Stellar War Storm – 1.12 – Soy Milk And Fried Breadsticks

Gazing at these people, Aina only nodded slightly. This moment she wasn’t little Shi, but rather the first heir of the Aslan Empire. Not Earth, not Sol, but the focus of the Galactic Coalition.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were also shocked. They had guessed that little Shi might be the child of a wealthy family, but this was still too exaggerated.

Yue Jing, this so-called princess, was a ground beetle in front of a true princess.

What was a ground beetle? A soft shelled tortoise!

Unable to withstand a single blow!

Gazing at Aina Aslan, Yue Jing opened her mouth, but no words came out.

But the princess paid no attention to her, instead walking directly towards Wang Zheng.

Their eyes met, and Wang Zheng exposed a brilliant smile. Friends didn’t need to care about status.

The accompanying guards didn’t care what place this was. Wherever the princess went was an Aslan diplomatic area. Unrelated people were separated.

The princess extended a hand. Yue Long and the others were all stunned, the princess wouldn’t do that even for the Asian region speaker……

“Today’s little Shi is really beautiful, really smart!”

Aina smiled slightly, winking stealthily, then immediately returned to her princess demeanor, “The Asian region is the cradle of humanity, I really am very happy to be here, especially to meet a lot of new friends. Before coming I believed that only the Aslan Empire was elite, but Wang Zheng has let me experience my ignorance. He is the future pride of the Galactic Coalition!”

This assessment was high enough to alarm Heaven!

The whole banquet changed flavor. Yue Jing was dumped as thoroughly as menstruation. It had to be said that Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu had firmly made their mark.

These two were the princess’ friends?

What was the connection here!

The princess’ visit to the Asian region formally began.

The next day it was the lead story of every newspaper in the Asian region. Of course the focus wasn’t Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu, but rather her highness’ compassionate image. The Aslan Empire had a system of power centralized under elites, and their diplomatic image was excessively unyielding, but had begun to change in recent years. The princess’ compassionate diplomacy obtained very good results.

Of course Little Lucky Star sanitary napkins sold well, old Yan was so cheerful he couldn’t hide it. To be able to be mentioned in relation to such major news was equal to the most major advertisement.

Yan Xiaosu was always like he was dreaming. He had never thought despair would one day through twists and turns suddenly end up like this.

Next the channels were practically all about the princess’ appearance in the asian region.

Aina Aslan conquered Earth with beauty!

The most beautiful princess praised the Asian region, the Asian region looked towards rejuvenation!

The lingering Aslan princess was conquered by Asian culture!

The Aslan princess praised the Asian region’s educational system, this was an advanced system that could match the Aslan Empire!

For a time, the entire Asian region hung in a royal whirlwind. Aina’s every move and action became trends, star eye cosmetic lenses also became in vogue on a large scale, and at the same time even more people started to pay attention to Aslan culture and philosophy.

Of course the whole process maintained the highest level of security. The princess was gentle outside and firm inside, she wouldn’t be frightened by some domestic terrorist actions. The more it was like this, the less she would yield!

At the final press conference, more than a thousand media outlets swarmed the Shangri-La grand hotel, cameras constantly flashing.

“Your highness, I’m from the Daily Times, may I ask whether you will come to the Asian region again?”

Aina smiled and nodded, “Yes, if there’s an opportunity I will definitely come again, the beauty here is unforgettable.”

“Your highness, I’m from the Financial Weekly, may I ask how you regard the continuously falling influence of Earth in the Galactic Coalition discourse, will the Aslan Empire launch any strategic cooperations with the Sol Federation?”

Watching the calm and unruffled little Shi on the monitor, Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were both dumbstruck. They were just eating fried breadsticks dunked in soy milk.

“Boss, this really is that little Shi. Oh god, I should have asked for her autograph, it would definitely sell for a lot!” Yan Xiaosu gaped. That hair really wasn’t dyed, purple hair and star pupils were the symbols of the Aslan imperial family, but who would have believed it? Even if little Shi said it herself, nobody would have believed it.

Right now Aina was able to answer quickly and fluently, invulnerable, and the press conference proceeded quite smoothly.

“Your highness, I’m with the Daily Entertainment, I represent all the single men in the world to ask one question, what are your requests for your other half?”

When this question appeared, the whole press conference quieted down, rigidly watching the princess. The romance of this beautiful princess was undoubtedly the focus of the whole galaxy. A press officer was already walking over from the side to curb it, “I’m sorry, the princess won’t answer personal questions.”

Aian suddenly raised her hand, standing up, her face revealing a crafty smile, “One day, he will take me home, make me breakfast of fried breadsticks and soy milk, and softly call my name.”


Yan Xiaosu sprayed a mouthful of soy milk in Wang Zheng’s face, “Boss, you are my idol, no, you’re godlike!”

The press conference ended satisfactorily with thunderous applause, especially the last answer. Fried breadsticks and soy milk was a local specialty of the Asian region, and this showed that the princess really understood them, winning the good impression of a lot of people. And along with the princess’ endorsement, fried breadsticks and soy milk became the latest popular snack in the galaxy.

The princess set out on her way back home. Her visit to Sol had ended satisfactorily. The princess’ beautiful and compassionate image had subdued the entire solar system, and also considerably softened the Aslan Empire’s unyielding diplomatic image.

A week after the princess left, the enthusiasm of the news gradually faded. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu also returned to their normal lives. Of course Yan Xiaosu would still brag from time to time, but basically nobody believed him. Even though there was a brief interlude at the birthday banquet, people just thought this was the princess “acting bravely in the face of injustice”, teaching a tiny lesson on bullying.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu also formally graduated, one just as bad as the other. Worth congratulations was that Yan Xiaosu officially passed the entrance exam for the Wargod Military College interstellar business program. Wang Zheng energetically prepared to enlist.

“Ah, little Yu, you’re too unbrotherly, you don’t even show your shadow at the key moment!”

Yan Xiaosu grumbled, this fellow seemed to have gone missing.

Xie Yuxin, their other brother, but different from Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu. Xie Yuxin was a genius with a gene score over ninety, his achievements even more matchlessly outstanding. In the whole school he was the only one who was recruited to Wargod College, and moreover to the military command program, the cradle of officers.

This was the coexistence of handsome and wise, and he really was horribly handsome. Even though his expression was always distant and cold, schoolgirls still advanced courageously in waves.

Xie Yuxin placed an envelope on the table, “Wang Zheng, this is for you.”

“Damn you, don’t think a letter can make us forgive you. If i don’t give you a beating today I’ll take on your surname!” Yan Xiaosu grabbed it, but when he saw the letterhead he looked distracted.

“This is qualifications for Wargod Academy’s special entrance exam. I can do this much at least.” Xie Yuxin smiled slightly. He only ever smiled when together with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu.

“Fuck, darling little Yuyu, I accused you wrongly, come, give your brother a hug.”

“How did you do it?”

“It’s nothing, I sat in front of the headmaster’s house for half a month. Originally I thought it would take a bit longer.”

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu looked at each other, then gave a thumbs up. Brother, you’re shining, nobody would have thought this grimly handsome guy would play the rogue so awesomely.

“Wang Zheng, I’ve always felt that gene score is just a reference, your strength is enough and spare to enter Wargod College.”

Xie Yuxin said. Actually, when the three first met they had been at odds. Xie Yuxin was the pride of Dawnbreak, but Wang Zheng had let him realize the meaning of heavens beyond heavens. His learning basically wasn’t something he could compare to, just that he didn’t score so well on exams.

Wang Zheng was also helpless. Because old merchant said that he had to maintain his score at passing, unless some day he wasn’t there.

“Come, congratulations in advance!”

“Haha, Boss will definitely pass, we three brothers will rule the galaxy!”

The three raised their beers. This was just a youthful joke, but legends all began from jokes……

“Headmaster Gute, you know I’m very busy, I still have a lot of experiments to do!”

In the office was a spirited and healthy silver haired old man, this was Wargod Military College’s twenty third headmaster, general Gute.

The other person was a woman, seemingly twenty something, but still a top scientist on Earth. At thirteen she obtain dual doctorates in space and physics, a genius physicist with a gene score of ninety eight.

“Cough cough, doctor Xiao Fei, there’s a special student who might require your examination, reportedly he’s very talented in regards to physics.”

The doctor in front of him gave even Gute a headache. Geniuses were practically all monsters, especially in space physics research.

“Really, I hope you’re not wasting my precious time.”

Gute nodded. Xie Yuxin was his grandson, and that little bastard actually sat in front of his house every day. Gene score really was just a reference, but by unwritten rules it was actually the first criterion, and until now there still hadn’t been too large discrepancies, it could also greatly raise efficiency.

But if it seemed there really was a talent, then it couldn’t be missed.

Outside the office, Wang Zheng was also preparing. He didn’t know what the test was.


When Wang Zheng saw the examiner he looked distracted. It was a female teacher at most a few years older than him…… Ah, if all the current teachers were this beautiful, it really was a benefit.

Xiao Fei pointed to a chair, “Sit. Firstly, I am exceptionally disapproving of entering via back channels, I hope you aren’t wasting my time. Let’s get to the point, tell me your thoughts on space.”

