Immortal Executioner – 012 – To Kill For A Secret, Just Kill

When thinking of the Universe Raising Treasure Secret, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something funny. It seemed that the higher level it was, the higher the heavenly court immortal who passed it one was, the simpler the name. let alone A Wood True Secret, B Wood True Secret and such, Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret, Earthly Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret, Universe Raising Treasure Secret, so simple it made your hair stand up.

But in the mortal world, a lot of sect’s central scriptures were as tremendous as they could be, like Great Sun Celestial Flame Emperor Tyrant Secret, like Autumn Sunflower Yin Water profound Element Secret, like Five Qi Flame Light Bone Refining Secret, like Boundless Radiant Flame Central Scripture, if they could be longer then they would be, if they could sound more intimidating then they would be,

With those names that were frequently long enough to be a mess, with mortal sects hating that they couldn’t choose even more earth shaking names, immortals seemed more interested in the essential contents, simply giving them a few characters to describe their features. He estimated that if he didn’t have to differentiate the source, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord would probably have named his Universe Raising Treasure Secret as Raising Treasure Secret. It seemed he had done so with Three Purities Secret, and he hadn’t even named the «Elderly Lord Pill Arts» Yang Chen had named.

But this was only one of Yang Chen’s casual thoughts, just a minor detail. What Yang Chen was thinking about right now was whether the Universe Raising Treasure Secret would be effective on drawing talismans.

Strictly speaking, there was a great pile of cultivation techniques in Yang Chen’s mind right now, and practically all of them were high level techniques. Only what he had learned from the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, whether the Three Purities Secret, the Universe Raising Treasure Secret, or the Elderly Lord Pill Arts, all of them could be cultivated from the qi gathering stage and used until the Grand Supreme Elderly lord’s stage, their efficacy rising along with cultivation level. When all was said and done, these were true invaluable treasures.

But even so, the Elderly Lord’s cultivation techniques weren’t something that could be easily grasped by qi gathering stage people. Originally the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had thought Yang Chen would be able to understand these mysteries after reaching the yuanying stage, too bad he hadn’t foreseen that Yang Chen would actually have the cultivation experience of a great primary golden immortal.

Yang Chen read over the Universe Raising Treasure Secret very lightly, then started to ponder its mysteries, spending two days time before raising his head with a smile. The Elderly Lord’s Raising Treasure Secret was wide-ranging and profound, but he had finally figured out a bit of the beginning. The remainder required practical experimentation to figure out.

This bit of introductory content was actually the key to cultivating it, the operation method. But that alone wasn’t enough, the Universe Raising Treasure Secret contained hundreds of techniques that could be assembled in different combinations to suit different materials. At that time the Elderly Lord had given him the mnemonic chant, but in order to understand what materials suited what techniques, there was no way other than for Yang Chen to constantly experiment and ponder.

If he said he’d do it then he’d do it, his cultivation might be at the first level, but his five phases attributes were complete, and with the talismans he had drawn himself, experimenting wasn’t any major inconvenience. Moreover, with such lowest level items and Yang Chen’s cultivation experience, he could know some things without even experimenting.

His hand issued a line of red light that softly covered that fireball talisman. The fireball talisman only shone slightly, then recovered to normal shortly thereafter, seemingly not the slightest bit different from a normal fireball talisman. But holding it in his hand, Yang Chen could feel that the fireball talisman had undergone some minute change.

Phew, the seemingly improved fireball talisman suddenly ignited, shooting out an enormous fireball that blasted a nearby rock into pieces. At the same time Yang Chen’s other hand also shot out a fireball, but much smaller than the one just now, and even though it also broke a rock, the difference in power between the two fireballs was clear.

With his experience, Yang Chen could see with just a glance that the power of the talisman that had passed the Universe Raising Treasure Secret was at least twenty percent higher. This was still when Yang Chen was just at the first level of cultivation, it would increase even more as his cultivation advanced. Of course, that was only talismans.

As an experienced person, Yang Chen knew better than anyone what the significance of such lowest level talismans was. At the same time as he was inwardly proud, he also couldn’t help sighing in admiration over the Universe Raising Treasure Secret. However, after one sigh he also recalled that this was Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s art, an effect like that was required. Thinking of this he also very soon stopped being amazed.

With this successful experiment, Yang Chen disregarded everything else to first use the Universe Raising Treasure Secret on all the talismans he had on hand. After a short time, when no more large improvements could be made, he set off in one direction, rushing towards the five hundred kilometer distant Sun Painting Mountain.

The Sun Painting Mountain was always in a verdant and lush place, but for some reason the spiritual influence here didn’t quite suit the scenery. Therefore there were no cultivators here. Even though the scenery was beautiful, it was still an old forest deep in the mountains where men’s footprints were rare, and there were basically no mortals around. This also lead to this being a haven for wild animals, and one could frequently see some vicious beasts. At the same time, this was also one of the reasons Yang Chen had to prepare so many talismans.

With the foundation of the first level of qi refining, there was basically no need for Yang Chen to fear these animals, at the same time it also made him even more agile and lithe, enough to deal with the complex terrain here.

The spiritual influence here was lacking, but that wasn’t because this place was barren and unclean, it was because of that medicine garden, which concentrated and absorbed the spiritual influence within hundreds of kilometers, leading to this condition. Yang Chen knew this bit very well.

Yang Chen found an open space within a dense thicket and sat down to meditate a while. After recovering his spiritual force and physical strength, he began to look all around, searching for the location of the medicine garden.

Unable to rise into the sky to observe, he could only climb vantage points, Yang Chen expended a lot of effort to roughly ascertain the direction through the paths of mountain rivers. This was the effect of the basic formation arts from his previous life, otherwise it would’ve been impossible to discover. The reason that sect could find the medicine garden in his last life, was because a severely injured great scholar at the peak of jindan had carelessly escaped here, stumbling onto the location. It was basically impossible for ordinary people to care about this place.

After resting once again and recovering his physical strength and spiritual power, Yang Chen stood and suddenly turned his head to speak in one direction: “You’ve followed me for so long, shouldn’t you show yourself?”

Along with Yang Chen’s speech, a man’s silhouette slowly appeared at the top of a not distant tree, showing a somewhat unexpected expression, and even more surprise and embarrassment over being discovered by his target, and consequently sulked: “You actually discovered me?”

As early as when Yang Chen finished refining his pile of talismans, he had discovered that someone was following him. The pursuer behaved extremely brazenly, his divine consciousness sweeping pompously, as if he basically didn’t put Yang Chen in his sight. His divine consciousness wasn’t very strong either, Yang Chen estimated it was at most a fellow at the third level of qi gathering.

Yang Chen didn’t know why this fellow followed him, and didn’t pay him any attention. On the contrary, as long as he didn’t take any initiative to provoke him, Yang Chen didn’t want trouble. Additionally, Yang Chen was still a bit afraid that there was divine consciousness attached to the pill Shi Shanshan had given him. Yang Chen didn’t want to let her know his secrets, so he always endured patiently. Naturally, this fellow had followed him the whole way to the Sun Painting mountain.

Almost from the moment they entered the Sun Painting Mountain, Yang Chen had discovered that the divine consciousness Shi Shanshan had wrapped up in the pill had already disappeared, presumably the distance already exceeded the range Shi Shanshan could sense. It wasn’t that Shi Shanshan could monitor the several thousand kilometers distant Yang Chen at any time, only that, with the divine consciousness within it, the instant the pull was destroyed, the divine consciousness would alert its owner, making the position known.

A young man appeared in front of Yang Chen’s eyes, dressed extremely luxuriously, twenty something years old, eyes constantly flickering, apparently just contemplating something. Having his concealment broken by Yang Chen’s shout, after asking a question out of astonishment, he flew into a range and snorted coldly: “A tiny executioner, deliberately mystifying things. I don’t care how you discovered me, hand over the thing Shi Shanshan gave you, and I won’t kill you!”

The gift of thanks that Shi Shanshan gave Yang Chen on the execution ground back then was a body refining pill. This body refining pill was useless to people who had already started to cultivate, and could only improve the spiritual roots of ordinary people a little bit, but had a good chance of inciting the spiritual roots of ordinary people to appear.

It might be that fairy Shi gave Yang Chen this pill back then out of gratitude, in order to give him the chance of cultivating. However, other people didn’t know what it was, only aware that fairy Shan had given him something good.

Those people at the execution ground with their own status wouldn’t attack a mortal, but that didn’t stop them from telling their juniors. Thus, someone started to covet what Yang Chen had, but Yang Chen disappeared very quickly, so a lot of people started to search within a radius of hundreds of kilometers. Appearing here was the one winner who stumbled on Yang Chen and sensed the divine consciousness within the pill.

“You’re talking about this? Here!” Yang Chen casually tossed over the pill that was completely useless to him. He already had complete postnatal spiritual roots, so this body refining pill was basically rubbish to him. Besides, as long as he wanted, he could have countless such things after obtaining the medicine garden.

“Body refining pill?” This youth clearly knew what was what, reaching out and beckoning, the body refining pill swiftly flew into his hand, seeing what it was at a quick glance.

Seeing that this pill was an elixir that required at least foundation building to refine, the youth felt a burst of satisfaction. Even though it was meaningless to him, he could still use it to trade for some other things or perhaps some favors. Following Yang Chen this whole way wasn’t a waste.

With Yang Chen’s great primary golden immortal insight, and this pill being useless to him, as long as this fellow didn’t obstruct his work, Yang Chen wouldn’t mind giving him some benefits to get rid of him. Immortals had the vision of immortals.

However, things turn out contrary to what is desired. Yang Chen wanted this youth to leave after getting the pill, so he could collect the medicine garden as he wished. He didn’t expect that this youth would roll his eyes, his heart unexpectedly holding a poisonous plan.

“You’re an executioner, killing people without regard, what did you come here for? I think, it might be something shameful?” The youth put away the body refining pill and looked ominously at Yang Chen.

A lot of people knew that fairy Shi had given this pill to Yang Chen, so if Yang Chen made some noise later and implicated him, then it would be an enormously bad turn. Even if the youth was certain Yang Chen didn’t recognize him, that just meant he was certain of ten thousand to one, but feared the one in ten thousand. Only the dead can keep a secret forever.

“Beheading demons and eliminating devils, acting on behalf of the Dao of heaven, that is our duty!” The youth thus shouted virtuously in front of Yang Chen: “The unlawful things you desire at this place, everyone can punish, pay with your life!”

He pointed with both hands, just about to launch the Sword Finger he was most proud of to take Yang Chen’s life, but he only finished half the motion before there was a sudden flash before his eyes, a line of ice cold light flashing past his eyes. Immediately feeling a chill at his neck, he sank into darkness.

Across from him, Yang Chen had at some unknown time taken an executioner’s blade in his hands, and chopped down with practiced ease. The youth’s head flew a meter into the air, blood spurting out, and his corpse crumpled to the ground.

Despite already having cultivation at the third level of qi gathering, when facing Yang Chen he was still treated like an ordinary mortal. Without any idea how Yang Chen discovered him, without using any means to protect himself, he had been directly beheaded by one competent blade from Yang Chen.

Guzao!” With a swing of his hand, the executioner blade instantly disappeared. Before the corpse fell to the ground, Yang Chen casually pinched the tiny cosmos bag at the youth’s waist, and with a soft pull, took it into his hand.

“If you’re going to kill to keep secrets, just kill, why use so many justifications!” Blurting out a lecture, Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to anything else: “With your mouth saying yes but heart saying no like this, words differing from action, there’s no need for a third calamity to descend, you’ll still die without an unmarked grave. Dying early or dying late are no different, be on your way at ease!”

Softly squeezing that cosmos bag, Yang Chen casually threw it into the achievement ring. A tiny qi refining third level fellow who even drooled over body refining pills, what could he have that would be worth Yang Chen’s attention?

He didn’t know how long ago it was since that mountain god left the medicine garden here, but presumably no less than a thousand years. In fact, even for the lowest level mountain god, the time required to ascend to the spiritual world and then again to the immortal world, a thousand years was nothing.

Swiftly walking over in the direction he had been investigating, his divine consciousness spread out. After frantically sweeping in a circle, Yang Chen revealed a smile, and charged with large strides towards a tree thick enough to wrap one’s arms around.

Soon about to collide with the tree, Yang Chen still moved forward without pause. Just as one foot touched the tree, the scenery before his eyes suddenly changed.

A vast dome suddenly appeared above Yang Chen, as if he stood in a great palace hall. On the dome were seven by seven, forty nine coldly glittering flying swords arranged in a regular formation, as if they were forty nine vicious enemies looking for people to devour, silently watching Yang Chen’s actions.

Immortal Executioner – 011 – Yin Yang Five Phases Secrets

Now that it was time to leave, Yang Chen wasted no time. After handing the duties back to the old executioner, Yang Chen left the county seat empty handed without a second thought. Of course, all of his luggage was stored in his achievement ring.

To be able to meet Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan was an unexpected pleasure, and on his first meeting with the two women, the encounter had ended full of goodwill. Yang Chen wouldn’t deliberately pursue anything, but it would still be rude to refuse such good karma when it was an inadvertent result.

