Stellar War Storm – 1.01 – Rubik’s Cube

Human history has never lacked incredible scientists who have changed the world: Newton’s law of gravity, Einstein’s theory of relativity, Mark Hughes’s antimatter thruster, Higgs’ god particle… and with the appearance of Lauren Lee’s curved velocity theory, humanity took a giant leap towards their dreams — formally entering the era of interstellar travel, turning exploration and interstellar colonization into the greatest desire of mankind.

Three hundred years ago, war, peace, followed by war again, finally led to the establishment of the Galactic Coalition, and humanity entered a new order.

The Galileo deep space research station, an S-class research station of the Galactic Coalition, and also the research station presently closest to the heart of the galaxy, with the purpose of researching links to parallel universes.

“Doctor, parliament rejected our funding application, we have to discontinue the Rubik’s Cube project.” Inside the research station, scientists encircled a white bearded old man. Even if he was very old, his mind was sharp, and his head of silver hair rather seemed dazzling. Hearing what was said, the old man immediately cursed, “Those idiots, all they know is money, money, money! Science is God, incredible, all important, how can it be measured by money!”

Even the youngest of the surrounding scientists was fifty or sixty years old, and also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They were helpless, after all, there hadn’t been a bit of progress in more than twenty years, being shut down was just a matter of time. Twenty years ago, space physicist Alan Tuck had published a paper —— the theory of connecting parallel universes. The paper hadn’t drawn much attention at the time – even if humanity’s science and technology was advanced, parallel universes were still as mysterious to mankind as the moon was in the stone age. But one financial group supported Alan Tuck’s research, organizing an exploratory team, and captured a mysterious cube in the area closest to the center of the Milky Way that mankind could reach, the Galileo star field.

The news instantly caused a sensation in the Galactic Coalition, Alan Tuck was hailed as the fifth person who would change the course of mankind, making him renowned throughout the Coalition. But after twenty years there was a complete lack of progress. Even if the so-called Rubik’s Cube was incomparably hard, there was nothing else special about it, nor did it provide any astonishing technology. Rumors rose all around, people said that this was all hype produced by Alan Tuck in concert with some famous trading group. The research station was to close, the equipment mothballed, the scientists disbanded, and Alan Tuck was to face Coalition inquiry.

Alan calmly watched the barbarous actions of the soldiers, a faint smile hanging at the corners of his mouth. To science, especially great science, what was twenty years?

“Doctor, you can’t wander about!” One soldier blocked Alan Tuck.

The old man’s eyebrows rose, speaking without anger but with prestige, “An old man wants to go to the toilet, what, don’t tell me I can grow wings and fly off!” The soldier was also silenced by his imposing manner, dropping his arm. After all, this old man in front of him was once the most celebrated person in the Galactic Coalition, twenty years ago.

Twenty minutes later, alarms blared. A spaceship had launched. The soldiers were immediately blocked by a group of scientists, and didn’t dare be forceful. This group of people were all elites of the Coalition, and none of them could take responsibility for harming any one. With such a delay, that small spaceship flashed, entering subspace.

“A group of little bastards whose pubes still hasn’t grown want to catch me!” Alan Tuck pushed a button. Ten seconds later, he entered curved flight……

The entire space station was in chaos, one warship launching after another, flying off randomly like headless houseflies. They had underestimated the insanity of this gang of scientists……

The Coalition spent ten years without finding Alan Tuck’s whereabouts. As a result of the Galileo star field suddenly turning magnetically chaotic, the probability of a small craft successfully leaving was extremely low, and the Coalition gave up on spending more time. After all, this matter in itself was a disgrace, and was gradually forgotten.


In distant Sol, the origin of mankind, Earth. One of the advantages of interstellar emigration was that Earth’s environment improved. Even though it was no longer the most developed place in the Galactic Coalition, it still kept quite a high level.

Two youths lay on a lawn by a graceful artificial lake. They each had a beer can in their hand, and the ground around them was a mess with piles of cans. One had a rather stocky appearance, square jawed, big ears, a Roth limited edition Milky Way chain around his neck that could feed an entire family for half a year. The other youth had a very ordinary appearance, but the faint smile at the corners of his mouth was unforgettable, giving a kind of indescribable impression.

“Boss, all roads lead to Rome, heroes all grow from grass roots, the military school counts for farts, as long as you give the word, we brothers will go roam the galaxy, proclaiming us kings of the world!” The slightly stocky youth leapt to his feet, using the beer can in his hand as microphone, with an air of talking idly about important things.

Next to him, Wang Zheng raised his foot to kick him, “Royally proclaim your farts, I can take this tiny bit of setback without consolation from you.”

The Asian region Wargod military academy was one of Earth’s three great military academies, and the cradle of ace commanders and pilots, but not long ago the two of them had received the results of the genetic testing. Yan Xiaosu scored sixty eight, Wang Zheng twenty eight.

Genetic score was a genetic evaluation to help select the best. With a score over eighty you were “elite”, and would become famous in any level of society in the future. Sixty points was a pass. In order to study the core majors, you had to have a score over seventy, and even the other fields required a score over sixty. The intent was to efficiently allocate federation resources. Testing for Wargod College’s core majors had three main parts: genetic testing, theoretical testing, and interview. Wang Zheng had stumbled spectacularly on the very first step on the path to greatness.

Yan Xiaosu was also speechless. Wang Zheng unexpectedly only got twenty eight points. A score below forty was practically hadn’t been seen for years, it was on the level of animals.

“Boss, it was definitely something wrong with the machine, let’s go try again!” Yan Xiaosu said.