Xiao Fei was very proud. Originally something like this didn’t sit well with her, but the headmaster was after all the headmaster, she couldn’t refuse to give him a bit of face, doubly so when it related to her funding.

Wang Zheng put his thoughts in order. This question was too wide-ranging, but it was actually something he had debated with old merchant at length.

“I personally believe that space technology should be the main direction of mankind’s development, but this depends on the foundation of the space theoretical framework. At present the mainstream space theory is a bit one sided…… Curved velocity theory is just a shallow understanding of space, humanity’s future definitely lies in the direction of spatial jumps and folding. I believe that some parts of parallel space theory can be examined, and specially merged with the current space system. Some parts of such a theory are a bit advanced, but some can be researched right now.”

Wang Zheng didn’t mind, speaking at length. It had become a dispute between him and old merchant, and back then they had argued it until they were red faced. Old merchant was too stubborn, disdainful of the idea of theory “declining”, but Wang Zheng still felt it was the best fit.

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Stellar War Storm – 1.11 – You Really Don’t Suit Him!

Little Shi, like the wind came in a hurry and left in a hurry, but this didn’t change Wang Zheng’s life. Training according to the prescribed order, waiting for the graduation proof to arrive. Wang Zheng found a part time job at the Shangri-La grand hotel. Dawnbreak School students working part time while studying was still a gold lettered promotion, let alone when the work didn’t involve any technical qualifications.

Little Shi didn’t contact him again either. Thinking about it, they didn’t actually exchange contact information. Let alone when her family definitely wouldn’t let her out after such a major incident.

Wang Zheng’s life was still very rich. Unity Arts had displayed a frightful efficiency in that incident, the premonition of danger was quite accurate. Bonehead also always said that he was simply a natural warrior. His hand also recovered quickly. His body really was a lot stronger than an ordinary person’s after undergoing Bonehead’s remodelling.

If ordinary people experienced something like that they might have nightmares, but Wang Zheng actually faintly looked forward to it. He felt in his bones that he really was brimming with the hot blood of battle, thirsting for the battlefield!

Starting the music, this was the galactic charts’ number one NOT AFRAID. Strength, courage, the hot blood of battle, it was what Wang Zheng liked the most.

Wang Zheng was busy exercising on his side, and Yan Xiaosu wasn’t staying idle either. For the weekend, for the goddess’ birthday party, Yan Xiaosu had been so busy the sky faded and earth darkened these few days. Preparing clothes, buying presents, inviting a modelling master to plan poses. In student Xiaosu’s words, he would appear before the goddess in glittering golden light.

Wang Zheng withheld his opinion of this. If she liked him, she wouldn’t stop because of his clothes. If she didn’t……

Of course, beating down others was no good.

The weekend still arrived with Yan Xiaosu’s expectations. These past days he unexpectedly hadn’t even played CT, very rare. Early at dawn he took his old man’s new model Arrowhead maglev car to go looking for Wang Zheng, and spent the whole day chattering on about his plans to show off. It seemed he really was quite nervous.

At five in the afternoon, the two arrived at Shangri-La grand hotel. Wang Zheng found it a bit unexpected, but still within reason. This was the most lavish hotel in the Asian region, it was said some major characters had checked in here, booking everything from the fiftieth floor and up. Originally the birthday party reservation was going to be cancelled, but for some reason, the other party didn’t mind and rescheduled it again, this was also giving face to the Yue family.

Yan Xiaosu specially wore disguised platform shoes, bringing his height up to one seventy, “Boss, is my bow tie crooked?”

“Very awesome, go on!”

Yan Xiaosu by himself held a bouquet of ninety nine Milky Way Beauties and stepped onto the red carpet.

Entering the ballroom, it was already exceptionally bustling inside, but as soon as they entered they spotted Yue Jing and Ye Zisu. Yue Jing wore a white evening dress, a coral necklace around her spotless white long neck. This was her night, she was the princess here.

Ye Zisu wore a sky blue evening dress. Even though this was Yue Jing’s home ground, she had ways to draw eyes.

Close next to Yue Jing was an unusually imposing middle aged man, representative Yue Long, a true authority of the Asian region. At this banquet were not only youngsters, some friends and family of the Yue family had also come.

It really was a major event.

At the banquet, some youngsters in formal wear were already chatting, men and women both, all maintained grace and pride. The people qualified to come here clearly weren’t ordinary people.

Of course there were still some exceptions, these were all Yue Jing’s classmates, each and every one exposing admiring expressions. After all, this setting might be something they couldn’t aspire to in their lifetime.

People, only death was equal. Even though they were fellow students, everyone inwardly understood that, if they came from a small family, everything was different.

Dreams were ample, reality skinny. If they could grab onto this classmate camaraderie, perhaps they really could look to Yue Jing for help later.

Today, Yue Jing had come to bask in admiration.

As she gazed towards the doorway, Yue Jing revealed a brilliant smile, and took the initiative to go to the door to greet them. This astonished some youngsters who were always hovering around her, and one after another they looked in that direction.

“Classmate Yue Jing, I wish you a happy birthday!” The always eloquent Yan Xiaosu was actually a bit tongue tied, promptly handing over the flowers in his hand.

But Yue Jing didn’t accept them.

“Ah, incredible, ninety nine Milky Way Beauties, this is quite expensive!”

“Haha, little sister yue Jing, who is this? A bit dusty, what era brought these things over?”

Yue Jing smiled slightly, motioning an attendant to take away the flowers, “Let me introduce everyone, this is my fellow student Yan Xiaosu. You should all know of the grandly famous Little Lucky Star sanitary napkin manufacturer, that’s his family’s business.”

The surrounding people looked distracted a moment, then burst into laughter, “Little Jing, when did your level fall to this state? No matter how approachable you are, people of this level aren’t qualified to come!”

Yue Jing still maintained a gentle smile, “We’re all fellow students, everyone who comes to participate is a guest. Next to him is Wang Zheng, the elite of our Dawnbreak, very prideful, coming here is giving us face, ordinarily he wouldn’t deign to acknowledge me.”

The more amiable Yue jing was, the more hurtful her words. Wang Zheng knew the invitation wasn’t well intentioned, but they were still fellow students, and he hadn’t expected Yue Jing to be this fierce.

“Dawnbreak’s elite? If you didn’t say it I would have thought he was an attendant, he really is dressed too casually.”

Wang Zheng shrugged indifferently. This was who he was, he didn’t feel the need to disguise himself.

Very soon another guest arrived, and nobody paid attention to them. Yan Xiaosu was very frustrated. Even if he was even more stupid he knew that they were basically treating them as laughingstock.

Wang Zheng patted Yan Xiaosu, “Defeat is the mother of success. Come, come, we’ll eat to break even before going back!”

Yan Xiaosu fiercely swung his fist, “Grandma’s legs, the day will come when I snatch back this pride. What about Little Lucky Star, what about sanitary napkins, it’s inseparable from women!”

Wang Zheng gave a thumbs up. Could it be Yan Xiaosu’s ambition was to sell sanitary napkins all over the galaxy?

The two really were incompatible with a situation like this. Everyone here were so called upper class figures, even Yue Jing’s classmates were busy exchanging contact details. Knowing people when facing graduation, more friends meant more roads, let alone when just meeting these people was an honor in itself.

“Let alone other things, I’ve been working here so many days, but it’s the first time I try the food here. It’s really pretty good.” Wang Zheng ate unrestrained, it wasn’t necessary to make things difficult for himself.

Yan Xiaosu was also a natural optimist, and very soon he was eating happily. Cheh, those milky Way Beauties were really expensive, however much he ate was however much he got back.

The bustling scene here was unrelated to them, until the light dimmed, all the spotlights focusing on the central stage. A three meter tall birthday cake appeared, and in the surroundings echoed a happy birthday song, followed by applause. As for the two in the corner, they were already thrown beyond the topmost clouds.

Ye Zisu looked towards the fellows gorging themselves in the corner as if they were the only ones present. They really didn’t understand Yue Jing, this great miss’ temper wasn’t such that she would leave it at that.

“Jingjing, if you have something you wish, everyone will help you achieve it!” The surrounding people all said.

Yue Long smiled and nodded, “Your uncles are all here today. Speak, we will help you achieve it.”

Yue Jing smiled slightly, “Today I want to help someone achieve a wish. Even though he feels I’m shallow, we are after all fellow students. Right, Wang Zheng.”

On hearing these words, everyone knew something was up. They all knew this great miss’ character, they just didn’t know what poor ghost had provoked her.

Yue Jing pointed, and light immediately flooded the corner. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu immediately became the focus of everyone present, with nowhere to hide.

“Student Wang Zheng is the elite of our Dawnbreak Academy, I wish he could have the opportunity to take the exams for Wargod College. Every talented student in the Asian region should have the chance.”

A youngster in white evening gown smiled and stood, “Little Jing, anyone has the chance for an unbiased test. As the chairman of the Wargod Military College student union, this I can guarantee!”