Yang Chen very quickly disappeared from the eyes of those county seat commoners, and after a few months nobody any longer thought about an executioner named Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was now drooling before a great pile of cultivation techniques. Since leaving the Immortal Executioner Stage, his postnatal five phases spiritual roots were already completely full, and moreover completely full in yin yang five phases. Yang Chen couldn’t avoid giving himself a few introductory cultivation techniques.

According to Yang Chen’s original plan, as long as he had full fire spiritual roots he would naturally cultivate according to the road of his previous life, advancing step by step. After all, Yang Chen had even cultivated to great primary golden immortal, and with his fire spiritual roots completely full he could save at least half the time it took in his previous life.

But now, not only was Yang Chen’s fire spiritual roots full, but all his spiritual roots plus the yin yang attributes were all full. This made other thoughts rise in his mind.

In his previous life there were a group of quintuplets who each had one of the five phases, focusing on cultivating theirs. The five brothers’ spirits were connected, and when they joined hands they formed a five phases great formation, becoming extremely potent in both attack and defense while mutually engendering each other. Ordinary cultivators that hardly differed from them in strength might not be their enemy when they acted together.

But those were five brothers cooperating, Yang Chen now had filled double yin yang five phases spiritual roots, he could cultivate all five phases arts, and they were controlled by a single person, even more superior than five people acting together. Besides, with all yin yang five phases, it was really a bit of a waste to only cultivate one.

Not only that, but Yang Chen still remembered what the Elderly Lord said in the Immortal Executioner Stage. With great yin yang five phases double cultivation, he could be even more tremendous than the Elderly Lord even without an eight trigrams stove. Yang Chen couldn’t forgive himself if he wasted such potential.

Yang Chen didn’t want to give up on this opportunity no matter what, that’s why great yin yang five phases double cultivation had already become Yang Chen’s future cultivation direction. Only, what Yang Chen had to worry about now was cultivation techniques.

Yang Chen had obtained a lot of them while beheading immortals in the heavenly court. «A Wood True Secrets», «B Wood True Secrets», «D Fire True Secrets», «G Metal True Secrets», «E Earth True Secrets», «J Water True Secrets», six articles of true secrets that were all able to transfer great yin yang five phases’ most basic innate qi, corresponding to the innate qi of each attribute, simply the best yin yang five phases cultivation arts in the world. If he could get «C Fire True Secrets», «H Metal True Secrets», «F Earth True Secrets», and «I Water True Secrets» to match, he would have a full set of great yin yang five phases true secrets.

But these great yin yang five phases true secrets had one condition, and that was that he had to refine all the yin yang five phases innate qi, otherwise he would be unable to cultivate. It was just unfortunate that, even though Yang Chen knew the locations of the majority of the yin yang five phases innate qi, they weren’t easy to reach. Even if he wanted to cultivate these true secrets, it was impossible at the moment.

While the other techniques he had received were also good, as well as formation arts, they were practically all high level, and impossible to practice with Yang Chen’s current cultivation. The trump cards left behind by those immortals were lost arts, and absolutely not something someone who had just begun to cultivate and still not entered the qi refining stage could covet.

Thus, Yang Chen could only first use some rudimentary five phases arts to lay a foundation in the place of the great yin yang five phases secrets, until such a time that he could obtain yin yang five phases innate qi and begin to cultivate the true great yin yang five phases secrets.

The second level arts of the Three Purities Secrets had already thoroughly absorbed the killing aura around Yang Chen, turning everything into divine consciousness. Only, this killing aura and killing intent hadn’t disappeared completely. As long as Yang Chen willed it, his divine consciousness could swiftly turn into that kind of killing intent again, an extremely sharp weapon to awe enemies.

By now Yang Chen’s divine consciousness was already on the level of the late foundation building stage from his last life. Although divine consciousness was enormously useful in cultivation, without any more killing intent, the Three Purities Secrets couldn’t advance by leaps and bounds like that, and could only gradually advance step by step, thin streams flowing together into rivers.

At present he first needed the strength to protect himself. Otherwise, no matter how formidable his divine consciousness, he was still useless without a spec of magical power. Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t make a mistake like that.

The cultivation from his precious life that he was most familiar with was naturally the Pure Yang Palace’s Great Sun Fierce Yang Central Scripture. This was a required course for fire cultivation in the Pure Yang Palace, and was also the foundation scripture Yang Chen was most familiar with. Yang Chen’s first cultivation was with this one.

When he started cultivating the Great Sun Fierce Yang Central Scripture in his previous life, he had still spent practically a whole month before he could sense a trace of magical power. But right now Yang Chen only needed to start cultivating before his body began to frantically produce magical power.

With the knowledge of more than several hundred thousand times of cultivating it in his last life, the Great Sun Fierce Yang Central Scripture had practically become instinctual to Yang Chen, basically without any deviation in comprehension or errors in cultivation. Adding the divine consciousness far more formidable than his magical power, Yang Chen felt that most basic trace of magical power by just circulating it once.

Soon after, the bits and bits of magical power began to flow along familiar pathways under the control of his powerful divine consciousness, warming, nourishing, opening the energy channels.

With this one circuit, Yang Chen discovered that the benefits he had obtained in the Immortal Executioner Stage were, by far, not just as tiny as full spiritual roots. All his flesh had improved substantially as it was nourished by the enormous life essence of the immortals. The strength of his body and capacity of his energy channels were at a level that Yang Chen found outrageous. The difficulty he remembered from breaking through the key meridian gates the first time he cultivated practically couldn’t be felt.

Without trying he didn’t know, but with one circuit he discovered that his body was actually even stronger than after he originally passed into the foundation building stage. There were close to no impurities within his body, as if it had already been strengthened by the spiritual force at the Immortal Executioner Stage, and was strengthened even more efficiently than the spiritual force. In fact, that was the life force of immortals including the Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother, and the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord.

Spacious and pliable energy channels, plus magical power completely in line with his physical attributes, Yang Chen simply didn’t dare believe that this was the effect of the first circuit. At the end of one cycle, Yang Chen even had the feeling of magical power flowing through his meridians.

Opening his eyes, Yang Chen discovered that his ears and eyes already seemed a lot sharper than before. In the past he could only see clearly for a couple dozen meters, but now his clarity had more than doubled, and he even seemed to hear traces of the motions of ants crawling beneath his feet.

Slowly getting up from under the blazing sun, Yang Chen felt the overflowing magical power within him, and couldn’t help laughing. Shortly after extending one finger, a ball of flame appeared on the tip, swaying back and forth along with Yang Chen’s movements, changing shape as it wished.

Phew, extinguishing the flame with a breath, Yang Chen was indescribably relaxed. He had stepped into the first level qi refining of his last life by practicing just once.

For ordinary people to enter the qi gathering stage, they first had to be able to sense the spiritual influence between heaven and earth and draw it into their bodies, and they also had to be able to complete a full cycle, to draw that trace into their dantian, then they would have truly entered the realm of qi gathering. Only, to be able to take this step was also considered entering the first level of qi gathering.

Completing a full cycle on the first time practicing was impossible even for the most talented genius. Normally, even with full spiritual roots and exceptional perception, this step would at least take a few months from start to finish. Opening the vital meridian points would even more require unremitting spiritual force accumulation and perseveringly attacking to be able to surmount. The road of cultivation wasn’t smooth sailing, not one in ten could step into the first level of qi gathering from the start of cultivation. Yang Chen was unique in having ten thousand years of cultivation experience.

However, Yang Chen stopped cultivating after completing one cycle. The key to yin yang five phases double cultivation was to balance the yin yang five phases. Even though there was no need for exact equality, less differences was better to avoid imbalance. Of course, the yin yang five phases being completely balanced was the best, and if there was some difference one could only equalise the yin five phases and the yang five phases, then level them out someday in the future.

The Great Sun Fierce Yang Central Scripture counted as yang fire among the yin yang five phases. Yang Chen was now looking for suitable foundation cultivation techniques to completely cultivate the other nine kinds of attributes as well, then he could accomplish five phases natural engenderment within himself.

Yang Chen had a great pile of fire attribute central scriptures, from low level to high, but he didn’t have many of the other attributes. However, the only thing that made Yang Chen happy was that he had a few low level foundation cultivation techniques on hand for a few elements, especially a «Blue Wave Water Blade Secret» for water attribute foundation cultivation.

Even though Blue Wave Water Blade Secret was an offensive technique, and very ordinary at that, Yang Chen didn’t care. He wanted this Blue Wave Water Blade Secret to cultivate water attribute spiritual force in order to enter the Sun Painting Mountain medicine garden. Besides the seven step bewitching instant kill formation, entering the Sun Painting Mountain medicine garden still had one other requirement, and that was water attribute spiritual force.

The medicine garden was something left behind by an immortal in the Immortal Executioner Stage that was found and entered by later generations. Even though Yang Chen didn’t know just what rare panacea were inside, the sect that discovered the medicine garden had sold large quantities of elixirs for a very long time, and their disciples had also been enviably rich in pills, presumably their harvest wasn’t small.

There was still some time before the Pure Yang Palace’s main sect accepted disciples, and Yang Chen was just going to go pick up the medicine garden in this time. Relying on Yang Chen’s experience in compounding pills from his last life, he estimated he wouldn’t have any issues with pills for cultivation at least before the yuanying stage.

Even though it was the first time Yang Chen came into contact with water attribute techniques whether in his last life or this one, such a basic technique was still simple in the extreme before a person with the experience of a great primary golden immortal.

The difference from the Great Sun Fierce Yang central scripture was that he had to spend a bit of time on the Blue Wave Water Blade Secret. Three days later, he had also successfully completed one cycle of the Blue Wave Water Blade Secret, equally stepping into the first level stage.

Even though his five phases were complete, since Yang Chen wanted to cultivate great yin yang five phases secrets, he naturally had to match yin and yang. Fortunately he had foundation techniques for all yang five phases, but he lacked two of the yin five phases. It couldn’t be helped, he could only first cultivate the yang five phases to get a bit of strength to defend himself. As for the yin five phases, he could wait until he had gathered the cultivation techniques before cultivating it.

Yang Chen spent about ten days on the remaining three attribute techniques, then having completely entered a more or less correct realm. The next days were mainly for Yang Chen to try controlling the five kinds of techniques to circulate simultaneously and to mutually engender each other, which took a lot of time.

In this time, his formidable divine consciousness finally showed its conclusive effect. Circulating the five kinds of techniques simultaneously was very unpracticed at first and split his concentration five ways, extremely difficult. Several times in a row he was was defeated because he was unable to harmonize them.

After Yang Chen had wholeheartedly cultivated Three Purities Secret a few times, with a level heart and calm qi, and relying on his formidable divine consciousness, after a few more tries he finally managed to move the five phases together. Having experienced his first success, what happened next was only to be expected. In another five days, Yang Chen could already skillfully enter a state of the yang five phases engendering each other.

Strictly speaking, the five kinds of spiritual force wouldn’t lose to the spiritual force of an ordinary person’s second level refined tools. However, in the end they were still only five kinds of spiritual force, Yang Chen’s trouble for stepping into the second level would be five times that of others. Even with the convenience of five phases engendering each other, it would still expend three times the labor.

Fortunately Yang Chen’s spiritual roots were all full now, and he was suited for practically all attributes of spiritual force, with outstanding aptitude and outstanding physical condition, plus transcendent experience, he could increase his cultivation speed. Yang Chen’s final verdict was that, if he didn’t have any outside forces helping, his cultivation speed in this world might still be less than half as fast.

However, even with a slower cultivation speed, Yang Chen would be a lot more difficult to deal with than ordinary people of the same level. With the five phases gathered, Yang Chen already had a five phases great formation, making him invincible from the start in both attack and defense.

Yang Chen kept cultivating as he travelled. He had too little spiritual force to start refining tools, let alone being unable to control swords to fly, even if he was given a flying sword to use on the ground, Yang Chen still couldn’t control it. What the majority of ordinary people used at this stage was talismans. If there were weapons, they were the most basic, they might be a bit better than what mortals had, but far from the level of tools.

The most suitable to use for travelling was the blue cloud talisman. The blue cloud talisman could lighten one’s weight, naturally allowing for higher speed, and without being very tiring. Since Yang Chen had started to cultivate, he would naturally use cultivation to settle the problems he faced.

To Yang Chen, drawing talismans was a piece of cake. Yang Chen didn’t know how long it had been since he touched drawn talismans, but his preparations were sufficient, with a set of any materials. Once his magical power had achieved some minor success, he started drawing these simple talismans.

Yang Chen nodded with satisfaction as the first talisman lay in his hands. If those cultivators saw this, they would definitely stare wide eyed and gasp in amazement. Even the simplest talismans weren’t something that could be completed successfully on the first try.

Yang Chen currently had one advantage, and that was that he could use the same kind of spiritual force, no matter which type the talisman required, making the process extremely smooth. After drawing more than ten blue cloud talismans in a row, Yang Chen also made a few dozen offensive fireball talismans, woodthunder talismans, thirty thousand catties talismans, and others for self protection.

When he had placed these well made talismans in the achievement ring, Yang Chen’s heart suddenly twitched. The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s Universe Raising Treasure Secret could raise the intrinsic quality when refining tools, then couldn’t it have the same result on paper talismans?