“It’s not the worst case, military school is just one option!” Wang Zheng laughed self derisively. Where would there be such a fluke where he alone got an error? Remembering the first time he saw the mech armor recruitment advertisement as a child, Wang Zheng had been drawn in by that spectacular scene and had set it as his goal. The result was that he hadn’t even gotten the chance. Yan Xiaosu couldn’t believe it either, with a gene score of twenty eight, let alone military school, it might not even reach the requirements for conscription. This was like strangling Wang Zheng’s dreams in the cradle, but it wasn’t something anyone could help with.

“Right, I have something to ask of you!” Yan Xiaosu sat straight, his expression serious.

“Speak, don’t pretend to be serious.”

Yan Xiaosu fished out a fragrant golden letter from his bosom, “Boss, I’ve admired Yue Jing for a very, very long time. Since I’m about to graduate, I’ve decided to confess to her!”

Wang Zheng sat up, “Very good, I’ll support you. Go, men must sing of conquest!”

“Boss, this, you know, I’m shy, I’m asking you to help me deliver it. Brothers for a lifetime, I’ll leave the next half of my life to you!” Yan Xiaosu held Wang Zheng’s hands tightly, opening his big puppy eyes wide, looking at him with his most sincere expression. Wang Zheng promptly flung his hands off, “Fine, don’t nauseate me, you use the same tactics every time!”

Wang Zheng was actually indifferent about delivering the love letter, but he also knew that Yan Xiaosu was deliberately changing the topic.

“Come, a walk, best wishes for me bringing back the beauty!” Yan Xiaosu shouted, and the two drank wildly, finishing off the remaining beer cans.

Gazing at Wang Zheng’s back, Yan Xiaosu shook his head. Actually, he really had rechecked the circumstances of Wang Zheng’s test, and there really was nothing wrong. Squeaky clean, these were the ways of the world.

Returning to the dorm, Wang Zheng sat cross legged and began to adjust the rhythm of his breathing. This was an “ancestral secret skill”, reputed to be the treasure of a thousand years of human civilization. Just in case he lost his job he could rely on this ancestral skill to make a living. This eight step breathing method was something he had practiced since childhood, and over time it had become habit. There were no other effects, but it was quite good at calming emotions.

An enormous poster was stuck on the wall, that dazzling mech armor was something Wang Zheng could only dream of piloting some day. The gene score notification not far away seemed even more unsightly.

Yan Xiaosu hadn’t returned, he was definitely playing “Wargod Covenant” again, a mech armor war game, very popular. Wang Zheng didn’t know just how popular, he wasn’t interested. What he needed wasn’t virtual entertainment, but rather the true tactile sensation, the rumble of mechanized warriors stepping on the earth. That moment, he would definitely be like a god!

From now on he could only dream. Wang Zheng tore down the poster that had hung there for four years, gazing at the ceiling in a daze. Suddenly, he turned over and picked up the poster again, pasting it back up bit by bit. The goal he had pursued since childhood was lost, what could he do?

Daybreak was one of the focus intermediary schools of the Asian region, and the campus was extraordinarily dazzling in the morning, filled with vitality and the taste of youth. Wang Zheng still followed the routine morning training, early to bed and early to rise could let him reach the highest efficiency, and at the same time he could gradually accumulate confidence. Even if it was useless now, several years of habit wasn’t easy to break.

Of course, today there was still one important matter. Training over, Wang Zheng turned and headed straight for the school building.

Two girls were walking over in the distance. One wore a yellow halter top, exquisite diamond earrings, golden curls of hair, like a gorgeous princess. The girl next to her was also dressed all in brand names. Even though Wang Zheng couldn’t tell the difference, for good or bad Yan Xiaosu was also a lover of brands, just the logo made the value considerable. The girls walked hand in hand with heads high…… Walking in the middle of the road, two pairs of slender perfectly straight beautiful legs followed a light and quick graceful rhythm, rippling with the energy of youth, dazzling.

Yue Jing and Ye Zisu were the twin peerless beauties of Daybreak intermediary school, one’s father was a legislative member of the Asian region, one’s family were billionaires, and even though they were students they still frequently appeared on the news. To the eyes of the ordinary students they were like bright stars.

Honestly speaking, beauty was beauty, very attractive. But for some reason, Wang Zheng never felt anything towards these girls. Yan Xiaosu described it as frigidity, or perhaps childishness, but hanging out with Yan Xiaosu had given him enough theoretical research to put into practice. These two before him were treating the school road like a runway, enjoying the admiring gazes from all around.

Wang Zheng walked straight towards them. The two girls seemed used to such circumstances, and slowed their steps.

(TL note: The Galactic Coalition should be literally translated as “Silver Way Coalition”, “Silver Way” being Chinese for the Milky Way. As such, in future chapters the “Galactic Coalition” will more often than not be shortened to the “Silver League”.)

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  2. Damnit Bagelson, stop it with the teasers, in the end, nobody will pick them up and everyone who has read those teasers will end up being a sad panda 😦

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  3. In distant Sol, the origin of mankind, Earth. One of the advantages of interstellar emigration was that Earth’s environment improved. Even though it was no longer the most developed place in the Galactic Coalition, it still kept quite a high level.

    What do Sol mean here ? The new name of Earth ? Or it’s for solar system ? Something else ?


    • I think it’s a way of referring to planets in a general sense. Like even though they probably all have names, the general term is sol…? Like how people say “girl” to refer to a girl whose name they don’t know (or don’t care to say)


  4. … I feel there is a tsukkomi for this… “Eh, why are you trying to go to an alternate universe when you haven’t even explored the current one?”

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