“Senior Wu Jin, I know that, but Wang Zheng’s gene score is only twenty eight.”

Yue Jing smiled and spoke, but her gaze was filled with pride. Everyone immediately commented among themselves, was this a pig?

Wu Jin also looked distracted, the school still had standards. Let alone twenty eight, nobody under sixty would be tested……. Twenty eighth, this level really was unheard of, barely above animals.

Wang Zheng also hadn’t though Yue Jing would take it this far. It really was no joke that you could offend narrow villains, but never women. But this didn’t have the power to wound him.

The corners of Yue Jing’s mouth carelessly revealed a sneer. What she could stand the least was Wang Zheng’s calm expression believing himself infallible, poor ghost trash should know themselves, she didn’t believe she couldn’t break down that inferior ego!

To the side Yan Xiaosu suddenly slammed his wineglass onto the table surface, “Fellow student Yue Jing, Wang Zheng still won’t look at you. Actually, don’t you feel we’re quite well matched? Menstruation and sanitary napkins, a natural couple, we’ll give birth to tiny lucky stars.”
(TL Note: Untranslatable pun, menstruation (月经) is a homonym to Yue Jing’s name.)

Yan Xiaosu spoke unusually sincerely, making his big eyes as watery logged as possible.

Everyone looked distracted a moment, menstruation…… Yue Jing, sanitary napkin?

Immediately everyone present burst into choked laughter. Actually, nobody wanted to laugh, but they really couldn’t hold it back,

Yue Jing’s complexion was ashen, “Get lost, trash like him isn’t suited to carry my shoe!”

“You really don’t suit to him!”

An angelic voice echoed. Everyone’s gazes turned to the doorway, where a line of azure guards rushed inside, all with a golden trident emblem on their chests.

Moving away from the center of the group of guards a radiant girl. This moment, the stars all paled. Faintly purple long hair elegantly coiled, so graceful, spotless like jade white skin a bit dazzling, features so beautiful it made all the girls present lower their heads, matched with peerless starry beautiful eyes, this was the first princess of the Aslan Empire, Aina Aslan!

The brightest star in the galaxy.

Yue Long and the others showed deferential smiles, bowing in greeting. This was giving them gargantuan face.

Aslan Empire, one of the nine great permanent member states of the Galactic Coalition, and also one of the top three nations in the Coalition in overall strength, famed as an elite empire. Her highness was just visiting Sol, and the Asian region was her last stop, only some minor incident had led to the press conference being postponed. Who would have thought that such a major character would actually appear here. Even though Yue Long was a representative, he wasn’t qualified to participate.

Stellar War Storm – 1.10 – Noble Little Sister

The players were also baffled, was this Chaos Gunner an idiot, how come he still didn’t shoot!?

An outstanding sniper had to be patient. Suddenly, alarms blared.

Not good!

The Wargod No 1 had accelerated in his direction, he was discovered!!!

As he was constantly looking for a good opportunity to act, Wang Zheng was just piloting the Wargod No 1 to close in on the Hunter Type 3 at high speed.

Chaos Gunner couldn’t pay attention to being disposed, the opponent’s speed wasn’t enough!

Light radiated in all directions, the laser rumbled, a beam of light blasting towards the Wargod No 1.

Practically the instant the light flashed, the Wargod No 1 suddenly leaned forty five degrees left. The beam shot past his side, the intense energy seeming like it would strip the paint from the Wargod No 1.

With only a slight pause, the Wargod No 1 continued forward. Due to not having dodged too widely, his speed wasn’t that influenced.


Chaos Gunner told himself countless times, circumstances like these weren’t rare in team battles, only a calm sniper could live till the end.

Sniper cannon locked on!

Second shot blasted out!

Wargod No 1 soared through the air!

Fuck, why did he choose to jump this time???

The second shot missed as well, and the distance was growing closer and closer. Chaos Gunner was just gathering energy for a third shot, this was the moment that decided life or death.

The Wargod No 1 charged at high speed when it landed. At this moment there was no shelter between the two sides, but the distance was still too far, the third shot had already charged.

“Drop dead!”

Chaos Gunner roared and fired the third shot. He was excited all over, but his hands were incomparably steady, this was the experience accumulated over more than one hundred battles!

The Wargod No 1 had nowhere to dodge, the light beam thundered, but at this moment, the Wargod No 1 moved in a dazzling arc……

Everyone present went imbecilic, fuck, for ten credits they could actually see the Arc Slide Step!!!

The Wargod No 1 freakishly cut a thirty degree arc from his straight line charge, and practically the instant the light beam passed, he was already back to a straight line.

This was the super skill of assassin type mechs when confronting sniper mechs head on!

The intense movements made the Wargod No 1 creak and groan from the strain. Chaos Gunner was mute, standing there motionlessly.

Fuck, this was just the rookie player area, there was such a bully???

Arc Slide Step!

The Wargod No 1 flashed, the Hunter Type 3’s head flew up, mech burst!

Skeleton WIN!

Somewhere on Earth, a twenty something youth fiercely beat a machine, “This is fucking barefaced bullying, whose alt is this!!!”

The spectator area was moment of quiet, followed immediately by an explosion of cheering. Ten credits to see a classic underdog killing a sniper, absolutely worth it!

Little Shi was next to Wang Zheng, and could clearly see into the cockpit. Wang Zhen was smiling from start to finish, as if unspeakable confident and relaxed, as if the battle was a kind of sublimation.

Arc Slide Step, such a comparatively difficult maneuver was absolutely impossible to perform without corresponding physical strength, even in CT.

And even before that, the judgement in crisis was even more something only veteran soldiers could produce!

Wang Zheng took off the tactile equipment and left the cockpit, seeing little Shi outside, “Wasn’t it very boring?”

Little Shi didn’t have time to reply before a miserable howl came from the side of the room, “This group of pits, pulling me in as well! Ah, my points!”

Yan Xiaosu walked out with a depressed expression, “Not playing, the children are all on summer vacation, running around being pits everywhere!”

“Zheng-gege is an expert, it’ll be fine if you bring him.” Little Shi smiled slightly.

“Damn, today is boss’ second time playing, no matter what kind of genius he still needs to practice.”

Yan Xiaosu said, “Boss, I’m not saying you won’t do, but understanding the mech armor environment and battle tactics, it’s not possible without several hundred games. Those diamond level experts are veterans who have experienced tens of thousands of battles.”

Comprehensive knowledge, outstanding battle awareness, diligent training, even Wargod College students wouldn’t do, how many in the Asian region could reach this stage?

“It’s quite interesting, and plenty of experts.” Wang Zheng nodded. Training was rigid, real combat had countless permutations, it really could offer quite a bit of help.

“We’ll go window shopping, that’s what girls love most.” Yan Xiaosu said. What ordinary girl didn’t like window shopping.

Little Shi was on the contrary indifferent, it was actually Wang Zheng who thought he would see little Shi off later, and should buy her some souvenirs.

“Little Shi, if you see something you like just say it, I’ll get it for you!” Wang Zheng rubbed little Shi’s head. It hadn’t been long since they met, but he really felt like he had a little sister. If he really had such an adorable little sister it would be a blessed thing.

“How rare, I’ve already been together with boss for half our lives, and he’s never given me a present.”

A square jawed and blunt person acting cute, little Shi couldn’t hold back her laughter if she wanted to.

Besides, on the way little Shi had gotten a lot of information out of Yan Xiaosu, especially that Wang Zheng’s gene score was unexpectedly just twenty eight. Little Shi’s first reaction was disbelief, but when she got confirmation from Wang Zheng himself, little Shi’s interest reached a peak, how was it possible?

Yan Xiaosu, that loudmouth, indeed revealed Wang Zheng’s embarrassments from when he wore open crotched pants.

“Little sister Shi, if you still have some younger or elder sister without boyfriend, there’s no harm in giving me an introduction. We’re all friends, don’t let your own fertile water flow into others’ field, eh.”

“Even though I have a younger cousin, you already have a goddess. Really unfortunate.”

“Ai, for one tree I have given up on the whole forest, I really am too faithful!” Yan Xiaosu habitually praised himself further.

“Boss, I’ll go settle some personal business. You stroll around first, call me later.”

Saying so he pressed a card into Wang Zheng’s hand, winked, then vanished with his big butt like a wisp of smoke.

Wang Zheng smiled knowingly, brothers for life, at this time he wouldn’t be polite.

“Your friend really is passionate.”

“He’s my best brother.”

“Zheng-gege, will you still remember me later?” Little Shi’s tone was suddenly melancholic, because she knew that the time to leave had finally come. Even if Wang Zheng didn’t mention it, she still had to go.

“I will. You’re the sole highlight in this time of darkness, even if I almost lost my family fortune in the process.” Wang Zheng smiled.

Little Shi also couldn’t help laughing, she really had no concept of money, but she knew it was different in Wang Zheng’s circumstances. In her heart she was very thankful, that day she was already regretting her impulsiveness, until she met Wang Zheng.

Suddenly Wang Zheng’s expression fell, abruptly throwing himself towards little Shi. At practically the same moment, with a cheng sound, a hole appeared in the ground.

