Douluo Dalu – 199 – Tang San And Xiao Wu’s Happiness, Engagement

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39 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 199 – Tang San And Xiao Wu’s Happiness, Engagement

  1. thanks—-!
    [Ma Hongjun grinned:] ma hongjun -> dai mubai
    it’s near the end…

    anyway, woo—-! it’s official, tang san’s parents approved! gave me feels, ok, feels—-! i really hope his mother will be able to return to human form! ooh! mubai and zhuqing are back, nice! now, just waiting for tang san and xiao wu to return, then the adventure can start! let’s go—!


    • Thanks for the chapter.

      It’s obvious Tang San’s mother will return to human form. In a few months she already has matured as several thousand years. At most it will take 20 to 30 years.

      I think Poison Douluo’d be happy to see his sanctuary so well, only a few years after Tang San’s razzia.


      • yes, i have hope for tang san’s mother! hopefully his father will still be alive at that time, too, or even surpass the 100 rings…that’d be wonderful!

        dugu bo probably hasn’t had time to go there, what with the emperor being poisoned and the chaos of the failed rebellion


      • I always thought poison would be pissed to see tang hao, who terrified him with a mention of his name in earlier chapters, kinda loungin’ around in his lair

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  2. Thanks for the chappy! Also:

    She seemed completely carried b Tang San, one of his hands supporting her shoulders, the other under her slender jade legs, her neatly combed scorpion braid wrapped around Xiao Wu herself.

    b -> by

    When Tang Hao heart that Xiao Wu had used Sacrifice for Tang San’s sake, his originally missing ruthlessness and aggressiveness appeared once again, clenching his fists tightly.

    heart -> heard

    “Dad, I’m your son, and you haven’t done anything wrong.”
    He spoke resolutely and decisively, without comforting. Just this sentence made Tang Ha’s expression relax a lot.

    Tang Ha’s -> Tang Hao’s


  3. ……(\_/)
    ……( ‘_’)
    …./””””””””””””\======░ ▒▓▓█D


  4. This should make me emotional but it didn’t for tow reason one because I hate xioa Wu she is annoying even after she lost her soul she still annoy me second every time tang san around her or thinking about her he become a pussy protagonist which I hate the most .in fact the whole tang san x Xiao Wu feel so forced (well for me )


    • I agree that those really romantic moments as a whole are quite cheesy and Tang San feels really vulnerable at those moments, but you know, everyone should have weaknesses, the story wouldn’t be as fun if the protagonist was an invinsible guy with no weaknesses, plus the characters are human so they’re bound to be really emotional when it comes to people they love


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