Stellar War Storm – 1.03 – Wah, Such A Big Skeleton!

Wang Zheng had no retort. He really hadn’t ever seen a more learned book store owner than old merchant, even if this level wasn’t enough to shake a university professor, it was still enough to sway others.

“Kid, life is luck. Even if you wanted something as improbable as passing through to another dimension, it still depends on luck. Luck is one hundred percent. The breathing method you inherited is actually one of humanity’s treasures. Twenty eight. Haha, that which is rubbish in this world, might be genius in another!”

“Old merchant, can’t you be a bit tactful? You really don’t know how to comfort people.”

This old guy typically took his pleasure in others’ suffering.

“Haha, unseen, doesn’t mean non-existent!”

Old merchant now giggled and said.

“……Old merchant, do you have a fever?” Wang Zheng felt that old merchant was a bit strange today. Only, strangeness didn’t stop him. For the past few days, Wang Zheng had always had bad luck.

“Fuck, drank too much and got a bit dizzy. I’ll close up shop and rest. You can get lost!”

Old merchant waved his hand.

Wang Zheng grinned, grabbing the present and disappearing like a wisp of smoke. Gazing at Wang Zheng’s back, old merchant revealed a smile.

“Twenty eight points. The people of this world, how could they understand talent? One day, you will shake the world!”

Wang Zheng returned home, as usual first doing eight sets of breathing exercises, otherwise he really wouldn’t be able to calm down. Let alone shocked, he wasn’t even depressed, Wang Cheng always felt it was miraculous.

Would he really have to go study? Thinking about sitting in an office, writing and drawing all day, Wang Cheng felt dizzy. He really wasn’t interested, even if he felt that scientists were the highest community of mankind.

His gaze fell on the table, on the present old merchant had given him.

Wang Zheng leapt to his feet and picked it up. This thing wasn’t very heavy.

Tearing away the newspaper, the box that was revealed was a bit unexpected. The silvery case was unexpectedly metal, seemingly quite high grade, not quite compatible with what he knew about old merchant. Wang Zheng couldn’t help looking forward to it.

Opening the box, inside was a dark metal lump…… It seemed a bit similar to the rubik’s cube he’d played with in his childhood, but what was this thing?

Turning it over, there wasn’t even a manual in the box. Wang Zheng watched the iron lump, knocked on it, rubbed it…… Solid.

Bite it…… Still solid, his teeth almost fell out.

What use was this toy? Hidden weapon?

If you hit someone in the head with this, they would be left half dead.

There wouldn’t be gold inside? The little money grubber immediately raised his sleeve and rubbed it fiercely, just in case there was a golden glimmer under the dark surface.

Wang Zheng laughed at himself. This was the first coming of age present he had received, and even if it was a lump of scrap iron, he was still thankful to old merchant.

A sudden stab of pain. This iron lump seemed very smooth, but it suddenly broke his skin, and what’s more, it sucked his blood like a leech!

He abruptly threw it away, but he couldn’t, there was a sudden burst of golden light, and Wang Zheng felt as if he had been hit by a maglev train.

Fuck…… What was this, even a tragedy needed some justification in its plot!

This was student Wang’s last thought.

Drip drip drip drip drip drip……

It sounded like water dripping. Wang Zheng slowly opened his eyes. His surroundings were dark. What was this damn place? His forehead ached…… His spare parts were still intact.

Silently touching, there seemed to be some kind of floor below. Ice cold. Nothing was visible in the pitch black darkness.

“Can someone turn on the lights?”

Wang Zheng asked cautiously. He had never experienced something this strange in all his life.


In flash there was white light, almost blinding Wang Zheng.

With great difficulty recovering his vision, when Wang Zheng saw the thing in front of him he was so scared his soul almost separated and flew off.

In front of him, almost touching the tip of his nose was a red…… thing!



Thundering echoes resounded in the space, almost knocking Wang Zheng unconscious.

After shouting a moment, he discovered nobody joined him, and some guy felt a bit embarrassed.

All around him was a spotless white square patterned sealed room, in front of him stood something like a robot. But he didn’t know who designed it, it actually locked like a set of bones, fatal aesthetics!

“What damn place is this? If someone’s alive, make a noise!”