Immortal Executioner – 010 – Robbing The Execution Ground

Yang Chen didn’t know why minister Sun’s whole family would be executed, all he knew was the minister Sun’s official birthplace was here. It might be that he had committed some offense in the capital and been remitted back home, then afterwards, because of some unknown reason, gotten his whole family executed unto the third generation.

When Yang Chen left his small house at dawn, after close to twenty hours of practicing, the killing intent outside him was already so thin it practically wasn’t noticeable. The killing intent absorption rate of the second level Three Purities Secret was more than double, and by the time he finished, Yang Chen was already at most like an executioner that had killed a bit too many. Even if he still had some killing aura and killing intent, it wasn’t on the level of opposing heaven.

The first crisis after leaving the Immortal Executioner Stage was finally quietly dissipating. Yang Chen had held the advantage in the race with time, and turned himself into a mortal before those puritanical cultivators arrived. Because he had only cultivated Three Purities Secret, absorbing killing intent and turning it into divine consciousness, he didn’t have a trace of magical power. Even if jindan stage cultivators came over, they still couldn’t discover anything abnormal about Yang Chen.

The instant he approached the execution ground, Yang Chen saw that familiar face. Yang Chen had looked up to that cultivation genius many times in his previous life, but now that unique genius was like a startled little rabbit, curled up in the crowd, her eyes wandering back and forth across the surrounding crowd, her gaze displaying a deep despair.

Sun Qingxue, the Blue Cloud Sect’s direct disciple in Yang Chen’s previous life, an outstanding talent of the young generation, equally matched with the genius disciples of other great sects. Once she had been a character of reverence for Yang Chen, but right now she was so helpless, and unspeakably scared as she looked at Yang Chen.

Amidst the astonished gazes of the crowd, Yang Chen walked over in front of that young Sun Qingxue. Right now Sun Qingxue was at most ten years old. The little girl saw Yang Chen walk over, and was even more frightened, her small head exerting itself to pull back behind her relatives, but since she was fettered she was unable to move much.

Even if Yang Chen’s killing intent was almost absorbed, what was left was still enough to frighten ordinary people. Right now, standing in front of Sun Quingxue, not only her, but even the adults next to her were so scared their souls almost flew off when faced with the executioner’s killing intent Yang Chen radiated.

“Don’t be afraid, little sister!” Standing there, Yang Chen didn’t get too close, only revealing a smile to Sun Qingxue: “Don’t worry, your whole family will be alright.”

On the execution ground, an executioner with upper body naked, head covered with red cloth, one hand raising an executioner’s blade, radiating incomparably cold killing intent, now suddenly spoke so amiably to a few prisoners slated for execution, this was even more shocking than a beggar suddenly pulling out tens of thousands of strings of cash, and those arrested Sun family members almost all displayed expressions of shock.

“Really? Big brother!” Young Sun Qingxue displayed an expression of pleasant surprise: “We’ll really be alright?”

The other Sun family adults couldn’t help closing their eyes. They seemed to already know their fate, right now they had already been escorted to the execution ground, and the executioner coming alone to tell them they would be alright, idiots would believe it. Only the insensible Sun Qingxue would take Yang Chen seriously.

“Really, I won’t trick you!” At the same time as Yang Chen spoke, he took the initiative to release his his killing intent. He believed that there were already puritanical cultivators in the surroundings who had rushed over.

Even though ninety nine percent of Yang Chen’s killing intent had already been absorbed, the release of the remainder, plus the constant reinforcement of his divine consciousness, made all the people around the execution ground shiver. Watching that silhouette standing in the middle of the execution ground like a god of death, even the supervising official was a bit scared, not knowing whether he should throw out all the death sentence plates and hurry up and leave this damned place.

Practically the instant Yang Chen released his killing intent, he heard a sharp whistle next to his ear, and at the same time a stern shout: “Monster, cease!”

Immediately afterward, several silhouettes suddenly appeared from the horizon, flying in the direction of the execution ground. A few beams of light shot like arrows, directly at Yang Chen. But the instant before hitting him, all the lights disappeared from the spot, turning around and flying back. A few divine consciousnesses swiftly enveloped Yang Chen, and dissipated after sweeping across him once.

“An executioner?” A befuddled voice echoed, and several shares of immense imposing manner immediately seemed to appear in the sky, enveloping all the people in the execution ground, making all the ordinary people below stare at the sky in amazement.

“Heavens, immortals!” Someone finally gave voice, and the originally not many people immediately knelt on the ground. The several people who appeared were without exception hanging in the air. Besides the legendary immortals, who could accomplish that?

Yang Chen stood there without moving, as if scared dumb, resisting his thoughts and without releasing his own divine consciousness. However, he was always facing Sun Qingxue, and gave her another smile. His gaze seemed to tell her: “See, didn’t I say you’d be fine?”

“Fairy Shi!” Yet another white light suddenly appeared, and all the people in the sky seemed extremely courteous towards the new arrival. The person who spoke just now even bowed slightly. When the white light halted, everyone on the ground were stupefied, dumbstruck as they looked at that cold countenanced woman.

Hearing this name, Yang Chen’s gaze immediately rose. Fairy Shi was also a world renown young character when Yang Chen was cultivating in his previous life, the personal disciple of Green Jade Immortal Island, practically the number one person of the young generation. She had unexpectedly also showed up here.

Yang Chen looked at that ice cold silhouette, looked at that sword light as spotlessly white as the clothes she wore, and couldn’t help sighing slightly inwardly. Shi Shanshan was still exactly as he remembered her, only, that was a ten thousand year old memory. At the same time as he sighed with lamentation, he also tightly guarded his divine consciousness, for fear he would divulge the slightest clue, directly treated as a butchering monster and purified.

Shi Shanshan only dashed a slight nod to the person who spoke just now, without saying anything else, only looking at Yang Chen who was just gazing at her. Fairy Shi was never very talkative, and all cultivators knew and didn’t mind her manners.

“Providence births virtue, bearing such a heavy sin of killing, do you not fear retribution?” Nobody had anticipated that the ice cold fairy Shi would speak to a vulgar ordinary mortal, and even to an executioner despised even by common people.

“Every debt has a debtor, this is my place of duty, executing orders!” Below the sky and above the earth, all gazes were focused on Yang Chen as he calmly spoke. At the same time he also stared fixedly at Shi Shanshan in the sky, without retreating half a step.

“How stupid, this person’s sin of killing is strangely heavy, he’s definitely related with the monster we’re looking for.” Yang Chen’s words to Shi Shanshan immediately offended one of the young cultivators in the air. Shi Shanshan was the idol of countless gazes, but when she now lowered herself to advice Yang Chen, Yang Chen stubbornly refused to repent, immediately causing her protectors to jump out: “Fairy Shi, we had better capture him to question him closer.”

“There is now many cruelties under heaven, murders taking place each day, which executioner in the world is unlike him?” Fairy Shi didn’t speak to Yang Chen again, only perfunctorily leaving some words to the supposed protector, her gaze closely watching Yang Chen’s eyes. It seemed that the words so confidently spoken by the owner of those eyes, left her very surprised.

Shi Shanshan could feel that Yang Chen’s words came from the heart, he hadn’t even answered whether he feared heavenly retribution. But the reason was still very clear, the job of an executioner was killing people, you couldn’t say that a diligent executioner had done anything wrong. Perhaps even immortals, though you could say that killing people was wrong, you still couldn’t say an executioner was wrong for following orders.

Where was there any absolute right in this world, where was there any absolute wrong, even experienced in worldly affairs, one had to distinguish right from wrong and not lump different matters together. Thinking clearly about this, Shi Shanshan suddenly felt a wide open understanding in her heart, and her practice that had been somewhat rough in the past, suddenly broke free of all restraints, swiftly circulating through her energy channels.

With a sudden revolution, her spiritual force moved one lap within her body, without any kind of restriction. Even an alarming genius like Shi Shanshan had to exult inwardly. At the peak of foundation building, she could finally consider attacking jindan.

The change in spiritual force within Shi Shanshan didn’t escape the divine consciousness of the others, and even if they didn’t know just what had happened, they could conclude that Shi Shanshan’s mental cultivation had made a great advancement, and her power had subsequently increased a level further. The several puritanical cultivators that had come all stepped forward and cupped their hands to Shi Shanshan: “Congratulations, fairy!”

“Many thanks, everyone!” Shi Shanshan cupped her hands in return to the surroundings, then gave Yang Chen a slight nod. Giving him a rather complex look, she suddenly waved one hand, a line of white light appearing in front of Yang Chen. He reached out and took a tiny pill into his hand. At the same time and extremely cold and aloof ‘thank you’ reached Yang Chen’s ear.

Yang Chen declined to comment, and Shi Shanshan didn’t say anything else either. Her gaze also left Yang Chen, finally falling on Sun Qingxue next to him.

“Little sister, your bones are rather unusual, your good fortune is profound, do you want to follow me to cultivate?” Shi Shanshan yet again spoke to a mortal, but the contents and target made everyone relax. One little girl, and bringing her to cultivate, it seemed fairy Shi was moved to affection.

Sun Qingxue naturally hadn’t foreseen that such a gigantic meat pie would fall from heaven, and at ten years of age, she didn’t even know how she should answer the fairy-like big sister’s question. Instead it was the adults next to her that spoke in unison with surprised expressions: “She does, our family’s Qingxue is willing!”

“Little sister, do you want to?” Shi Shanshan didn’t pay any attention to the Sun family members, she only looked at Sun Qingxue, waiting for her reply.

At this time, Sun Qingxue completely lacked the demeanor of an outstanding genius that Yang Chen remembered, only fearfully looking at fairy Shi in the sky, then again looking at the family members at her side, then finally casting a glance at Yang Chen, as if this big brother who had smiled at her in the execution ground a few times, had given her hope, made her feel even more relieved than her own family.

“Didn’t I tell the truth?” Yang Chen didn’t give Sun Qingxue any direct answer, only smiled and spoke.

“En!” Just while the bystanders were doubtful, Sun Qingxue understood Yang Chen’s meaning. Yang Chen had just said that she would be alright, and that her whole family would be alright, and Yang Chen still said the same now.

Sun Qingxue’s gaze again turned to the beautiful fairy in the sky. With Yang Chen’s affirmation she seemed to find confidence, and despite still being tied up, she shot a question at the sky: “If I come with big sister fairy, will my family be alright?”

This question made all the people in the air smile. Fairy Shi also smiled slightly, like a beautiful flower blossoming in the sky, the souls of the surrounding people immediately flew off. The renowned fairy Shi was admittedly addressed by her surname, but there was also a hint of meaning to say she was like stone, never smiling all year round. But when confronting a little girl, everyone were lucky enough to see her smile.

(TL note: Shi means rock or stone.)

Shi Shanshan’s smile gave Sun Qingxue unlimited courage, and she bravely struggled to stand up, saying to Shi Shanshan in the sky: “As long as my family is fine, I’ll follow you!”

With several immortals showing up personally, ensuring the safety of a family was the simplest of matters, even on the execution ground. The supervising official didn’t even have the courage to order them to stop, and only watched the Sun family’s members ropes undone one after another, then quickly disappear from the execution ground after Shi Shanshan.

Only once the entire Sun family had disappeared out of sight did the supervising official shakily stand up, once again ensure that there were no more immortals in the sky, he strengthened his courage and shouted hoarsely: “The convicted family has been robbed from the execution grounds by the powers of Tiger Head Mountain, release the news with bounties and warrants of arrest.”

Everyone had seen the people in the sky, and also heard them address fairy Shi, but nobody dared say anything, everyone agreeing with the explanation that Tiger Head Mountain were responsible.

Yang Chen snickered in his sleeve. On his way home, in his mind replayed the little girl Sun Qingxue’s final words and the scene of her reluctantly turning to leave.

“Big brother, thank you!”

“Big brother, I’ll find a time to come see you in the future!”


If he told the people of his previous world that the Blue Cloud Sect’s Sun Qingxue had said something like that to him, out of ten thousand people, ten thousand and one wouldn’t believe him. But in this life it was fact. The only thing that left him puzzled was that it should have been the Blue Cloud Sect’s people that appeared to save Sun Qingxue, so how come it was Green Jade Immortal Island’s fairy Shi? Could it be that Sun Qingxue would be a disciple of Green Jade Immortal Island in the future, and not taught by Blue Cloud Sect?

However, whether Sun Qingxue was a disciple of Green Jade Immortal Island or Blue Cloud Sect in the end wasn’t of any great importance to Yang Chen. His achievements as executioner had no come to a successful conclusion, and it was time to leave.

What Yang Chen cared about now was what cultivation technique he should cultivate in order to gain the greatest advantage on his future road of cultivation.

Immortal Executioner – 009 – Three Purities Secret

Yang Chen naturally didn’t know about what had happened at the near firmament treasure palace, but the enormous achievement score still made him leap high with fright. On his achievement ring, a long string of zeroes made it clear that the magnitude of his current achievement score was very high. But within the range of what the ring could display were only a line of zeroes, and no other numbers.

