Douluo Dalu – 211 – Narrowly Escaping Death, A Blessing in Disguise

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30 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 211 – Narrowly Escaping Death, A Blessing in Disguise

  1. thanks a lot—!
    oh? storing the energy absorbed eh? good idea! well now, this ji xiang looks like a nice person! no matter what, he helped tang san! and that is something that is certainly beneficial!


  2. Now, THAT is a ” blessing in disguise” thatI dont mind, because Tang San himself admitted he wouldnt do it again for the benefit it gave him. Not only that but he is seperated from the group and everything.

    When giving struggles and painful choices that are worth it that the blessing in disguise appear. And even so, Tang San would choose to NOT do it again. That is way better then even Xiao Wu sacrifice! Tang San was given hope right after the huge dispair it gave him in Xiao Wu case but this time, it took time, efforts, pain and such to get throught this ordeal.

    I would compare this to how he absorbed his third spirit ring and got his first spirit bone. It was as intense and proven he was worthy of such blessing. 🙂

    I like how the doctor is nice too, that this world is not full of greedy people. Sure, he met him in the appropriate time and such but still, its nice to see for a change.

    Thanks for the chapter, it was a great one!


  3. Thanks for the chapters, I can’t help but think of Tang San as a bloated tick rolled on tick on its back when he was on the beach.


  4. Yes! This feels like drinking water in the after 2 days in the desert! Thank you for continuing to translate this novel. I check 3 times a day for updates now!


  5. can someone take over this novel? Let’s say wuxiaworld or translations or another wuxia website. Because seriously if you’re not going to translate it consistently then just hand it over to other translators. You’re just hindering this novel’s growth and preventing readers from enjoying such a magnificent novel.


    • A-This is a hobby for Bagleson
      B-He releases like three chapters at a time
      C-You can always machine translate it
      D-He translates it at a higher quality than most translators
      E-If someone can come up with an “E”, your aurgument is pretty bad

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