Douluo Dalu – 195 – Six Pieces, Spirit Bones, Angelic Armament

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153 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 195 – Six Pieces, Spirit Bones, Angelic Armament

  1. thank you very much for the chapter. hahahhahhahaha This is the true breaking wind like striking thunder, shaking the heavens and splitting the earth Luo San Pao!” this is the best line ever it cracks me up everytime

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  2. Even more? Geez, my praise for the gods of translating were clearly insufficient for all this. Thank you guys so much for all you do.


  3. One of the things I really enjoy about this series is the strong female characters, and many of them are even villains. Bibi Dong and Hu Liena are incredible characters, and now we have Qian Renxue. Of course, Rongrong, Xiao Wu, and Zhu Zuqing are awesome too.

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  4. Very very intense few chapters! On the edge of my seat throughout.

    Was really hoping to see some hidden weapon action from Tang San… Then again, the advanced ones are still under construction by the Tang Sect and Tang San hasn’t had the time to make any recently.

    Thank you so much for the chapters! Honestly, this novel is amazing. CD was just as amazing at the start but got a bit boring at a bit after the mid point… Douluo Dalu has remained at a high quality for a long time and I’m really grateful for the translations.


  5. The moment I saw the updates I stopped everything that I was doing and read the chapters instead! Though, I want more chapters, I can’t be too greedy. So, take your time Piggybottle, Owl, and The Bagelson 🙂 and thank you so much for the updates!


  6. So… about those Seven Treasure disciples that were left behind… Are they just supposed to die to cover their escape? Seems odd for a guy whose biggest regret was having a bunch of disciples die.

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    • It would be foolish to think you can save everyone though. And wouldn’t it be easier for the few left behind to escape later when the larger part of the clan is already away, it’s not like they were in an open battle, more like they were surrounded and watched. Moving stealthily first, and with speed in the end when there’s nothing else left to save. Sound like a good way to get out of that predicament to me.


  7. Thanks so much for the double chapter^^

    So.. Tang Sect’s current powerful enemies are not only Bibi Dong and the Title Douluos, but this Seraphim girl and the Angelic Armament… Wtf..


  8. I knew it… possibilities of becoming Gods… OMG, Tang San is so gonna become one! Not sure a god of what though… And the bad guy is a ” angel” god. Willing to bet Bibi Dong and her protege are gonna take a back seat now somewhat.

    One thing for sure: Tang San clearly is gonna be at the top of the world. Now that we knows their is a possibility to become gods, Im sure he will become one. His ” spirit bone armor ” is gonna be linked to that, somehow.

    Thanks for all those chapters !!!! I wonder what’s gonna happen next…


    Posted my second chapter of the only pure Douluo Dalu fanfic on Fanfiction, for those interested!


  9. I don’t post to often so I don’t know if you will read this. I’m going through a tough time with the hospital and I cant leave. This has become my favorite story. I just wanted to thank you for translating it and I can’t wait to finish it! No rush of course but still thank you so much! It’s one of the few things I look forward too every week!

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  10. While I’m not one of the ones rooting for a Harem scenario, the presence of QianRenXue means Hu Liena may be (will likely be, actually, imo) cast aside as successor, which opens up the possibility of her defecting or betraying Spirit Hall.


    • That’s very true. But Hu linena is also like a daughter to the Supreme pontiff. And we can rule out miss angel being bibi’s daughter because she was swooning for grandmaster at the time. So there’s really no telling. Both girls seem infatuated with Little san.

      Xiaou Wu for lifez


      • Hu Liena seems more like a decoy than anything. RenXue has a much better spirit, much better potential and better progress so far. From a tactical and strategic standpoint, Hu Liena is not fit to be the next Pontiff while this greatly superior one exists. Feels a little force though – the story’s spent so much time building on how extraordinary Tang San’s experiences have been in order to make him so strong, and then they simply drop even stronger characters in his way when his “hard work and Tang Sect knowledge, blah blah blah” lets him out-scale his former rivals and the explanation is simply “Oh, they were born with even more OP stats and abilities”


        • I do wonder as well what they intend to do with Hu Liena. After all, she has been officially proclaimed as Sacred Maiden and Supreme Pontiff to be and Bibi Dong seems to regard her as a daughter. Therefore, I can’t quite imagine that she will be replaced just like that. I guess the initial plan was to have Renxue become emperess and Hu Liena Supreme Pontiff, but I wonder what they are going to do now.

          Also, while I do appreciate that Tang San has strong opponents beside Bibi Dong (because, to be fair, so far everybody else is either far below him or will be in a few years time…), I also do agree that the level of being OP that some characters are displaying ist simply ridiculous. This kind of difference in strengh makes me wonder how Spirit Hall could have failed to take over the world if they have this kind of power at their disposal (yes, I know, there are other powerful clans, but this is getting somewhat ridiculous. Also, if I remember correctly, a child will always inherit the stronger spirit. Why hasn’t the world been filled with people with strong spirits, then? After all, each spirit master that has a child with a person with a weaker spirit will create one more person with their spirit – so it should actually be quite easy to gather many children with a certain powerful spirit. You just have to procreate…)


          • Because while strong peaple tend to get into quite a few life or death scenarios, having a hard time building a family(see Tang San’s parents), weak people can live and prosper in peace(like fatty’s home village of poultry spirits). Because of this I think the dominance of strong spirits gets outweighed(did I spell this right?) by the amount of people being born from peaceful weak spirit hamlets. There could also be a fluctuation in the actual strong spirits by variations(like a linage of phoenix spirit masters descending from Fatty replacing the close-enough-to-declare-extint tyrant lightning dragon school). Plus if I remember right, it is only more likely to inherit the stronger spirit.