If anyone else saw it, they would definitely believe that Yang Chen was someone without any achievement. Only Yang Chen himself knew what kind of immense figure this string of zeroes represented. The reason why there were no other numbers was simply because it was too long, and couldn’t display more.

Since the Queen Mother of the West had already passed away, the old heavenly court no longer had any chance of regaining their authority. Yang Chen had nothing else to do at the Immortal Executioner Stage.

Placing the vicious blade on its stand, Yang Chen returned to the little room. After planning and resting, he took off the celestial executioners garb prepared for him in the Immortal Executioner Stage, changing into the mundane clothing he wore when he arrived, putting everything in order. Forcefully constraining the churning and joy in his heart, he firmly walked towards the gate of the Immortal Executioner Stage.

If one was polluted with the blood or flesh of an immortal in the Immortal Executioner Stage, or touched something the shouldn’t be touched, the great gate of the Immortal Executioner Stage would disappear automatically. But Yang Chen had always been very careful, and even now the great gate still towered in its place, without the slightest change.

Under the Jade Emperor’s explicit order, the supervising official could draw on the strength of the entire heavenly court to use the Dream Play great formation once in order to draw an executioner from the mortal world. Once chose, unless the executioner died within the Immortal Executioner Stage, there was no way to select another. Since Yang Chen hadn’t died, the Immortal Executioner Stage’s prohibition wouldn’t be activated to notify the heavenly court’s officials.

The Jade Emperor was already dead, and for the moment there would be no new immortals entering the Immortal Executioner Stage. Yang Chen knew about this, after he had ascended and entered the Heavenly Court, he had never heard of anyone being executed.

Walking over to the portal, he turned his head and looked at the Immortal Executioner Stage, looked at that vicious blade, the corner of his mouth showed a smile, then he stepped through the gate with large strides.

The scene before his eyes changed with blinding speed, suddenly turning dark. Yang Chen focused at the distance, but he was still in his broken house, and it was still night. He just didn’t know how much time had passed in the mortal world.

When Yang Chen appeared, the weather was originally early winter, but everyone in the county town seemed to tremble and couldn’t help pulling their bedclothes closer, as if feeling a bone chilling cold. Rats and ants burrowing underground also suddenly stopped moving at that moment. The entire town was still like a ghost town.

A lot of people in the prison suddenly woke up, starting to shiver uncontrollably from cold, as if the god of death was already at their side, and a few cowards even collapsed.

On a distant mountaintop, a woman whose body was like the white jade of a fairy suddenly looked in this direction, frowning, muttering to herself: “Such a great killing intent, just how many souls as this monster extinguished?” Her figure flashed, already gone from her previous place.

There were also some others who noticed this direction in a few other directions. The old just looked, but a lot of people immediately flew off. Their cultivation was high and low, unevenly matched.

Yang Chen finally noticed something was wrong. In the Immortal Executioner Stage, this killing aura and killing intent was nothing, but in the immortal world it was enough to drive people insane. If he didn’t quickly settle the issue of the killing intent before he met some cultivating fellows and his luck was good, they might realize he was an executioner and not care further, but if his luck was bad, they might immediately cut him up with their flying swords to eliminate evil and defend the Dao.

With his former temperament cultivation, this bit of killing intent was nothing. But Yang Chen hadn’t anticipated that the killing intent from killing immortals would be revealed, it really was something of a miscalculation.

Three Purities Secret, Yang Chen suddenly recalled what the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord said, the Three Purities Secret could refine killing intent into divine consciousness, that was simply a life saving treasure in this situation. No wonder the Elderly Lord would say he’d use it very soon.

Yang Chen didn’t dare be neglectful, hastily reciting what the Elderly Lord taught him about the Three Purities Secret, starting to slowly comprehend the mysteries within it. After a long while, Yang Chen sat down in meditation, and started to cultivate it according to the methods of the Three Purities Secret’s first level. The Three Purities Secret had altogether nine levels, and even with Yang Chen’s more than ten thousand years of experience in cultivating, he could still only do it step by step.

Yang Chen’s temperament cultivation was already at the level of a great primary golden immortal since his rebirth, and despite this being the first time he practiced it, he still instantly entered the condition for cultivating, without self or others.

After six hours, Yang Chen woke from his practicing. Letting loose a long breath, Yang Chen began to slowly inspect the changes in his body.

The Three Purities Secret was the key to the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s turning one qi into three purities, only, it could only raise divine consciousness, and not magical power. Yang Chen was long since aware of this, but as he practiced, he was still shocked at the changes in his divine consciousness.

Originally Yang Chen’s body was born mortal, and without cultivating any arts, he was naturally without any divine consciousness or magical power, just the empty ten thousand years of cultivation experience and temperament cultivation. But with the first time cultivating the Three Purities Secret now, his divine consciousness had immediately risen a large chunk, so much that it had even caught up to when he successfully cultivated almost to the foundation building stage. The result was outstanding, simply stupefying.

Even Yang Chen himself hadn’t anticipated such an outstanding result, and in bewildered he even started doubting his own judgement. But very quickly he noticed the blood cloud that had already grown a lot thinner, and accepted the facts.

Absorbing killing intent, turning it into divine consciousness, it turned out that interesting. Yang Chen determined that, as long as he cultivated for another few days, this overflowing killing intent would be completely absorbed, no longer with any need to worry about this killing aura.

The sky was already bright, and Yang Chen left the house and pushed open the gate to the courtyard, thinking to go see how much time had passed. However, with a glance he discovered that nothing seemed to have change, exactly the same as before he left. There was no change in the street scenery, nor even any change in the people, those neighbours still looked at him extremely cautiously, afraid to provoke his attention.

“What date is it?” Yang Chen directly pulled over a neighbour to ask. But he hadn’t anticipated that this simple touch would immediately scare that neighbour enough that he didn’t dare move, squeezing out two words after his teeth chattering and body trembling for a long time: “The…… fifth!”

Yang Chen let go, and that neighbour frantically crawled and ran into the distance as if he had just received a general pardon, not even daring to turn his head. The cold intent of Yang Chen’s body made people move far away with their hearts alarmed.

“The fifth!” Yang Chen stared blankly, not even one day had passed, everything that happened, could it have been a huge dream? Absorbing all that life essence, was it all an illusion?

“Impossible!” Yang Chen shouted inwardly. Even though he had only heard about it in his previous life, he could be certain that there would be no beheadings in nothing physically entered the Immortal Executioner Stage.

When he stepped out from the Immortal Executioner Stage, it had been his real body, and not just a thought. Moreover, if he was only a thought within the Immortal Executioner Stage, it would be impossible for him to be the opponent of the vicious blade.

And Yang Cheng had the greatest proof, the discerning eye of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. Even completely without magical power when entering the Immortal Executioner Stage, the elder’s eyes still weren’t lacking to the extent that he couldn’t tell apart a real body and a consciousness entity. Since he said his body’s aptitude was extremely good, that absolutely wasn’t a lie.

Turning around, Yang Chen closed himself into his little courtyard, walked over to the millstone, and fished out that five colored stone. By just touching it, the five colored stone released a great brilliance, the five colored light extremely dazzling. This also made Yang Chen let loose a breath, everything that had happened, none of it was a waste.

The killing intent was still very dense, before killing people today, Yang Chen still had the chance to refine it a bit more. Thinking of this, Yang Chen immediately returned to his room, sitting cross legged with his palms and soles of his feet facing the sky, and began to practice the Three Purities Secret once again.

He still had to execute people at three quarters past eleven, so Yang Chen only cultivated for two hours in the morning before stopping. The blood cloud had weakened a bit, but it was still thicker than old devil Yi’s back then. Fortunately this blood cloud could only be seen by cultivators with magical power, ordinary people would only feel a heartfelt terror, and nothing else. Common people fearing executioners seemed to be a common thing in the mortal world, and wouldn’t cause any great panic.

Hastily killing a few dozen people, Yang Chen was warned by that seemingly dodging little minor official that he would be executing minister Sun’s whole family of three hundred people tomorrow. He might be tired, so he should prepare early. Yang Chen was unconcerned, and hurried back to his house with large strides to start cultivating.

This time Yang Chen cultivated the whole time from three in the afternoon to seven in the morning the next day. Right now Yang Chen was scrambling for time, he had to completely absorb his killing intent before those devil exterminating, Dao protecting people dared come here.

Yang Chen had also planned the choice of this county seat far in advance. This was where the distance to any cultivator sect was the greatest, and even experts on flying swords would take at least two days to get here. This was enough to let Yang Chen suppress his killing intent to the level of ordinary people.

The Three Purities Secret was worthy of being the Elderly Lord’s trump card, when all was said and done, Yang Chen only practiced it the third time, and no more than eight hours in a stretch, and it was still only the first level, but with the third time he practiced, Yang Chen’s divine consciousness was already enough to study the changes within his body.

The red cloud on the surface of his body rushed madly into Yang Chen as if pulled by some huge gravitational force, and after a short series of changes, it joined the formidable ranks of a large army of divine consciousness. So much that Yang Chen could even clearly sense the slight chill of the blood cloud flowing within him.

The more formidable his divine consciousness, the faster the absorption speed, forming a positive reinforcement spiral. But Yang Chen still couldn’t be relieved, because the absorption speed was still a bit slow compared to the density of the blood cloud. Compared to the joy over his divine consciousness, Yang Chen was even more concerned about how to deal with puritanical cultivators.

Yang Chen had never thought that he would possess divine consciousness so unsuited to his magical power, before he even had a trace of magical power. By his experience, his present divine consciousness was already equivalent to when he was at the foundation building stage in his previous life. Using weights of silver to compare it, then he was like an ordinary person who had suddenly received several tens of thousands of tael of silver, enough to squander for a lifetime.

Faintly, it was as if his formidable divine consciousness wanted to split into two pieces, which made Yang Chen feel strange. Such an indication, according to the records of the Three Purities Secret, should be the omen of the divine consciousness splitting. Since it was one qi becoming three purities, then the divine consciousness would naturally ultimately split into three pieces. However, that was at least something that would happen above the yuanying stage, at the dacheng stage, how could something like this happen when he had just started to practice it?

What Yang Chen didn’t know was that divine consciousness splitting was related to magical power, and would appear after the divine consciousness was one realm higher than the magical power. Yang Chen’s current condition was that he didn’t have a trace of magical power, but his divine consciousness was already at the level of an initial stage foundation builder, which as it happens met the conditions.

However, indications for splitting of divine consciousness was clearly the peak of the first level of practice, he could already practice the second level art.

The final purpose was for one qi to become three purities, this required splitting into three parts. Now that he already had the signs of splitting, Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t halt it and continued practicing. Simply, after completing this round of practice, Yang Chen naturally switched the Three Purities Secret’s first layer art to the second layer art.

Entering the second layer, Yang Chen immediately felt vigor like a swallowing whale. The blood cloud surrounding him rushed into his body as if it was suddenly engulfed in a powerful storm. The absorption speed was at least twice as fast.

Yang Chen almost became drunk on the unrestrained feeling, and his divine consciousness rose sharply at the same time. The blood cloud also swiftly weakened, and in a short few hours, Yang Chen had already absorbed almost seventy percent of the killing intent. The thick blood cloud had grown faint, as if already weakened to the level of old devil Yi back then, all that remained was a thin red curtain. And this faint red curtain also dissipated within it.

At the same time as Yang Chen sat quietly practicing, in the distance in all directions, several people were just controlling flying swords to fly, their target astonishingly Yang Chen’s location.

“Yi?”One white dressed young girl among them dashed out an expression of surprise. The bloody killing intent over there had actually swiftly weakened in a short few hours, could it be some unknowable unforeseen event had taken place there?

“Humph!” Looking in that direction, the frosty expression on white dressed young woman’s face didn’t warm in the slightest: “No matter who you are, daring to be create such a killing calamity, even if you flee to the ends of the world, I’ll still find you to protect the Dao!”

Yang Chen didn’t seem to be aware of any of this. Having just stopped practicing, he was racking his brains to remember a person he had an impression of. It seemed that person had been saved on the execution ground back then, and afterwards been taken to a sect to cultivate, afterwards becoming the pride of a generation. That person’s surname was Sun, reportedly from the family of officials, and her grandfather seemed to have been a Chao minister.

Coincidentally, the family Yang Chen was to execute turned out to be a family of officials, that also had a government minister surnamed Sun.

Immortal Executioner – 008 – Incalculable Achievement

“We are the supreme ruler of the golden imperial watchtower of the boundless heaven, the magnificent all encompassing true god, the Jade Emperor. Traitor, whence dare thou be rude!” The man, dressed in an imperial robe and wearing the imperial crown, shouted loudly, like a thunderclap by Yang Chen’s ears. He wasn’t even influenced a moment by the lingering killing intent around Yang Chen.

The phoenix crowned woman next to the Jade Emperor stood quietly without speaking, only a sharp light flashing in her eyes, enough for any person to fear her majestic presence and prostrate themselves on the ground.

“Sorry, seniors, but this is the Immortal Executioner stage. The immortals entering here are only of one identity, and that is as convicted prisoners!” Confronting the two former rulers of the heavenly court, the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother, Yang Chen only calmly said: “Myself am Yang Chen, the executioner of the Immortal Executioner Stage!”

