Douluo Dalu – 198 – The Origin Of The Three Peerless Douluo

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57 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 198 – The Origin Of The Three Peerless Douluo

  1. thanks a lot—-!
    um, i’m thinking bo saixi is a female, right? there was a combination of both male and female pronouns used when referring to bo saixi, might want to correct that.

    anyway, yes—! the visit back to clear sky school, woo, and talking with his uncle! also, eh—-! qian renxue and bibi dong’s relationship revelation—?!? there’s a tragedy behind that, i suspect…but i don’t want to know, c
    ’cause i don’t care about spirit hall!

    oh? tang xiao went to that island before, huh? Interesting! let’s go for the adventure, with the comrades—!


    • Nah, he was her Teacher, basically what Grandmaster is for Tang San. He ain’t her biological father. I guess that after Grandmaster left she had an affair with him…


  2. “which means two possible things, either he managed to break through the hundredth rank and step into the next realm, or he failed when trying to break through the hundredth rank”

    Will it be like CD/ST/ATG/MGA that Tang San will ascend and suddenly be ordinary citizen in new realm? Please no….


    • I also had a serious shock about that. Either Bibi Dong had Quian Renxue with her own father (also, the previous supreme pontiff), making that both her mother and sister, or it was just a way to make her angry instead of calling her mother or supreme pontiff. Think the second, because otherwise I don’t see any reason for which Bibi Dong wouldn’t have inherited the Seraphim as spirit


          • Since bibi Don has twin spirits her father cannot be the previous supreme pontiff cause his spirit is not related to spiders. Did they reveal her spirits yet? Well anyway, there are no spirits on par with the seraphim and since the spirit of greater quality is any other it will definitely be inherited.


  3. I thought the former Supreme Pontiff was Bibi Dong’s teacher, not her father? Does it say otherwise somewhere? Or just that ‘sister’ comment in this chapter? Bear in mind Xiao Wu calls Tang San brother, ppl.

    But nyway regardless if it’s incest or not, it’s at least massive cradle-robbing perv stuff. Or literal pedophilia. I dunno what Bibi Dong’s age is, but yeah, it’s probably wrong even if it isn’t illegal.

    Crazy, messed up, fun chapter nonetheless, thanks guys.


    • The former Supreme Pontiff was Bibi Dong’s husband.

      I don’t really get the ‘sister’ thing; perhaps it is just a daughter who thinks she is on par with her mother.

      Bibi Dong is older, but apparently as your spirit level goes up, you will appear younger and have a longer lifespan.


      • Actually, Bibi don’t was not the husband of the previous supreme pontiff. I won’t post about the actual relationship cause that is a spoiler. What really happened is revealed I think somewhere in the last 20 chapters of DD.


  4. qian renxue grandfathered should be the one that tang San and his uncle are talking about right? The spirit hall elder at rank 99. Early on in the chapter he said that bibi dong had reach the same level as him, so does that mean she is also title dolou rank 99?


  5. I don’t think we understand, bibi dong was in love with grandmaster and her teacher, the previous supreme pontiff, was the one with the seraphim spirit, meaning that when bibi dong and grandmaster were separated by him, he took advantage of her.
    does no one feel pity for her?


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    I don’t think the previous Supreme Pontiff and Bibi Dong shared blood links. They were only teacher and disciple, and the teacher felt in love with his disciple. So he expelled his rival, Grandmaster.
    After that,he gained Bibi Dong’s love and made her pregnant.

    Qian Renxue isn’t Bibi Dong’s sister. She said that only because of Hu Liena, to keep secret their real bond. And it’s easier for a sister to not love the other one than for a daughter not love her mother. Hu Liena, as an orphan, wouldn’t be able accept such a thing.

    Thanks again


  7. Bo Sai Dong (Bo Sai East) is actually the translated name of Poseidon (Greek god of the sea). So Bo Sai Xi (Bo Sai West) is actually a pun referring to that. I noticed that you didn’t see that, so just a side note. Source: native mandarin speaker reading both version at the same time.


  8. Im wondering if the Supreme pontiff bibi dong and qian rexue is the same person. My guess is somehow this how she dealt with the twin spirits backlash by splitting into two. Wild guess. But just suddenly got that vibe from Thai chapter.


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