Stellar War Storm – 1.10 – Noble Little Sister

The players were also baffled, was this Chaos Gunner an idiot, how come he still didn’t shoot!?

An outstanding sniper had to be patient. Suddenly, alarms blared.

Not good!

The Wargod No 1 had accelerated in his direction, he was discovered!!!

As he was constantly looking for a good opportunity to act, Wang Zheng was just piloting the Wargod No 1 to close in on the Hunter Type 3 at high speed.

Chaos Gunner couldn’t pay attention to being disposed, the opponent’s speed wasn’t enough!

Light radiated in all directions, the laser rumbled, a beam of light blasting towards the Wargod No 1.

Practically the instant the light flashed, the Wargod No 1 suddenly leaned forty five degrees left. The beam shot past his side, the intense energy seeming like it would strip the paint from the Wargod No 1.

With only a slight pause, the Wargod No 1 continued forward. Due to not having dodged too widely, his speed wasn’t that influenced.


Chaos Gunner told himself countless times, circumstances like these weren’t rare in team battles, only a calm sniper could live till the end.

Sniper cannon locked on!

Second shot blasted out!

Wargod No 1 soared through the air!

Fuck, why did he choose to jump this time???

The second shot missed as well, and the distance was growing closer and closer. Chaos Gunner was just gathering energy for a third shot, this was the moment that decided life or death.

The Wargod No 1 charged at high speed when it landed. At this moment there was no shelter between the two sides, but the distance was still too far, the third shot had already charged.

“Drop dead!”

Chaos Gunner roared and fired the third shot. He was excited all over, but his hands were incomparably steady, this was the experience accumulated over more than one hundred battles!

The Wargod No 1 had nowhere to dodge, the light beam thundered, but at this moment, the Wargod No 1 moved in a dazzling arc……

Everyone present went imbecilic, fuck, for ten credits they could actually see the Arc Slide Step!!!

The Wargod No 1 freakishly cut a thirty degree arc from his straight line charge, and practically the instant the light beam passed, he was already back to a straight line.

This was the super skill of assassin type mechs when confronting sniper mechs head on!

The intense movements made the Wargod No 1 creak and groan from the strain. Chaos Gunner was mute, standing there motionlessly.

Fuck, this was just the rookie player area, there was such a bully???

Arc Slide Step!

The Wargod No 1 flashed, the Hunter Type 3’s head flew up, mech burst!

Skeleton WIN!

Somewhere on Earth, a twenty something youth fiercely beat a machine, “This is fucking barefaced bullying, whose alt is this!!!”

The spectator area was moment of quiet, followed immediately by an explosion of cheering. Ten credits to see a classic underdog killing a sniper, absolutely worth it!

Little Shi was next to Wang Zheng, and could clearly see into the cockpit. Wang Zhen was smiling from start to finish, as if unspeakable confident and relaxed, as if the battle was a kind of sublimation.

Arc Slide Step, such a comparatively difficult maneuver was absolutely impossible to perform without corresponding physical strength, even in CT.

And even before that, the judgement in crisis was even more something only veteran soldiers could produce!

Wang Zheng took off the tactile equipment and left the cockpit, seeing little Shi outside, “Wasn’t it very boring?”

Little Shi didn’t have time to reply before a miserable howl came from the side of the room, “This group of pits, pulling me in as well! Ah, my points!”

Yan Xiaosu walked out with a depressed expression, “Not playing, the children are all on summer vacation, running around being pits everywhere!”

“Zheng-gege is an expert, it’ll be fine if you bring him.” Little Shi smiled slightly.

“Damn, today is boss’ second time playing, no matter what kind of genius he still needs to practice.”

Yan Xiaosu said, “Boss, I’m not saying you won’t do, but understanding the mech armor environment and battle tactics, it’s not possible without several hundred games. Those diamond level experts are veterans who have experienced tens of thousands of battles.”

Comprehensive knowledge, outstanding battle awareness, diligent training, even Wargod College students wouldn’t do, how many in the Asian region could reach this stage?

“It’s quite interesting, and plenty of experts.” Wang Zheng nodded. Training was rigid, real combat had countless permutations, it really could offer quite a bit of help.

“We’ll go window shopping, that’s what girls love most.” Yan Xiaosu said. What ordinary girl didn’t like window shopping.

Little Shi was on the contrary indifferent, it was actually Wang Zheng who thought he would see little Shi off later, and should buy her some souvenirs.

“Little Shi, if you see something you like just say it, I’ll get it for you!” Wang Zheng rubbed little Shi’s head. It hadn’t been long since they met, but he really felt like he had a little sister. If he really had such an adorable little sister it would be a blessed thing.

“How rare, I’ve already been together with boss for half our lives, and he’s never given me a present.”

A square jawed and blunt person acting cute, little Shi couldn’t hold back her laughter if she wanted to.

Besides, on the way little Shi had gotten a lot of information out of Yan Xiaosu, especially that Wang Zheng’s gene score was unexpectedly just twenty eight. Little Shi’s first reaction was disbelief, but when she got confirmation from Wang Zheng himself, little Shi’s interest reached a peak, how was it possible?

Yan Xiaosu, that loudmouth, indeed revealed Wang Zheng’s embarrassments from when he wore open crotched pants.

“Little sister Shi, if you still have some younger or elder sister without boyfriend, there’s no harm in giving me an introduction. We’re all friends, don’t let your own fertile water flow into others’ field, eh.”

“Even though I have a younger cousin, you already have a goddess. Really unfortunate.”

“Ai, for one tree I have given up on the whole forest, I really am too faithful!” Yan Xiaosu habitually praised himself further.

