now disperse her essence back to hell where she belongs



  9. “The elders gave me ten years. Within ten years, as long asi I can possess a hundred thousand year spirit ring, spirit power above the eightieth rank, as well as personally kill a Spirit Hall Title Douluo, they will break the sect’s seal, again have the Clear Sky School face the world.”
    asi –> as

    “Elder, this is the best news I’ve heard since my return. I’m truly ashamed, i didn’t even know the Strength Clan was a forging clan.”
    i –> I


  10. Thissss is awesome! Thanks for your hard work bagelson. Hoping for more fast release of chapters 😆

    I wonder after spirit hall. Will there be something else. There should be some other continents.
    Well im getting more hype cant waitttt errr gimme more drugs…


  11. I’ve always been one of those readers who just reads quietly and never commented. But I feel I have to express my appreciation to bagelson for this week’s back to back to back to back to back releases 😀

    On another note, I am curious as to how strong Tang San can become, in terms of the spirit rings. I expect he would now only choose 50 thousand years spirit beast for spirit rings for the 7th and 8th rings. But once he reached title douluo level, he should be able to absorb a 100 thousand years beast’s ring. That would complete his blue silver emperor grass spirit.

    So what I am curious is, does it mean the Hammer will be able to start its first spirit ring with a hundred thousand years spirit ring, and eventually ends up with 9 red spirit rings (all from 100,000 year beasts)? The world would run out of title-douluo-worthy spirit beast if that happens…


    • Yes, It’s probably the case but I don’t even know If there are Nine (or ten) spirit Beast over One He should give up an spirit ring fo ressurect her, and th other arenow his friend it seems so I think the great problem Is to find hundred thousand beast that he can kill (or that they kill themselves for him)

      (Ps sorry for my poor English)


  12. Thank you very much Bagelson!!! You’re awesome!!!

    Also, does anyone else think Dugu Bo’s gonna be part of Tang San’s sect? It would be awesome if he does. He can be called like the Poison Elder or something, whose poison skills is only second to Tang San.
    Tai Tan can be the Blacksmith Elder, and Ma Hongjun can be the… Fatty Elder?


    • I was thinking the sme things For Dugu Bo… Tang san need to find someone for the poison part of tang sect (and He need to find a way for the tang sect skills)


  13. Thank you so much bagels on you are awesome, I love this book and you put a smile on my face every morning with your hard working fast releases, thank you


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