Stellar War Storm – 1.11 – You Really Don’t Suit Him!

Little Shi, like the wind came in a hurry and left in a hurry, but this didn’t change Wang Zheng’s life. Training according to the prescribed order, waiting for the graduation proof to arrive. Wang Zheng found a part time job at the Shangri-La grand hotel. Dawnbreak School students working part time while studying was still a gold lettered promotion, let alone when the work didn’t involve any technical qualifications.

Little Shi didn’t contact him again either. Thinking about it, they didn’t actually exchange contact information. Let alone when her family definitely wouldn’t let her out after such a major incident.

Wang Zheng’s life was still very rich. Unity Arts had displayed a frightful efficiency in that incident, the premonition of danger was quite accurate. Bonehead also always said that he was simply a natural warrior. His hand also recovered quickly. His body really was a lot stronger than an ordinary person’s after undergoing Bonehead’s remodelling.

If ordinary people experienced something like that they might have nightmares, but Wang Zheng actually faintly looked forward to it. He felt in his bones that he really was brimming with the hot blood of battle, thirsting for the battlefield!

Starting the music, this was the galactic charts’ number one NOT AFRAID. Strength, courage, the hot blood of battle, it was what Wang Zheng liked the most.

Wang Zheng was busy exercising on his side, and Yan Xiaosu wasn’t staying idle either. For the weekend, for the goddess’ birthday party, Yan Xiaosu had been so busy the sky faded and earth darkened these few days. Preparing clothes, buying presents, inviting a modelling master to plan poses. In student Xiaosu’s words, he would appear before the goddess in glittering golden light.

Wang Zheng withheld his opinion of this. If she liked him, she wouldn’t stop because of his clothes. If she didn’t……

Of course, beating down others was no good.

The weekend still arrived with Yan Xiaosu’s expectations. These past days he unexpectedly hadn’t even played CT, very rare. Early at dawn he took his old man’s new model Arrowhead maglev car to go looking for Wang Zheng, and spent the whole day chattering on about his plans to show off. It seemed he really was quite nervous.

At five in the afternoon, the two arrived at Shangri-La grand hotel. Wang Zheng found it a bit unexpected, but still within reason. This was the most lavish hotel in the Asian region, it was said some major characters had checked in here, booking everything from the fiftieth floor and up. Originally the birthday party reservation was going to be cancelled, but for some reason, the other party didn’t mind and rescheduled it again, this was also giving face to the Yue family.

Yan Xiaosu specially wore disguised platform shoes, bringing his height up to one seventy, “Boss, is my bow tie crooked?”

“Very awesome, go on!”

Yan Xiaosu by himself held a bouquet of ninety nine Milky Way Beauties and stepped onto the red carpet.

Entering the ballroom, it was already exceptionally bustling inside, but as soon as they entered they spotted Yue Jing and Ye Zisu. Yue Jing wore a white evening dress, a coral necklace around her spotless white long neck. This was her night, she was the princess here.

Ye Zisu wore a sky blue evening dress. Even though this was Yue Jing’s home ground, she had ways to draw eyes.

Close next to Yue Jing was an unusually imposing middle aged man, representative Yue Long, a true authority of the Asian region. At this banquet were not only youngsters, some friends and family of the Yue family had also come.

It really was a major event.

At the banquet, some youngsters in formal wear were already chatting, men and women both, all maintained grace and pride. The people qualified to come here clearly weren’t ordinary people.

Of course there were still some exceptions, these were all Yue Jing’s classmates, each and every one exposing admiring expressions. After all, this setting might be something they couldn’t aspire to in their lifetime.

People, only death was equal. Even though they were fellow students, everyone inwardly understood that, if they came from a small family, everything was different.

Dreams were ample, reality skinny. If they could grab onto this classmate camaraderie, perhaps they really could look to Yue Jing for help later.

Today, Yue Jing had come to bask in admiration.

As she gazed towards the doorway, Yue Jing revealed a brilliant smile, and took the initiative to go to the door to greet them. This astonished some youngsters who were always hovering around her, and one after another they looked in that direction.

“Classmate Yue Jing, I wish you a happy birthday!” The always eloquent Yan Xiaosu was actually a bit tongue tied, promptly handing over the flowers in his hand.

But Yue Jing didn’t accept them.

“Ah, incredible, ninety nine Milky Way Beauties, this is quite expensive!”

“Haha, little sister yue Jing, who is this? A bit dusty, what era brought these things over?”

Yue Jing smiled slightly, motioning an attendant to take away the flowers, “Let me introduce everyone, this is my fellow student Yan Xiaosu. You should all know of the grandly famous Little Lucky Star sanitary napkin manufacturer, that’s his family’s business.”

The surrounding people looked distracted a moment, then burst into laughter, “Little Jing, when did your level fall to this state? No matter how approachable you are, people of this level aren’t qualified to come!”

Yue Jing still maintained a gentle smile, “We’re all fellow students, everyone who comes to participate is a guest. Next to him is Wang Zheng, the elite of our Dawnbreak, very prideful, coming here is giving us face, ordinarily he wouldn’t deign to acknowledge me.”

The more amiable Yue jing was, the more hurtful her words. Wang Zheng knew the invitation wasn’t well intentioned, but they were still fellow students, and he hadn’t expected Yue Jing to be this fierce.

“Dawnbreak’s elite? If you didn’t say it I would have thought he was an attendant, he really is dressed too casually.”