“Boss, I’ll go settle some personal business. You stroll around first, call me later.”

Saying so he pressed a card into Wang Zheng’s hand, winked, then vanished with his big butt like a wisp of smoke.

Wang Zheng smiled knowingly, brothers for life, at this time he wouldn’t be polite.

“Your friend really is passionate.”

“He’s my best brother.”

“Zheng-gege, will you still remember me later?” Little Shi’s tone was suddenly melancholic, because she knew that the time to leave had finally come. Even if Wang Zheng didn’t mention it, she still had to go.

“I will. You’re the sole highlight in this time of darkness, even if I almost lost my family fortune in the process.” Wang Zheng smiled.

Little Shi also couldn’t help laughing, she really had no concept of money, but she knew it was different in Wang Zheng’s circumstances. In her heart she was very thankful, that day she was already regretting her impulsiveness, until she met Wang Zheng.

Suddenly Wang Zheng’s expression fell, abruptly throwing himself towards little Shi. At practically the same moment, with a cheng sound, a hole appeared in the ground.

“Sniper!” Little Shi cried out in fear, she had undergone anti-assassination training.

Wang Zheng used his body to shelter little Shi, pulling her along to hide in the crowd. Practically at the same time came another thump thump thump consecutive shots.

One of them grazed Wang Zheng’s arm, blood splashing out. Wang Zheng held little Shi, urgently dashing in behind a billboard. Grandma’s legs, they really came for little Shi.

“They’re after me, you leave quickly!” At this moment little Shi wanted to push Wang Zheng away.

“You’re my little sister, they’ll need my permission if they want to touch you.” Wang Zheng said indifferently.

“They’re all professional killers, you don’t know…..” Little Shi said hurriedly, this wasn’t something a student could handle.

The next moment Wang Zheng carried little Shi and leapt away, as the billboard was blasted into fragments. The entire block was in chaos.

A panicked middle aged man in the crowd instantly charged at little Shi, a dagger glinting with cold light in his hand.

The opponent’s movements were incomparably fierce and practiced, approaching little Shi’s neck in practically an instant, without a trace of wasted motion.

Little Shi’s eyes widened, blankly staring at the dagger thrusting at her. The killer’s pupils contracted, the corner of his mouth revealing an incomparably excited expression, but a hand grabbed the knife blade, the killer stared distractedly, hand flicking. Barehanded against a bare blade, you really think you’re made of diamond!

The sharp pain in his hand didn’t even make Wang Zheng frown, the outcome would change with even a second of hesitation.

—— Leaning Landslide!


The killer instantly shot out more than twenty meters as if struck by a cannonball.

Almost at the same time, there was another gunshot. Wang Zheng leaned over, and the bullet only grazed his stomach, but Wang Zheng pulled little Shi to burst into a shopping mall, hiding in the corner of a store.

One hand held little Shi, one hand grabbed…… pink underwear. Damn, this was a lingerie store.

Little Shi silently leaned against Wang Zheng’s chest. Originally she believed they would definitely die, but little Shi had already calmed down. It may be assumed that the imperial guards should already have reacted. If they still hadn’t, they wouldn’t be fit to be imperial guards.

Sirens blared outside, the whole block cordoned off by police, there were even SWAT among them, as well as a group wearing special livery, who were especially fast.

Hearing the sirens and shouts outside, the situation should be under control.

“Little Shi, next time don’t wander off alone.” Wang Zheng smiled slightly, the feeling of danger receding.

Before little Shi could speak up, the shop door was blown open, SWAT charging inside.

The two were tightly surrounded and brought outside. A noble and graceful woman was already leading a group of imperial guards to take charge of little Shi. From start to finish, the SWAT didn’t give the two the chance to speak again.

Wang Zheng shrugged, tearing his clothes and bandaging his hand.

Yan Xiaosu pulled at Wang Zheng. The crowd wa chaotic, but worried about Wang Zheng he always hid nearby, “Bo…… Boss, what happened, damn, how come you’re injured?”

“It’s nothing, a scratch.”

“Little Shi?”

“Her family picked her up.”

“That girl wasn’t an ordinary person at first look, she was brimming with a wealthy air. Maybe even more than me. A pity, we should have asked for a reward.”

“Get lost, that’s my little sister, let me be a man for once.”

“Haha, boss, there’s always something to admire about you!”

Yan Xiaosu forcefully grabbed student Wang’s hand, gah, it’s injured!

Speaking of money hurts feelings, speaking of feelings hurts money, this was an old Yan family motto.

It seemed little Shi’s family situation really was quite good, there were unexpectedly this many people mobilized when she went missing. But being wealthy wasn’t necessarily a good thing, there were actually even killers looking to drop in.

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  1. Little Shi was next to ‘Tang San’, and could clearly see into the cockpit. Wang Zhen was smiling from start to finish, as if unspeakable confident and relaxed, as if the battle was a kind of sublimation.

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  2. I really thought he’d bandage his hand with lingerie and then wind up meeting someone and shaking their hand 😉

    I wonder if he’ll get a job offer out of this?


  3. I bet Little Shi remembered who she was in this chapter. She was asking if he would remember her, she knew she had a cousin and she didnt even surprised when snipers came for her.


  4. well, i think it wasn’t expressed really well that she didn’t forget anything. it looked like the chapter missed something


  5. You are soo funny and cute.. Love your Posts .. I am enjoying the beauty of the trees this year also and of course the great Placer Madarins oh soo sweet..Hugs Jane AKA Laraine Happy Thanksgiving we are so Blessed..


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