Stellar War Storm – 1.09 – Explosive Noob

Even though a brittleskin couldn’t let him show his power, he could at least warm up.

The Demon Wolf Type V issued an attack in a flash. Practically everyone dealing with the Demon Wolf’s flexible and vicious attack used their energy shield to lock up the opponent and then attack. But a brittleskin had no energy shield, and could only forcibly block or dodge, but could a Wargod No 1 dodge a Demon Wolf Type V?

The Wargod No 1 retreated half a step as if weightless, just enough to dodge the attack. Ma Xiao smiled slightly, then followed up with the attack combo. If the Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills could be joined up it was unstoppable.

Retreat, was an abyss.

The first lunge could be a feint or could be real, but the following attack was fatal. There was no way to withdraw from this. But the Wargod No 1 actually spun away!

The attack chained up with a sweep attack, followed closely by a leap attack. The Wargod No 1 was like an apparition, dodging the leap attack by a hair’s breadth, each dodge at the limit. But Ma Xiao’s Soaring Steed fatal blow appeared.

A deadlock after a series of moves, the effect of motion waning.

The Demon Wolf opened its mouth—— Laser cannon!

Almost within reach, undodgeable!


The perfect killing move!

But the Wargod No 1 unexpectedly shifted sideways like a ghost, without the slightest pause, the whole set of dodges was like something practiced countless times. The Demon Wolf just opened its mouth when he attacked.

The blast attack failed!

Alarms instantly blared, transitioning to the left side, the Wargod No 1 was actually charging. In the end he was a diamond player, he didn’t dodge, there was no time, so he instantly started the energy shield.

The Wargod No 1 was already flying forward, kill!


Energy sparked from the collision. Ma Xiao retreated, but the Wargod No 1—— dashed in to attack!

As quick and violent as an artillery shell. What kind of violent burst strength was required to make such a charge with a humanoid mech armor?

The Demon Wolf Type V hadn’t dodged completely, at least it suffered some force. But next the Wargod No 1 made a sweep attack. The Demon Wolf had an incomparably fast mechanical tail, but the Wargod No 1 used its foot, its speed should be a beat slow, but…… Ma Xiao felt unreassured.



The next moment, the Wargod No 1 was already leaping up, the titanium blade slashing at the Demon Wolf’s belly.

Sparks flashed for an instant. Ma Xiao also erupted, the already unbalanced Demon Wolf Type V suddenly stepped hard and flew back.

But at this moment the mech armor abruptly swayed.


The Wargod No 1 grabbed the Demon Wolf’s leg, titanium blade already at its head.


The energy shield shattered, the titanium blade rudely thrusting into the Demon Wolf Type V’s head. Sparks flew in all directions.


The Demon Wolf crumbled and collapsed.

Skeleton WIN, two successive wins!

The extravagant training room was dead silent, everyone were dumbfounded.

How was this possible!

A humanoid mech’s Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills???

Used against the inventor Ma Xiao!!!

With the Wargod No 1!!!

Was this a hallucination?

Ma Xiao was motionless. The whole series of events from just now played through his mind. Mistake?

He hadn’t made any mistake. This was definitely an alt, the opponent’s operation was diamond level, and was moreover planned quite unashamedly!

“Who are you, Carlos, is this your alt???”

Ma Xiao typed in a series of question marks. Carlos was his main rival, and moreover someone who frequently liked acting like a pretentious prick with the Wargod No 1.

Wang Zheng on the other side didn’t pay him any attention. The opponent was a bit nooby, storming up to attack like that was something you could only use when you were vastly superior to the opponent. But as an unfamiliar opponent, he could only give him one point. If Bonehead was here, there would definitely be a ten thousand volt electric shock waiting.

Ma Xiao was furious, the counterpart actually took a disinterested attitude and directly went into matchmaking for an opponent.

He immediately launched matchmaking, but very unfortunately, his luck wasn’t that good.

Meanwhile, in the CT Asian region official forum’s newbie section there were two popular videos stickied.

The subject was “Guess whose alt this is!”

Skeleton, two successive victories, using Wargod No 1.

The click through rate was already in the tens of thousands, and there were even thousands of replies. Even though it didn’t compare to celebrities, it was already very popular in the newbie section.

“Fuck, capable of flipping over a Wild Beast without using weapons, this guy is the alt of European region’s number one Wild Beast player Maru!”

“A fluke. It’s not impossible, the Wild Beast was charging too recklessly, how many gurus would have this much time and leisure!”

“The mods are bored, stickying even a post like this. A very ordinary bronze level promotion match.”

But with the appearance of the second video, the wind direction changed sharply.

“This is Carlos’ alt!”

“Guess who Dragon God 007 is, it wouldn’t be Dragon God Ma Xiao?”

Couldn’t you recognize a pig on the road without eating pork? Even though very rarely people could use the Heavenly Steed Five Successive Kills, the skill this Demon Wolf Type V was used with was too admirable. But that Wargod No 1 could actually dodge completely, it was simply demonic skill. And afterwards the humanoid mech armor actually used the Soaring Steed Five Successive Kills that only beast type mechs could use.

Last time clearly wasn’t a fluke, it would be difficult for this post not to get popular.

“Textbook level dodging. This is absolutely a veteran who’s made special research and training in Soaring Steed!”

Some veterans couldn’t bear not spitting bubbles.

