Stellar War Storm – 1.08 – Soaring Like A Heavenly Steed

Wang Zheng shook of Yan Xiaosu in a burst of abject horror, “Get lost, this is little Shi……”

Little Shi had already walked over and grabbed Wang Zheng’s arm, “Hello, I’m Zheng-gege’s distant cousin, Wang Shishi, it’s my first time on Earth, so please look after me.”

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu both looked dumbstruck at this elfin girl. Wang Zheng shivered, could it be this girl was looking at becoming dependant on him?

“No way, you don’t look blood related anywhere! If Boss had a tenth of your genes, he’d be the handsomest guy in school!” Yan Xiaosu pounded Wang Zheng’s ego without a trace of politeness.

“Xiaosu, you need a spanking!” After trampling on Yan Xiaosu, the three proceeded to have breakfast.

“Little Shi, besides the goddess of my dreams, you are the most beautiful girl, en, actually, you’re a bit prettier than my dream goddess too!”

“Yan, I’m having breakfast, I’ll get indigestion.” Wang Zheng really wasn’t interested in Yue Jing.

“Ah, why?” Little Shi asked curiously.

“Explaining all of this is a long story, I’ll cut to the chase and give you the summary. I asked boss to help me deliver a love letter, as a result……”

Completely ignoring student Wang’s earnest attempts at stopping him, Wang Zheng’s awkward incident was revealed by Yan Xiaosu like an exploding bean,

Even though little Shi didn’t laugh easily, she couldn’t help it this time. The world had such a silly person?

Only, thinking about it, he’d really done it.

“Tell me, is there anyone in this world who values loyalty more than boss!” Yan Xiaosu acted like he was telling a folk story.

“Zheng-gege, why did you jump into the lake?” Little Shi was as adorable as a curious baby.

“Urges are the devil!” Wang Zheng choked. Ultimately he could still only helplessly shrug, he couldn’t stand recalling past events.

Hearing Wang Zheng’s true story, little Shi laughed without the least attention to image, “Zheng-gege, you really are cute.”

Wang Zheng touched his nose, did that count as a compliment?

After breakfast, Yan Xiaosu insisted on showing the scenery of earth, and little Shi also quite wanted to go play. Originally Wang Zheng was planning on sending little Shi to search the public service system, but when he saw her happy expression he still left that for later. They didn’t lack time. In fact, when little Shi smiled he felt warm. Wang Zheng really felt as though he had a little sister.

Asian Historical Museum, here were accounts of humanity’s bronze age, silver age, even the now ended golden age of interstellar grand voyaging. Yan Xiaosu was a novice in this respect, so Wang Zheng was in charge of explaining.

“This is the mankind’s earliest earthquake detector, a thing from ten thousand years ago. The principles behind the current super shock star probes are a about seventy percent similar.”

Wang Zheng said. Having followed old merchant as a little assistant in the book shop for so many years, he really had read a lot.

“Eh, that’s one of the masterpieces of doctor Jacques Rogge, you understand it, Zheng-gege?” Little Shi asked.

“Haha, even if I don’t know whether it’s coincidence, but compared to this seismograph it only includes some subspace wave theory, it’s actually quite simple to combine. Of course, the person who could figure that out is definitely very amazing.”

Unconsciously, Wang Zheng imitated old merchant’s tone. Of course the last part was his own addition. Old merchant was quite disdainful, and the number of people that could be valued by him were…… almost none.

A trace of astonishment flashed through little Shi’s eyes, but this was only the beginning. As the two talked they touched on all manner of knowledge, astronomy and geography were comprehensively covered. Wang Zheng also discovered that, besides not remembering who she was, little Shi’s memory was intact in other respects, and had also received a good education.

The curved flight memorial hall was especially large. This was the key to mankind’s access to the stars. Lauren Lee was also a citizen of the Aslan Empire, it had to be admitted that this empire had produced countless scientists, with an extremely important effect on the development of human history.

“At present the highest speed we can reach is your Aslan Empire’s fourfold curved flight, but the future mainstream should be curved leap flight, that should be an enormous improvement.”