Meanwhile, the heavenly court’s newly appointed emissary in charge of controlling the achievement scores was just looking at the suddenly appeared stranger that was quickly racking up achievement, his mouth wide open, appearing at the number one spot on the achievement roll. The numbers recorded were, individual, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred millions, trillions, ten quadrillions, hundred quintillions, septillions, ten octillions, hundred nonillions, undecillions, ten duodecillions, hundred tredecillions, quinquadecillions, ten sedecillions, hundred septendecillions, novendecillions, ten vigintillions, all the way to hundred unvigintillions. On the order of ten to the sixty fourth power, the number so enormous he simply didn’t dare believe it.


(Author note:

Ten thousand: 10^4

Hundred million: 10^8

Trillion: 10^12

Ten quadrillion: 10^16

Hundred quintillion: 10^20

Septillion: 10^24

Ten octillion: 10^28

Hundred nonillion: 10^32

Undecillion: 10^36

Ten duodecillion: 10^40

Hundred tredecillion: 10^44

Quinquagintillion: 10^48

Ten sedecillion: 10^52

Hundred septendecillion: 10^56

Novendecillion: 10^60

Ten vigintillion: 10^64

Hundred unvigintillion: 10^68

Tresvigintillion: 10^72


TL Note: Chinese has individual expressions for every multiple of 104 rather than 103, and are perhaps more descriptive, like:

ten sedecillion = sand of the Ganges

ten vigintillion = inconceivable

hundred unvigintillion = boundless

tresvigintillion = big number.)


The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was the founder of Daoism, his achievements were already boundless. That’s why, even in the midst of rebellion against the heavenly court, nobody dared be disrespectful to him. But all the immortals who participated knew that, if the Elderly Lord didn’t die, the new heavenly court basically couldn’t be rebuilt. Therefore, once the new Jade Emperor ascended, he immediately had the Elderly Lord executed.

This was after all the resentment of cheating ones master and extinguishing the ancestors, once the arrow was on the bowstring, it had to be loosed. Once in this situation, there could be no consideration. Nobody dared kill the Elderly Lord, but that was to Yang Chen’s benefit. The Elderly Lord’s achievements in the old heavenly court were boundless, meaning that his achievement score had already reached the magnitude of a hundred unvigintillion. Of course, killing the Elderly Lord was also a matter of boundless achievement in the new heavenly court, and Yang Chen’s achievement score had immediately charged into units of hundred unvigintillions, already the longest number on the achievement score roll.

The Elderly Lord’s alone had let Yang Chen’s achievement score step past everyone, appearing far above on the achievement roll. Moreover, the gigantic number made that official in charge of inspecting the achievement roll speechless for a long time.

According to the rules of the heavenly court, achievement score could be directly exchanged for a great many things, including all sorts of magical treasures and pills, cultivation techniques, and tools, pets and subordinates, official positions and abodes, practically anything. According to Yang Chen’s present boundless level achievement, he could directly exchange his achievement score for the entire heavenly court.

The new Jade Emperor had just ascended, his experience shallow, and even if he could gather vast amounts of achievement, there was still no way to compare with the founder of Daoism. And the achievement roll immortal tool, just like the Immortal Executioner Stage, could only be used to look over exchanges, and couldn’t be used to change the rules for calculating.

A completely unfamiliar and unheard of name, not the partner of any sect, nor anyone who had established some alarming contribution in the rebellion, nor the newly appointed Jade Emperor, how could he be ranked number one?

Thinking of a stranger never heard of by anyone in the heavenly court exchanging everything, even as a great primary golden immortal, the newly appointed heavenly court achievement emissary was unable to keep his brow from unconsciously beading with sweat, tremendous fear almost making him believe he had committed some unpardonable mistake, unconsciously starting to tremble. There was definitely some mistake here!

“Whence does the traitors dare hurry?” The Jade Emperor, or more precisely, the former Jade Emperor took a step forward and shouted at Yang Chen, but could only blankly Yang Chen walk past. Besides shouting, he could do nothing.

“No wonder those people would rebel, can you do anything other than bossing people around?” A trace of disdain flashed through Yang Chen’s eyes. Slowly shaking his head, he flashed the sinister blade.

“Do you not fear eternal damnation after doing it?” The Queen Mother Of the West finally spoke up to the side, her pronunciation clear like moonlight, carrying a sense of a monarch overlooking the world, phoenix eyes holding power. It was just one sentence, but it pierced even deeper than the Jade Emperor’s shouting.

“Myself am acting on behalf of the Dao of Heaven, it’s boundlessly beneficial, how could there be damnation?” Confronting this Queen Mother, Yang Chen was instead a bit more courteous than towards the Jade Emperor, but words could offer no explanation. While speaking, he suddenly revealed the achievement score on his ring, the enormous number even making Yang Chen himself turn lifeless for a moment.

“On behalf of the Dao of Heaven?” The Queen mother also saw the long string of digits on Yang Chen’s ring, and her eyes dulled, no longer with the brightness from before, as if she had suddenly aged. She muttered: “It seemed Heaven has already changed!”

“If senior still has some unfinished desires, perhaps myself can help accomplish one or two!” Yang Chen confronted the two completely different monarchs, said this, then quietly waited for them to speak.

“It’s already at this stage, what desires could still be left?” The Queen Mother of the West spoke with a somewhat bleak expression, then immediately regained her high minded dignity. Even being only a weak woman without the strength to truss a chicken inside the Immortal Executioner Stage, the unique air she exuded at this moment enchanted even Yang Chen.

Quietly straightening her clothes, the Queen Mother dashed a smile at Yang Chen: “Lend me the blade, I need a mirror!”

“Subordinate is crude, I have been irreverent!” The Queen Mother’s optimistic display won Yang Chen’s respect. Whoosh, the uniquely vicious edge flashed, appearing in front of her. The flat blade now became as bright as snow, reflecting the Queen Mother’s charming appearance.

Facing the edge, the Queen Mother of the West carefully arranged her hair as if she was at her own Jade Lake. After casually adjusting the phoenix hairpin on top of her head, she gave a slight nod to Yang Chen, walking over to the edge of the Immortal Executioner Stage by herself, looking all around at the surrounding scenery, then said to Yang Chen behind her without turning her head: “Executioner, do it! Be quick!”

Xiu, a sharp whistle, a sliver of light like bright snow and black hair caressed the Queen Mother’s neck. But nothing else changed, the Queen Mother still stood there, gazing into the distance. After a moment she exposed a smile: “Such a fast blade, many thanks!”

Yang Chen swung his blade, but didn’t look further at the result, directly turning around and confronting the Jade Emperor, once supreme ruler of everything, calmly and grimly saying: “The Empress is already on her way, senior, do you still have any unfinished desires, perhaps myself can help accomplish one or two!”

Seeing the Queen Mother of the West standing there suddenly fall to the ground, the Jade Emperor who had just been forcefully roaring exposed a panicked expression. Looking at Yang Chen, his shout held a different timbre: “We are the Jade Emperor, you dare be rude?”

“No longer!” Yan Chen had just seen the Queen Mother of the West confront her fall so calmly, now seeing the Jade Emperor forget himself like that, the last trace of respect for a senior vanished without a trace.

“We are the Jade Emperor, you’re all traitors!” Confronting the death of his body and end of his Dao, the once Jade Emperor lost all sense of dignity, almost hysterically swinging his fist at Yang Chen. But he only swung it were he stood, even without any restraints, he didn’t dare step forward to argue with Yang Chen, let alone teaching him a lesson.

“For every debt there is a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” Yang Chen finished his executioner’s catchphrase with an expressionless face, then took a few steps forward and swung the vicious blade.

The heavenly court achievement emissary looked at Yang Chen’s score suddenly rising again, and his whole face was stunned. Yang Chen’s achievement score had already been on the level of a hundred unvigintillion, but along with him beheading the Queen Mother of the West, his score directly shot up almost to the limit of what the achievement roll could display. Nine hundred unvigintillion, that was almost the largest number the achievement roll could hold.

Looking at the second name on the roll, the name of the newly appointed Jade Emperor, the newly appointed achievement emissary almost cried. The heavenly court was newly established, could it be that someone accumulating enough achievement points to reach this position was an error in the immortal tool, leading to this world of darkness? He didn’t know how the achievement roll was arranged before, but it may be assumed that the Jade Emperor was number one!

One fellow of unknown origin, a fellow whose name the achievement emissary couldn’t find even when he searched the entire heavenly court, actually had an achievement score even higher than the Jade Emperor? If there wasn’t any problem with the achievement roll, then there was definitely a problem with him, the achievement emissary. The newly appointed Jade Emperor wasn’t some kind and benevolent person, that was a powerful character who had just delivered every person loyal to the old heavenly court to the Immortal Executioner Stage. If he let the Jade Emperor know about it, then he, as the achievement emissary, would definitely end up there too.

Yes, there was definitely some problem with the rules of the achievement roll. In this moment of desperation, the achievement emissary’s brain worked an unknown number of dozens of times faster than normal, at once becoming aware of the main point of the problem. The achievement roll was an immortal tool, as long as someone wore the token ring of the heavenly court, their achievement score would be calculated by the achievement roll, there would be no error here. The only possible problem could be that the just converted achievement roll was still using the old rules.

Thinking of this, the achievement emissary was just about to try operating the achievement roll to research how to alter the calculation rules, when he sensed someone entering with a sweep of his divine consciousness, his personal assistant. But he couldn’t let anyone see the ranking of the achievement roll right now, so he hastily put it away and asked in a low voice: “What is it?”

“Milord, the Jade Emperor’s emissary is here, the Jade Emperor wants to see the achievement roll!” The personal assistant bowed and reported, then quietly waited for the achievement emissary’s orders.

Boom, like a thunderclap by the achievement emissary’s ears. The Jade Emperor wanted to see the achievement roll. But could he show it to him now? The achievement emissary no longer knew what to do.

Only, no matter what, the Jade Emperor had actually sent a person instead of a talisman with the summons, this was presumably some grand occasion. There might be a lot of people waiting to see it, not going wasn’t an option. But right now the damned achievement roll was a huge pain in the ass!

Trembling with fear and trepidation, the achievement emissary cautiously followed the Jade Emperor’s envoy for the high firmament treasure palace. His shaking as he walked astonished the envoy, but he couldn’t ask about it and only tactfully reminded: “Be careful not to be discourteous before the Jade Emperor!”

At the near firmament treasure palace, the new Jade Emperor was just holding a grand feast for the ministers. In fact, this was also considered the celebratory feast for overthrowing the old regime. Some people at the feast deserved rewards, and they would be casually awarded some achievement points.


Seeing this scene from a distance, the achievement emissary’s legs almost buckled. Even with his golden immortal cultivation, his terror wasn’t light. The hoped for day of overthrowing the old heavenly court had come with great difficulty, could it be he would be thrown into the Immortal Executioner Stage because he still hadn’t had time to change the rules on the achievement roll he had just been put in charge of?


With great difficulty forcing himself to complete the great formal courtesies for the Jade Emperor without mistake, the Jade Emperor’s next words almost made his soul fly away and scatter.

“Achievement emissary, display the achievement roll, let all the ministers inspect it!”

At this very moment, Yang Chen’s vicious blade was already held up high, and before the shocked eyes of the previous Jade Emperor, chopped down heavily. Pop, the vicious blade that had beheaded tens of thousands of immortals only gave a slight sound before bloody light immediately sprayed out, the Jade Emperor’s body collapsing to the ground, no different from any common corpse.

The figure on the achievement roll rose sharply once again, instantly exceeding the range of what the roll could display. The instant the achievement emissary displayed the achievement roll, Yang Chen’s name flashed once, and disappeared without a trace.

The achievement emissary couldn’t help shuddering. If the Jade Emperor saw that the person on the number one spot wasn’t him, he didn’t know what kind of thundering fury he would display.

Just when the achievement emissary in desperation was planning to throw it to the ground and smash it, he suddenly heard the quiet laughter of all the immortals, as if everyone were extremely satisfied with the ranking, and leisurely assessed it one by one. Even the Jade Emperor laughed, clearly, even though that achievement score was low, as the newly appointed Jade Emperor, he could easily accept that his score wasn’t high.

“Achievement emissary, bestow minister XX one hundred thousand achievement!” The Jade Emperor’s voice echoed from up high.

The achievement emissary stared blankly, raising his eyes, with astonishment just finding the Jade Emperor’s name listed as number one on the achievement roll, and that harbinger of calamity-like Yang Chen had already flown off to unknown parts. The achievement emissary’s whole body shivered, as if he had just ascended from hell into paradise.

“Your servant obeys the Emperor’s decree!” Inwardly joyous, he still didn’t dare neglect his mouth and hastily operated the achievement roll, noting down the Jade Emperor’s conferred reward.

“Minister XX, eighty thousand achievement!”

“Minister XX, sixty thousand achievement!”


A string of rewards left the achievement emissary too busy to raise his head. With great difficulty completing the awards, the Jade Emperor finally seemed very satisfied with the achievement emissary, in the end instructing: “Achievement emissary, give yourself one thousand achievement points. Afterwards the achievement roll will follow these rules, and mustn’t be changed lightly!”

