Stellar War Storm – 1.07 – Little Shi

Rumour said that this time, besides Dawnbreak elites, there would even be some Wargod College students there. This was a major opportunity to ask for advice.But why would she invite these two?

“Good. I look forward to your attendance. I will send you invitation cards later.”

Yue Jing and Ye Zisu’s attitudes were exceptionally good today. It was the first time Yan Xiaosu was this close to the person he admired, and he practically didn’t remember his own surname.

“Boss, tell me, what are my odds?”

Wang Zheng shrugged. These two girls were mythical creatures. If Yan Xiaosu fell in, there wouldn’t even be bones left. But what could he say?

Everyone had their one in a million, he wished him good luck.

Distantly, Yue Jing and Ye Zisu were also giggling very happily, “Those two idiots are definitely feeling very happy and surprised.”

“They will be even more surprised on Sunday!” Yue Jing said coldly.

She had heard about Wang Zheng’s disregard for her from Ye Zisu. Being someone who thought highly of herself, she would let this retard know the meaning of unreachable!

Lazy toads eating swan meat was a crime, but lazy toads ignoring the swan was even more criminal!

The classrooms had basically turned into a tea party. Everyone were chatting about their future and dreams, and those who were certain were even more impassioned and elated. Yan Xiaosu could finally sleep in peace, the teachers didn’t care about him now. Wang Zheng also pondered his future.

No need to think about military school, with his gene score he wasn’t qualified to try. He could only wait for enlistment in three months. Now he had to think about how to survive until then. Right now he was just waiting for graduation, all that was missing was the diploma. He would ponder tomorrow’s rations.

Opening his skylink, he glanced over the nearby job listings. But the majority all required work experience, ages twenty and up, and the educational background wasn’t something highschool could match. Wang Zheng swept past them a bit gloomily, would he have to starve?

Wang Zheng started his job hunting career immediately after school was out, but his current circumstances were still awkward. He couldn’t reach the heights and didn’t deign the lows. Anyway, Duck Row restaurant was looking for unskilled kitchen labor that seemed possible.

Standing at the doorway, Wang Zheng adjusted his expression. Smile, smile honestly and sincerely. He assumed unskilled labor didn’t need any technical qualifications.

Just as he prepared to open the door, the door opened on him. Was he that sincere?

A silhouette bumped against Wang Zheng, and he dodged almost instinctively.

“Help, villains are chasing me!”

A pair of hands as fair as jade grabbed Wang Zheng’s arm, a peaked cap rising slightly, revealing a dirty little face.

Ai, a comrade in poverty.

Two black suited black waiters rushed out, one of them immediately bursting into curses, “Little bastard, you dare eat without paying? Looking to die! Pay up, or both of you get a beating.”

To tell the truth, Wang Zheng really wanted to easily wave his hand and leave without trace. But for some reason, that pair of miserable eyes suddenly softened his heart. If Bonehead saw this, he didn’t know how he would be remonstrated.

“How much?” Wang Zheng was dumbfounded, eating at this place a few dozen credits was enough, no need to beat people.

“Very good, five hundred thirty credits. I’ll give you a discount, five hundred.”

“Don’t trick me, at this place it’s at most a hundred and something!” Wang Zheng insisted.

“Bullshit, this girl came in and ordered one of every dish!”

Wang Zheng understood another principle. Without money, don’t play hero.

“All I have is three hundred. You can take it, or you can have the police take us away.”

Wang Zheng shrugged like a gangster, “Or, you can hit me for a discount.”

Depressed or not, leaving things halfway wasn’t Wang Zheng’s style.

The two waiters looked distracted, gazing at Wang Zheng’s three hundred credits, one rushed over, “You two little bastards, hurry up and get lost!”

As he spoke he punched towards Wang Zheng. A smack sound, and the counterpart immediately held his hand and jumped back. Wang Zheng touched his face, immediately withdrawing one bill, “Once for one hundred, come again if you aren’t satisfied.”

When someone hit your left cheek, there was no harm in turning the right. One hundred credits could support him for days.