Wang Zheng smiled, Yan Xiaosu to the side had almost fallen asleep. Studen Yan had been very conscientious at the start, but along with the subjects getting deeper and duller, he really couldn’t endure it. Anyway, there were no people here, so he sat on the shoulders of giants, then leaned on the heads of giants to sleep. Besides, it gave him quite a feeling of modelling.

But little Shi really was alarmed, the curved velocity leap theory still hadn’t been published!

This was still a high level galactic secret, and each nation was conducting tightly guarded research. She had also just heard her tutor mention it by accident. But Wang Zheng actually knew about it, and it seemed he quite understood it.

How was this possible!

“Zheng-gege, you’re definitely a top student at Wargod Military College!”

Wang Zheng blushed, “Cough cough, I still haven’t passed the exams, and I still have a few days before high school graduation.”

“You’ll definitely pass. Compared to you, I feel I’m too ignorant.”

Wang Zheng smiled, “I’m also just chatting casually.”

“Zheng-gege, do you have a girlfriend, you’re definitely very popular at school!” Little Shi exposed an adoring expression.

Yan Xiaosu to the side immediately woke up, “Little sister Shi, I swear before Heaven, boss is a virgin!”

“Yan Xiaosu, you’re talking bullshit again, I’ll wring you into a dough twist!”

No matter how thick Wang Zheng’s face was, he still couldn’t stand up against Yan Xiaosu’s eloquence. Little Shi looked distracted before covering her mouth and breaking into laughter, her charming face deep red, looking at both Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu.

Cough cough, we’ve been walking for so long, let’s find a place to rest.” Seeing Wang Zheng flipping out, Yan Xiaosu hurriedly changed the subject.

“You wouldn’t be thinking about going to play CT again?”

“Haha, little sister Shi, I’m an expert, I’ve promoted to bronze level!” On mention of this, Yan Xiaosu immediately got cocky.

“Really, I still haven’t played, is it fun?” Little Shi really was interested in anything and everything.

“Fun? No, it’s super fun! This is the hottest game in the Milky Way, it’s not a game, it’s a lifestyle! The life of battle, life of passion, men’s hot blood, women’s charm, all blossoming in the sparks of mech armor!”

Yan Xiaosu swung his arms, as if he stood on a stage in front of ten thousand spectators.

Like this the three quickly took the public high speed system to Brothers Net Café.

“Owner, my private room!” Yan Xiaosu yelled when he entered, and was immediately greeted by a smiling owner. This was a high level VIP.

“No problem, how many stations?”

“Three, this is my brother, and my brother’s little sister, if they come again just put them on my tab!”

Yan Xiaosu patted his breast and said.

“No problem, please go inside, ……. Anything to drink, we have Nebula Water, all kinds of beverages, everything that should be here, free of charge today.”

The proprietor was also shocked by little Shi’s sweet smile, always miserly, he suddenly grew generous.

“Three bottles of coca cola!”

This was what Yan Xiaosu liked the most. Why?

Only because Coca Cola was very domineering, possessing a long history, with even more power to speak. As long as mankind wasn’t extinguished, as long as humanity still needed water, there would be Coca Cola. This most suited Tall Rich Handsome.

Entering CT, Yan Xiaosu immediately grew completely excited, calling friends left and right.

“Crud, I forgot, both of you are newbies. First get familiar I’ll go fight first.”

Wang Zheng opened his account. Skeleton already had ten points, one successive win.

And the ID little Shi entered next to him was “Aslan Little Free Spirit”.

Yan Xiaosu shook his head, really not creative. Looking at his own ID Tall Rich Handsome, how formidable and domineering.

“It’s best for newbies to first play 1v1 to get familiar with the mech controls and function. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you can come unscathed through a hundred battles. I’ll duck out first. …… You two do whatever you want, there are no cameras here.”

Yan Xiaosu smiled wickedly. What ‘little sister’, he had been with Wang Zheng since childhood and never heard of any relatives. Since boss was so slow on the start, he needed the helping hand of a romantic expert like him!

