Douluo Dalu – 184 – Divine Craftsman Lou Gao

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116 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 184 – Divine Craftsman Lou Gao

  1. anyone else gets the feeling that the chapter feel shorter than they actually are? maybe it’s cause i love this novel, but I swear sometimes the chapters do feel like i read them too fast, even if I didn’t do that =)

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  2. Once again, thanks for the chapters. XD


    “what being you here today?” – brings

    “Tan San” – Tang

    “The genius make you spoke about, I am afraid that that would be me” – the genius you just spoke about

    “related to the attack on Spirit hall” – by Spirit Hall

    “by our Tang clansman” – clansmen

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  3. Thank you very much!
    I laughed so much this chapter! Lou gao is so awesome, he is taking everyone off-guard, ahaha! Officially new favourite character! He is really crazy about smithing, hahaha! Great chapter, really, lou gao as most valuable player of the chapter!


  4. Woo! It’s like Christmas all over again! Thanks bagelson!! You’re the best! Nothing like 3 new chapters to help you forget that you’re back at university again


  5. I just have this crazy scientist impression when I read it. Lou gao’s actions are quite spontaneous and impulsive….. definitely love this guy. I can see where this is headed. also I do have qualm with the fact that tang San just seem to be too lucky. hard work plays a part but then….

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        • I think it falls under the whole fated people concept in which some people just seem destined for greatness no matter what. Thus even his badluck becomes good…though there are times where it is because of his abilities that some of them can be turned around: the first man-faced spider at first was an obstacle but he managed to defeat it and get a great spirit bone, when poison daulo captured him he was able to use his knowledge of poison and quick wit turn the situation around to the point where they have an almost familial relationship (this is what allowed him access to the well, his befriending poison daulo with his poison skills and thus is what allows him to find a way to save his mother as well as Xao Wu since he got the herbs from there), gaining access to fire and cold immunity was also thanks to his skills, gaining that other spider (forgot the name but it was a spirit ring of a higher grade than he should have been able to absorb) was thanks to his tenacity and genius to use the well (and the fact he previously gained the fire ice immunity). So yes he is lucky to run across some things, but many of the things required him to be a genius to take advantage of them.

          Probably his greatest luck was who his new parents were and meeting Xao Wu at that first school.


          • … he is a genious, Im not saying otherwise. But even then, his luck is to great. The fact that he have being reborn from a genious and keep his memories is not what that bothered me. No , I believe being born as a Titled Douluo son, having the best teacher in this world (Grandmaster) from the start and a few other things like that could have being replaced by his own research and hard work, instead of putting everything he needed on a plate. How about he made his own spirit research? How about he looked around to find the best teachers about medecine?

            Even if he is a genious, never their was something that wasnt a benefit in the long run happened to him. The few dramas their is is to make him stronger and more OP in the end.


            • But again, he is in a new world. How is he expected to research spirits thoroughly within the optimal (for him) time of approx. 5 yrs? He needed his first spirit ring earlier than possible and it would be unreasonable to expect him to have several bad spirit rings due to experimentation or have ridiculous ones due to lick. Also, with being born from two powerful spirits, how can he be twin spirits? TJSS chose the reasonings he did because it not only allowed him to add more sub plots but also explain many things that have and will occur. While tang San is quite the amalgamation of coincidences and good qualities, all of the other Shrek Devils are also very well endowed whether in mutation (fatty, and his good luck to know tang san and receive the appropriate herb), family (Ning rongrong, again bc she met tang san her family was not destroyed completely), spirit (dai mubais sage tiger thing… I mean really. And he gets to LIVE be of tang san), and augmented talent/spirit (Oscar, I can’t think of anything too outrageous be of tang san’s disposition). Even the teachers and opponents he faced were ‘special’. This is why it is a story. A very interesting story. Also, consider that we have time skips and left out cultivation… Tang San has invested all of his time becoming the best, he has researched and done all of the tedious bits, this is shown when he made the iron balls, but there isn’t space to write every enlightenment, is there?

              As for your final comment, he turns every action against him into something beneficial. To refine the bad into good is his quality. And we do get glimpses of his imperfection. That, is Tang San.