Wang Zheng shrugged indifferently. This was who he was, he didn’t feel the need to disguise himself.

Very soon another guest arrived, and nobody paid attention to them. Yan Xiaosu was very frustrated. Even if he was even more stupid he knew that they were basically treating them as laughingstock.

Wang Zheng patted Yan Xiaosu, “Defeat is the mother of success. Come, come, we’ll eat to break even before going back!”

Yan Xiaosu fiercely swung his fist, “Grandma’s legs, the day will come when I snatch back this pride. What about Little Lucky Star, what about sanitary napkins, it’s inseparable from women!”

Wang Zheng gave a thumbs up. Could it be Yan Xiaosu’s ambition was to sell sanitary napkins all over the galaxy?

The two really were incompatible with a situation like this. Everyone here were so called upper class figures, even Yue Jing’s classmates were busy exchanging contact details. Knowing people when facing graduation, more friends meant more roads, let alone when just meeting these people was an honor in itself.

“Let alone other things, I’ve been working here so many days, but it’s the first time I try the food here. It’s really pretty good.” Wang Zheng ate unrestrained, it wasn’t necessary to make things difficult for himself.

Yan Xiaosu was also a natural optimist, and very soon he was eating happily. Cheh, those milky Way Beauties were really expensive, however much he ate was however much he got back.

The bustling scene here was unrelated to them, until the light dimmed, all the spotlights focusing on the central stage. A three meter tall birthday cake appeared, and in the surroundings echoed a happy birthday song, followed by applause. As for the two in the corner, they were already thrown beyond the topmost clouds.

Ye Zisu looked towards the fellows gorging themselves in the corner as if they were the only ones present. They really didn’t understand Yue Jing, this great miss’ temper wasn’t such that she would leave it at that.

“Jingjing, if you have something you wish, everyone will help you achieve it!” The surrounding people all said.

Yue Long smiled and nodded, “Your uncles are all here today. Speak, we will help you achieve it.”

Yue Jing smiled slightly, “Today I want to help someone achieve a wish. Even though he feels I’m shallow, we are after all fellow students. Right, Wang Zheng.”

On hearing these words, everyone knew something was up. They all knew this great miss’ character, they just didn’t know what poor ghost had provoked her.

Yue Jing pointed, and light immediately flooded the corner. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu immediately became the focus of everyone present, with nowhere to hide.

“Student Wang Zheng is the elite of our Dawnbreak Academy, I wish he could have the opportunity to take the exams for Wargod College. Every talented student in the Asian region should have the chance.”

A youngster in white evening gown smiled and stood, “Little Jing, anyone has the chance for an unbiased test. As the chairman of the Wargod Military College student union, this I can guarantee!”

“Senior Wu Jin, I know that, but Wang Zheng’s gene score is only twenty eight.”

Yue Jing smiled and spoke, but her gaze was filled with pride. Everyone immediately commented among themselves, was this a pig?

Wu Jin also looked distracted, the school still had standards. Let alone twenty eight, nobody under sixty would be tested……. Twenty eighth, this level really was unheard of, barely above animals.

Wang Zheng also hadn’t though Yue Jing would take it this far. It really was no joke that you could offend narrow villains, but never women. But this didn’t have the power to wound him.

The corners of Yue Jing’s mouth carelessly revealed a sneer. What she could stand the least was Wang Zheng’s calm expression believing himself infallible, poor ghost trash should know themselves, she didn’t believe she couldn’t break down that inferior ego!

To the side Yan Xiaosu suddenly slammed his wineglass onto the table surface, “Fellow student Yue Jing, Wang Zheng still won’t look at you. Actually, don’t you feel we’re quite well matched? Menstruation and sanitary napkins, a natural couple, we’ll give birth to tiny lucky stars.”
(TL Note: Untranslatable pun, menstruation (月经) is a homonym to Yue Jing’s name.)

Yan Xiaosu spoke unusually sincerely, making his big eyes as watery logged as possible.

Everyone looked distracted a moment, menstruation…… Yue Jing, sanitary napkin?

Immediately everyone present burst into choked laughter. Actually, nobody wanted to laugh, but they really couldn’t hold it back,

Yue Jing’s complexion was ashen, “Get lost, trash like him isn’t suited to carry my shoe!”

“You really don’t suit to him!”

An angelic voice echoed. Everyone’s gazes turned to the doorway, where a line of azure guards rushed inside, all with a golden trident emblem on their chests.

Moving away from the center of the group of guards a radiant girl. This moment, the stars all paled. Faintly purple long hair elegantly coiled, so graceful, spotless like jade white skin a bit dazzling, features so beautiful it made all the girls present lower their heads, matched with peerless starry beautiful eyes, this was the first princess of the Aslan Empire, Aina Aslan!

The brightest star in the galaxy.

Yue Long and the others showed deferential smiles, bowing in greeting. This was giving them gargantuan face.

Aslan Empire, one of the nine great permanent member states of the Galactic Coalition, and also one of the top three nations in the Coalition in overall strength, famed as an elite empire. Her highness was just visiting Sol, and the Asian region was her last stop, only some minor incident had led to the press conference being postponed. Who would have thought that such a major character would actually appear here. Even though Yue Long was a representative, he wasn’t qualified to participate.

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  1. I think you need to change this line “You really don’t suited to him”

    No matter what way I read this or think about it, it doesn’t make sense.

    Maybe change it to “You really dont *suit* him” or

    ” *your* really *not* suited to him”

    Looks like things will heat up in the nest chapter.


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