Douluo Dalu – 217 – Seahorse Sacred Pillar, Black Level Six Tests

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91 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 217 – Seahorse Sacred Pillar, Black Level Six Tests

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    A trail based on both strength AND potential you say.

    *Looks at Tang Sang with two god tier spirits, broken spirit bones, an even more broken external spirit bone, Tang sect techniques, dual AURAS, casual disregard for such silly things like absolute, mortal limit in regards to possible spirit rings, the shroud, and so forth.*

    Poor seahorsy san will get a bloody heart attack when Tang San’ll get red level eight tests or something equally ridiculous, isn’t he?

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  2. Thanks for the translation Bagelson!!

    This chapter was so good that at the time of Tang San’s turn I was crying =’D

    Hope the next one comes soon.


  3. Wow! This chapter was great! Thanks bagelson! im only wondering will axial Wu be given a test too? Does she even know what’s going on?


    • Maybe she can do the test together with Tang San like how they did the previous test? Or she’ll be stuffed in the storage device like “Wasn’t there another person with you?” “Nope, not at all, what are you talking about?” *averts eyes*


      • She’s not a Spirit Master anymore, there’s no Spirit Power there. She’s just an accessory to Tang San.

        Given she also lacks a soul/mind in that body, I doubt the seagod would bother trying to kick her out for inability to participate in tests.

        Right now her body really is a pet rabbit in human form.


  4. Waiting for chapters is painful…

    Not a complaint to the translators btw, just that i’m really into this story and waiting for any story you really enjoy…. sucks…

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  5. Such wait, much joy. Awesome stuff.

    I sure hope we’re also getting a PIggyBottle chapter this week, the anticipation of how everybody is ranked and which tasks they’re assigned [or at least what their first task will be] is killing meeee.


  6. yeah I rly want to know what for a Test Tang San is going to get, shure he gets a red one but how the tasks look is a complet other question.
    P.s. Big THANK YOU for translating this great story


  7. thanks for the chapter!

    i could see the story twisting so that tan san got a white trial and the sea god underestimate him and him finding his grandpap or something..


  8. Thank for the chapter. With the way they end it though it is like a drop of water after 2 days in the desert


  9. strength AND potential?!??

    that seahorse douluo is going to be shocked af when tang san gets a red level test.


  10. Lol, tang’s red max trial is going to blow all of their little minds. Not only will he be the highest test taker in history probably, but he’ll also probably have a ridiculous test in there like killing the 100,000 year old demon whale or killing a title doulou from the island or something like that.

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    • I doubt they’d devise trials that would require the taker to kill one of the Sea God’s chosen. But I do think Tang San will be killing the hundred thousand year old Demon Whale later on, probably for his 9th spirit ring or his final trial or something like that.

      I mean, come on, Tang San needs to get even more op, obviously. That’s what Xianxia is all about, how boner-inducingly awesome the MC becomes.


  11. thanks a lot!
    hehe—! i like them shocking him, it’s so awesome—! however, hm—! now it’s finally the time for the actual trial, huh—?


  12. The seahorse douluo said that at rank 60 you will die trying to clear the black test, then how did the 7 current black robes clear it? For sea dwellers the test is taken at a very young age if I’m not mistaken and the sherk devils are older. Wouldn’t the sea dwellers be at a lower level than the devils when taking the test? Can’t wait for tang san’s test 😀


    • Because they probably started lower, they can most likely be tested multiple times. So they’ll start at white or yellow and work their way up. Going to Black when they’re around Title Douluo level.

      Sea God makes the test this difficult on the first try for land spirit masters, which is quite bigotted of him.


    • It could also be that when it there own people the time required is longer and less severe starting off so the trials each person faces pushes them to there next level of potential. Like how grandmaster pushed the seven devils when he first started training. Each new day adding more keeping them at there limit. The colors represent there potential but the levels represent the steps to reach it.


  13. Dont worry, everything will be fine. At least, i really hope no one will be killed. The only one have to die is bibi dong, not 7 shreck devil. so, translator, when will next chapter released?


  14. Everyone here will not surprised when tang san get full red exam. I am really wonder about Xiao Wu. Take exam alone by herself or together with tang san take highest red exam?


  15. How come the update speed is like one chapter every 6-16 days? Other Chinese Light Novel Translating sites (Example: Wuxiaworld and Translation Nation) update 1-2 chapters a day, and also with multiple light novels at once.


    • It’s been faster or slower at different times. We can only hope that it will increase (and pray to the BagelGod).


    • Those at Wuxiaworld do it as a job and also take donations, Bagelson does it as a hobby and refuses to take donations from anyone who wants to donate xD


    • These chapters are 3-5 times longer than wuxiaworld chapters. So one chapter a week is already a very good rate. We sometimes get 3 chapters a week, that is sth I have never seen for other SSJS translations I follow.


  16. Tang is going to make this old man shit his pants when it’s his turn, watching him invent a new diffulty like a crimson or just blood red color


  17. TYVM for the chapter!

    Really excited for the future trials and sea god island stuff 😀 (Can’t wait for Tang San to get a Red trial 9 tests or something lol).


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