For the first half of what he said, the achievement emissary rejoiced over obtaining a thousand points for himself, but the latter half made his heart drop. That Yang Chen’s name appeared in his brain once again, that outrageously long number behind the name testing his nerves again and again. However, at this time he didn’t dare say anything else, the Jade Emperor, the sole ruler of everything, had a mouth of gold and spoke words of jade, he couldn’t tolerate the slightest lip service. Anyway, since Yang Chen’s name had already disappeared, would the achievement emissary foolishly expose it?

Thinking of this, the achievement emissary made a great bow, deferentially saying to the Jade Emperor on the throne in a loud voice: “Your servant, receives the decree!”

Immortal Executioner – 007 – Chop Chop Chop

The peaches in the hands of the Old Man of the South Pole were comparable to the best peaches of immortality that the Queen Mother of the West had! Yang Chen almost drooled while listening to the White Spirit Deer.

“You actually hated to part with those peaches so much that you even left them in the spiritual world! Really miserly!” A disdainful voice came from the side, it was the Immortal Crane that was almost as inseparable from the White Spirit Deer as its shadow, and was also a companion of the old Man of the South Pole. It taunted: “I ate that peach long ago and left the pit in the mortal world, I don’t know if it’s borne fruit yet.”

Yang Chan stood to the side, listening to the two arguing, without speaking up, letting these two butt heads before facing death.

“That peach tree should have grown in the mortal world’s……” The Immortal Crane shouted at Yang Chen, then added a request: “Go take a look if you have the chance. Now, behead the two of us!”


“Woof!” The Howling Celestial Dog spit out human words: “I still have a drop of blood essence in the lower world, if some animal can fuse with it, it might stir the blood of ancient beasts, its location is……”

“I have a «Beast Governing Art» ability, it’s the cultivation method of my beast race, a hundred times more brilliant than those beast controlling sects, it’s just that the requirements are a bit high, see if you have the luck!” Blue Ox also spit out human words.


These monster deities were different from those twenty eight constellations, they were all the mounts or pets of upper level immortals in the heavenly court, and always maintained their true bodies without transforming into humans. Only, these demon deities were abnormally powerful, not lacking in any respect compared to those who became straight deities.

Yang Chen was too busy to mind it will cutting heads off, but after a few he carelessly glanced at his achievement score, and immediately jumped from fright. More than ten demon deities had actually given Yang Chen several dozen trillion points. In this great heavenly court rebellion, a lot of people felt lucky, and captured and arrested as many major and minor deities as they could, all to the benefit of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s body was now shrouded in a dense bloody light that looked like a cloud of blood surrounding him when viewed from afar. This casually gave any cultivator that saw it the impression of an old monster of a killing calamity, and not a mortal who still hadn’t cultivated any arts or had any magical power.

Even if Yang Chen didn’t speak throughout the entire process of beheading demon gods, killing intent still flowed from his body, and one Heavenly Monarch who had just been delivered to the Immortal Executioner Stage was immediately so terrified by Yang Chen’s killing intent that he drew his last breath on the spot.

“You’re lucky to have lasted until now with such heavy injuries!” Looking at the Heavenly Monarch who had died without him doing anything, Yang Chen couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing.

The ones now entering the Immortal Executioner Stage were higher level. Heavenly monarchs, heavenly generals, eight cave immortals, seven stars of the Big Dipper, the six Ding and the six Jia, the Five Lords of the Elements, the Four Guardians of Time, the Three Stars of Luck, Longevity, and Prosperity, the Marshal of the Heavenly Canopy, Chang’e, Juling Shen, and numerous others. However, different from the previous minor deities, these high level immortals were practically all seriously injured, and their faces expressed unreconciliation and having no way out.

The Fire Lord, chop! A rich extremely fiery essence rushed into the bottom of Yang Chen’s lungs.

The Water Lord, chop! Water property essence.

The Wood Lord, chop! Wood property essence.

The Earth Lord, chop! Earth property essence.

The Metal Lord, chop! Metal property essence.

Just by beheading the five virtue star monarchs, Yang Chen felt the five phases attributes within him rise sharply. Let alone the overflowing feeling from the twenty eight constellations, when he killed now, Yang Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit exhausted even when he always tried to balance his feelings.

The Immortal Executioner Stage within him still constantly wanted to vent its killing intent, but couldn’t cause any great waves under Yang Chen’s control, and was forced to listen and obey his arrangements.

Resting in the little room, Yang Chen didn’t care about sleeping, but spent great effort on calming his qi, then let that rich current of killing intent blunt. Even though the red cloud still roiled, he was no longer like a man of blood. After resting a bit, Yang Chen returned to the Immortal Executioner Stage.

There was practically no complaints to be heard among the great lords. Victory was victory, defeat was defeat. They had spent all their strength, but still ended up on the stage like this. They didn’t have so much unwillingness and disappointment, but were rather unusually cheerful.

“I have a medicine raising bottle gourd, it’s in the lower world at……”

“In all my life I’ve compacted a pure yang sword qi, never being distracted, its power isn’t unruly, try practicing it if you’re interested!”

“To meet you before death is good karma, I have a set of banner formations, I’ll give them to you!”


Yang Chen calmly accepted this information, and calmly spoke his “every debt has a debtor line”, beheading these previously famous immortals one by one.

If the deities before could be called small change, Yang Chen certainly didn’t have any waves in his heart about dealing with them, but these higher immortals were another matter entirely. In fact, Yang Chen condensed all the killing intent in his heart to be able to achieve this calm.

Yang Chen could almost feel the immense changes taking place within him with each mortal he executed, it was practically even more terrifying than killing tens or hundreds of thousands of people. But he no longer paid attention to the achievement score, he had long ago surpassed one quadrillion, even to the extent that he was attacking the order of tens of quadrillions. With just a few more, he would probably break through that magnitude.

Outside the Immortal Executioner Stage, the dew immortal soldiers who were originally guarding the stage were now constantly feeling wave after wave of violent killing intent from inside, and couldn’t help but shudder. They were just common celestial soldiers, they had no way to resist such terrifying killing intent. If not for their orders, they didn’t know how far they would have run already.

Even the execution supervisor could only tremble. Looking at an immortal soldier shivering, he couldn’t help saying: “This Immortal Executioner Stage is an immortal tool that can only connect the mundane world with the heavenly court, from the Heavenly Court one can only enter, and it’s not certain one can leave through the mundane world either. We were appointed to select an executioner from the Great Dream Play Formation, we can already be considered having fulfilled the new emperor’s orders. The Immortal Executioner Stage is showing its power, it’d be better if we kept some distance.”

Finished speaking, he took the initiative to retreat. The soldiers saw him and immediately looked at each other, then stumbled over themselves to be first to get away from the vicinity of the Immortal Executioner Stage, running until they couldn’t feel the killing intent from the Immortal Executioner Stage, then stopped. One soldier quickly asked: “What’s with the Immortal Executioner Stage? It’s never been like this before!”

“How many immortals have been beheaded on the Immortal Executioner Stage in the past? In the immortal world there hasn’t been more than several dozens over these years. This time there are tens of thousands, and that much immortal flesh and blood. Let alone the Immortal Executioner Stage, what would happen to a mundane executioner tool when bathed in so much immortal blood?” The supervising official was the first to retreat, and he explained with lingering fear as he looked towards the Immortal Executioner Stage.

“There’s still one treasury of my dragon palace in the mortal world, I don’t want these things to end up in the hands of traitor dragon kings, to your benefit, the treasury is at……” Before the East Sea Dragon King was beheaded, he had a kind of attitude to not let those traitors have an easy time, to Yang Chen’s advantage.

Thousand Li Eye, Wind Following Ear, Duke of Thunder, Mother of Lightning, Marquis of Wind, Master of Rain, the Four Heavenly Kings, the Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King, the Five Gate Revealers, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, the Deity of the Moon, the Deity of the Sun, the Deity of War, Chang’e, Xuan Nü, were beheaded one by one.

When facing Chang’e and Xuan Nü, Yang Chen basically didn’t see enchanting women, only two prisoners waiting for the execution of their sentence, and ended them in one chop.

Before her death, Chang’e still left behind a «Countenance Halting Heart Sutra» which, besides the Countenance Halting Cultivation Technique, it also had a lot of prescriptions for age halting pills, from the mortal world to the spiritual world to the immortal world. Most frightening was that the Countenance Halting Heart Method could not only halt aging, but could also be used by the cultivator to freely adjust her appearance, simply an ultimate treasure female cultivators yearned for even in their sleep.

“Golden Star of the Sun, if senior has any unfinished desires, perhaps myself can help senior accomplish one or two!” Yang Chen had by now killed so many batches of immortals that he was once again seeing one golden immortal after another. In front of him now was the Golden Star of the Sun, Li Chang’geng.

“My way will disappear with my death, there are still some things I’m reluctant to leave. Unfortunately, His Majesty is unable to reverse the turning of the sky. This old man has here a «G Metal True Art», in the lower world there is a G Metal Innate Qi, you take advantage of it!”

When the Golden Star of the Sun had also fallen under Yang Chen’s blade, Yang Chen discovered one thing. That was that when these tremendously powerful ones who could truly fight, like Nezha, Erlang Shen, Lü Dongbin and others, they were basically impossible to capture alive, and these who were captured were basically less than half. Of course, the proportion was even higher for high positions.

That’s why Yang Chen wasn’t surprised when he saw the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. Having killed a lot of these main deities of the heavenly court, Yang Chen no longer had any fear, he expected there was nothing that could shock him even if he confronted the Jade Emperor.

It seemed the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord hadn’t been questioned too harshly, and his expression was extremely relaxed. But when seeing Yang Chen he first felt a burst of subconscious fear. Having killed too many deities, that cloud of blood around him was already so thick it couldn’t spread out, involuntarily spreading an aura that made people’s’ hearts leap with fear, and even main divinities on the level of the Grand Supreme Elderly lord couldn’t resist it.

However, in the end the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, and recovered to normal after just an instant of fear. Eyes opening wide, he seemed able to directly pierce that blood cloud to see Yang Chen himself. After looking steadily at Yang Chen for a while, his eyes suddenly shone, and he eagerly asked: “Five element spiritual roots, complete Yin and Yang, rare to see in ten thousand years, you are the best cultivator child I have seen. To have such a destiny before my death, are you interested in being my last disciple?”

Becoming the disciple of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord? Even if it was just before his death, who could imagine the great opportunity that involved? However, the desperately beautiful eyes of Yang Chen’s master in his last life flashed through his mind, as well as the instant of happiness when she reached out and handed over the Bright Light Sword. Just these two scenes quickly made Yang Chen’s heart stop swaying, and he made a decision.

“Many thanks for Elderly Lord’s gracious intentions, but I already have my master in this life, I’ll have no other!” When Yang Chen calmly said this, it seemed as if his heart broke free of some restraint, free and easy, wide open sea and sky. Yang Chen knew that, in the future, no lure less than becoming the last disciple of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord would ever disturb him. Unconsciously, Yang Chen received a cleansing of his soul. Even before he had started cultivating, his chances of success were already one chip higher.

“Ai, no chance even at the end!” The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord sighed slightly, apparently also seeing Yang Chen’s aloofness. With just a sigh, his tone returned to normal: “Nevermind, meeting before death is destiny. Even if I can’t take you as disciple, by your appearance, you will also cultivate in the future. I’ll dig up two things to give you, you pick them on your own!” The Elderly Lord had already heard what Yang Chen said before, and naturally knew what he would do, speaking very optimistically.

Yang Chen hadn’t anticipated to actually be able to receive the favor of the Elderly Lord. Stumped for a moment, he immediately exulted, standing in his place thinking deeply before speaking up: “Myself accepts Elderly Lord’s gracious intentions. Right now, myself would like Elderly Lord’s ‘One Chi Becomes Three Purities’ and tool and pill refining secrets, Elderly Lord please bestow them.”

No need to mention One Chi Becomes Three Purities, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s skill in refining tools was absolutely first class among first class. Each item the Elderly Lord produced, whether cut diamonds or palm leaf fans, yin yang bottle gourds, or clean jade bottles, they were all top grade immortal goods. As for refining pills, there was even less need to mention that, a number of extremely unique medicines that made people drool, all came from the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s hands. Since Yang Chen could choose, he’d naturally choose the best. However, it seemed as if there was still a cheap trick involved in his choice. The Elderly Lord had let him pick two, but Yang Chen’s choice included three.

“One Chi Becomes Three Purities, haha, just a divinity separating secret art, it’s called «Three Purities Secrets», remember it well. Your killing intent overflows, the Three Purities Secrets can refine killing intent into divine consciousness, you might be able to use it very soon.”

“There’s nothing special about an old man’s tool refining, just the Universe Eight Trigrams Stove and some tricks. However, if you wish, great yin yang five phases double cultivation without an eight trigrams stove can be even more tremendous than my old man. Fine, «Universe Treasure Raising Secrets», use these secrets once after each time you’ve finished refining, ordinarily use this for conservation and the effect will be even better, remember it for now!”