“Sniper!” Little Shi cried out in fear, she had undergone anti-assassination training.

Wang Zheng used his body to shelter little Shi, pulling her along to hide in the crowd. Practically at the same time came another thump thump thump consecutive shots.

One of them grazed Wang Zheng’s arm, blood splashing out. Wang Zheng held little Shi, urgently dashing in behind a billboard. Grandma’s legs, they really came for little Shi.

“They’re after me, you leave quickly!” At this moment little Shi wanted to push Wang Zheng away.

“You’re my little sister, they’ll need my permission if they want to touch you.” Wang Zheng said indifferently.

“They’re all professional killers, you don’t know…..” Little Shi said hurriedly, this wasn’t something a student could handle.

The next moment Wang Zheng carried little Shi and leapt away, as the billboard was blasted into fragments. The entire block was in chaos.

A panicked middle aged man in the crowd instantly charged at little Shi, a dagger glinting with cold light in his hand.

The opponent’s movements were incomparably fierce and practiced, approaching little Shi’s neck in practically an instant, without a trace of wasted motion.

Little Shi’s eyes widened, blankly staring at the dagger thrusting at her. The killer’s pupils contracted, the corner of his mouth revealing an incomparably excited expression, but a hand grabbed the knife blade, the killer stared distractedly, hand flicking. Barehanded against a bare blade, you really think you’re made of diamond!

The sharp pain in his hand didn’t even make Wang Zheng frown, the outcome would change with even a second of hesitation.

—— Leaning Landslide!


The killer instantly shot out more than twenty meters as if struck by a cannonball.

Almost at the same time, there was another gunshot. Wang Zheng leaned over, and the bullet only grazed his stomach, but Wang Zheng pulled little Shi to burst into a shopping mall, hiding in the corner of a store.

One hand held little Shi, one hand grabbed…… pink underwear. Damn, this was a lingerie store.

Little Shi silently leaned against Wang Zheng’s chest. Originally she believed they would definitely die, but little Shi had already calmed down. It may be assumed that the imperial guards should already have reacted. If they still hadn’t, they wouldn’t be fit to be imperial guards.

Sirens blared outside, the whole block cordoned off by police, there were even SWAT among them, as well as a group wearing special livery, who were especially fast.

Hearing the sirens and shouts outside, the situation should be under control.

“Little Shi, next time don’t wander off alone.” Wang Zheng smiled slightly, the feeling of danger receding.

Before little Shi could speak up, the shop door was blown open, SWAT charging inside.

The two were tightly surrounded and brought outside. A noble and graceful woman was already leading a group of imperial guards to take charge of little Shi. From start to finish, the SWAT didn’t give the two the chance to speak again.

Wang Zheng shrugged, tearing his clothes and bandaging his hand.

Yan Xiaosu pulled at Wang Zheng. The crowd wa chaotic, but worried about Wang Zheng he always hid nearby, “Bo…… Boss, what happened, damn, how come you’re injured?”

“It’s nothing, a scratch.”

“Little Shi?”

“Her family picked her up.”

“That girl wasn’t an ordinary person at first look, she was brimming with a wealthy air. Maybe even more than me. A pity, we should have asked for a reward.”

“Get lost, that’s my little sister, let me be a man for once.”

“Haha, boss, there’s always something to admire about you!”

Yan Xiaosu forcefully grabbed student Wang’s hand, gah, it’s injured!

Speaking of money hurts feelings, speaking of feelings hurts money, this was an old Yan family motto.

It seemed little Shi’s family situation really was quite good, there were unexpectedly this many people mobilized when she went missing. But being wealthy wasn’t necessarily a good thing, there were actually even killers looking to drop in.

Stellar War Storm – 1.09 – Explosive Noob

Even though a brittleskin couldn’t let him show his power, he could at least warm up.

The Demon Wolf Type V issued an attack in a flash. Practically everyone dealing with the Demon Wolf’s flexible and vicious attack used their energy shield to lock up the opponent and then attack. But a brittleskin had no energy shield, and could only forcibly block or dodge, but could a Wargod No 1 dodge a Demon Wolf Type V?

The Wargod No 1 retreated half a step as if weightless, just enough to dodge the attack. Ma Xiao smiled slightly, then followed up with the attack combo. If the Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills could be joined up it was unstoppable.

Retreat, was an abyss.

The first lunge could be a feint or could be real, but the following attack was fatal. There was no way to withdraw from this. But the Wargod No 1 actually spun away!

The attack chained up with a sweep attack, followed closely by a leap attack. The Wargod No 1 was like an apparition, dodging the leap attack by a hair’s breadth, each dodge at the limit. But Ma Xiao’s Soaring Steed fatal blow appeared.

A deadlock after a series of moves, the effect of motion waning.

The Demon Wolf opened its mouth—— Laser cannon!

Almost within reach, undodgeable!


The perfect killing move!

But the Wargod No 1 unexpectedly shifted sideways like a ghost, without the slightest pause, the whole set of dodges was like something practiced countless times. The Demon Wolf just opened its mouth when he attacked.

The blast attack failed!

Alarms instantly blared, transitioning to the left side, the Wargod No 1 was actually charging. In the end he was a diamond player, he didn’t dodge, there was no time, so he instantly started the energy shield.

The Wargod No 1 was already flying forward, kill!


Energy sparked from the collision. Ma Xiao retreated, but the Wargod No 1—— dashed in to attack!

As quick and violent as an artillery shell. What kind of violent burst strength was required to make such a charge with a humanoid mech armor?

The Demon Wolf Type V hadn’t dodged completely, at least it suffered some force. But next the Wargod No 1 made a sweep attack. The Demon Wolf had an incomparably fast mechanical tail, but the Wargod No 1 used its foot, its speed should be a beat slow, but…… Ma Xiao felt unreassured.



The next moment, the Wargod No 1 was already leaping up, the titanium blade slashing at the Demon Wolf’s belly.

Sparks flashed for an instant. Ma Xiao also erupted, the already unbalanced Demon Wolf Type V suddenly stepped hard and flew back.

But at this moment the mech armor abruptly swayed.


The Wargod No 1 grabbed the Demon Wolf’s leg, titanium blade already at its head.


The energy shield shattered, the titanium blade rudely thrusting into the Demon Wolf Type V’s head. Sparks flew in all directions.


The Demon Wolf crumbled and collapsed.

Skeleton WIN, two successive wins!

The extravagant training room was dead silent, everyone were dumbfounded.

How was this possible!

A humanoid mech’s Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills???

Used against the inventor Ma Xiao!!!

With the Wargod No 1!!!

Was this a hallucination?

Ma Xiao was motionless. The whole series of events from just now played through his mind. Mistake?

He hadn’t made any mistake. This was definitely an alt, the opponent’s operation was diamond level, and was moreover planned quite unashamedly!

“Who are you, Carlos, is this your alt???”

Ma Xiao typed in a series of question marks. Carlos was his main rival, and moreover someone who frequently liked acting like a pretentious prick with the Wargod No 1.

Wang Zheng on the other side didn’t pay him any attention. The opponent was a bit nooby, storming up to attack like that was something you could only use when you were vastly superior to the opponent. But as an unfamiliar opponent, he could only give him one point. If Bonehead was here, there would definitely be a ten thousand volt electric shock waiting.

Ma Xiao was furious, the counterpart actually took a disinterested attitude and directly went into matchmaking for an opponent.

He immediately launched matchmaking, but very unfortunately, his luck wasn’t that good.

Meanwhile, in the CT Asian region official forum’s newbie section there were two popular videos stickied.

The subject was “Guess whose alt this is!”

Skeleton, two successive victories, using Wargod No 1.

The click through rate was already in the tens of thousands, and there were even thousands of replies. Even though it didn’t compare to celebrities, it was already very popular in the newbie section.

“Fuck, capable of flipping over a Wild Beast without using weapons, this guy is the alt of European region’s number one Wild Beast player Maru!”

“A fluke. It’s not impossible, the Wild Beast was charging too recklessly, how many gurus would have this much time and leisure!”

“The mods are bored, stickying even a post like this. A very ordinary bronze level promotion match.”

But with the appearance of the second video, the wind direction changed sharply.

“This is Carlos’ alt!”

“Guess who Dragon God 007 is, it wouldn’t be Dragon God Ma Xiao?”

Couldn’t you recognize a pig on the road without eating pork? Even though very rarely people could use the Heavenly Steed Five Successive Kills, the skill this Demon Wolf Type V was used with was too admirable. But that Wargod No 1 could actually dodge completely, it was simply demonic skill. And afterwards the humanoid mech armor actually used the Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills that only beast type mechs could use.

Last time clearly wasn’t a fluke, it would be difficult for this post not to get popular.

“Textbook level dodging. This is absolutely a veteran who’s made special research and training in Soaring Steed!”

Some veterans couldn’t bear not spitting bubbles.

Watching the video in slow motion, the Wargod No 1’s dodges were practically all by a hair’s breadth, and his prediction was even more unusually good. Even though Dragon Good’s motions were almost perfect, clearly there were no perfect styles, only perfect tactics.

