Douluo Dalu – 169 – The Four Great Single Attribute Clans

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92 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 169 – The Four Great Single Attribute Clans

  1. Thanks for the chapter!


    Tai Nup looked at his father,

    but the but each clan all has their own strength,

    and our four single category clans were the leaders among these lans.


  2. Son now that the hidden weapon porn is gonna be out, spirit hall might be in trouble with just the tang sect, and then the CSC as alltogether about 7 title douluo? this isn’t gonna be a fight but a one-way complete and utterly laughable slaughter *-*


  3. cant express how much i appreciate your hard work. you are doing an awesome job at this. thanx for the chapter . anxiously waiting for the many more chapters yet to come….


  4. I thought he had long since made the Bone needles. So at least that he could show, as well as the glove. Though those scatter balls of his might be best left unproduced for the masses, considering how likely it is they would hurt friendlies.


  5. Thank you so much Bagel… I enjoyed the time reading. Hoping for some follow up chapters. Thank you once Again. Thank you, Thank you.



  6. My God…. You guys are freaking amazing for pushing out Chapter after chapter! This was like a dream come true for me after reading about Oscar returning.


  7. Tang San had eyes but failed to recognize Mt Tai.

    It should usually be the other way around.

    You know, after reading all of this author’s other works, I realize how awesome Tang San really is XD

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  8. What hidden weapons have you used on yourself to translate chapters at this speed??? You are wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you!


  9. Thank you Bagelson. With such massive straight of chapters you didn’t let my expectations down.

    Happy Halloween everyone!!


  10. Thx for the chapters! Go ahead Tang San and be your own man! DO YOU!!! Watch out Spirit Hall, move over Clear Sky School and get ready world for the Tang Sect!

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  11. Bagelson, thanks for all the chapters you released in few days. Do you spent your holidays/free time only on translating ?

    This 169th chapter is the first of the second half of the story. The last chapters seem to make a transition : it seems the first half of this excellent story was consacreted to the improve of Tang San and his few friends. But I suppose the second half will be consacreted to Tang San’s impact on masses. Impact as a leader, impact as a slaughterer…

    I hope the futures chapters will be as interesting as the previous.
    Thanks again.


  12. Is the link not working for anyone else?
    Google drive timing out or something?
    Or am i alone on this?
    Loving the rapid releases but its a shame I can’t seem to read this last one


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