“Coming noisily and leaving noisily, in the end it’s still a matter of my Dao. Fine, consider the pill refining techniques a parting gift, and use a bit sharper skill when seeing me on my way. There’s no name, you name it, this is just a technique, and no secret prescription, gather those on your own!”

Personally seeing the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord on his way, couldn’t describe the feeling in his heart. The «Three Purities Secret», «Universe Raising Treasure Secret», and what Yang Chen named «Elderly Gentleman Pill Arts» that the Elderly Gentleman gave him were recorded in his heart. Yang Chen just wanted to rest a bit, but it didn’t seem the new Heavenly Court would give him the time. In the originally completely empty Immortal Executioner Stage, appeared another two convicted prisoners.

This time there were only two, but they were the most venerable two. When Yang Chen looked at them, the married couple had no restraints and just stood there with straight backs, looking at Yang Chen with dignity.

Immortal Executioner – 006 – Beheading All The Small Change And Meeting Monsters

Not just the scholar on the stage, even the other convicted prisoners below it shivered when they heard Yang Chen. Destroying Immortal Absolute Devil Hand could even be called the most malicious punishment in the immortal world, even great primary golden immortals would itch all over, experiencing unendurable suffering. When the itch was at its peak, it could make people scratch their whole bodies and faces until they were drenched with blood.

Especially the viciousness. This Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand, not only could the user control it freely, but also had the extremely important effect of being able to block the cultivation of the person who was trapped in it. Once hit by it, it required a cultivation far higher than the implementer in order to find a way to remove the target’s pain, or it would follow him through his life like bone maggots.

When Yang Chen had offended the Greatest Heaven Sect’s people in the mundane world through Yang Xi’s false accusations, he hadn’t expected that the Greatest Heaven Sect was only a branch of the Profound Heaven Sect in the immortal world, and the Profound Heaven Sect was a part of the main force in this rebellion against the heavenly court. After ascending, Yang Chen had been carefully watched, and the Profound Heaven Sect master had used this Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand on Yang Chen to make an example.

Intending to make Yang Chen the model of disobedience, each month the restriction on Yang Chen would flare up, and each time Yang Chen would be in unbearable pain, losing all prestige in the immortal world. In order to make his impression on people even more profound, Yang Chen hadn’t even had his cultivation blocked, to the extent that he eventually cultivated to the level of great primary golden immortal.

The Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand belonged to a plundered series of devil arts, and was vicious to the extent that only the masters of a few great sects were qualified to cultivate it, passed down orally so that no others could learn it. It was just that this technique was used to much that Yang Chen had still caught parts of it.

“Who are you? How can you know the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand?” The scholar was alarmed, practically in despair. Yang Chen clearly didn’t have any need to intimidate someone on death’s door like him.

“Myself said, an ordinary mortal, just happen to control the Immortal Executioner Stage.” As he spoke, the vicious blade in his hand turned into a slender needle.

“Senior, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, but senior was first to hold malicious intent, and myself taking revenge with the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand is karma, which myself will continue!” Since he didn’t kill him, Yang Chen didn’t say his customary phrase. When he finished, Yang Chen was already moving. The slender needle repeatedly flickered across the scholar’s body, and the middle aged scholar couldn’t help starting to groan.

The itch was difficult to settle. If it was normally, perhaps the scholar could have used his hands to scratch, but right now he was in the Immortal Executioner Stage, his cultivation was crippled, his body bound, with no chance to scratch. The pitiful scholar could only constantly squirm, with no way to halt the pain. At this moment, even if he lost all his face, he still wished someone would help him scratch. But unfortunately, Yang Chen wasn’t that kind.

The Immortal Executioner Stage flashed with golden light, and the middle aged man was transported outside the platform. Yang Chen’s voice spread from the stage: “Senior will be left for last, as for the time it takes to behead these thousands of people, senior can only endure.”

The immortals entering the Immortal Executioner Stage hadn’t foreseen that Yang Chen would have a move like that. They all also knew the danger danger in the scholar’s words, and had just wanted to see Yang Chen suffer a prank, but they hadn’t expected him to immediately see through it. Associating it with what Yang Chen previously also knew about the medicine garden, these immortals discovered that it might be rather difficult to conceal things from the executioner on the Immortal Executioner Stage.

Even immortals didn’t want to have to suffer disgrace just before their death, but Yang Chen’s way of doing things made them take up an attitude without hatred. Yang Chen was just a mortal, it was impossible for him to change the heavenly court. Their tragedy, just as Yang Chen said, every debt has a debtor, but that wasn’t Yang Chen.

As for that middle aged scholar, Yang Chen said it clearly, he was first to plot to kill Yang Chen, and Yang Chen also didn’t mind continuing this piece of karma. Everyone didn’t know how many people they had killed on the road of cultivation, and nobody felt anything improper about this way of handling things, perhaps with the exception of that scholar.

Let alone when Yang Chen didn’t force them. If they wanted they could leave behind their aspirations, if they didn’t then Yang Chen would happily send them on their way, not making things difficult for anyone, leaving nobody with more to say about that.

People who wanted to die, let alone when they had lived longer than they could remember, immortals who had experienced life and death, saw everything clearly. If they wanted to live, then they could have bowed their heads and surrendered before entering the Immortal Executioner Stage. Since they had already entered, then they had already made their choice, long ago rejected life and death. Who would still put Yang Chen’s little tricks in their eyes?

Yang Chen had also guessed this bit correctly, and that’s why he would be so unrestrained. No matter how open-minded about life and death, in the end there would still be some tiny regrets, and this was the power of Yang Chen’s words —— “If there are still some unfinished desires, perhaps myself can help complete them.”

The direct result of these words was that at least half the convicted prisoners pronounced their desires to Yang Chen, and also mentioned the rewards.

“My sect has declined, if there’s the chance, look after them! Here I have a lost «J Water Secret», it suits J water innate qi, very powerful, help me pass it on!”


“I know of a spiritual rock vein in a deserted valley, men’s footprints are rare, monsters are numerous, I expect it still hasn’t been found, I’ll give it to you!”


“Before ascending, I forged several dozen flying swords for my juniors, but after I ascended they never discovered them, you take them! Those flying swords are the results of all my efforts before ascending, don’t let them gather dust.”


Yang Chen’s mind churned like boiling water, constantly engraving the final wishes and rewards of those immortals. Some matters, like agreeing to look after descendants, Yang Chen agreed to directly. Those who wanted Yang Chen to kill people, he would first consider, and if they intersected with his enemies, Yang Chen would agree, and if they didn’t, he wouldn’t easily nod.

The more it was like this, the more it seemed like yang Chen would agree to do, those who originally wanted people killed saw him shake his head in refusal, and they were about to die, those things they left behind would also be wasted, so they might as well clear their hearts and directly hand over those things that were supposed to be rewards, without any conditions, sighing meeting death.

Before each time he killed, Yang Chen would always read out his “every debt has a debtor” phrase, and after beheading them, silently use the devil method to inhale the final gift those immortals unknowingly left behind into his body.

This went on at a very high speed, and Yang Chen didn’t have time to think about it, continuing without a rest until he had killed all of them, including the scholar he had used the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand on, and half the Immortal Executioner Stage had turned a bright scarlet red.

Even though his body still didn’t have a trace of magic power, Yang Chen still felt a revolutionary change taking place within his body. As if something was germinating within him, sprouting to grow strong and healthy.

Glancing at his achievement score, Yang Chen discovered that he had already passed one billion. To Yang Chen, this was an extra benefit. Even though these achievement points were useless in the mundane world, once he ascended to the spiritual world, they could be used for a lot of good things.

“Yi?” Somewhere in the immortal world, the official who had brought Yang Chen into the Immortal Executioner Stage seemed to sense something, giving a surprised expression. “So soon?” After speaking he seemed to recall his manners, and waved his hand behind him: “Send another batch inside!”

Yang Chen was just drinking water and resting when he suddenly discovered that the just emptied Immortal Executioner Stage had again become packed to the brim, with even more immortals being delivered inside.

Having already absorbed the best features of the vitality of the immortals from before, Yang Cheng basically didn’t feel tired. Only, he still slowly followed his own rhythm, slowly draining the cup of water in his hand, then again climbing onto the Immortal Executioner Stage with a steady pace.

Land gods, chop!

Mountain gods, chop!

Celestial soldiers, chop!

Strong men, chop!

Palace beauties, chop!

Children, chop!


“Before dying, does senior have any unfulfilled aspirations, perhaps myself can help you complete one or two.” Yang Chen spoke the same words, but with a flavor of death.

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” Yang Chen didn’t know how many time he had spoken his executioner’s work phrase, neatly killing all the convicted prisoners in one go.

“Hiss”, outside the Immortal Executioner Stage, after the supervising official had discovered that the Immortal Executioner Stage had been cleared once again, almost drew in a cold breath. More than two thousand immortals had all been killed by Yang Chen in such a short time. Even he himself, if faced with so many immortals, might not be able to continue so fiercely.

In fact, one immortal facing so many immortals, even if mountain gods, land gods, and celestial soldiers were all small change, they were still immortals, even more venerable than emperors. Being able to actually kill them without the slightest hesitation, this person was simply naturally predisposed to being an executioner.

Another batch was sent inside, and Yang Chen also knew the pattern. Each time one thousand two hundred would be sent in, when they were done another batch would follow. They were just the lowest level small change, but Yang Chen had killed more than ten batches, close to twenty thousand of them.

The rebellion against the heavenly court was no small matter, even though those rebels had grudges, they still didn’t dare massacre indiscriminately in the rebellion, in order to avoid being unable to regret it. A lot of people treated these people of the old heavenly court carefully, arresting those that could be arrested, thereby leaving an especially large amount for Yang Chen to execute.

There was already a faint red color around Yang Chen, that was the display of dense blood qi after killing too many people. Even though Yang Chen had already absorbed their life essence, he still had no way to quickly dissolve the hurricane of killing intent brought about by killing so many immortals.

When killing afterwards, having already lost all their magical power, even those immortals couldn’t help trembling before him. Basically nobody dared look Yang Chen in the eyes, as if they had a feeling of heartfelt fear towards him.

After killing this batch and resting a while, Yang Chen finally saw a different kind of prisoners. From how they were treated, he could see that the grade of these immortals had risen substantially.

“The Thirty Six Heavenly Spirits, Seventy Two Earthly Fiends, Twenty Eight Mansions, Twelve Earthly Branches!” Yang Chen could only sigh, these originally remote divinities had now become convicted prisoners under his feet.

“Before dying, does senior have any unfulfilled aspirations, perhaps myself can help you complete one or two.” Red light lingering around him, Yang Chen speaking these words indeed alarmed these immortals. How many immortals did he have to kill to create a killing intent that even immortals of this level would fear?

Surprisingly, the higher the level of the immortal, the more they seemed to care about their path. Yang Chen’s words seemed like a last chance for them.

“I have a trump card «Great Sun True Understanding», help me find a suitable successor to pass it on!”

“I have a secret abode in the mortal world, at Blue Vault Mountain, the controlling method is like this……”

“Before ascending, I had a vein of B Wood True Essence in my abode, go get it if you have time, together «B Wood True Secret» it will have unimaginable effect. Only, you have to help me find my disciple from back then in the spiritual world, and pass on this Universe Unbounded Sword Art. If you can’t find him, it goes to you! Ai!”

“Here I have a «Pill Accumulating Scripture», you find a fated person to pass it on to!”

“We have a «Twelve Zodiac Crowd Guarding Great Formation» for twelve people to use together, we’ll leave it for you, to guard your abode!”

“«Heavenly Cycle Constellation Great Formation» diagram, no need to ask how powerful, it’s considerable. For you!”

“«Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret», it can freely refine your treasures, for you, it’s fine if you don’t pass it on.”

“«Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret», if your luck is good, it can refine your magic tools with seventy two layers of formations, pass it on!”


In succession, practically all were secret methods, formation methods, pill arts, tool refining techniques, and even lost abodes, so much that Yang Chen didn’t even dare believe that these people actually had so many good things. He could also find some proof in his memories that these things were actually all real. Especially the Twelve Zodiacs’ Crowd Guarding Great Formation, it was simply a revolutionary formation that could promote even paradise by a level.

Again successively beheading several dozen immortals, executing heavenly generals was nothing, when executing the twelve zodiacs, Yang Chen randomly discovered that his achievement score had begun to climb by units of a hundred million. Once he was done with the twenty eight constellations, he had already surpassed one trillion.

Shocking Yang Chen even more was the life essence of the twenty eight constellations, they seemed to each have different five phases and yin yang properties, when inhaling them he seemed to be able to feel something sprouting and growing into a great tree within him, exceptionally wonderful.

“Phew”, after a long time, Yang Chen finished absorbing and opened his eyes. Entering his field of view were a variety of monsters, spanning practically every kind of category.

Erlang Shen’s Howling Celestial Dog, Old Man of the South Pole’s White Spirit Deer, the Immortal Crane, Chang’e’s Jade Rabbit, elk, flying tigers, tortoise serpents, even a few flood dragons, practically everything Yang Chen could remember was here. These were the pets and mounts of those immortals.