The waiters looked at each other, one’s hand was already swollen, then they ran off with a fierce glare at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly. No need to try this place, finding work in this day and age wasn’t that hard.

Behind him followed a small tail.

Wang Zheng halted, turning. The little tail also stopped, raising her head. Those miserable big eyes again.

Damn, Wang Zheng forced back the roar that was on the edge of his lips. This filthy girl’s eyes had a strange power.

“Fellow student, as comrades in abject poverty, you don’t have to thank me. But don’t follow me either. To be honest, I’m a poor wretch, that just now was the full extent of my property, I don’t know where my next meal will be. I can still say it won’t be skipping the bill.”

Finished speaking, Wang Zheng turned and left. He had to find work, that was no joke. Without food to eat, even diamonds would turn into toffee.

But the little tail unexpectedly kept following.

“Little girl, if you follow me, don’t think I won’t beat you up!”

The filthy girl in front of him seemed to be about his size, wearing clearly unsuitable sports wear, plus a pitiful expression that seemed a bit small.

The girl’s tears immediately fell with a pitter patter. Wang Zheng instantly lost his thread. He really was a villain, shouting at a little girl.

“I’m sorry, little……. Cough cough, I’m Wang Zheng, what’s your name?” Suddenly Wang Zheng discovered that the counterpart seemed to be about his age, calling her little girl this and little girl that was no good.

Tears hovered in the girl’s eyes, “I don’t know, I don’t remember.”

Wang Zheng felt dizzy. Not only didn’t he find work, he even brought home an illegitimate child.

Wang Zheng brought “little Shi” back home. Little Shi was the nickname Wang Zheng gave her, since it sounded close to amnesia. Fortunately there was still food at home. Wang Zheng overturned trunks and boxes, almost turning over is whole house. He finally discovered another eighty credits. One hundred eighty credits, still a good day.

Little Shi became very calm in Wang Zheng’s little house, not as terrified as outside.

“Little Shi, you wash up first. I’ll go get something to eat.” It had to be admitted that this little miss’ smell was even a bit unworthy of the revolutionary masses.

Having squandered a day, the sky was already dark. Wang Zheng was long ago so hungry the front of his stomach was sticking to his back.

Instant noodles and cola was still a pretty good meal.

The water in the bathroom stopped, and little Shi timidly walked out dressed in Wang Zheng’s T-shirt, “I’m sorry, I only found this to wear.”

“Wear it if you want. Tomorrow I’ll bring you to……”

Even with student Wang’s willpower, he was still a bit absent minded. Seriously, it seemed that luck really was changeable. What he casually picked up turned out to be a little fairy?

Faintly purple, slightly curled long hair, wherever it was dyed, it seemed quite natural. Skin like white jade, glossy and smooth. To be honest, Wang Zheng had never seen a girl as pretty as this. Most importantly, this girl had pupils like stars, clear, sparkling, even Ye Zisu was like a sweet potato in front of her. Spiritual influence, she was brimming with a fresh and clean smell.

“Seriously, such a pretty little Shi shoud fetch quite a high price!” Wang Zheng snapped his fingers.

Little Shi on the other side jumped with fright, “Zheng-gege, don’t sell me. I’m very strong, I can to a lot of work.”

“Sweatdrop, I’m joking.” Wang Zheng felt that he really was going rotten, bullying an amnesiac girl.

At this moment Wang Zheng noticed that his clothes little Shi wore just barely covered her butt. Those long and slender legs could really be rated as art.

From top to bottom, every part of her was perfect. Someone like this simply shouldn’t exist.

Damn, this girl really isn’t minor.

“Do I look strange like this?” Little Shi pulled at her clothes. This movement was an even more violent blow at Wang Zheng.

Cough cough, little Shi, tomorrow I’ll take you to check the Skylink Public Service System, then I’m taking you home. You can just stay here today.”

Wang Zheng focused his attention on his noodles. Grandma’s legs, two years of training in willpower crumbled like that.

“Thank you, gege.”

Little Shi’s voice was very beautiful, soft, like it could reach your heart.

