27 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 207 – Don’t Worship Me, I’m Just A Legend

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Fights ending was bit different than I thought but go Fatty, “using his head” once in awhile.


  2. thanks a lot—!
    oh—! he won, haha, great! excellent! well, bai chengxiang’s heart has softened towards him, huh?
    also, now then—- lol, ‘leaned in like a little bird’ or something along those lines….it’s such a pun!

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  3. there was a time i coudnt wait for the next chapter but nowadays i wonder if i even should bother reading it. there is just too much love crap. i imagine how great this would be without lovestorys in every chapter. its annoying


  4. Im slightly confused, isnt Bai physique same as regular girl(from chapter where Ma Hongjun fell aslep on her in carriage)? Why now its unexpectedly became much better?


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