“My master has peaches of immortality, and I have one too!” The Old Man of the South Pole’s White Spirit Deer suddenly spoke up, startling Yang Chen to jump: “Very long ago I raised that peach in an abode in the spiritual world, go taste it if you have time, it’s tasty.”

Immortal Executioner – 005 – What Do I Gain From Beheading You?

“So it’s you?” A voice came from among the crowd of prisoners, astonishing even Yang Chen. Could someone in the immortal world still recognize him?

“Who?” Yang Chen pointed in the direction of the voice, and while he spoke, a tightly bound grey clothed old man suddenly appeared on the Immortal Executioner Stage. On reaching the stage, his body was already crouched, waiting for Yang Chen’s blade to fall. Immortals entering the Immortal Executioner Stage had long since had their cultivation crippled, and even a mortal like Yang Chen could do whatever he wished to them by relying on the Immortal Executioner Stage.

“Several months ago, you dug up a metal chest in my temple, and also paid your respects to me, remember?” The old man’s clothes were worn and torn, a bit discrepant with his status as immortal: “It’s rare that someone would go there, and even more rare to bow, that’s why I remember you clearly.”

On hearing the old man’s words, Yang Chen also understood. This old man was clearly a land god. Land gods couldn’t be called great or minor, barely passing as immortals.

“So it’s you!” Yang Chen smiled, but didn’t hurry to swing the blade. Anyway, he was the only executioner here, and the heavenly court’s Immortal Executioner Stage didn’t need to worry about time. When he cut, was entirely up to Yang Chen.

“You’re a mortal, how can you do something so disgraceful?” The old land god suddenly grew resentful, loudly censuring Yang Chen.

“You also know that I’m a mortal, how could myself have any leeway to decide things like these?” Yang Chen gently caressed the vicious blade in his hand, giving a casual answer. Able to ask such questions, he didn’t have a brain, it was no wonder he was just a land god when he was so pedantic, and still such a poor land god.

“Rebelling against the heavenly court, disgraceful!” The old land god was still talking by himself, but he kept repeating himself, and especially kept mentioning the word “disgraceful”, constantly saying it.

“The motions of heaven are always the same, the laws of heaven are never the same.” Yang Chen saw no point in arguing with the old land god, and only gave his own reasoning: “For so many years, the key positions of the heavenly court have always been held by the same people, since heavenly law is never the same, then why should the Jade Emperor always be him alone? The Queen Mother of the West is also always her alone. So many experts have ascended, but no matter the height of their cultivation, they can still only be the most menial celestial soldiers or palace maids, if it was myself, myself would still rebel even if told myself couldn’t!”

This was the justification of those people rebelling against the heavenly court, and Yang Chen naturally knew about it. Only, even as he spoke, he knew he was playing the lute for cows.

“Disgraceful! Disgraceful!” Besides this line, the old land god was no longer able to say anything else through his anger.

“Great rebellion or minor rebellion, it’s still unrelated to me, I’m just a tiny mortal, myself can’t care about so many matters.” Yang chen smiled calmly, telling the livid old land god: “Before your body ends, perhaps senior still has some unfulfilled aspirations, perhaps myself can help you accomplish one or two.”

“Aspirations?” The old land god looked distracted, then immediately cursed in agitation: “My aspiration, is to cut those rebel thieves into ten thousand pieces!”

“If those rebel thieves don’t include me, perhaps myself can help you accomplish some of it.” Yang Chen smiled calmly, not minding the old land god’s agitated display: “Of course, you also know that killing endlessly is something myself can help you with. Only, killing this or that is done on your behalf, so what do myself gain from it?”

“En?” The old land god clearly hadn’t though Yang Chen would react like that, and he struggled to turn his head from the stage to look at Yang Chen, no quite daring to believe it asking: “You, are you telling the truth?”

“With the current cultivation sects, there will inevitably be an indelible relationship between the immortal world and the mortal world, myself have a permanent grievance with the Profound Heaven Sect, killing some of their people is something myself have to do.” Yang Chen was also very earnest: “Myself swear on my heart, myself will definitely kill the people of the Profound Heaven Sect. If you have no other final wishes, please be on your way at ease!”

“Since you dare swear by your heart, I’ll believe you this once!” The old land god hadn’t thought a mortal like Yang Chen would know so much about the affairs of the heavenly court, and believed him once he heard Yang Chen’s vow: “If you ever have the chance to leave the Immortal Executioner Stage, then go to my ruined temple. Under the ground in front of the altar are a few catties of spiritual stones I hid back in the day. I’ve been destitute for half my life, and those things I left behind before ascending, I’ll give to you! Do it!”

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” Yang Chen stood up and rattled of these words to the old land god. Immediately afterward, without any sloppiness, his hand rose and the blade fell, the old land god’s head fell to the ground in an instant. Blood spurted out, but none of it touched Yang Chen’s body.

Hiss, drawing a long breath, old devil Yi’s method circulated once again, swiftly absorbing and dissolving the old land god’s life essence. The warm flow within his body immediately surged to the top of his head, afterwards swiftly circulating several turns along the conception and governing vessel meridians, then disappeared without a trace. This alone was something Yang Chen couldn’t have accomplished even by killing hundreds of mortals.

Yang Chen closed his eyes until the heat had disappeared, then opened them again. He immediately sensed that something had changed with the ring on his hand, with a thought, he discovered that the achievement value on the ring had changed, already turning from zero to several hundred thousands.

Yang Chen’s heart twitched. This ring was the token of a heavenly court position, but at the same time it also recorded achievement value. That beheading the land god raised the value showed that those rebels already had a firm grasp on the heavenly court, and had altered the rules for achievements. Killing justly would naturally raise achievements. The achievement this immortal once had in the heavenly court now raised Yang Chen’s.

Only, a few hundred thousand couldn’t be called much, or little, it didn’t enter Yang Chen’s sight. This Immortal Executioner Stage was densely packed with convicted prisoners, wouldn’t that be an achievement?

The second prisoner to be transported up was a minor celestial soldier. Yang Chen didn’t pay any attention to his history, only asking him just like he did the old land god before: “Before your body ends, if senior has any unfinished aspirations, perhaps myself can help you accomplish one or two. Of course, the rules are as ever, what do myself gain from helping you?”

“What do you want?” While he was just a minor soldier in the heavenly court, he was probably a famous character in the mortal world, and had the bearing to match. He was exceptionally calm before his death.

“Whatever you wish, cultivation arts, or perhaps some treasures you left behind in the mundane world, spiritual world, or immortal world, it’s all fine.” Yang Chen smiled faintly: “To your benefit, I might complete a cherished desire on your behalf, exceptionally fair, cheating neither young nor old.”

“And if you take the payment but can’t complete my desire?” The soldier snorted coldly, questioning Yang Chen.

“Everyone are great lords, myself am a tiny mortal, myself don’t dare boast of the sea.” Yang Chen still spoke indifferently: “What myself can do, myself will try to do. For what myself can’t do, my capability is limited, and myself don’t dare make guarantees. Only, everyone have entered the roll of immortals, all problems are solved after death, there is no need to hope for re-entering reincarnation. There is no need for the things you leave behind. If they are set aside for the younger generation, myself won’t insist either, it’s all up to you!”

His voice wasn’t loud, but within the Immortal Executioner Stage he was audible to everyone, and he was also extremely relaxed. What he said here was naturally heard by everyone.

“Since it’s like that, I don’t have any aspirations, do it!” The heavenly court soldier didn’t have any lingering desires. Closing his eyes, he waited for Yang Chen to move.

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” Yang chen didn’t insist either, he had already said that he might not be able to succeed, and didn’t force anyone to accept it. If they didn’t want to, Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t be angry, anyway, after they died, their life essence would nourish him.

Snap, the vicious blade flashed, and the heavenly court soldier fell to the stage. The achievement points in the ring was only a few tens of thousands, it seemed this soldier really was at the bottom.

But the soldier’s life essence was several times more robust than the land god’s, and breathing in, circulating, and absorbing, took several times longer. With just two people, Yang Chen sensed enormous changes within his body. It really was like he expected, beheading immortals was several tens of thousand times more effective than beheading mortals.

“I’ve moved unhindered for a lifetime, without cares or concerns, I have no desires I need a mortal like you to settle. Saying more is useless, do it!” The third was extremely straightforward, and took the initiative to speak up before Yang Chen could ask.

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” The counterpart was straightforward, so Yang Chen would be even more straightforward, speaking his phrase, hand rising and blade falling, neatly ending it. Besides giving Yang Chen a few dozen achievement points, as well as altering Yang Chen’s spiritual roots and energy channels, he left nothing else behind.

“I have nothing to say either, as long as you have the chance to kill a few rebels in the future.” The next immortal was also unreconciled, and after speaking, he didn’t wait for Yang Cheng to urge him, saying by himself: “Before I ascended, I once left behind a medicine garden for my descendants. Unfortunately, I left in a hurry and didn’t have time to notify them. I’ll give it to you, it’s at the Sun Painting Mountain, I once arranged a prohibition, if you want to enter, you can’t avoid a bit of trouble.”

“The Sun Painting Mountain medicine garden?” Yang Chen’s mind turned, blurting out: “Seven Steps Certain Death Formation, three steps forward, two back, one left, one up, make seven half turns, repeat seven times, requires water type spiritual force to enter, seven by seven, forty nine steps, one mistake means certain death, senior has left behind a lot of good things. Many thanks!”

“How did you know?” Hearing Yang Chen speak it without a word out of place, the mountain god simply didn’t dare believe his ears. Things he originally thought only he knew seemed to be defenseless in front of Yang Chen, how couldn’t he be shocked?

“Myself just know!” Yang Chen knew it because this medicine garden would be discovered two thousand years later, when some medium sized sect sacrificed the lives of several dozen yuanying experts to brute force their way inside. Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t explain himself to the mountain god, only adding: “After ascending, unless one agrees to cripple one’s cultivation and lower ones realm, there is no way to transmit such information to the lower worlds. Senior, myself guarantees that this medicine garden won’t gather dust again, senior depart at ease!”

“The art to control it is……” The stunned mountain god looked at Yang Chen, the explained the method to control it.

“Many thanks, senior!” Yang Chen saluted him once again.

“Can’t be seen through!” The mountain god only said this. At this juncture, nobody thought there was any way to survive, anyone could see it clearly, but they still had the qualities of immortals, each and everyone’s display drawing Yang Chen’s admiration.

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” With each immortal Yang Chen executed, he would patiently speak these words. After speaking, Yang Chen would cut.

“Why do you say that before each time you chop? The fifth seemed like a scholar, with no way to tell his position. When he came up he asked Yang Chen this, and even mocked: “Could you be afraid that you’ll come to a bad end after beheading immortals, and have a guilty conscience?”

“Myself just don’t want to affect karma!” Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to the mocking tone, giving him a calm reply: “Even though everyone dies at my hand, myself am not the origin of your death. If you want to settle karma, place it on the people who gave the sentence, if senior still has any lust for revenge, put it directly where it belongs! I’m just an executioner, not subject to karma!”

“You’re not affected because you say you’re not?” Even though the scholar was tied up, his eyes rolled quickly: “Perhaps it’s beyond your control?”

“Affected or not, it all depends on my heart.” Yang Chen didn’t get angry, only replying with his opinion: “Executing everyone is my duty, myself find no shame in my heart. If myself say myself is not affected, myself is not affected.” The scholar couldn’t help be discouraged by the strong confidence in his words.

Since entering the Immortal Executioner Stage, Yang Chan had practically always referred to himself as “myself”. Any one of these immortals he executed could be senior to him, and therefore Yang Chen only addressed them as senior, and himself as myself, with no other appellations.

“Fine, I too have unfinished desires, you kill a few people, and I’ll set aside some things for you.” The scholar chuckled gently, then told Yang Chen: “In Luqing Mountain’s Elm Pill Valley, I left behind some magic treasures and pills. After you leave, you can go there to look for them. Whether you can find them is up to your luck!”

“What do I need to watch out for when entering Elm Pill Valley?” Yang Chen asked, his voice as ever.

“Entering is simple, just go inside, leaving requires using the Eight Treasures Wind Copper Mirror to subdue the eye of the formation and leave the valley.” The scholar’s reply was also extremely fast, without the slightest hesitation.

“Good plot!” Yang Chen suddenly sneered: “Elm Pill Vanishing Valley can be entered but not left. The Eight Treasure Wind Copper Mirror, can leave but not enter! Myself am not in the mood to fool senior, so senior intending to harm my life cannot be allowed, myself am offended!”

“Hahahaha! You’re actually a clever junior, you know there’s a trick.” The scholar laughed out loud: “By chance you know about Elm Pill Vanishing Valley, it seems your life shouldn’t end. However, I’m already like this, my death is near at hand, I wonder what you can do apart from killing me when you say you’re offended?”

“Myself am untalented, but as it turns out myself knows a type of Destroying Immortal Absolute Devil Hand.” A cold smile floated onto Yang Chen’s face, speaking with a flat voice: “Even though myself am a mortal, lacking magical power, with the Immortal Executioner Stage myself can still use one or two. Senior, before your end, you will properly endure life!”

When Yang Chen’s words fell, the scholar’s face had already changed completely. Not just him, the entire crowed below the stage also had different expressions.