Watching the video in slow motion, the Wargod No 1’s dodges were practically all by a hair’s breadth, and his prediction was even more unusually good. Even though Dragon Good’s motions were almost perfect, clearly there were no perfect styles, only perfect tactics.

Little Shi also won one round, but as someone accustomed to handling real mechs, a toy like this wasn’t that interesting. She was actually more interested in Wang Zheng, how did he operate it?

Wang Zheng’s third opponent appeared.

ID: Chaos Gunner Hunter Type 3 130 wins, 53% win rate, bronze five level.

Wang Zheng’s two successive victories weren’t rare, but his win rate was too high, so the system would match him against stronger opponents. Only a player who just had two fights was actually matched with a bronze five player, even though it was low level bronze, it was enough to kill any rookie.

If they had a level, the gap to common players would be quite large.

Skeleton VS Chaos Gunner, this was originally a match that wouldn’t draw attention, but a lot of the players who saw the video on the official forum grew interested. Such a common battle actually drew several hundred paying viewers.

Chaos Gunner was also quite surprised. Still something this good?

In a match like this, CT would definitely take the bulk, but would award a bonus depending on the level of brilliance, both for the victor and loser, but of course a bit more for the winner.

Who was the opponent, two fights two wins……this was clearly a sockpuppet, huh.

Chaos Gunner was cheerful. Still such a good thing. He immediately opened galactic search, and very quickly found the comments on the opponent.

A fellow expert in close combat, level pretty good, but he was out of luck running into Chaos Gunner. Whether he was a real sockpuppet or a lucky rookie, he would be eliminated.

Wargod No 1 VS Hunter Type 3, battle site: Jungle

The jungle was a great place for sniper type ambushers. In circumstances without energy shield, it was a one hit kill.

However, Wang Zheng’s choice left little Shi speechless.

Wargod No 1, weapon choice titanium alloy saber…… He didn’t bring a gun???


Let alone little Shi, Chaos Gunner was all smiles. This world still had someone so conceited. His rush to pick the scenario already gave him a major advantage, and the opponent actually only brought a rotten saber. Could it be that he thought he would get a physical fight?

Of the more than three hundred people watching, half were already regretting it. Impulses really were the devil. Even a common match cost ten credits. The money was secondary, but this really wasn’t worth it, everyone were a bit depressed.

But the matches gave no refunds, even when it was on the official web. For sales, the official web would publish some players people were interested in. Throwing the net wide, someone would inevitably be taken in.

“This Skeleton would die if it didn’t act like a pretentious prick, he even picked Wargod No 1 in a situation like this!”

“Fuck, he didn’t even bring a laser rifle, he treats the opponent like an idiot!”

“Fraud, defrauded again!”

“Those two matches were probably staged!”

“Who knows, fuck, that Gunner is an expert, he’s already in ambush!”

Entering the battle scenario, Chaos Gunner quickly found his ambush location. Having seen the videos of the previous two matches, he understood clearly that he couldn’t let the opponent get in close.

This was a Norton Star style jungle, tall and strange plants with small cracks in between. At the same time as it was easy to hide, it offered a sniper a pretty good field of view.

Chaos Gunner didn’t pick an ordinary high position ambush, but chose a low lying depression.

The chances that the opponent was an idiot was extremely low, very likely it was an expert acting dumb. Therefore the opponent would definitely place heavy importance on the high points, so Chaos Gunner found a hollow depression and camouflaged himself, only waiting for the opponent to appear.

Everyone sighed at this opening, but what made them the most speechless was the Wargod No 1 walking around without concern.

“Is it a mistake? Confronting the Hunter, and he’s still walking in a straight line, does he have a brain!”

“This is a rhythm of departing this life!”

Little Shi didn’t know the opponent’s circumstances, but she was still very worried. The opponent was definitely lying in ambush, so how could Wang Zheng walk so relaxed?

Little Shi subconsciously looked at Wang Zheng’s expression, and immediately looked distracted. He was unexpectedly smiling, as if enjoying it.

What kind of state was this?

Wang Zheng really was enjoying it. Even if it was virtual, he was still half a step towards his dreams.

As if relaxing, Wang Zheng’s every cell was unusually lively.

Danger, it was a kind of scent!

The mech armor easily advanced, gradually approaching Chaos Gunner’s field of view.

Chaos Gunner was motionless, quietly waiting for the opponent’s arrival. Soon, soon, a bit closer!

Everyone’s hearts clutched. In around five meters or so, was the rhythm of heads exploding.

Just at this moment the Wargod No 1 suddenly stopped, starting to hesitate in place, as if looking for something. He unexpectedly turned his head and abruptly walked away.

No way, what was going on!

Chaos Gunner was a bit depressed, but his moved improved very quickly, because the Wargod No 1 appeared again, and moreover entered his range!

…… The screen constantly flickered, damn, this fellow was really fast, not easy to aim at, cutting across trees almost every second. A sniper’s doctrine was to hit with every shot, especially someone focusing on ambushes, but he couldn’t completely target the opponent at each step, and didn’t dare act blindly without thinking.

3 thoughts on “Stellar War Storm – 1.09 – Explosive Noob

  1. “This Skeleton would die if it didn’t act like a pretentious prick, he even picked Wargod No 1 in a situation like this!”

    Is this sentence alright ? It feel weirds. Wouldn’t it be better if either “would die” become “wouldn’t die” or “if it didn’t act” become “if it act” ?


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