Little Shi also won one round, but as someone accustomed to handling real mechs, a toy like this wasn’t that interesting. She was actually more interested in Wang Zheng, how did he operate it?

Wang Zheng’s third opponent appeared.

ID: Chaos Gunner Hunter Type 3 130 wins, 53% win rate, bronze five level.

Wang Zheng’s two successive victories weren’t rare, but his win rate was too high, so the system would match him against stronger opponents. Only a player who just had two fights was actually matched with a bronze five player, even though it was low level bronze, it was enough to kill any rookie.

If they had a level, the gap to common players would be quite large.

Skeleton VS Chaos Gunner, this was originally a match that wouldn’t draw attention, but a lot of the players who saw the video on the official forum grew interested. Such a common battle actually drew several hundred paying viewers.

Chaos Gunner was also quite surprised. Still something this good?

In a match like this, CT would definitely take the bulk, but would award a bonus depending on the level of brilliance, both for the victor and loser, but of course a bit more for the winner.

Who was the opponent, two fights two wins……this was clearly a sockpuppet, huh.

Chaos Gunner was cheerful. Still such a good thing. He immediately opened galactic search, and very quickly found the comments on the opponent.

A fellow expert in close combat, level pretty good, but he was out of luck running into Chaos Gunner. Whether he was a real sockpuppet or a lucky rookie, he would be eliminated.

Wargod No 1 VS Hunter Type 3, battle site: Jungle

The jungle was a great place for sniper type ambushers. In circumstances without energy shield, it was a one hit kill.

However, Wang Zheng’s choice left little Shi speechless.

Wargod No 1, weapon choice titanium alloy saber…… He didn’t bring a gun???


Let alone little Shi, Chaos Gunner was all smiles. This world still had someone so conceited. His rush to pick the scenario already gave him a major advantage, and the opponent actually only brought a rotten saber. Could it be that he thought he would get a physical fight?

Of the more than three hundred people watching, half were already regretting it. Impulses really were the devil. Even a common match cost ten credits. The money was secondary, but this really wasn’t worth it, everyone were a bit depressed.

But the matches gave no refunds, even when it was on the official web. For sales, the official web would publish some players people were interested in. Throwing the net wide, someone would inevitably be taken in.

“This Skeleton would die if it didn’t act like a pretentious prick, he even picked Wargod No 1 in a situation like this!”

“Fuck, he didn’t even bring a laser rifle, he treats the opponent like an idiot!”

“Fraud, defrauded again!”

“Those two matches were probably staged!”

“Who knows, fuck, that Gunner is an expert, he’s already in ambush!”

Entering the battle scenario, Chaos Gunner quickly found his ambush location. Having seen the videos of the previous two matches, he understood clearly that he couldn’t let the opponent get in close.

This was a Norton Star style jungle, tall and strange plants with small cracks in between. At the same time as it was easy to hide, it offered a sniper a pretty good field of view.

Chaos Gunner didn’t pick an ordinary high position ambush, but chose a low lying depression.

The chances that the opponent was an idiot was extremely low, very likely it was an expert acting dumb. Therefore the opponent would definitely place heavy importance on the high points, so Chaos Gunner found a hollow depression and camouflaged himself, only waiting for the opponent to appear.

Everyone sighed at this opening, but what made them the most speechless was the Wargod No 1 walking around without concern.

“Is it a mistake? Confronting the Hunter, and he’s still walking in a straight line, does he have a brain!”

“This is a rhythm of departing this life!”

Little Shi didn’t know the opponent’s circumstances, but she was still very worried. The opponent was definitely lying in ambush, so how could Wang Zheng walk so relaxed?

Little Shi subconsciously looked at Wang Zheng’s expression, and immediately looked distracted. He was unexpectedly smiling, as if enjoying it.

What kind of state was this?

Wang Zheng really was enjoying it. Even if it was virtual, he was still half a step towards his dreams.

As if relaxing, Wang Zheng’s every cell was unusually lively.

Danger, it was a kind of scent!

The mech armor easily advanced, gradually approaching Chaos Gunner’s field of view.

Chaos Gunner was motionless, quietly waiting for the opponent’s arrival. Soon, soon, a bit closer!

Everyone’s hearts clutched. In around five meters or so, was the rhythm of heads exploding.

Just at this moment the Wargod No 1 suddenly stopped, starting to hesitate in place, as if looking for something. He unexpectedly turned his head and abruptly walked away.

No way, what was going on!

Chaos Gunner was a bit depressed, but his moved improved very quickly, because the Wargod No 1 appeared again, and moreover entered his range!

…… The screen constantly flickered, damn, this fellow was really fast, not easy to aim at, cutting across trees almost every second. A sniper’s doctrine was to hit with every shot, especially someone focusing on ambushes, but he couldn’t completely target the opponent at each step, and didn’t dare act blindly without thinking.

Stellar War Storm – 1.08 – Soaring Like A Heavenly Steed

Wang Zheng shook of Yan Xiaosu in a burst of abject horror, “Get lost, this is little Shi……”

Little Shi had already walked over and grabbed Wang Zheng’s arm, “Hello, I’m Zheng-gege’s distant cousin, Wang Shishi, it’s my first time on Earth, so please look after me.”

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu both looked dumbstruck at this elfin girl. Wang Zheng shivered, could it be this girl was looking at becoming dependant on him?

“No way, you don’t look blood related anywhere! If Boss had a tenth of your genes, he’d be the handsomest guy in school!” Yan Xiaosu pounded Wang Zheng’s ego without a trace of politeness.

“Xiaosu, you need a spanking!” After trampling on Yan Xiaosu, the three proceeded to have breakfast.

“Little Shi, besides the goddess of my dreams, you are the most beautiful girl, en, actually, you’re a bit prettier than my dream goddess too!”

“Yan, I’m having breakfast, I’ll get indigestion.” Wang Zheng really wasn’t interested in Yue Jing.

“Ah, why?” Little Shi asked curiously.

“Explaining all of this is a long story, I’ll cut to the chase and give you the summary. I asked boss to help me deliver a love letter, as a result……”

Completely ignoring student Wang’s earnest attempts at stopping him, Wang Zheng’s awkward incident was revealed by Yan Xiaosu like an exploding bean,

Even though little Shi didn’t laugh easily, she couldn’t help it this time. The world had such a silly person?

Only, thinking about it, he’d really done it.

“Tell me, is there anyone in this world who values loyalty more than boss!” Yan Xiaosu acted like he was telling a folk story.

“Zheng-gege, why did you jump into the lake?” Little Shi was as adorable as a curious baby.

“Urges are the devil!” Wang Zheng choked. Ultimately he could still only helplessly shrug, he couldn’t stand recalling past events.

Hearing Wang Zheng’s true story, little Shi laughed without the least attention to image, “Zheng-gege, you really are cute.”

Wang Zheng touched his nose, did that count as a compliment?

After breakfast, Yan Xiaosu insisted on showing the scenery of earth, and little Shi also quite wanted to go play. Originally Wang Zheng was planning on sending little Shi to search the public service system, but when he saw her happy expression he still left that for later. They didn’t lack time. In fact, when little Shi smiled he felt warm. Wang Zheng really felt as though he had a little sister.

Asian Historical Museum, here were accounts of humanity’s bronze age, silver age, even the now ended golden age of interstellar grand voyaging. Yan Xiaosu was a novice in this respect, so Wang Zheng was in charge of explaining.

“This is the mankind’s earliest earthquake detector, a thing from ten thousand years ago. The principles behind the current super shock star probes are a about seventy percent similar.”

Wang Zheng said. Having followed old merchant as a little assistant in the book shop for so many years, he really had read a lot.

“Eh, that’s one of the masterpieces of doctor Jacques Rogge, you understand it, Zheng-gege?” Little Shi asked.

“Haha, even if I don’t know whether it’s coincidence, but compared to this seismograph it only includes some subspace wave theory, it’s actually quite simple to combine. Of course, the person who could figure that out is definitely very amazing.”

Unconsciously, Wang Zheng imitated old merchant’s tone. Of course the last part was his own addition. Old merchant was quite disdainful, and the number of people that could be valued by him were…… almost none.

A trace of astonishment flashed through little Shi’s eyes, but this was only the beginning. As the two talked they touched on all manner of knowledge, astronomy and geography were comprehensively covered. Wang Zheng also discovered that, besides not remembering who she was, little Shi’s memory was intact in other respects, and had also received a good education.

The curved flight memorial hall was especially large. This was the key to mankind’s access to the stars. Lauren Lee was also a citizen of the Aslan Empire, it had to be admitted that this empire had produced countless scientists, with an extremely important effect on the development of human history.

“At present the highest speed we can reach is your Aslan Empire’s fourfold curved flight, but the future mainstream should be curved leap flight, that should be an enormous improvement.”

Wang Zheng smiled, Yan Xiaosu to the side had almost fallen asleep. Studen Yan had been very conscientious at the start, but along with the subjects getting deeper and duller, he really couldn’t endure it. Anyway, there were no people here, so he sat on the shoulders of giants, then leaned on the heads of giants to sleep. Besides, it gave him quite a feeling of modelling.

