Douluo Dalu – 224 – Hundred Thousand Years, Tang San’s Seventh Spirit Ring

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32 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 224 – Hundred Thousand Years, Tang San’s Seventh Spirit Ring

  1. I love how Tang San at first was like “wow, they’re already cultivating at the 35th step!” And then immediately proceeds to go cultivate on the 80th damn step😂😂


  2. Thanks for the chapter~! Perfect timing since I just finished binge reading the last few chapters this morning. I was too busy to read them before, too. 😉


    • It was the fire magician Lin Xin.
      I was also thinking about him – I just read this part of SYWZ not long ago.
      Lin Xin lost most of his hair when he fused two spiritual stoves.
      But I think that he wasn’t bald after that just short haired.
      When Tang San became bald I was also thinking about Sima Xian, that crazy bald priest from SYWZ.
      Poor Tang San…


  3. besides Xiao Wu’s still cavernous eyes

    the first time I read besides Xiao Wu’s still carnivorous eyes

    thx for the chapter


  4. Thank you for your time and effort!!!!!!!!! It’s probably sad, but I look forward to this each week. So thanks again.


  5. thank you! Tang san … hahahaha…. so he grabbed & put his clothes in a flash light so others couldn’t see him naked. bald tang san = monk tank san expecially the golden.


  6. Thank you guys! I knew he’d get a second ability from that 100k year spirit ring besides spirit avatar, why didn’t he show them when he showed them everything else so they wouldn’t be surprised in a fight?! The suspensssse.


  7. Thanks for the chapter!! I didn’t understand something though, it said that his 100,000 year spirit ring had 2 abilities, one is spirit avatar, what is the other? his domain evolution ability doesn’t count as a spirit ring ability, right..?


  8. Ty for chapter Bagelson..
    Another red…
    Oh yeah,another flash question come to my mind,about tangsan 6 spirit ring which he get from blue silver spirit? Is That ring will evolved too? Because that ring from hundred thousand year like xiao wu. Became to another red, from black.


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