Douluo Dalu – 209 – Demonic Whale Depths

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54 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 209 – Demonic Whale Depths

  1. Thanks for the chapters XD

    Is the Clear Sky Hammer gonna get it’s 1st ring?

    Too bad… I kinda feel it’s a waste for the Clear Sky Hammer to get all 100,000 year rings -_-

    I mean, even if had the Blue Silver Grass’ ring configuration, it’d still have the greatest power amongst Spirits, even if it was only stuck with 8 rings (I mean, with Tang San’s Title Douluo spirit power, along with the configuration of 2 perfect yellow rings, better than perfect purple, 2 level skipping black, and 4 red… it’s raw power would be near invincible…).

    If the Blue Spirit Grass (not emperor) got it, then not only would it have upgraded the Spirit, but the versatility would have been better to use…

    And the Blue Silver Emperor is even better for it, cause then it’d be a great defense, trap, and most versatile spirit….

    That’s just my thought…


        • There is no way Tang San and crew can take on the whale, remember first that the 100k beast is stronger than normal 100k beasts from the continent furthermore that 100k beasts are stronger than title doulou’s… Now I don’t know which level title doulou (90-99) but if the 7 devils couldn’t beat up Sword Doulou then there is no way they can take on this guy.

          Furthermore remember the last time Tang San encountered 100k beasts he nearly got killed by their mental power alone.

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        • I don’t think they are able to face of against a 100 000 year spirit beast yet. Maybe they’ll hunt down the whale once they are done with their training on the island. In my opinion they would all at least need to have their spirit avatar in order to stand a chance.

          But yeah I agree the whale would be quite an interesting first spirit ring for the hammer.


            • Thanks for the chapter.

              I think they’ll flee. Even if they are stronger than before, the fact the ship has been destroyed in one attack is enough to show the gap in strengh.

              It’s no good to be too greedy.


    • “#” Seeing Tang San’s seemingly dull yet profound eyes, Haider angrily said, “So what if you all seen through it? Out on the sea, so what if you are Spirit Masters? You landlubbers will just die here all the same. Do it, get rid of them, let them know our true power.”

      As he said this, they no longer needed to conceal themselves. In an instant, with Haider in the front, these eight crew members released their Spirits.

      Ring by ring their spirits shone. Captain Haider had five Spirit Rings shining on his body, while the first-mate had four spirit rings shining on him. Amongst the other six Spirit Masters, two had three Spirit Rings, while the remaining four had two Spirit Rings. Haider was very certain, so what if these youths were all Spirit Masters? If all else failed, he was certain that they would be able to take them down. This was the ocean, and being all sea Spirit Masters they had the advantage in the first place. What’s more, these youths in front of him looked no more than twenty or so years old, how strong could they be? At most they would be three ringed Spirit Elders. As a Spirit King, he was confident of being able to easily take down these youths. “#”

      Worst. Decision. Ever. XD

      “#” Ning Rongrong and Oscar stood there laughing. The moment they saw the Spirit Ranks of these crew members, they threw out any ideas they had of even attacking. “#”

      I reacted pretty much same way.

      … Oh’kay. Killing Haider’s son was bad luck for S7D+1 (Shrek seven ‘plus one’)


  2. I find it a little hard to believe that after spending several days with them Tang San never noticed the guy was his son. Picking up on tiny bits of information like that is kinda his thing. Also, the crew had already seen Bai flying around, so they must have seen her 4 spirit rings. The captain somehow not noticing that really doesn’t make sense.


    • Well, the people of the sea are different looking than what they look like on land, so it may be hard for Tang San to see it by looks, like how Americans think Asians all look the same the first time they see them. As for the favoritism, he’s a captain, so he can’t do it. And for Bai, the activation of the ability may be been out of his sight,but if he saw it, assumed that Bai was the same level as the seven monsters.

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      • I’m not talking about looks or obvious favoritism. I’m talking about the subtle little clues that most people would miss, but Tang San should be expected to notice. Especially since he was expecting their betrayal and carefully observing them the whole time. Also, the captain thought that at most a few might have 3 spirit rings, but she already has more than that. And there should be no way he could miss them. Spirit rings appear the moment the spirit is released..


        • I think that during this series there have been similar things about whether spirit rings are shown or not couple of times already. And every time it brings up discussion about it.
          Personally I don’t take notice of every words because it laments the enjoyment.
          But if you want my opinion of how captain didn’t notice her having 4 spirit rings is because her spirit is bird and she doesn’t need abilities to fly like fatty.
          (was this any help or just more confusing?)


          • No, they’ve actually clearly stated that spirit rings always appear when the spirit is activated, so you don’t have to actually use a spirit ability for them to be seen. The only exception was in death city where spirit rings were sealed, and people couldn’t use them even if they wanted to.


            • Well I recall cases where only spirit was shown but not spirit rings, outside death city. (That could be of course me remembering wrong)


    • Dont forget they thought they were nobles, spoiled and inexperimented nobles. Even if they saw her 4 spirits rings, maybe she was the strongest among them.

      The captain had 5 spirit rings and beside, they thought they would be able to flee in the water even if things would go bad for them. They also work well together so they thought they still had the advantage.

      Also, Tang San could have looked at them but not carefully enough to detect the links among them. And we never know, his son could have looked more like his mother then his father. Thats what happened for me, I got my mother’s look more then my fathers look, except for my nose and sturdy build. And maybe he wasnt playing favorite with is son of the ship, as we said.

      And beside, its the first time Tang San does a mistake that he would do differently if he could go back in time. One that is not (at least for now) a blessing in disguise. Even Xiao Wu sacrifice was a blessing in disguise, as he wont lose a arm thanks to his mother spirit bone!

      So Im glad we can see Tang San can mess up too or have bad luck. Nobody, not even gods, are always right and never do mistakes.


  3. Thanks for the chapters guys! I wonder if we are gonna see one of the damaging abilities of the shroud or if the gang is just gonna try and book it as fast as they can in the invisible dingy/submarine


  4. What a cliffhanger!!! Shits gotten real😨…thx for the chapter Piggy & hopefully we get 210 as well today…i know im greedy but the cliffy was too epic


  5. Thank you. You guys are awesome. I hope I m not to greedy but please publish chapter 210 the cliff hanger was to much. I need to know man. Sorry if I sound greedy.


  6. Thanks for the 3 chapters. It was truly mind blowing especially fatty’s use of his spirit power, I might sound greedy but can you please put up 210 it’ll be really grand.


  7. Tang san disgusted me here:/
    Sparring an enemi who have nothing to lose,after having killed his son for no real reason
    And because he want not feel bad?
    I mean,his morals are seriously fucked here
    Or you go until the end and finish that correctly of you don’t act from the beginning!
    Remorse here are a given,don’t look away!


  8. That tang let that guy live because of the a father seeking vengence for his son sympaty, is such a huge load of bs. He shouldnt kill anyone if he thinks like that, since if he thinks about it, everyone is somehow like that guy.


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