But little Shi really was alarmed, the curved velocity leap theory still hadn’t been published!

This was still a high level galactic secret, and each nation was conducting tightly guarded research. She had also just heard her tutor mention it by accident. But Wang Zheng actually knew about it, and it seemed he quite understood it.

How was this possible!

“Zheng-gege, you’re definitely a top student at Wargod Military College!”

Wang Zheng blushed, “Cough cough, I still haven’t passed the exams, and I still have a few days before high school graduation.”

“You’ll definitely pass. Compared to you, I feel I’m too ignorant.”

Wang Zheng smiled, “I’m also just chatting casually.”

“Zheng-gege, do you have a girlfriend, you’re definitely very popular at school!” Little Shi exposed an adoring expression.

Yan Xiaosu to the side immediately woke up, “Little sister Shi, I swear before Heaven, boss is a virgin!”

“Yan Xiaosu, you’re talking bullshit again, I’ll wring you into a dough twist!”

No matter how thick Wang Zheng’s face was, he still couldn’t stand up against Yan Xiaosu’s eloquence. Little Shi looked distracted before covering her mouth and breaking into laughter, her charming face deep red, looking at both Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu.

Cough cough, we’ve been walking for so long, let’s find a place to rest.” Seeing Wang Zheng flipping out, Yan Xiaosu hurriedly changed the subject.

“You wouldn’t be thinking about going to play CT again?”

“Haha, little sister Shi, I’m an expert, I’ve promoted to bronze level!” On mention of this, Yan Xiaosu immediately got cocky.

“Really, I still haven’t played, is it fun?” Little Shi really was interested in anything and everything.

“Fun? No, it’s super fun! This is the hottest game in the Milky Way, it’s not a game, it’s a lifestyle! The life of battle, life of passion, men’s hot blood, women’s charm, all blossoming in the sparks of mech armor!”

Yan Xiaosu swung his arms, as if he stood on a stage in front of ten thousand spectators.

Like this the three quickly took the public high speed system to Brothers Net Café.

“Owner, my private room!” Yan Xiaosu yelled when he entered, and was immediately greeted by a smiling owner. This was a high level VIP.

“No problem, how many stations?”

“Three, this is my brother, and my brother’s little sister, if they come again just put them on my tab!”

Yan Xiaosu patted his breast and said.

“No problem, please go inside, ……. Anything to drink, we have Nebula Water, all kinds of beverages, everything that should be here, free of charge today.”

The proprietor was also shocked by little Shi’s sweet smile, always miserly, he suddenly grew generous.

“Three bottles of coca cola!”

This was what Yan Xiaosu liked the most. Why?

Only because Coca Cola was very domineering, possessing a long history, with even more power to speak. As long as mankind wasn’t extinguished, as long as humanity still needed water, there would be Coca Cola. This most suited Tall Rich Handsome.

Entering CT, Yan Xiaosu immediately grew completely excited, calling friends left and right.

“Crud, I forgot, both of you are newbies. First get familiar I’ll go fight first.”

Wang Zheng opened his account. Skeleton already had ten points, one successive win.

And the ID little Shi entered next to him was “Aslan Little Free Spirit”.

Yan Xiaosu shook his head, really not creative. Looking at his own ID Tall Rich Handsome, how formidable and domineering.

“It’s best for newbies to first play 1v1 to get familiar with the mech controls and function. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you can come unscathed through a hundred battles. I’ll duck out first. …… You two do whatever you want, there are no cameras here.”

Yan Xiaosu smiled wickedly. What ‘little sister’, he had been with Wang Zheng since childhood and never heard of any relatives. Since boss was so slow on the start, he needed the helping hand of a romantic expert like him!

Little Shi looked distracted, “Do whatever we want?”

“Don’t listen to him, that kid has been in heat recently.”

Little Shi didn’t seem unfamiliar with this, and also seemed eager to give it a try.

The two smiled at each other, both starting their CT careers in full spirits.


He also really wanted to know to what extent he could use the things he learned in the Rubik’s Cube.

Light flashed.

1v1 mode.

ID: Skeleton Wargod No 1

Automatic matchmaking……

Matchmaking was based on the sum of win rate, level, and successive wins.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious room, three youths were also just waiting for matchmaking to finish. The five hundred square meter private game room really was extravagant, even the bathroom was bigger than Wang Zheng’s home.

“Captain, today you definitely have to let us experience your Soaring Steed Five Successive Slashes.”

“Is using the Soaring Steed Five Successive Slashes very difficult with the Demon Wolf Type V?”

The two youths standing behind Ma Xiao were filled with expectation.

Ma Xiao, Asian region diamond level expert, the two behind him were new members of his Dragon God Team. As captain, he was using an alt to demonstrate a skill, and at the same time establish his prestige.

“The Demon Wolf Type V is still pretty flexible, its weak points are something only those high level experts can target. It’s unequalled in a place like this.”

Ma Xiao said indifferently. As a first rate expert, he would sometimes use a false name to play around. His main was too famous.

Ma Xiao’s alt: Dragon God 007, complete victory in three fights.

Automatic matchup:

Skeleton VS Dragon God 007.

“Whoa, it’s actually a little newbie, this really is like killing chickens with the bull cleaver.”

“To be able to die under the Dragon God’s five successive kills is still his good fortune.”

The two behind him were a bit excited. They could watch from the captain’s POV, that was a rare chance to learn. They were both gold one level, part of the team’s important backup strength, and also first year students at Wargod College.

“Fuck, got to be a mistake, it’s actually a brittleskin. He’ll die in one move……”

Ma Xiao was also speechless. The level of this account was fairly low. The opponent didn’t have computer trouble, but in any case it was an issue of IQ. But the opponent actually picked a brittleskin, he’d die in one hit.

Light flashed on the stage, and two mech warriors slowly appeared.

Ma Xiao didn’t want to waste time. As soon as the battle started, the Demon Wolf Type V made a pull. This was commonly used by experts, by pausing a bit, you could increase the mech’s instant burst power, and even more so for beast type mechs.

All his movements were as fluent as moving clouds and flowing water, and the mech charged towards the Wargod No 1.

In practically an instant he had arrived, “Watch closely, Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills depends heavily on timing!”

Stellar War Storm – 1.07 – Little Shi

Rumour said that this time, besides Dawnbreak elites, there would even be some Wargod College students there. This was a major opportunity to ask for advice.But why would she invite these two?

“Good. I look forward to your attendance. I will send you invitation cards later.”

Yue Jing and Ye Zisu’s attitudes were exceptionally good today. It was the first time Yan Xiaosu was this close to the person he admired, and he practically didn’t remember his own surname.

“Boss, tell me, what are my odds?”

Wang Zheng shrugged. These two girls were mythical creatures. If Yan Xiaosu fell in, there wouldn’t even be bones left. But what could he say?

Everyone had their one in a million, he wished him good luck.

Distantly, Yue Jing and Ye Zisu were also giggling very happily, “Those two idiots are definitely feeling very happy and surprised.”

“They will be even more surprised on Sunday!” Yue Jing said coldly.

She had heard about Wang Zheng’s disregard for her from Ye Zisu. Being someone who thought highly of herself, she would let this retard know the meaning of unreachable!

Lazy toads eating swan meat was a crime, but lazy toads ignoring the swan was even more criminal!

The classrooms had basically turned into a tea party. Everyone were chatting about their future and dreams, and those who were certain were even more impassioned and elated. Yan Xiaosu could finally sleep in peace, the teachers didn’t care about him now. Wang Zheng also pondered his future.

No need to think about military school, with his gene score he wasn’t qualified to try. He could only wait for enlistment in three months. Now he had to think about how to survive until then. Right now he was just waiting for graduation, all that was missing was the diploma. He would ponder tomorrow’s rations.

Opening his skylink, he glanced over the nearby job listings. But the majority all required work experience, ages twenty and up, and the educational background wasn’t something highschool could match. Wang Zheng swept past them a bit gloomily, would he have to starve?

Wang Zheng started his job hunting career immediately after school was out, but his current circumstances were still awkward. He couldn’t reach the heights and didn’t deign the lows. Anyway, Duck Row restaurant was looking for unskilled kitchen labor that seemed possible.

Standing at the doorway, Wang Zheng adjusted his expression. Smile, smile honestly and sincerely. He assumed unskilled labor didn’t need any technical qualifications.

Just as he prepared to open the door, the door opened on him. Was he that sincere?

A silhouette bumped against Wang Zheng, and he dodged almost instinctively.

“Help, villains are chasing me!”

A pair of hands as fair as jade grabbed Wang Zheng’s arm, a peaked cap rising slightly, revealing a dirty little face.

Ai, a comrade in poverty.

Two black suited black waiters rushed out, one of them immediately bursting into curses, “Little bastard, you dare eat without paying? Looking to die! Pay up, or both of you get a beating.”

To tell the truth, Wang Zheng really wanted to easily wave his hand and leave without trace. But for some reason, that pair of miserable eyes suddenly softened his heart. If Bonehead saw this, he didn’t know how he would be remonstrated.

