Douluo Dalu – 181 – Five Year Gap, One To Three

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91 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 181 – Five Year Gap, One To Three

  1. thank you very much!
    yay to two chapters!

    [Xiao Wu looked at Tang San, not daring to believe her eyes. ]
    xiao wu->huo wu

    well now, three on one?! haha, you’ll get wiped! anywaym when tang san revealed his rings, i was going ‘red, red, re—-d!’ ahahaha! lol, did that guy just fly? well, tang san can fly too, ok! i’m looking forward to tang san thoroughly defeating them!

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    • Translator is doing this just for hobby but I still hope your offer wont be ignored. We, readers, are all eagerly waiting for new chapters and are willing to help with donations just to speed up releases 🙂


  2. Awww. Feng Xiaotian grew up and actually managed to get Huo Wu to return his affections. He was so lovesick before. Now he’s cultivated to his fullest potential, the vice dean of the Four Elemental sects, and is all but promised to marry the woman he loves. I’m actually happy for the guy.

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      • I think I would call it more being set free. He always hid before so a strong Spirit Master didn’t kill him. Now he feels more secure and has decided to step up in the world. Now I think he’s showing off and pushing himself in ways he always wanted to before now that he thinks he has the power and support to do it. Maybe a little bit of a change if you decide he’s also doing it to flaunt his string for Spirit Hall to see too…

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  3. Thank you Bagelson-san!

    Man I really dont like Huo Wu probably becasue wheneve they show her she acts full of herself and gets shot down harshly, Also congrats Feng Xiaotian for taming that wild horse (…and my regards to him)


  4. ty for th chapters
    hope theyr ready for some good spanking causer theyre gonna get some real soon n i hope for theyr sake they dun hurt him or xiao wus soul might come out n give em a taste of her 8 drops of hell 🙂


  5. In shock, Feng Xiaotian couldn’t mind his spirit power, his whole body once again exploding with cyan light, hurriedly blocking for all his life.
    ‘All his life’? I am not sure if ‘all his life’ is correct or not.



    ok, now that i’ve got your attention i need to state something very important. We all know that Bagelson is a god who ascended to godhood without receiving the powers of a previous god, but even so he is still on equal grounds with the 5 supreme gods. But what should we do about Owl, currently Owl’s abilities though not at god level or Title Douluo level are still very good so i am asking for everyones suggestion on what rank Owl will be.


  7. So that girls taste will downgrade from Tang San to Fatty?

    And Huo Wu… she’s she’s… 😥

    Why is it that Zhou Little Fatty is getting permission for a harem when I don’t like it, but Tang San doesn’t get it…..

    He’s a bad ass that needs a harem to balance it out 😛

    Thanks for the chapters XD


  8. Thanks for the chapter owl and bagelson. listening to bon jovi’s its my life when reading the battle really heightened my imagination. Tang San could just have used his CS hammer + teleportation to bombard them and add + flight against bro feng. As in, an easy win with no spirit ring could show them the heaven to earth distance between them. And I’m really happy for bro Feng, getting the girl of his dreams


  9. I don’t like it. Why didn’t Tang San let Fatty, Oscar and Rongrong deal with them? They would beat ’em up just fine and he wouldn’t reveal his identity and power. It wasn’t a desperate situation. Does he not believe in his friends?


    • Oscar and Rongrong are both support type masters. So Fatty would have to fight one to three and he doesn’t have enough abilities. Oscar’s sixth ring is incredible but it should only be used to protect himself and Rongrong.

      And the better way to close the four academies’ mouth is to fight alone.
      But I think Tang San wants to test his own abilities in such a situation.

      Thanks for the two chapters.


  10. Thank you. I usually don’t leave comments but 2 chapters was a shock and joy… Though I kinda wish they don’t end in cliffhangers…though I doubt that’s very possible… I just want to keep reading!


  11. Tnx for the chapter Mr. Bagel! Are you going to be translate immortal executioner from time to time? It was a pretty fascinationg story but i couldnt find chapter 13 and so on


  12. You know, since Feng Xiaotian was over 10 years older than him and yet they were about equal…. why would she expect him to have caught up to Tang San?

    Tang San is still in his period of best growth after all…

    The gap between them growing wider could be considered normal since he was already growing at a faster pace.

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    • Well they dont know that there is such an age gap. They know about Zhu Zhuqing age because her sister yelled it out but they never really got any info about the rest after.


    • Keep in mind that even for the Shrek devils, going from 40-ish to 60-ish in 5 years was only possible thanks to the herbs. Even the gold generation only leveled up less than 10 times. So his case is really abnormal and probably was assisted by a method like that, and its no easy matter find something like that.


      • I know that is true… but because of those herbs, the Devils were able to reach a high level at a very young age and are still in the age of their highest growth.

        So not only were their growth speeds higher, but they were in the best growth period (and still are). So being surpassed shouldn’t have been a surprise.

        The Devils reached the same point as wind-fire side at an age 10 years younger…. their speed was almost double the other side.

        So the devils being ahead shouldn’t have been much of a shock…


        • The thing is, the effects of the herbs on Seven Devils barely started at the tournament, so the cultivation speed they showed up to there was far below what XiaoTian achieved recently.

          As outstanding as it would still be, 7 Devils should be low 50, mid at best, based on their average speed at the time. XiaoTian achieved basically twice that (considering that higher levels are harder). He even caught up with Golden Generation and likely will surparss Yan/Xie in the future.

          Of course, their error was to assume that the 7 devils wouldn’t get a speed boost like whatever XiaoTian had. But, at least I, can’t blame them as I was similarly shocked for them to even be above 50, let alone one 60…


          • Even then, based on their age, then reaching heights past their 50s isn’t unusual since almost everyone in the tournament reached those heights in 5 years…..


  13. Thanks for the chapter!

    Again with cliffhanger during combat… I want the rest of this… (Well, I did read google translated chapter but it’s just not the same)


  14. First of all, thanks a lot to the guy (or guyz, i dint know yet) who are giving precius time of their life and skills into traslating this novel, BIG THANKS!

    Just finished reading ( if i can tell gessing was reading) the chainise light novel using google page traslator, hard to compreheh cuz everyone know how bad google traslate works but, could comprehen most of the history. Got so facinated with this novel that i could not hold my self, please, dont blame me… lol.

    Tho’ i know almost all the history i wont spoil here cuz i dont know how well (or bad) other peeps deal with spoiler, i’ll keep reading and anciusly waiting for the traslates here cuz as i said, google traslate doesnt work well and missed a lot of good fight devolpment and arguments… this is a novel that worth giving a 3 or 4 times reading… what for me saying is a lot.


  15. Lil late here but thanks for the chapters, we all appreciate the effort you guys put into making these for us moochers 😛 Question for ya then: Will you always release on Sunday regardless of how many were translated? Like will we see weekly releases of differing quanity, or as we’ve had up till now?


  16. wow the whole four academy thing felt stupid af I mean what the hell they got their a$$ kicked so hard five years ago by Shrek monster (especially by tang san ) when they still level 40 and they weren’t even 20 years old (remember the fastest growth period of cultivator last until they reach age 20 and will determine their future aspects) for me the whole situation is so stupid


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