            Also, it would be quite boring if everybody got OP spirits, so author set it in a time where the scenario of only OP spirits haven’t happened yet.


            • Also there are Limits to the Spirites.
              There can only be one BlueSilver Emperror, and there can only be one Seraphim, and so on.

              Also, the Strong spirits tend to stay in their Respective Clan. Apart from that the strength of people dont rely only on the Spirit.

              To the plot “Why hasnt SpiritHall already conquered the world”, iirc is the Plan already been made before the Current Pontiff. And I think the piror SpiritHall might´ve been a bit more Good, and not that Hostile.


              • Where did it say that there could only be one Seraphim? Also, that would be illogical, since Renxue was apperently born long before her fathers death if she is nine years older than Tang San.


                • Might´ve misread in the Explanation. 🙂
                  But I´m very very sure, there was a part that certain Spirits are Limited somewhere.


          • Variations can destroy strong spirit’s abilities, like Grandmaster. Most of them are small and weak (chapter 5, part 2). But a strong spirit can also be wasted if its owner doesn’t cultivate hard.

            As for Spirit Hall to take over the world, you should read what Mubai said to Tang San in chapter 124 :
            “It would be impossible for Spirit Hall to become the ruler of the Continent. Even though they hold Spirit Masters, all they hold is Spirit Masters. There are ten billion people on the continent. All Spirit Masters come from the two great empires. Even though Spirit Hall can conduct them, they can’t make them commit treason. As a result, no matter what angle you look at it from, Spirit Hall can only constantly expand their influence, it’s never been possible for them to rule.”
            Because there are less than 100 000 spirit masters on the continent, most of them under the 30th rank who consider themself too weak and choose to have a normal life.

            Thanks for the chapter.


            • Yes, there are much more normal people that Spirit Masters. But if I look at the difference in strengh between normal people and Spirit Masters that doesn’t seem to matter all that much. After all, a non-Spirit Master seems to be not much more than cannon fodder in a fight against a Spirit Master. And considering the amount of 50+!!! ranked Spirit Masters that were wiped out in the battle between Tang San & Co vs Renxue + two Title Douluo, it really seems that es long as you hold more Title Douluo than the other side, you will (almost) surely win. And Spirit Hall does seem to control the majority of Title Douluo on the continent (although, admittedly, they sacrificed a few destroying Blue Tyrant Dragon).

              And as for the commiting treason part: quite a few Spirit Masters seem to be quite willing to do just that if I look at what happend in the last few chapters. And if they really refuse to go against their own empire, why not send those from Star Luo against Heaven Dou and vice versa? (To put it shortly, I simply disagree with Dai Mubai’s assessment of the situation)


  11. Meatbun Delivery~
    For a limited time, you could enjoy a full set of meatbun armament~
    Legend says that you could detect chapters and meat over a thousand miles away, every meat based meal have a 555% bost in flavors, and it also comes in a pure white set and burnt black set


  12. Right now I’m stuck on how incredibly unlikely it is for them to have gathered a full set of exactly ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine year old spirit bones of the same type. Doesn’t that mean that they killed 6 legendary spirit beasts all exactly 1 year before they reached the 100,000 year level? He didn’t say exactly what spirit beast they came from, but it should be something angel related, which I image is pretty rare.


    • It’s a classic case of “Bigger Bad” – we’ve had enough of the current level of enemies, so we’re going to introduce some new villains that are even stronger, that you’ve never heard of until now, and possibly with some abilities/items that are improbably but exist, because plot things. (Kind of like how Xiao Wu’s wearing plot armour in addition to her current armour)

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  13. Bagel,Piggy,and Owl what fundraisers do you support?
    Since you all are translating this outta the kindness of your hearts and will not take payment, I figured we could maybe pass the buck forward in your honor.


  14. And I thought Tang San was lucky~
    Starting level:
    Seraphim = level 20
    Clear Sky + Blue Sliver Emp = level 10…?

    Author should of just said Renxue was gifted with 10+ years over Tang San.
    And don’t get me started with 6 spirit bones 99k+


      • I understand what you’re trying to say, but it’s been mentioned more than once that Clear Sky was the #1 tool spirit! And the Blue Sliver Emp is also a unique spirit so for the author to just pull:
        Seraphim = 20 level start, seems a bit out of place. Especially since it has not ever been mentioned to be possible…

        In his attempt to make Renxue cool, he instead seem to break certain rules.

        I’m not saying Renxue can’t be strong or gifted, hell I rather the author just said she was gifted and has a strong spirit! Than the start at 20! Or else, why didn’t he just say she has the “god” spirit and start as title douluo!?

        I mean that’s a bit exaggerated but can’t you understand why it’s “out of place?”


        • its not out place…you already said it to yourself.. figure it out….

          here’s the deal

          angel god – since she can use angel domain . then there is an angel god who reach lvl 100 and inherit its spirit like deathgod domain
          asura god – deathgod (asura) domain comes from the trial of the asura god in slaughter city means there is an asura god

          and there’s really a big gap or awhole level difference being a GOD spirit than being a number 1 tool spirit… i hope i give you some hints about it


  15. When we had these 5 chapters in 2 days i was giggling like a 10yr old school girl at a beiber concert haha thats when u realize ur hooked


  16. Wru new chapter!!! Just kidding. I know you got real lives too! I re-read the series and was better the second time around!

    Thanks again bagelson and the rest of the team! Bringing a great book to more of the world. Makes me wonder what other non-English authors I’m missing out on.


  17. What am I to read while the Super Bowl is on?? In tears waiting for the Sunday funday update. Please keep up the good work everyone!


  18. Happy Chinese New Year bagelson, piggy, and owl!!

    Thank you for all your translations all this while!

    Wishing everybody a prosperous, healthy, and great year ahead!


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