“How much?” Wang Zheng was dumbfounded, eating at this place a few dozen credits was enough, no need to beat people.

“Very good, five hundred thirty credits. I’ll give you a discount, five hundred.”

“Don’t trick me, at this place it’s at most a hundred and something!” Wang Zheng insisted.

“Bullshit, this girl came in and ordered one of every dish!”

Wang Zheng understood another principle. Without money, don’t play hero.

“All I have is three hundred. You can take it, or you can have the police take us away.”

Wang Zheng shrugged like a gangster, “Or, you can hit me for a discount.”

Depressed or not, leaving things halfway wasn’t Wang Zheng’s style.

The two waiters looked distracted, gazing at Wang Zheng’s three hundred credits, one rushed over, “You two little bastards, hurry up and get lost!”

As he spoke he punched towards Wang Zheng. A smack sound, and the counterpart immediately held his hand and jumped back. Wang Zheng touched his face, immediately withdrawing one bill, “Once for one hundred, come again if you aren’t satisfied.”

When someone hit your left cheek, there was no harm in turning the right. One hundred credits could support him for days.

The waiters looked at each other, one’s hand was already swollen, then they ran off with a fierce glare at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly. No need to try this place, finding work in this day and age wasn’t that hard.

Behind him followed a small tail.

Wang Zheng halted, turning. The little tail also stopped, raising her head. Those miserable big eyes again.

Damn, Wang Zheng forced back the roar that was on the edge of his lips. This filthy girl’s eyes had a strange power.

“Fellow student, as comrades in abject poverty, you don’t have to thank me. But don’t follow me either. To be honest, I’m a poor wretch, that just now was the full extent of my property, I don’t know where my next meal will be. I can still say it won’t be skipping the bill.”

Finished speaking, Wang Zheng turned and left. He had to find work, that was no joke. Without food to eat, even diamonds would turn into toffee.

But the little tail unexpectedly kept following.

“Little girl, if you follow me, don’t think I won’t beat you up!”

The filthy girl in front of him seemed to be about his size, wearing clearly unsuitable sports wear, plus a pitiful expression that seemed a bit small.

The girl’s tears immediately fell with a pitter patter. Wang Zheng instantly lost his thread. He really was a villain, shouting at a little girl.

“I’m sorry, little……. Cough cough, I’m Wang Zheng, what’s your name?” Suddenly Wang Zheng discovered that the counterpart seemed to be about his age, calling her little girl this and little girl that was no good.

Tears hovered in the girl’s eyes, “I don’t know, I don’t remember.”

Wang Zheng felt dizzy. Not only didn’t he find work, he even brought home an illegitimate child.

Wang Zheng brought “little Shi” back home. Little Shi was the nickname Wang Zheng gave her, since it sounded close to amnesia. Fortunately there was still food at home. Wang Zheng overturned trunks and boxes, almost turning over is whole house. He finally discovered another eighty credits. One hundred eighty credits, still a good day.

Little Shi became very calm in Wang Zheng’s little house, not as terrified as outside.

“Little Shi, you wash up first. I’ll go get something to eat.” It had to be admitted that this little miss’ smell was even a bit unworthy of the revolutionary masses.

Having squandered a day, the sky was already dark. Wang Zheng was long ago so hungry the front of his stomach was sticking to his back.

Instant noodles and cola was still a pretty good meal.

The water in the bathroom stopped, and little Shi timidly walked out dressed in Wang Zheng’s T-shirt, “I’m sorry, I only found this to wear.”

“Wear it if you want. Tomorrow I’ll bring you to……”

Even with student Wang’s willpower, he was still a bit absent minded. Seriously, it seemed that luck really was changeable. What he casually picked up turned out to be a little fairy?

Faintly purple, slightly curled long hair, wherever it was dyed, it seemed quite natural. Skin like white jade, glossy and smooth. To be honest, Wang Zheng had never seen a girl as pretty as this. Most importantly, this girl had pupils like stars, clear, sparkling, even Ye Zisu was like a sweet potato in front of her. Spiritual influence, she was brimming with a fresh and clean smell.

“Seriously, such a pretty little Shi shoud fetch quite a high price!” Wang Zheng snapped his fingers.

Little Shi on the other side jumped with fright, “Zheng-gege, don’t sell me. I’m very strong, I can to a lot of work.”

“Sweatdrop, I’m joking.” Wang Zheng felt that he really was going rotten, bullying an amnesiac girl.

At this moment Wang Zheng noticed that his clothes little Shi wore just barely covered her butt. Those long and slender legs could really be rated as art.

From top to bottom, every part of her was perfect. Someone like this simply shouldn’t exist.

Damn, this girl really isn’t minor.

“Do I look strange like this?” Little Shi pulled at her clothes. This movement was an even more violent blow at Wang Zheng.

Cough cough, little Shi, tomorrow I’ll take you to check the Skylink Public Service System, then I’m taking you home. You can just stay here today.”

Wang Zheng focused his attention on his noodles. Grandma’s legs, two years of training in willpower crumbled like that.

“Thank you, gege.”

Little Shi’s voice was very beautiful, soft, like it could reach your heart.

Finishing the meal quickly and efficiently, releasing a loud burp without regard to image, human life was eating, drinking, shitting and sleeping. Very pleasurable, student Wang was very calm regardless of the difficulties.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa, you sleep inside.” Wang Zheng threw off his shoes, stretching his big feet very comfortably. Sleep was a very happy thing to him.

In the Rubik’s Cube, even sleep was a nightmare. His current dull life was like paradise.

Almost three seconds later, little Shi heard Wang Zheng’s snores, this…….

Wang Zheng’s room wasn’t messy, because there was practically nothing there. Laying in the bed, Xiao Shi’s eyes suddenly seemed radiant. The snores outside really didn’t have a trace of politeness. Little Shi couldn’t help smiling slightly, there really existed an idiot like this.

This night, even though the bed was very uncomfortable, her mood was still unusually good.

At the first glimmer of dawn, Wang Zheng got up for morning exercises. Bonehead said that a super soldier had to be beautiful both outside and in. Cultivation technique was inside, and muscles and endurance and such training was the outside. Both sides had to be mutually coordinated to reach the best results, and physical capability had to be maintained. He had moreover slept very soundly last night. Let alone others, even Yan Xiaosu very rarely came over. Suddenly having the presence of a girl in the house unexpectedly gave it the ambience of a home.

Not long after setting breakfast, the doorbell rang unusually urgently. “Boss, open up!”

Opening the door, Yan Xiaosu didn’t seem to be missing any parts, “Pretty good, all parts intact. Your old man let you off like this?” Wang Zheng teased.

“Gah, my butt is splitting open. But relying on the eloquence of Tall Rich And Handsome, I finally passed the crisis!”

“Oh, what excuse did you use this time?” Wang Zheng was also quite curious, Yan Xiaosu was rather skilled in dealing with people.

“Of course it’s the goddess’ birthday. I said, you can’t lower our Yan family’s demeanor, for good or bad we’re still characters with face in Shangjing.”

Yan Xiaosu straightened his waist and smiled, “The old man best likes face. A representative’s daughter’s birthday party struck his weak point. This time I can make adequate preparations, capturing Yue Jing is my life goal. Shouldn’t you find a goal too? You can’t marry mech armor. About to graduate and still a virgin, if it gets out you won’t have any face!”

“Zheng-gege, who is it?” A melodious voice echoed. Wang Zheng had forgotten about this.

Yan Xiaosu was immediately petrified, stupidly looking at little Shi, drooling like a waterfall dropping three thousand feet.

Student Yan suddenly gripped Wang Zheng’s hands with deep emotion, “Brother, please give your most beloved little brother an introduction, who is this beautiful woman?”

(TL note: Shi, or “poem”, is a homonym for the first character in shiyi, “amnesia”.

Stellar War Storm – 1.06 – GODLIKE

The Wild Beast was originally slow, and Yan Xiaosu was further excited, and basically unable to keep up with Fanatic and the others’ tempo. He suddenly discovered that he had charged ahead alone.

There was a flash of flame ahead, fuck!

Fanatic Soldier didn’t retreat, retreating now really would be hopeless. Using Yan Xiaosu as bait, the three swiftly launched their attack, combined staking their lives to get rid of the opponents’ Demon Wolf.

The Wild Beast Type 3’s energy shield held up under enemy fire for a few seconds, then turned into a blaze in the the blink of an eye.

Tall Rich Handsome OVER!


Yan Xiaosu fiercely flung out an arm. The other side immediately retreated after finishing Yan Xiaosu. Fanatic Soldier’s movements were clearly unusually powerful, beating the Demon Wolf mech armor to the point of crisis. But the other side still held the numerical advantage, and under fire suppression, allowed the Demon Wolf to escape the battlefield.

This one wave was a major deficit, turning into 5v3. Fanatic Soldier was also angry. As a bronze expert, he was actually pleasing noobs. He also had a temper.

“Tall Rich Handsome, there’s nothing we can do at this point, and that one isn’t a bit helpful. This match is hopeless.”

Fanatic Soldier said.

