Douluo Dalu – 187 – Moonless Windy Killing Night

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38 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 187 – Moonless Windy Killing Night

  1. thanks a lot!
    [Tang San didn’t say anything, looking at those Spirit Masters with a bit of pity in his gaze, then turned and quietly disappeared in the darkness.]
    Um—- i think tang san should be changed to ma hongjun. since ma hongjun’s the one that leaves, and more likely to show pity. it also makes more sense with the previous sentences.

    well, the auction wasn’t as fun, though it was still nice! hehe— -rubs hands in glee- let the slaughter begin—!


  2. “It’s been quite a while since I had your big sausage.” Pause. There is no way that could be taken seriously. Some character should of laughed.


  3. He should probably have either destroyed the bodies or used less unique killing methods. It wouldn’t be good if the Spirit Hall knew who killed their people. Knowing would make it much easier to figure out where they went. Knowing where they went might allow them to set up a raid and Tang Sect isn’t quite ready for one of those yet. At least, not if the Spirit Hall takes them as seriously as it should.


    • I dont think that he will be so easy to trace form this since this is a world where plenty of people have special abilities which means that there are plenty of people who could have done this plus the most specific way of killing people was using his lances to drain the enemy but spirit hall doesnt know that he has this abiliti since he never used it in front of people expect for everyone from Shrek


  4. thanks for the update…

    “This time we aren’t going to play dogs, showing faces doesn’t matter. As long as we have anyone who sees us depart this world, is there any need to fear our identities leaking?”

    this very arrogant and not very professional…
    there is always better in prepare.. what if innocent people see him or getting involved. except he is indeed an ass who not different than spirit hall who kill anyone without reason.


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