Douluo Dalu – 174 – Defense Clan Enters Tang Sect

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123 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 174 – Defense Clan Enters Tang Sect

  1. So I was gonna try to get first comment, but I was, like, two minutes too late, so I decided to actually read the chapter before commenting.

    Anyways, it’s cool we’re finally seeing some small followup on what happened to those element clans under Spirit Hall – or at least a small hint as to what they’re up to.

    The title gave away the the Defense Clan was going to join, but I wasn’t expecting the Speed Clan to appear already.

    Also, that young lady is a bird. Ma Hongjun is a bird. Does this mean the evil phoenix finally gets a girlfriend? If so, it’d make recruiting the Speed Clan easier. Or harder. Probably both.

    Anyways, thanks for the new chapter! I was supposed to be writing an essay, but as soon as I got the email notification for the chapter, I just had to read this.

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  2. Ok i love this story. I look for updates at least once a day. My friend you need to make a donation button, I’m sure that some of us would love to help you out. I’m mean your working and dependable.
    Thx for the update man.

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    • Bagelson doesnt want donations. Im not sure if youre new here. But latley Bagelsons has not update that much. Problably much to do. For the moment its every sunday. I hope he can come back to his old prime. We got once 6 chapters in 2 days.

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  3. Hehehehe lure the bird in with some shiny bait. As for the breaking clan wasn’t it mentioned that they were a pharmaceutical clan? In that case Tang San can lure them in with his medicine/poison knowledge lol.

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      • He lusts after most women and commonly slept around :/

        I don’t really like that…. not to mention the fact that he “targeted” multiple women.

        He’s a good brother, but…

        Plus, I wanted something to redeem him from all of that instead…. like he falls for a prostitute or another woman who was looked down upon and it’d socially be considered a shame to have as a wife…..

        A cute moment where Fatty would scream to others about he doesn’t care what they think and he shows love for the girl and sees how wonderful she is….

        When I see this… all I’m seeing is player trying to get with cute girl…..

        I know, my view isn’t fair…. and he did stuff in life and deserves to find love….. but… with his lustful life style… I wanted something redeeming……

        Maybe I’m just taking my disappointment out of it…..

        That said, it is only Fatty Dai Mubai that I really had issues with (I say I have issues with Oscar, but that is just my FFF persona parody)…. cause Xianxia just seems too unfair to women to me…..

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        • It wasn’t fatty’s fault that xxx was the only way for his innate spirit not to overtake and kill him. His only means until Tang San came along to release all that spirit power.
          I mean how sad is it for him that he was forced to do that at such a young age… And it’s not like he lied to these girls about his promiscuity. And he did pay for many of the services.
          He deserves to be loved just like the rest. I feel like she will put him on lockdown like no other and he will kowtow to her every whim.
          And he will love like the rest. She will be everything to him. Just as it should be. Can’t wait!!


          • Actually, exercise was a much better option for him than sex… it helped him a lot more.

            Also, he does lust after women a lot.

            3rd, I realize that he deserves love… I just wanted something different.

            I mean, so far in the story, it was a mutually good relationship from the start (Xiao Wu and Lil’ San), then it was a beauty forgiving the guy that would always sleep around with other women. Afterwards, it is a near princess of high standing marrying a commoner…

            I kinda wanted Fatty to be the one to pick the reverse….. to be the one who picked up the girl that would be looked down on…. to be the hero lover than his friends should look up too….

            Kinda like the MC of this author’s other work Child of Light (how the MC is in love with the girl that wasn’t beautiful, even though he could get beautiful women and be with a high standing… he chose the more ordinary girl) but even then, the girl he picked happened to have great talent and would be able to gain a high position in life (and is probably a secret super beauty)


            • First of all, DMR, you just put Child of Light on the top of my reading list.

              But anyways, Lilpriestess, the idea that “It wasn’t fatty’s fault that xxx was the only way for his innate spirit not to overtake and kill him” is kind of a bad excuse from a storytelling perspective.

              The writer didn’t HAVE to make sexy sexy fun time Fatty’s way of dealing with his mutation, especially since it never became important to the plot. Heck, the author later completely got rid of that weakness when Tang San gave him that legendary herb.

              As much as I’m becoming obsessed with Xianxia, DMR is right when he said ” cause Xianxia just seems too unfair to women to me…..”

              Like, thank G-d that Douluo Dalu is better than other xianxia I started, but it just really sucks how women are written to just throw themselves at the male characters or be objectified like trophies.

              While I do want Fatty to get some love, I swear to G-d he needs to freakin’ earn it. Like, as much as I want to see DMR’s idea of him going for a girl that would otherwise be looked down upon, it probably wouldn’t happen, so the least I’m hoping for is that Fatty reforms himself somehow for some reason if he’s gonna get a love interest.

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              • Child of Light is one of the author’s earliest works, but it is a good story nonetheless… lil’ sexism (which you can’t escape from in Xianxia), but original in the fact that the MC doesn’t go for the prettiest girl….


                  • I’m talking about the chapters so far…

                    Ya, she’d probably end up being the most attractive, but right now, based on the translations, he isn’t going for the most attractive girl… his love interest isn’t shown as a super beauty (so far).