Yan Xiaosu’s chubby face held a trace of anger, his tone changing slightly, “Guru, don’t do this. Before you were boasting to hide the sky, then letting me down at the key moment, and also blaming my brother. You won’t have a cent. But if you can win, I’ll pay double!”

Never one with a good temper, Yan Xiaosu couldn’t stand this group always talking crap about Wang Zheng. It seemed this time was finished. Such a good chance, he didn’t know how long he’d have to wait for the next one.

The power of money was great. The three substitutes blinked at each other. Creating trouble could increase income, who could have thought this Yan Xiaosu was so generous? They nodded. With generous compensation, they too would play for real.

Beating To Death Without Speaking grinned, “Since brother Tall is so generous, not showing a couple of moves would be too ungenerous. Old rules, kill them.”

Fanatic Soldier and Loves Beating Noobs nodded. Suddenly, Beating To Death became the captain.

Even though Fanatic Soldier had the highest rank among the three, Beating To Death Without Speaking had the highest skill level, he just didn’t have enough wins. The trio’s movements clearly went up a level, and Yan Xiaosu now became aware that he was taken in. This was a seller’s market.

Beating To Death Without Speaking went up the left side alone, drawing attention, such brazenness was clearly the result of complete confidence in his own skill. Meanwhile Fanatic and Loves Beating Nobs followed up on the flank.

The fierce battle left the watching Yan Xiaosu as if drunk and stupefied, and Wang Zheng on the side, enjoying the pleasure of piloting the mech, also observed the battle. A kind of intense thirst for acting flowed through him, his hands twitching.

It had to be said, this was serious!

People most feared seriousness, because as CT experts, once they became serious they forgot about everything else. The three displayed their level, and even though they were at a numerical disadvantage, they pulled it back bit by bit. The other side’s Demon Wolf was already broken, ultimately it was still destroyed even if it wasn’t an instant kill.

That one shot was exceptionally beautiful, and Yan Xiaosu couldn’t help applauding.

Gurus were gurus!

But Beating To Death Without Speaking’s position was also exposed. Ten minutes later, both sides were in a surging battle.

Fanatic Soldier exploded, Loves Beating Noobs also exploded. Beating To Death Without Speaking took down three opponents, but it was still hopeless for him. At this moment, the enemy Wild Beast Type 3 charged over.

A sniper mech being cornered by a tank in close quarters, that was a miserable spectacle.

The bloodlust was high on both sides. The Wild Beast Type 3 grabbed the Hunter, boom……

The Hunter was torn into pieces by the Wild Beast’s head blade. The other side cheered, and the Wild Beast roared.

On Yan Xiaosu’s side were sighs. If they’d fought casually, then a loss was just a loss, but having been serious for so long, yet failed by just a hair at the last effort, Fanatic Soldier and the others also fiercely hit their consoles.

The Wild Beast mech armor charged towards the target fort like a hot knife through butter, incomparably relaxed. To his surprise, he suddenly discovered a target not far away.

The Wild Beast player jumped with fright, first thinking it was a trap. The result was…… a Wargod No 1. Damn, no wonder it never came out, some idiot had picked the wrong mech armor.

Wang Zheng had left the fort at some point, and Beating To Death Without Speaking couldn’t help roaring, “Use your laser rifle, there’s still a chance, blast him, blast him to death!”

Yan Xiaosu was also urgent, “Boss, open fire, aim and shoot, shoot!”

Wang Zheng also wanted to shoot, the problem was……

“Rifle? Where?”

Have you ever seen an unarmed soldier on the battlefield?

Yan Xiaosu also knocked his head against the wall…… Top quality.

The opposite Wild Beast mech armor was quite cheerful. In all the time he’d been playing, this was the first time he’d seen such a noob. He directly opened the public channel, “Little kid, this big brother will leave you with a deep memory of your first time, haha!”

The Wild Beast mech suddenly accelerated, charging towards Wang Zheng with rock-breaking, heaven-startling momentum.

Yan Xiaosu sighed towards the sky. The other three were silent, not even in the mood for cursing. This wasn’t a pit, it was simply an abyss!

They just thought they’d grabbed a life saving straw, but discovered it was an illusion.

The Wargod No 1 also seemed to know his fate, standing there stupidly.

Brittleskin vs heavy armor demon beast!

Death, was the only result.

Crash bang…… rumble…… sparks!

In a suffocating silence, the extremely emotional computer referee’s voice:

Ironheart Berserker, OVER!

Team annihilated!

Red side WIN!

The other side started to celebrate, but the next moment everyone were struck dumb.

Hang on, red side won????

A fucking error!

System fuckup!

However, the only one left standing on the battlefield was Wargod No 1. The Wild Beast Type 3…… exploded!

Wang Zheng closed his eyes, experiencing the feeling of that attack. When he opened his eyes again, they radiated light, a bit impassioned.


The last kill replayed in slow motion.

The Wild Beast battlemech charged over. Wang Zheng’s hands that had been trembling from excitement were suddenly cool as ice, the Wargod mech leaned forward at a forty five degree angle, and was instantly pushed out four or five meters from the violent impact. But he unexpectedly withstood it, and the next scene was even more miraculous. Taking advantage of the remaining inertia, the giant Wild Beast Type 3 was actually thrown into the air, falling headfirst!

The Wild Beast’s head slammed into a giant boulder, buckled in on itself, then exploded.

A defenseless Wargod No 1

“Damn damn damn, did you see, this is an expert, you’re all pits, your whole families are all pits!”

The five on the other side quickly logged off, not wanting to stay even a second longer. A fully equipped Wild Beast was dealt with by some unarmed brittleskin, this was practically throwing your face in the Pacific Ocean.

The other three bronze level players didn’t show themselves any better, going offline without even saying goodbye.

Leaving Brothers Net Café, Yan Xiaosu still couldn’t hold back his excitement, he was even happier than over passing his rank promotion.

“Boss, your luck is filled to bursting, I say, reversing the wheel of fortune, a comeback from the bottom!” Yan Xiaosu wasn’t any rookie, if a brittleskin blocking a Wild Beast charge wasn’t luck, then what was!

Wang Zheng smiled slightly. Inwardly he completely wasn’t as calm as on the outside. In that split second Wang Zheng had felt alive, as if a door had swung open.

So this was battle!

Suddenly, Wang Zheng started to long for the day he returned to the Rubik’s Cube. If this was just the first stage, then what marvels lay ahead?

Originally Yan Xiaosu was planning on inviting Wang Zheng to a grand meal, but in the end he was called home by his old man’s irascible skylink call…… This guy had actually used his tuition to recruit players, no matter how open-minded old Yan was, he still exploded with anger.

Returning home, Wang Zheng took off his clothes, carefully sizing up the Rubik’s Cube imprint on his stomach. Because the instant the battle ended, the Rubik’s Cube had actually flashed with scalding heat. He remembered, Bonehead had once said that battle energy was battle comprehension. Technique was rigid, fusing it with the body required real combat, ultimately creating a combat system compatible with oneself. This was the Rubik’s Cube’s battle energy.

Each super solider was unique and unmatched.

Wang Zheng carefully observed the Rubik’s Cube tattoo. At the bottom inside the faint white outline was a small red dot, this was his battle energy mark!

No need to think about military battle, and he couldn’t go street fighting in the underworld, but CT was practically made for him.

There was no need for humane obliteration. Wang Zheng couldn’t help whistling a tune.

When we get to the mountain, there will be a way through!

Dawnbreak senior high.

In the last time before graduation, the only ones still busy were those who were nervously preparing for the Wargod College entrance exam. The majority were enjoying the their last high school life.

Wang Zheng was famous for the gene score results, but Yan Xiaosu on the other hand was busy calling out and greeting people the whole way.

“Boss, am I especially handsome today? How come so many girls are eyeing me?”

Yan Xiaosu didn’t have the slightest amount of awareness. Wang Zheng smiled wryly, it was basically this kid who caused trouble, and he wiped his ass.

Two girls straight ahead walked towards them, as if they had been waiting for them. It was the idols of Dawnbreak, Yue Jing and Ye Zisu. The two women were meticulously dressed, their spotless white skin naturally needed no makeup, but delicate ornaments and custom made uniforms set off their figures to its fullest. The surrounding men were already gaping.

“Student Wang, my birthday is this Sunday, would you have the time to attend?”

Yue Jing exposed a sweet smile, like a hundred flowers blooming. Yan Xiaosu to the side had already gone stupid, he’d never seen Yue Jing speak so tenderly.

“I don…….” Wang Zheng didn’t feel his path would ever intersect with someone like this, but Yan Xiaosu next to him couldn’t wait.

“We do, of course we do, to participate in miss Yue’s birthday party is our honor!”

Xiaosu immediately invited himself.

“Haha, you must be Yan Xiaosu, truly very adorable.” Ye Zisu said from the side.

Yan Xiaosu felt like he was about to ascend to immortality, straightening his chest, making himself as tall as possible, for the first time he felt he was very manly.

The surrounding students were all stupefied. What was this? The goddess’ birthday party wasn’t something just anyone qualified for.