132 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 172 – Poised For Battle, Comparing Defense With The Armor Plated Giant Rhinoceros

    • Niu Gao grew angrier,
      “Tang San, as long as your third punch can make me retreat further than you just did, not only can you stay, but hereafter my Defense Clan won’t be your enemy any longer, the matters from those days struck.”

      Tang San start dancing to prepare the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

      Niu Gao : “WTF?!?!”

      Somehow i feel it more funny if the dialog was like this LOL


  1. thank you very much—-!
    -screams- that was so awesome!! i was grinning throughout the chapter, seeing niu gao underestimate tang san. as tang san exceeded niu gao’s expectations, i just kept grinning—- so satisfying—-! wahaha! next chapter’ll be fun!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. .omg I can’t stop grinning..don’t underestimate our tang san just because he is young..he is an extraordinary n a genius of the whole continent..heh*smirk* =p

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  3. The author continues to show us how awesome Tang San is in every respect. Really liked this chapter but that cliffhanger got me though. Can’t wait to see what happens..if he combines the 81st strike with deathgod assault i’m pretty sure that old man is going flying


  4. Amazing character development. Tang San doesn’t feel arrogant to me at all. Yes he is OP, but the author did a good job at making sure that he only shows off his abilities when he absolutely needs to. It kind of reminds of the “Everest Boxing Makes You Bigger” ad.


    • I think it was said quite well in Against the Gods “I will always keep some of my strength in reserve, especially when I’m under everyone’s attention. Because, my countless experiences have told me that, every bit of power you reveal in front of people, it’s equal to exposing another trump card, and exposing oneself to another bit of danger.”
      I like it that Tang also goes with that mindset. That and the fact that he is not arrogant while he has the ability to be so are the reasons why he is one of my favorite charakters 🙂
      Tang Jia San Shao knows how to make charakters that you got to love


  5. Right now tang san is already powerful i don’t think anyone around his age grade will pose as a threat…but the stuff is isn’t the author making the mc too powerful… I mean he hasnt fully utilise the clear sky hammer…with the way things are going i believe when he enters the realms of douluos he will probably be able to take on the supreme pontiff with a titled douluo without needing to break a sweat


    • Hmm… I think you may be underestimating the pontiff. Yes TS is extremely OP when compared to anyone in the same age group. But the pontiff is the exact same as TS for her age group. Remember ghost and chrysanthemum douluo were terrified of her power not just her position.


    • The Spreme Bitch Bibi Dong has Twin Spirits her own and she was already on the hunt for 100.000 years spirit rings 2 times in the story already who knows how many untold times they went to hunt down rings for her maybe all her rings on the second spirit are red so far and if she already got some red rings that means she also has quite a few top grade 100.000 year spirit bones maybe it will be a set of 6 100.000 year spirit bones until tang reaches title douluo.
      She will be a formadible opponent for tang even when he reaches title Douluo level. But we still have a long way to that 🙂

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      • Yeah but I think battles between OP character become hard to picture in your mind. I understand Bibi Dong must be as much OP as Tang San and thus why he need that much power boosts but still… I keep saying it would have being more fun if Tang San strenght was as string as the one of teh Seven Devil and that they all together beat Bibi Dong… Instead of the OP Tang San who get so many blessings that he feel like a God.

        In the Douluo Dalu serie, all my problems with the serie lies with Tang San… and how they made poison to be more OP then what it is (like making a huge tree vanish in mere seconds). Even Xiao Wu, who only trait is to love Tang San to the point of devotion, was only created to boost Tang San and create some dramas (and link to his father past. A common theme in teh story is thatit repeat itself a lot.)

        Im sure once I know of BiBi DOng strenght, I’ll be astonished but still… For now, the best challenge I saw Tang San go throuught was teh absorbtion of his third spirit ring and the battle against the Golden Generation, He really had to give all he had for those fights.


      • It was stated that Bibi Dong already had a full set of Spirit Bones when she ordered the hunt on Xiao Wu. And yes, I also believe that she is extremely powerful and in my opinion, the fact that she hasn’t already filled her second spirit with rings shows that she plans to make it as powerful as possible (possibly only 100 000 year Spirit Rings). Which would make it highly possible that she already has more than one 100 000 year Spirit Ring.


        • I understand how bothersome such opponent is already… its just a shame they exist at all somewhat.

          When someone is this powerful, it feel like it could destroy a country with a single sneeze or something. That they are immortal.

          And Bibi Dong is a psychopath, not caring about lifes. So yeah, I understand the need for a hero to raise up but then again, I dont like someone having such big powers to began with. Such person can turn the world upside down if nobody is able to stand against it.

          But even so, I could accept how Tang San became so powerful if it came with a better story. I mean for exemple, it would have being better if the Strenght Clan wasnt related to his father to began with… Or that he didnt have those Immortal treasure boost or how everything is always going his way.

          What I mean is that even when tragedy strike him (the first big one is Xio Wu sacrifice), she will come back to life AND most probably the boost to his body will remain. Not even sure if he will lose his arm or not, thanks to his mother spirit bone. See, its never a major setback. Somethnig he would do differently if he had the chance, that didnt give him any advantages on the long run whatsover. He feel so perfect that its sickening.

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          • I totally agree with you there. It also bothers me that there are people at an level that is so far beyond normal humans that they could probably defeat an army single handedly (or destroy a continent by sneezing, as you nicely put it). And yes, Tang San’s level of over poweredness is annoying for me too. At the beginning, I was always waiting for the fall, but then I realised that it wouldn’t come, that everything is just going to continue going his way (and you’re right, even his tragedies don’t really feel that way. His mother will probably recover and Xiao Wu as well. And in all likelyhood, he won’t even be weakened after reviving her (I’m not saying that I’m not seriously glad that she will return, only that it seems somehow unfair to say that he has lived through so many tragedies, if you compare him to people who have truly and permanently lost their family or loved ones))

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    • I think that would destroy a continent. But it would be unrealistic in a battle… Unless he gets a doppelganger ability in the future which let’s face it… would be hell for any opponent.


  6. i check for new chapter at most by the hour…i’ve been sooooo addicted to this that i kept reading the chapters starting from prologue…


  7. Not to be annoying or rude…. but can you hurry up with the next chapter? I am legit anxious everytime I get a mail and rush to check if you’ve uploaded something! xD

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    • We all are but we have to be patient. The wait will be well worth it. Bagleson (oops baglelord) will bless us all very soon I am hoping.
      P.s Baglegod my mistake


      • I think he can take all the time he wan, he don’t do that for moy and got probably other things to do IRL (study job or anythings) it’s already good free and he’s pretty quick I think we can be a little more patient when 1 week he’s slower that the other time.

        therefore not long ag we’ve got five or six chapter and less that a week so we can be patient for this time no?


        • Seriously guys be patient! I remember there was a time we didn’t get a update for 1 1/2 or 2 weeks and bless Bagle’s soul, he shot us like 3 chapters in one go! Bagleson-San, if you read this, thanks. Just THANK YOU for what you do sir.


  8. I think hes been a little absorbed in SC2 legacy of the void.. I seem to remember a longer release gap around some Diablo 3 update times. So I think Bagelson is quite the blizzard game fan.


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