Douluo Dalu – 182 – Four Elements Academies’ Intention

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47 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 182 – Four Elements Academies’ Intention

    • Also:

      “chops were was still quite strong” – no was XD

      “Tang San, dealing with you is really a painful” – is really a pain

      “had nothing to hide for his friends” – from


  1. Thanks a lot!
    Great job, tang san, you defeated them! Lol,of course they meant to bully! Flenders is the one who is good at getting all the advantages! Well now,discussions on tang sect!


  2. damn triple releases!!!!!!, thanks bagelson and owl404, you guys bring the ‘happy’ in the new year. damn Oscar is quite intelligent. like bro Feng said tang San’s genius really outshines the quality of the remaining team


  3. BTW I was amongst the people who supported owl404 after his/her(?) first time translating Dd. though there are still some typos here and there, I don’t see anyone complaining about the comprehensiveness of the Tl. keeping in mind that the quality of the Tl will only improve just as bagelson did. Please always support your translators (even if your paying), and help them by offering ‘constructive’ criticisms. The dark side might argue that their spiteful criticism helped Owl improve, but there are better ways of showing gratitude for a free ‘gift’

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  4. How is this “better” translation LOL , there are a lot of parts that are missing whole letters and you don’t even understand full sentences , you at least need an editor or read once or twice what you translate and corect what is wrong/missing. I’d rather wait for bagelson 1 week to get a chapter than 3 with this kind of quality , no offense , highly need of a proofreader/editor this is a mess

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  5. I am a supporter of owl404 and I offer my help as a proof reader. I already did this for Zhan Long but I gave up on that story. I don’t see myself leaving DD. Just let me know if you are interested.

    PS: Maybe this was already edited but the accepted suggestions were the cause of missing letters/spaces.


    • Owl should work with an editor/ a group of proof readers in order to improve. Hopefully you will be taken up on your offer.


  6. Grats on the 2nd release Owl! A huge improvement IMO over your first one. Of the triple release, I felt like yours was a little more technical too due to all the fighting. Keep up the good work


  7. Your translation this week had the least amount of spelling errors and grammatical errors out of the three provided chapters. Keep it up owl


  8. Am I the only one who noticed that chapter 182 is under Volume 27 if you click the link to read entire volumes on one page in the Chapter List but before you click any link it says that it’s under Volume 26? But beyond that minor issue I very much appreciate the work done by you translators. This is for sure one of my top 3 stories I love to read & even though the Manga version changed/skipped quite a bit, it’s what got me interested in this to begin with.


  9. The fifth Spirit Ring on his body exploding abruptly, a layer of strong cyan light sprang out from his body, transforming into countless extremely sharp wind blades, which were nearly substantial, and then transformed in to a dazzling tornado, crushing the Spiderweb Restraint surrounding him.
    crushing –> cutting


  10. How is ning ronrong a part of tang sect, when she has her fathers sect and is there future sect master of it. It makes bo sense, and its gonna make their sects relationship weird


    • The same way Tang San is part of Clear Sky Clan yet is the sect master for Tang Sect.
      Clear Sky and Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda sects are martial arts schools focusing on a specific spirit, ones that only come from directly related bloodlines.
      Tang Sect is a business focusing on the making and selling of hidden weapons (and the destruction of Spirit Hall). It’s main focus isn’t to teach anyone how to use a specific spirit.
      Even if, in the future, it changes to teach all the skills Tang San knows, that would still be methods of attack that anyone could learn versus how to use a specific spirit; just a more specialized version of Shrek Academy, teaching spirit masters to be better.


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