              • One, I also think the story is interesting enough. But for me, I appreciate the Seven Devils together more then Tang San. Tang San is th Legolas from this story too perfect to be likable or true.

                With his adult mind, I believe in 5 years, he could have find out what sprit beast ring to get to get for himself. He IS a genious and Im not doubting his hardwork and dedication. But I would have prefer he proven worthy to be Grandmaster student instead. Or maybe seek him out? I dont know, its just seemed like everything was setted up so early to make him strong every steps of the ways…

                I’ll give you a exemple with a other Chineses Light Novel: Martial God Asura.

                The story start off where he is bullied and such, he c=become more and more ruthless as the story goes and due to his innate sleeping talent and a bit of luck, he became very OP. The hero is less likable then Tang San and the story flow is less good in making us believe in bringing surprises but AT LEAST he had to attract good things to him and fighting his way to the top, instead of always being a genious from the start. And also, if his drama is blessing in disguise, the major thing I like about this light novel is that we don’t know it from the start or cant suspect it. And even then, the main character whole family was killed! If h could go back in time to warm himself or something, he would do it. He gained NOTHING from that event that made him stronger, just more determined to gain revenge.

                Even Sasuke Uchiha, who was a genious, had to prove himself, took risks, made mistakes, things he would have done otherwise if he had being given the chance. Lack of judgement errors.

                This is a part of character growth I would have love to see in Tang San but since he was a adult in a kid’s mind, we couldn’t see it. While he gained knowledge, his maturity and experience was always there.

                His mother gonna get revived, we were given hope for it in almost same chapter, I suspected Xiao Wu would get revived ( who I still dislike but dont find her as annoying as the beginning of the story) and because of his mother sprit Bone, I highly doubt he will lose his arm doing so. Heck, He probably wont have to give his spirit bone back to his mother to revive her too and wont lose a leg doing so. And how a grass type spirit can give the ability to fly is beyond me. It was clearly to help the story, rather then making sense.

                I guess we can agree to disagree though. I just hope you can see it throught my eyes. I understand your points but I still believe it would have being more plausible and better if he had made new discoveries on his own a bit more. Yes, his luck would have being as great doing so BUT I feel like we could have given more merit this way. I dont like how how the rest of the world wait for him depend on him to growth and get better (like you said, the Pangola school not being destroyed is part of Tang San weapons. NOTHING about having more then 2 Titles Douluo or the heroics deeds of the spirit masters there). And I still believe Grandmaster character wasn’t needed, as much as a scholar who student quickly raise above him in term of spirit knowledge and power.


    • Same thoughts. He’s too hot-blooded and only considers blacksmiths’ welfare (even if it means helping the Spirit Hall), which would be in conflict with the Tang Sect since they are battling the Spirit Hall. Tang San needs to hold the reins properly on this one.

      On another note, thank you so much for the chapters~
      Been waiting for this since last year. I really like the way romance is integrated in this novel compared to the other works of the author. I haven’t tried all of his works yet, but I also love HJC. It’s more comical compared to this, while COL is just crap in my opinion. It’s quite interesting how varied the impressions I get from his works.


  6. Lou Gao doesn’t seem trustworthy at all. He promised to join in a second, and then immediately complained about the rules. He seems like he’ll say anything to get what he wants, and won’t stick to his word later. I absolutely wouldn’t share any secrets with him.


    • Agreed. Possibly to be a traitor or Tang San will give him bits and pieces of hidden weapons blueprints to keep him in check. But seeing as he is close to Tai Tan, it may be fine, hopefully.


    • He is a artist. I know its hard to understand but he love his work, its his passion. Nothing made him as passionnate like that since years. I can clearly understand how he is since I know people like that. Are they trustworthy? YES!

      The fact he don’t care about politic but polishing his skill is neat. His concentration of whats going on outside of him strike me as what a lot of artists does. He would keep secrets if it allow him to explore a world he never thought possible. Sure he cant understand the importance of it yet because of his excitement but once his excitement get a few notch down, Tang San will be able to explain to him the secrecy policy again before showing him higher and more complex weapons.

      I really believe he can be trustworthy but we have to take him out of his excitement first. That characetr doesnt realize yet the revolution it will bring to the world, he is too passionnate now and goshing over that new discovery to sit down and think carefully. He just know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to increase his skills and he is willing to go very far to get it.