Wang Zheng shouted. What he had met with today surpassed anything in his previous fifteen years. This last piece was even more excessive. How did he come to such a strange room?

“Initiating genetic scan!” The skeleton model robot suddenly stretched out a hand, a beam of red light enveloping Wang Zheng.

Fortunately…… It didn’t hurt. It tickled a bit.

Before long, a string of information appeared in front of Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng, male, primitive genes completely preserved, fifteen years ten months, genetic survey score——18!

This number was most eye catching.

Wang Zheng wanted to curse, fuck, bullying people like this. Twenty eight was already embarrassing enough, how come he dropped another ten in a few days? If this went on he wouldn’t be any different from a pig.

This was definitely a nightmare!

The skeleton robot suddenly made a salute, “Congratulations Wang Zheng on passing the test, the grade is genius, possessing the potential of a war god, one hundred percent implementation rate, do you wish to initiate the super soldier program?”

Wang Zheng blushed,
“Cough cough, don’t mock me. No matter how lacking my talent is, it was given me by my parents, I’m very grateful to them!”

“The basic test has no inaccuracies, do you wish to initiate the super soldier program?”

The robot spoke somewhat conscientiously.

Communication unhindered, Wang Zheng very soon came to understand. This was the super soldier training system from some Randt Empire, specially picking outstanding talents to cultivate. The Rubik’s Cube was a special training space, the passage of time stood almost still inside. This was also a major killing tool for the Randt Empire’s conquest of the universe…… But the Galactic Coalition didn’t have any bullshit Randt Empire, and even less any time stop technology, it was all science fiction.

“Hey, whoever is pranking me, let me out or I’ll get violent. If you don’t believe it you’ll lose your family fortune!”

Wang Zheng decided a bit seriously. Three seconds later, student Wang believed.

The skeleton robot launched a round of especially fluent electric shock attacks. Force of arms really was quite persuasive sometimes.

Watching the skeleton robot’s oppressive gaze, and that hand cannon flickering with electricity, Wang Zheng didn’t hesitate to choose the super soldier program. Only an outstanding talent can recognize the current trends, that was a family precept.

“Initiating super soldier training program first stage, matching gongfa!”

Two balls of silver light appeared in the air, constantly sweeping around Wang Zheng. This time it was a bit painful, and Wang Zheng curiously opened his eyes wide, everything before him was like a dream, just what kind of tricks was old merchant playing?

“Unity Arts”

Three ancient characters appeared in the air, these days they were already very rarely seen.

“Congratulations, you’ve been matched with Unity Arts, ten thousand methods united, a gongfa only three people in Randt Empire have ever been matched with. The first cultivation task is gathering elements to feel the first heavenly tier—— thirty two stage cultivation method!”

Thirty two points of light appeared on the skeletal robot, and Wang Zheng finally understood why it had this shape; nothing was more clear than this.

In another parallel universe, humanity’s development had followed another route. Science and technology existed, but even more important was to tap into intrinsic power. Like the genetic test, the directions were different, and so the results were also different.

Simply put, in one the body was subsidiary, relying mainly on science and technology. In one the body was the focus, technology assisting. But Wang Zheng felt that the other side was a bit more frightening.

The skeletal robot’s explanation was very detailed, as if it felt this method was very difficult to comprehend. But Wang Zheng thought it was very clear, this thing was a bit similar to the eight stage breathing technique handed down in his family, just a bit more complex. When Wang Zheng was three years old, his old man had used lollipops to lure him into start practicing the breathing technique, who could have thought it would end up being useful here?

“Should the meridian link-up technique be initiated?” The skeletal robot asked.

Hearing words as cruel as ‘link-up’ being used, Wang Zheng had a somewhat unreassured feeling, “Cough cough, is there another choice?”

“None!” A mass of silver needles appeared in the robot’s hands, glittering.

Damn it, those toys were more than thirty centimeters, what was he doing!

“Goddamn, if I can’t choose then don’t ask!” Even mud statues had some temper, Wang Zheng flipped out.

Preaching to deaf ears. Thirty two silver needles instantly pierced Wang Zheng’s body. At that moment student Wang trembled all over…… But it actually felt alright.

Three seconds later, the space once again echoed with Wang Zheng’s howls. Behind each silver needle trailed a silver string, through which intense electric currents poured into Wang Zheng.

