Douluo Dalu – 200 – Reunion, Shrek Seven Devils

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54 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 200 – Reunion, Shrek Seven Devils

  1. Thanks!
    Woah—!! 3 chapters is so great! Awesome, i am glad they didn’t start without tang san! Fierce fight,fierce—! Revelation of new skills and abilities,huh?


  2. Best Morning Ever!

    Thank you everybody that helped out!

    P.S….. don’t mind the grumpy people that didn’t like waiting for some chapters. Its way faster than any type of translation out there… and you do it as a hobby.. with no fee’s or advertising killing your website. Awesome non-profit effort. keep up the good work everybody.


    • xpade… id like to prove you wrong. Turtle-sama’s translation of Ark and LMS is way faster (ark machine translations). he does 1 chapter per day. so… he does roughly 6 chapters per week. 3 of ark and 3 of LMS. he does it as a hobby too ^.^

      Other then that, awesome work on the triple chapters this week <3. a good 1 hr read 😀

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  3. Just what the doctor prescribed a triple dose of my favorite LN. Thank you!!

    Congrats on 200 chapter! and once again thanks for all the hard work to help with my addiction 😛


  4. thanks for the chapters,They are really really good (i love the reunions

    and sorry for being rude, but what are you waiting for releasing the 201, he is ready for the release (in the shedule) and the cliff in the 200 is really strong (but I can wait, or shoud I say, if i wasn’t ready yet i’ll wit patiently (as patiently as I can)

    If I wasn’t french , I’d like to help you… maybe I will one day start translae in french… last time I checked we haven’t LNranslation In french…but I know most of the time a translation of a translation is like shit

    anyway sorry for all that


      • yeah sorry I was too hyped… When I see the release like, what, not even ten minutes later I think too myself “Shit and I just Impaiently asked them to put it, when they already started publish it”

        I’m truly sorry and thanks for all your great works

        (and sorry for my poor english too)


        • I thought too to translate it in french, from Bagelson’s translation. But each chapter takes him between 4 to 6 hours. It’s an incredible pace, for 10 pages. I don’t think I would be able to translate more than a chapter per week, which means more than 5 years of work.

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  5. Thanks for the update!
    Reading these new chapters has been a one rollercoaster ride of emotions.. So good. =”)
    Especially Tang San’s and Xiao Wu’s engagement.
    And damn, I laughed so much for Fatty’s and Xiangxiang’s bickering and that part =’D



    the GDrive is having issues again, I was trying to edit the first sentence and a few more things, but now it’s completely messed up. Luckily, the only thing that got messy was the first sentence.
    I will try fix it as soon as possible, when the GDrive folder lets me save the new file version.

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  7. im eternally thankful for everyone that have been translating Douluo Dalu so far and for those who will but i would like to give some critique to the translator.

    as i said im grateful towards owl404 who spent much time on translating this chapter but i don’t think owl404’s translating style suit Douluo Dalu, i am not by any means trying to say he/she is a bad translator but this chapter just gave of a different aura or something.

    i think it would be good for the series if the different translator all tried to have a similar style so one chapter doesn’t differ so much from another-

    i don’t pay for any of this so i don’t have the rights to complain so i do not expect anyone to actually do any changes because what i, as a single reader commented but i simply wanted to voice my opinion.

    Thanks for your awesome work.


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