Little Shi looked distracted, “Do whatever we want?”

“Don’t listen to him, that kid has been in heat recently.”

Little Shi didn’t seem unfamiliar with this, and also seemed eager to give it a try.

The two smiled at each other, both starting their CT careers in full spirits.


He also really wanted to know to what extent he could use the things he learned in the Rubik’s Cube.

Light flashed.

1v1 mode.

ID: Skeleton Wargod No 1

Automatic matchmaking……

Matchmaking was based on the sum of win rate, level, and successive wins.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious room, three youths were also just waiting for matchmaking to finish. The five hundred square meter private game room really was extravagant, even the bathroom was bigger than Wang Zheng’s home.

“Captain, today you definitely have to let us experience your Soaring Steed Five Successive Slashes.”

“Is using the Soaring Steed Five Successive Slashes very difficult with the Demon Wolf Type V?”

The two youths standing behind Ma Xiao were filled with expectation.

Ma Xiao, Asian region diamond level expert, the two behind him were new members of his Dragon God Team. As captain, he was using an alt to demonstrate a skill, and at the same time establish his prestige.

“The Demon Wolf Type V is still pretty flexible, its weak points are something only those high level experts can target. It’s unequalled in a place like this.”

Ma Xiao said indifferently. As a first rate expert, he would sometimes use a false name to play around. His main was too famous.

Ma Xiao’s alt: Dragon God 007, complete victory in three fights.

Automatic matchup:

Skeleton VS Dragon God 007.

“Whoa, it’s actually a little newbie, this really is like killing chickens with the bull cleaver.”

“To be able to die under the Dragon God’s five successive kills is still his good fortune.”

The two behind him were a bit excited. They could watch from the captain’s POV, that was a rare chance to learn. They were both gold one level, part of the team’s important backup strength, and also first year students at Wargod College.

“Fuck, got to be a mistake, it’s actually a brittleskin. He’ll die in one move……”

Ma Xiao was also speechless. The level of this account was fairly low. The opponent didn’t have computer trouble, but in any case it was an issue of IQ. But the opponent actually picked a brittleskin, he’d die in one hit.

Light flashed on the stage, and two mech warriors slowly appeared.

Ma Xiao didn’t want to waste time. As soon as the battle started, the Demon Wolf Type V made a pull. This was commonly used by experts, by pausing a bit, you could increase the mech’s instant burst power, and even more so for beast type mechs.

All his movements were as fluent as moving clouds and flowing water, and the mech charged towards the Wargod No 1.

In practically an instant he had arrived, “Watch closely, Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills depends heavily on timing!”

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  1. Well, he’s dead. I wonder if it’ll take more than one move this time? 😉

    I really thought he’d wind up fighting his “sister” and being amazed at her amazing technique. I wonder who she really is and why she’s there? I doubt she’s there for the MC given how they met and her lack of knowledge about him, but maybe she’s looking for the old merchant? Or just running away from home?


  2. I’m slightly confused about the following part. The captain is silverlevel while the other two are goldlevel. Did it get mixed up because goldlevel is higher than silverlevel?

    “Ma Xiao, Asian region silver level expert, the two behind him were new members of his Dragon God Team. As captain, he was using an alt to demonstrate a skill, and at the same time establish his prestige.”

    “The two behind him were a bit excited. They could watch from the captain’s POV, that was a rare chance to learn. They were both gold one level, part of the team’s important backup strength, and also first year students at Wargod College.”


  3. Soo… you go against your principles to cover for a homeless thief. You take a slap to the face and lose 200 bucks because a homeless thief just “coincidentally” bumps into you. Your first thought isn’t SCAM, but, “I better take this homeless stranger to my house, and then sleep, unguarded without any parental supervision,” instead of going directly to the police. DUMB. And then the next morning they all go play at the arcade like there’s not important things to do. This is stupid.


    • {Do they study the topic all of the time? I am positive your blog will help all that read it. I have been surfing online for more than 4 hours today. I’m visiting for the first time today.


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