Douluo Dalu – 190 – The Palace Gate, Alarming Change, Enemy Shadows Appear

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110 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 190 – The Palace Gate, Alarming Change, Enemy Shadows Appear

  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    he probably got wind of you coming to find me, after al,l Xue Qinghe is Uncle Ning’s disciple

    should be “after all”


  2. Ack, nooooo. It would have been better if you’d saved this chapter and released it with the next one ><
    Though, this will probably be a 3-5 chapter fight, so it probably wouldn't have helped much.

    I really have to wonder how Tang San plans to take down that fish guy. The other one I think the three of them could handle, but he usually takes on his toughest opponents with poison and he doesn't have any of the sect's most advanced hidden weapons yet.


  3. It’s great that Old Freak respected Yang Wudi right away, I thought it was weird he didn’t look for him to cure his poisoning if Yang Wudi was so well known as a medicine master in the other continent.

    Cliffhangers suck and kick ass Little Sang.


  4. Anyone else just feel bad for piggy? Everyone (including me) calls him piggy instead of his name while all the other 7 shrek devils get called their name.


  5. Am I the only one who was looking forward to Yang Wudi turning out to be the one who (unknowingly) made the poison to kill the emperor. Because, let’s be honest, the chance that there is somebody else on his and Tang Sans level for making poison is pretty low… But now it seems like the puffer fish guy just has a convenient poison-evolution-ability :/


  6. love how the medicine master, the arguably most sophisticated special discipline of the 4 tang halls, is the guy with the”Fuck it, nuke it is” battle style. even to the point of possibly overwhelming title douluo…


  7. But, Xue Ye Qing, still miscalculated slightly, that is the existence of Yang Wudi. The strongest patriarch of the four single attribute clans.

    It was at this moment xue ye Qing was going to find out he fucked up lmao xD


  8. well in manga, those 2 fcking title douluo lead the spirit hall masters to wreck havoc on seven treasure clan,… thats a mess


    • Well, I read the manga for the first 10 chapters and then rushed here. I’m still reading the manga when I see a new chapter come out but to be honest, it’s rushed and if I were publishing it, I’d have dropped it in its current state. The story is completely messed up and, while the novel still has a certain amount of depth, I think it turned so shallow in the manga a puddle of water of the same depth wouldn’t even splash when stumped in.

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  9. Hahaha! Awesome. Yang Wudi was already frickin cool the first time we saw him, I never thought he’d get the chance to shine so quickly. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.


  10. Thanks again for another chapter, though it’s one hell of a cliffhanger lol. I really hope yall can maintain the two per weekend as you have been recently, I imagine it’s quiet a bit of work but I’m sure everyone here that loves Douluo Dalu appreciates all the effort yall put into it. Thanks again for the release!!


  11. Thanks for the chapter.

    With two Title Douluo and so many spirit masters behind to fight, Tang San’ll have to use his sixth ring, the only one which doesn’t use his power but only Xiao Wu’s soul.
    I hope to see the full set of Xiao Wu’s Eight Stage Drop against one of those two Title Douluo, without any restriction.
    This ability is wonderful for a control type spirit master, able to fight without any support from its owner.

    But I wonder how Spirit Hall already know about Tang San’s actions in Geng Xin city. Moreover, if they already know, why didn’t act before the end of the return journey. Two Title Douluo’d have been powerful but stealth enough.

    Thanks again.


    • Yeah, I’m kinda stuck on that too. There were no survivors or witnesses to Tang San killing those spirit masters. It doesn’t really make sense that they know it was him. Also, why would they rush so much to share that info with the prince? It didn’t even happen in his empire. There doesn’t really seem to be an advantage to making that effort for Spirit Hall.


      • That info could have come to him as a prince. He could have known in time, but not Spirit Hall.
        But he should have shared that info as soon as possible.


      • Its simple, Spirit Hall went investigate the deaths. Whoever did it was fully aware of Tang San’s abilities and understood who did that through the corpses, besides other possible hints they might have found.

        As for the prince, its of great importance to Spirit Hall for him to suceed, that’s taking care of 1 enemy without fighting. The moment Poison Doluo went after him, the prince must have requested detailed info about Tang San so that he could be steps aheado of Poison Doluo.

        And as for capturing him, they might not had enough time after discovering it or, considering how he managed to escape previously, waiting for him enter their trap would increase capture chances a lot.


  12. Thanks for the chapter^^

    Wow.. I wonder if Tang Sect will develop explosives and hidden weapons. Tang San’s previous world was way too developed. Will be monopoly *^*


  13. Its funny can you guys still remember the time when xue beng acted arrogant and had the shrek acd. members thrown out of heaven dou i. acd.. I believe he did it deliberately to weaken his brothers position


  14. Thanks for the chapter
    Battle between poison masters! Hope boss Yang Wudi can paralyze them so Little San can torture them 😛


  15. thank you for the chapter. I was wondering if you could make some time to do a marathon anytime soon with a bit more chapters for the weekend than normal 🙂


  16. Is there anyone like Old Freak as I do? I like it very much whenever Old Freak meets Little Freak. And when they bicker too. Hehehe 😀


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