        • as long as I remember, after purifying his flame (eating Cocomb sunflower) there wasn’t any mentioning of him being lewd, yes, he liked girls, he even tried to chase some(without success, though), but there wasn’t any mention of him visiting brothels like before, he was just average single guy, wanting find someone suitable for himself, that’s all. so I disagree. He deserves it.


          • 1st, did you read all my comment or just parts?

            2nd, he did try to get into other girls pants…. he just failed.And he isn’t picky about the girls he gets.

            He’s basically targeting this poor girl cause she is sexy…. if he was more handsome, he would be more successful as a player…. it isn’t that he doesn’t want to play with girls, but he can’t.

            And he wants quality. Also, he really did try to capture girls. I’d just feel sorry for the girl being captured by him….


  4. Begelson, I love you. You’re so awesome. Thank you very much for your hard work.
    p.s. If you don’t have wife, I’ll gladly marry u ^_^


  5. Thank you for another awesome release. This is a masterful translation, as always, for a chapter by a craftsmen writer. I can hardly wait to read the next chapter.


  6. Thanks for the chapter! I feel like speed clan is gonna be like ‘yup’ immediately or he’s gonna say no and the two elders will be like ‘whaaaaaa??!!?’ and then Tang San will eventually get him around. I’m excited for breaking clan. It keeps growing suspense about them and I’m just expecting a surprise from them.


  7. oh boy, thanks.This chapter was good and didnt feel short. Will you release more soon or can I stop refreshing this site every 10 minutes :<


  8. Huhuhu. So predictable. I knew you would come, and I see you brought a delicious chapter. This chapter is mine, as are all your translated chapters!


  9. thanks a lot!
    hmph, thst elephant person just made it easier for tang san to convince niu gao! hehehe, iliked that tang san revealed thst the clear sky school has six title douluos! so awesome! persuasion and communcation is indeed an art!yes—pull in the speed clan!! wahaha! hm, the breaking clan wasn’t mentioned, eh…well, convincing them might also be interesting?


  10. I just read through the whole novel in 1 week, and I have to say, very good work on the translation.
    I am really thankful of you for doing this.


  11. Thanks for the translation son of bagel. I wonder if poison douluo went to the breaking clan when trying to cure his granddaughter, maybe that’ll give some pull to little sang.


  12. Finally a chapter with some freakin content. No more retarded sparring situations where we just get to see how awesome Tang San is for the bazilionth time…Anyway thanks to the transator.

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  13. Love the translations keep up the good work i check back more than a few times a day waiting for the next chapter if you have a tentative schedule for when you are most likely to update that would be awesome but even without it we all appreciate the hard work.


  14. Thanks Bagelord!

    I think I already love the speed clan the old white bird seems cool and friendly and the girl i love her (the curiosity that she have, the fact she is more interesed in xiao wu than in the handsomeness of Tang san and maybe a couple for Fatty (but she’s not te firs that let think of it)

    I’m really hype for the contest in the next chapter andwith the fusion with tang sect


  15. Hahaha i really like how they rail in the Speed clan without telling who Tang is xD
    Once they have joined they will propably be like oh by the way my name is Tang San son of the bringer of destruction to your clan lets be friends ^^ Cant wait for that reveal 😛
    Thanks for the chapter 🙂


  16. I visit this webpage at least 3 times a day to see if there is a new chapter but once I see a new addition, the comments are already very long that it seems I was the last person to read it. Is this novel like a black spirit ring of readers (10,000) or red ring spirit readers (100,000)?


  17. I’m like a lover waiting for your call.
    Day’s pass by without a word from you.
    Then a single e-mail made me so happy that I’d forgive you… *sigh, I’m like a maiden in love! Lmao 😂😂😂 (God, I’m so creepy XD)
    Thank you for the update Bagelson! Just take your time translating and don’t stess youself.. We’ll always be here patiently waiting!

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  18. Thanks for all the chapters Bagelson. 174 thanks and counting. Getting excited for the upcoming chapters. Enjoying a lots of your efforts while on standby. Very well appreciated. Keep up the good works providing us readers a wonderful time reading.

    Thanks and thanks!!


  19. Thank you Bagelson, always excited for the next release. I just downloaded the raw chapters, but google translate sucks though still readable. Your translations are superb.


    • i think attack not only is strength, every kind of spirit master can attack but not all of them have strengh, pure attack may be a spirit master based on control attack agility or mixing them. i don’t know now where you take this reference,but may be he wanted for sinonimous to don’t use so much strengh.


  20. I would like to chip in $5 for Bagelson to translate the next chapter, anyone with me ? @Bagelson if you read this, im trying to gather you funds to incentivize faster translations 😉


  21. Thank you Bagelson! On the topic of donations and translation speed, I’d like to share some thoughts. First I sure will be happier translation speed increases. Second, I realize the current translating speed is reasonable. Third, If Bagelson does accept donations, it shouldn’t be like a whip to get him to work. We are not employing him to translate. If he does work full time translating, our meager donations are probably not enough to pay for his time and effort. If he does accept donations, it should be for the work he has already done. Just my two cents.

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  22. Thanks for all the translations. You’re the man bagelson. Does anyone know a good site to find translated light novels. Plz comment if so


  23. The win will definitely break the tallest tree, don’t tell me Spirit Hall wouldn’t have such thoughts?

    should start with “The wind


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