Finishing the meal quickly and efficiently, releasing a loud burp without regard to image, human life was eating, drinking, shitting and sleeping. Very pleasurable, student Wang was very calm regardless of the difficulties.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa, you sleep inside.” Wang Zheng threw off his shoes, stretching his big feet very comfortably. Sleep was a very happy thing to him.

In the Rubik’s Cube, even sleep was a nightmare. His current dull life was like paradise.

Almost three seconds later, little Shi heard Wang Zheng’s snores, this…….

Wang Zheng’s room wasn’t messy, because there was practically nothing there. Laying in the bed, Xiao Shi’s eyes suddenly seemed radiant. The snores outside really didn’t have a trace of politeness. Little Shi couldn’t help smiling slightly, there really existed an idiot like this.

This night, even though the bed was very uncomfortable, her mood was still unusually good.

At the first glimmer of dawn, Wang Zheng got up for morning exercises. Bonehead said that a super soldier had to be beautiful both outside and in. Cultivation technique was inside, and muscles and endurance and such training was the outside. Both sides had to be mutually coordinated to reach the best results, and physical capability had to be maintained. He had moreover slept very soundly last night. Let alone others, even Yan Xiaosu very rarely came over. Suddenly having the presence of a girl in the house unexpectedly gave it the ambience of a home.

Not long after setting breakfast, the doorbell rang unusually urgently. “Boss, open up!”

Opening the door, Yan Xiaosu didn’t seem to be missing any parts, “Pretty good, all parts intact. Your old man let you off like this?” Wang Zheng teased.

“Gah, my butt is splitting open. But relying on the eloquence of Tall Rich And Handsome, I finally passed the crisis!”

“Oh, what excuse did you use this time?” Wang Zheng was also quite curious, Yan Xiaosu was rather skilled in dealing with people.

“Of course it’s the goddess’ birthday. I said, you can’t lower our Yan family’s demeanor, for good or bad we’re still characters with face in Shangjing.”

Yan Xiaosu straightened his waist and smiled, “The old man best likes face. A representative’s daughter’s birthday party struck his weak point. This time I can make adequate preparations, capturing Yue Jing is my life goal. Shouldn’t you find a goal too? You can’t marry mech armor. About to graduate and still a virgin, if it gets out you won’t have any face!”

“Zheng-gege, who is it?” A melodious voice echoed. Wang Zheng had forgotten about this.

Yan Xiaosu was immediately petrified, stupidly looking at little Shi, drooling like a waterfall dropping three thousand feet.

Student Yan suddenly gripped Wang Zheng’s hands with deep emotion, “Brother, please give your most beloved little brother an introduction, who is this beautiful woman?”

(TL note: Shi, or “poem”, is a homonym for the first character in shiyi, “amnesia”.

8 thoughts on “Stellar War Storm – 1.07 – Little Shi

  1. “felt that he really was going rotten, bullying an amnesiac girl.”
    It’s the influence of that damn skeleton!!
    Our innocent Wang has been corrupted!


  2. I’m betting the trap will be a CT battle with one of the people from the college he didn’t get into.

    I wonder if Xiao Shi will go to the party too? His friend will need to buy her something to wear if so.


  3. Uh that part where he meets the girl was really weird, why would the people from the restaurant try to beat up unrelated people if they don’t pay for someone who has no money. Moreover, why would they serve so much expensive food to someone who stinks and clothed like a hobo. Wouldn’t they just call the police in the situation where someone wants to skip the bill ?

    Of course it’s also completely stupid from the MC to spend all his money to cover for some random person, and get hit on purpose like he is some sort of little bitch. With his current strength he could have easily scared the two guys away with little effort if he really wanted to save the girl.

    Oh and the part with the birthday invitation was weird too, that girl was super rude at first and made it clear what she thinks of him and his friend but he gets invited to that birthday… and he doesn’t suspect a thing.

    Finally, the hobo girl comes to his place and he gives his bed ? If someone comes to my place uninvited you can be sure that they’ll be the one sleeping on the couch/spare bed.


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