“Connect your acupuncture points according to the direction of the electric currents, guide with your mind!”

Wang Zheng was already half dead, but somehow not unconscious. But exercising cultivation techniques or whatever was still lunatic ravings, his body already completely refused to listen. But at this moment, the eight stage breathing technique he had practiced since childhood automatically started working, bizarrely guiding the electric current. From eight stages it extended to sixteen stages, then again from sixteen to thirty two. With acupuncture point attacked, Wang Zheng’s pain decreased somewhat. An unknown amount of time later, Wang Zheng’s consciousness gradually returned, and he began to focus his mind on attacking the acupuncture points.

As the thirty two acupuncture points were finally connected into a complete cycle, the electric currents disappeared, and shortly after so did the intuitive feeling.

As Wang Zheng once again opened his eyes, that skeletal robot was still in front of him.

“Congratulations private Wang Zheng, you’ve created a new awakening record, completing the initial cycle in ten days!”

The robot praised meticulously, even making a standard military salute.

Hearing such praise, Wang Zheng didn’t dare lower his guard in the slightest. This skeletal robot talked politely, but it acted too savagely.

“I can leave, right!”

“At this stage, you must consolidate the cultivation technique, completing the first heavenly tier, and at the same time undergoing some relevant basic soldier training.”

The robot said said. Perhaps wanting to seem a bit more gentle, it actually exposed a human-like smile, but…… so scary!

Clearly the robot didn’t subscribe to hypotheses about humans needing to rest, and training began immediately afterwards.

Horse stance!

Fuck, anyone who crouched for a full day would also have an urge to just drop dead. He had trained before, push ups, long distance running, short distance sprints, but that was all in the range of normal humans. The robot seemed rather respectful towards him in other matters, but once training began, it was only one thing—— the devil!

The first day, Wang Zheng couldn’t help asking, “Can I become a super soldier by always half squatting like this?”

“Apologies, your question exceeds the range of answers.”

Student Wang gave up. Actually, he could feel some improvements to his balance, but that far?

If it started, he couldn’t stop. A single non-standard movement by Wang Zheng would be met with electric shocks.

Even worse than training horse stance for a full day, was crouching for six months!

Wang Zheng wondered whether his legs had deformed. Most crucial was that it was boring. Insanely boring. After going insane he discovered that the only way to spend his time was to cultivate Unity Arts. Wang Zheng felt that his optimism had reached a its limits.

After six months, the robot finally gave him another task.

In the space appeared a set of columns. Wang Zheng’s mission was to walk across them.

Where was that fun, as soon as he stepped up, the that pillar he stood on disappeared. What do do if it disappeared?

Nothing strange, it was to fall six meters and hit the ground.

Like hovering at the brink of death. Wang Zheng felt he was dreaming, but it hurt like he’d lose his life. But Bonehead’s red light could cure him.

Humanity’s potential will always be aroused in moments of hardship. In order not to drop into lunacy, Wang Zheng jumped back and forth like a kangaroo every day, gradually growing proficient in the thirty two stage Unity Arts.

One month later, Wang Zheng extraordinarily cockily and confidently jumped around on the pillars. He’d been told this was called Plum Blossom Stakes, but it was actually a numerical and graphical permutation, and once marked in Wang Zheng’s brain, everything became simpler.

“Bonehead, this toy isn’t challenging, I’m already unequalled.”

“Yes!” The robot was always simple and direct.

After the pillars were more pillars, but the diameter changed from twenty centimeters to ten centimeters.

The six meters were still six meters, but the ground changed into thickly dotted nails.

Fuck, I have trypophobia!

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  1. This chapter is quite confusing. Is it supposed to read like it does, or is it not edited yet?

    Also, I like this series, thanks for giving it some attention.

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  2. It sounded like water dripping. Tang San slowly opened his eyes. His surroundings were dark. What was this damn place? His forehead ached…… His spare parts were still intact.

    wait.. Tang San?

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  3. These teasers are funny.

    A red skeleton model robot… Somehow I can’t help imagining a red painted terminator T-800 training Wang Chen into a supersoldier in a portable cube shaped hyperbolic time chamber in a world where everyone’s dream is to become a mech pilot.

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