This is an April Fool’s Joke

A Swede, a Norwegian and a Dane decided to have a swimming competition.

None of them made it.


(As in, they all died.)


106 thoughts on “This is an April Fool’s Joke

            • I thought the translation team was reduced to just one guy? Didnt he say a while ago that he didnt want to have a fixed release schedule or even a donate system in place due to liking his freedom? Not sure about you guys but I am damn grateful we even have a release once a month.

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              • They should just hand it off to someone who will do something with it regularly. If he likes freedom so much he should just be the bigger man and hand it to some one who will do the translations on a regular basis. Props to him for getting as far as he did, but better then just letting it slowly and surely disappear into oblivion. 1 update a month doesn’t cut it.

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                • Nobody owns fan translations, nor the right to translate a certain title. If someone else wants to translate this, they just need to start.

                  Of course, it is nicer and Builds Community and all that fru-fru stuff for a potential translator of a title to discuss things with the most prominent translator of the same title first. It is also more encouraging to potential translators for the prominent one to recruit a helper, partner or replacement.

                  But none of the above is a requirement. It’s that word “should” that got me all stompy on my keyboard with my fingerpads—because one thing that can exhaust translators right outta internet existence is should-ing on them.


                  • Im sorry if my wording put it out there that Bagelsan is doing something WRONG per say. The idea behind my comment i meant to put through was it would be great if Bagelsan could find some one passionate about translation to take up the mantle. NOT to cater to the fans of the series, but to do justice to all the hard work he has done so far and to the great series itself. You cant please everyone, thats obvious. BUT, if life is getting that intense where you can only pump out 1 translation a month, a passing on of the project may be a good idea to pursue.


                    • Piggy is right, it’s been roughly one release a week [it feels like that rate is slipping to one release per week.X, where X is some decimal value I haven’t calculated, but that could just be a baseless impression.]

                      As for my comment about the translation team, I thought we had two additional people doing translation, and for a while there the three of them were putting out an average of at least two per week.

                      [Thanks for your efforts btw Piggybottle, much appreciated ^_^]


                    • And there is still one more question, even if we take the whole issue about doing the current translators justice out of the question. Why are you so sure that there even IS someone ‘passionate about the translation to take up the mantle’. And assuming there was such a person, this person could also just approach the group and offer help.


        • Great Idea! Lets ban all the people who are upset that the translations which the inscrutable bagelson has done has begun to progress slower.

          You might be the smartest person on the internet.


    • Yeah, I don’t understand too. I think you’re right, maybe because the water freeze and they died because either they froze because the freezing water, or died because they trapped under ice.

      Btw, sorry for not understanding the joke, hazard for live in tropic south Asian country I guess 😀


  1. I think the joke’s either that all Swedes, Norwegians and Danes can swim or that there’s no water for them to swim, seeing as it’s all frozen over.


      • Jokes, in the plural. There were at least 3 fake chapters, besides the FBI closing the site one. ISSTH was probably the one causing heart attacks: it had the harem girls heads rolling decapitated (and its something which could actually happen in ISSTH, even if not that likely). Considering it was not 1st yet in many countries, there were a lot of casualties.


        • Well that’s why people should watch the date of the post. Well still Rens last year April fools was better. Haeru from coiling dragon going to fight his master… that was so realistic people gone crazy.


          • agree sage, that one i like it considering that linley was a complete jerk in those chapters (abandoning the zombi brothers and making his 2nd beast contract a police dog XD)

            the issth jk i have to read it, i stop reading that series after the turtle left the continent… (and it is not because i didnt like the series :S i really dont know why i stop reading it… it is not like the alchemist god… that one i do hate and a lot XD)


  2. A Norwegian, a Swede and a Dane where having a bet on who could swim the furthest without getting wet on their hair.

    The Swede could have done better…

    The Dane did surprisingly well.

    The Norwegian, being bald, was disqualified.

    Moral: I still have some hair left!


  3. Lol, you can make better if u post fake story about doulou dalu where all shrek 7 devil die then u write at the end something like this

    “By the way, did I mention it before that this is just april fool joke?”


  4. Dude, Scandinavians tend to be fairly decent swimmers! Then again, the Swede and the Dane would be too busy declaring war on each other while the Norwegian laughs his as off watching 😉


  5. I’m from Norway and these jokes about a dane a swede and a norwegian is really common here. Exept we tend to call most of them them swede jokes here and make a point that the swedes are stupid. And I know swedes have norwegian jokes as well, not sure about the danish tho.

    Why wasn’t jesus born in Sweden?
    Because they couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.


    • Another one:

      A swede, a dane and a norwegian were quarreling about who’s father could hold his breath for the longest time under water. “My father can hold his breath for 7 minutes!” the dane said proudly.
      Well my father can hold his breath for 10 minutes!” the norwegian said.
      Then the swede said “Hah! my father can hold his breath for a year! And he hasn’t come up yet!”

      This is a more typical one told in Norway, they are not super funny but it’s more to prove a point and often told to children 😛


        • Well probably have something to to with us Norwegians taking turn to be Swedens and Denmarks bitch from the 1400 to 1905. Resulting in our old norse language being more like swedish and danish. While the fins was under russian rule and fought their way to independence. Our language is not even close to being alike which makes them a little like outsiders of the danish, swedish and norwegian brotherhood. But of course we still like our finnish bro’s in the east.


  6. I know today`s not 1st april anymore… still. My GF & BF is a chinese, my GF parrent`s chinese-norwegian, my friend`s parent chinese – swede. the only similiarity they had was they did kung-fu underwater and if you say we`re all dead, you`re dead wrong. We are soaked. >:D


  7. (some people didnt get the joke ? its because theyre bad at geography ? :D)
    i knew the joke with “they dived and died by head-smashing into the ice-covered frozen sea” 😀


    • Haha I know That one! standard guards talk before you commit a crime 😀 well, “Hail Summoner! conjure me up a warm bed!” just before he finish his shit-talks a dragon come then and everyone gets busy right away..

      (Skyrim Jokes)


  8. keep posting silly jokes everyday while we wait for a new chapter.

    Once upon a time there was one! two…three..


  9. O my god!!!O my god!!!O my god!!!O my god!!!O my god!!!O my god!!!O my god!!!O my god!!!

    4 chapters are about to be released!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

    Thank you so much BAGELSON! PIGGYBOTTLE! OWL!!!!



  10. PiggyBottle, no word of a lie but thats the best birthday news ive ever gotten! (April 8th is my B-Day☺) thx budd!


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