      Heck, he was getting bored of his job in the first place. And I can understad that. When a job doesnt give as much appeal as when you started I mean.


      • What makes him untrustworthy is his passion. Why? Because his first loyalty will always be his passion and if anyone can offer him ways of furthering it he will sell out anyone else to gain it, as he is doing with the Blacksmith association by leaving them high and dry the way he is. If Spirit hall can give him access to better materials later then they could easily convince him to give up every secret and make weapons for them: Tang San will only have him for as long as he can keep waving new secrets in front of his nose…but if he never delivers them then this guy will likely eventually leave for the promise of someone actually giving him something to work with (hell he would probably deliver Tang San to them if they promised to extract all the secrets from him for him).

        The very fact he knew he was dealing with a stolen weapon, a weapon stolen by Spirit Hall during their slaughter of other factions proves that he his mentality is completely mercenary and self-serving. His only loyalty is to himself and his passion and if I was Tang San I absolutely would refuse to let him join or even give him the tiniest crumb to work with.

        This guy isn’t the sort to join with the plan to betray but he is the sort to be easily tempted to do so, as his leaving of the blacksmith association shows.


        • HAHAHA! In all Douluo Dalu continent history, Tang San is bring ing the new things he could never have seing before. You might be half-right on this but dont forget he is old. By the time he dies, their is no way a more talentful blacksmith with new design as Tang San appear.

          So no, it will not happen. Beside, we know every little about the character yet. I suggest you dont gibe hasty judgement. I believe he will remain loyal until his death, because he also value his brothers (smiths) above the others.


          • Depends on his cultivation level, remember their lifespans can get very very long the higher they are able to get to. Also Tang San hasn’t really invented anything, instead he memorized the inventions of others and thus he has a limit to what he can dangle in front of this blacksmith. What happens when this blacksmith learns everything Tang San has to offer or they reach the point where Tang San absolutely refuses to teach any further? At that point anything connecting him to Tang San is severed and he is free (and likely) to leave with his knowledge to be backed by people who won’t be as restrictive as Tang San.

            Also a tad ironic you reprimand me for a hasty judgment while committing yourself to a hasty judgment. That being you say, right after reprimanding me, that you believe he will remain loyal until his death. There is no evidence of the man’s loyalty to anything besides himself: as demonstrated by his quitting the blacksmith association and leaving them and the city to fend for themselves and without ANY divine crafters as he was the only active divine crafter in the group. There is more evidence to back my judgments than to back yours in this case. (Though likely the author will make it so to give him more ridiculous resources, but logically it would make more sense for Tang San to not trust him).


            • Im just asking you give the character a chance. In DOuluo Dalu, commitements are more important then in our world, one word is everything. While he is quitting the smith association, he wasnt obligated to stay like in Tang San request for teh Tang Sect.

              You autimaticly cased him as untrustworthy. And what you have is speculations, not evidences. Your guesses are as good as mine and they are only judgement from our parts. We are not in that caharacter mind and we know too little about it…

              What we do know though is that he is sympatic to the smiths association. We dont know yet if he value his art above that sympatie however, as Tang San explained to him that teh Tang Sect would improve the status of smiths everywhere once its established.

              We do know he dont care about politics and who to sell his stuff. It doesnt make him untrustworthy though.

              Also, he is in the smith association but its proven a smith can leave at any time to work on his own, like Tai Tan did. However, we couldnt do so if part of a clan or sect, like the Clear Sky Hammer school. It wouldnt be that easy. Yes, he proposed to join the Tang Sect rather easily but I believe its because he know he is old and will not have other chances to learn this box secret. He never saw anything like it in the world and it have being told to him its not even a major weapon.

              So lets keep a openminded attitude about that guy. I dont believe he is a betrayer or a bad type until we learn more about him. He seem the type to absolutly get what his heart desire and its not necessary a bad thing to know what you want in life.

              I wont try to convince you anymore but seriously, you talk like you know whats gonna happen. Chill out ok?

