Douluo Dalu – 208 – Scenery on the Sea

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29 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 208 – Scenery on the Sea

  1. thank you very much!
    oh, the captain is very interesting! tang an was shocked by how he reacted to the beauties huh? indeed, no normal person with a normal mindset would be able to not linger on the girls…oh, xiao wu could return to her body once a day huh? i didn’t realise that.
    wh-what! feels! how could you—-!


  2. “You are mine forever, thus you can’t escape. After I help you recover thoroughly, even if you aren’t willing, I will also take you.” This seems really out of character for Tang San. He basically just said: you’re my property and even if you try to resist me I’ll just rape you. This author really needs to be taught what sexual assault and sexual harassment are.

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    • Actually I had reread this for many times, wondering if there was sth wrong or if I should delete it to avoid such implication. But later on I found this is a kind of over promise in order to pacify and encourage the other, or in some ways a joke that everyone knows he won’t do but they won’t speak out. For example, a boy asked his mother if he could have dinner since he had been studying for 3 hours, while his mother answered no, unless he really finished his due homework, and after he finished his homework, even if he doesn’t want to eat any more, she would force him to eat. She wasn’t wanting to abuse her kid or more apparently, grudging her food, but she wanted her kid to be better. Neither was Tang San grudging his love/sex, but wanting his lover to be better. So this is a romance ruined by culture gap and translator(me? (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) ), rather than Tang San’s raper predisposition.

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      • Now that you put it that way, I have seen that kind of expression before, so that kind of explains it. I can’t say I’ve ever read that expression used in the context of sex, before, though, which seems to be taking things a bit too far. Also, this actually isn’t the first time Tang San has discounted Xiao Wu’s will. Like when he decided to get engaged to her without asking, or when he decided their plans for the future (living with his parents) without consulting her. I mean, I know Xiao Wu is actually fine with all of that, but it bothers me that he doesn’t feel the need to actually get her consent.


    • You should rather question the misandrist viewpoint of most of the female characters that are always put on the pedestal just for having a pussy. Just try and remember all the ridiculous beauty descriptions of females compared to males and how they always get away with acting violent. Chenxiang is just the recent offender. I mean, what woman in her right mind would threaten a guy (that she’s falling for) to castrate him? I never could fathom why Dai Mubai kept chasing after Zhu Zhuqing after she’s been giving him the cold shoulder for YEARS either.


  3. So this just occurred to me, but what’s Tang San been doing about Xiao Wu going to the bathroom? Her body has to do it sometime. Seems like it would really kill the romance.

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  4. Tang San says that Oscar needs to keep 8 mushroom sausages ready at any time so they can fly… but Fatty and Xiangxiang can already fly… fatty maybe so he can preserve his spirit power, but the only thing Xiangxiang can do is fly and be fast

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