              We might not agree but lets at least admit we are both speculate, as we have no ideas whats gonna happen. Just remember that he might be more smart then yo give him credit for, we will have to wait and see for teh next chapters to see who is right 🙂


              • Oh, I’m sorry. I was speculating and just ‘shooting the shit’ so they say. My intention wasn’t to say what will happen but to give my impression of the man, sort of putting myself in Tang San’s shoes and stating what my impressions were of the character based on the limited information (much like Tang San will have to do when deciding whether to accept him or not).

                Also I don’t hate the smith character and would have no issue with him becoming a character involved in the Tang sect.


  7. I knew it would be one of Tang San’s weapons, and I figured it was probably from the Spirit Hall, and I even guessed that he’d try to join Tang Sect, but I never thought he’d just quit his job and go wandering. Unless he’s planning to stalk Tang San for the rest of his life?


  8. Thx rly rly much bagelson owl and piggybottle! Can we expect from now on to get two/three chapters each weekend? *-* thatd make us all pretty happy! (And maybe translations of dd would be done in 1year xD)
    Btw I noticed a pretty amazing change in owl translations from first one to this third chapter he has made, is there a recheck of translations by bagelson? Or he just improved that much in no time? Gj anyway 🙂

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    • I find these sorts are the kind that can appear charming at first as they grab you with their passion…but are ultimately terrible people to have in your life as they tend to be users of people. The sort who don’t give a damn about others as long as they can pursue what they love and will throw away all relationships to the wayside no matter what those people may have done for them in the past.

      My vote is Tang San to refuse to let him in to the Tang Sect as he will never really be a true Tang Sect member and will only follow them for as long as they can sate his curiosity.


  9. Thank you for the triple release!!! Bagelson, Owl, and PiggyBottle, you rock, been reading your translation from the start and am very appreciative of your time and efforts. First time commenting but been here for a long time, this is a great story and I look forward to it every week. Once again thank you so much for your efforts in bringing us this wonderful LN.


  10. This year start very well, With guys like Bageldaughter, Owlbird and PiggyBottle (lol) I definitely get the best gift for this new year… Thank You So Much for those 3 releases.


  11. Piggybottle, thank you very much! Keep it up, you guys behind the translation desk! Your work is very much appreciated.


  12. An excellent chapter. Thanks, PiggyBottle.

    Lou Gao took the bait. Yue-Hua’ll be proud of her nephew !

    I don’t think this guy could betray Tang San. When he’ll know Tang San is the son of the third divine craftsman, he’ll follow him without a doubt.


  13. Things I deduced from this chapter;

    1. It is possible that “someone/snitch/spy” in the 7
    Treasures Glazed Tile School is selling info to Spirit Hall—-it is verily certain that Spirit Hall has some other spies in Thunder Dragon clan & Heavenly dou imperial palace (when a dominant power is rising, it is certain they have spies everywhere just like in Season 1, Spirit Hall Elders has spies working for them in Star Duo empire)

    2. Lao Gao is cunning & for selfish reasons, wants to join the Tang Sect & will finally learn every other hidden weapon secrets including the monster 3 weapons & vanish to join Spirit Hall but I’m certain Tang San has seen through him

    3. Whether we like it or not, Tang San is in big trouble cos in the future, people will betray his trust when Spirit Hall comes with their tempting & juicy offer (people from Shrek academy, Heavenly Duo imperial empire, Star Duo empier, the 4 elemental schools, Strenght clan, Breaking clan, Speed clan & Defense clan & finally Tang sect)


    • I consider your theory very interesting, but could you explain, how you arrived at these conclusions?

      I absolutely agree with the first one. Spirit Hall would be extremely foolish if they hadn’t at least tried to plant spies in every larger power on the continent. It would also explain, why Spirit Hall managed to strike Seven Treasure Glazed Tile und Blue Lightning Dragon while they werw weakened due to members being away from the school (if I remember correctly).

      However, your second assupmtion isn’t quite clear to me. I don’t quite trust Lou Gao either, however, why would Tang San teach him all his secrets if he has already seen through him? Although I agree that it is likely that Spirit Hall will discover at least some secrets of the hidden weapons.

      Your third assumption doesn’t seem quite logical to me either. I agree that there will likely be incentives for others to join Spirit Hall and that there are some who might do so, but why do you believe that clans and groups that have even under the threat of extinction refused to join Spirit Hall will join easily just because they are offered nice incentives?


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