Douluo Dalu – 225 – Traverse the Sea God’s Light

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  1. Erm. Just wondering but why can’t the others also eat the mirror sausages with Ning Rong Rong’s abilities? Then use it to support them? The effects doesn’t add up? Or did i get the wrong idea about Oscar’s mirror sausage???

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    • They wouldn’t be able to use their own supporting abilities, making them unable to advance together with Tang San, and therefore being unable to cast the supporting technique because of the lack of range.


    • The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda doesnt add up, though oscar could use his copy on tang san as well as ning rong rong


      • Wouldn’t that be a tad too much for someone who just 2 or so hours ago went to his very limits? Even with the boosting effect of passing the trial?


        • The Mirror sausages can last a year though so he should have already prepared these sausages a long time ago. That is how everyone has one with Dai Mubai’s abilities…. So admittedly doesn’t make a lot of sense why they don’t have a second Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to use on Tang San right now. Dai Mubai should be at full power since he was second to go so he could of used it.


            • I would think the effect simply would last too short a time. It would probably be more negative then positive. First the pink one has to be eaten strait after its made. So say he ate it after he got to 99 then the effect would probably already have ended before 108. The loss of strength, would be like a giant slap in the face. And while over 100 I do not think he would be able to create anything. Even eating a sausage would probably be too hard.

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    • The effects of the 7 tile glazed pagoda (or whatever it’s called) don’t stack. It comes up when her abilities are first introduced that if two spirit masters use the pagoda on the same person the effect is just whatever the higher pagoda users spirit is. So like if one boosts 70% and the second pagoda user only boosts 60% then the target just gets the 70% boost not a combined 130%.


      • But Dai Mubai, since he’s highest in power after Tang San, could eat a mirror sausage and use the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda on Tang San. It’s worse then Oscar, but better then nothing.


        • Remember, with Oscar’s spirit bone, he gets 80% usage, instead of 70% like everyone else, so Oscar using it is best. Even if Dai Mubai is a higher in spirit strength.


        • For now we don’t know the reason why Tang Sang wouldn’t let Dai Mubai take the burden I think it may have something to do with his test


          • It’s probably because tang is the only one who can feed his energy directly into rongrong while pacer or dai Mubai could have easily carried her she was only able to withstand the pressure because of tang san’s energy


    • They said in the beginning that the effect doesn’t stack remember? Even if 100 pagoda users cast the spell on one person he’ll only feel as if 1 casted it


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    • They specificaly wont take donations because this is a *hobby* not a *job* basically doesnt want to feel obligated to work on this like how wuxiaworld does it


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  3. Can’t wait for Tang San to take the test. He’s been acting like it’s very easy for the others for a while now, so I’d like to see how far he can go, with Xiao Wu of course.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Why is noone using a copy of rongrongs abilities on tang san? Even if the pagoda amplification can not stack (can’t remember if it did, still it doesn’t seem likely) at least another copy should be feasible.

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    • They didn’t think of it? I know it’s extreamly but there have been situations where i’ve not thought of even more obvious solutions and this is the only feasible explenation i can think of… that or they are but it just wasn’t mentioned 😛


    • I have a theory, it looks like they only have few hours till the day ends they probably plan on having Tang san drain their spirit power when he is doing the climb so they have to save up as much as they can, Tang san thanks to his spirit bone can recover spirit power very quickly so its fine if he pushes himself but he cant have the others wasting spirit power like that, oscar is needed and he is already at full spirit power so he needs less time to recover again thats why.


  5. Thanks so much for the chapter! Can’t wait to see how Tang San will pass his trial… Maybe use either Xiao Wu’s invincibility or nothingness? Or go spirit avatar and at the last moment use his ”Where ever his grass is he’s there ability” if he can do it under the pressure? Man i’m way to excited for this xD


  6. The author made a mistake. He said that Ning Rongrong has no spirit bone although she has the head spirit bone which Tang San gave her after he killed that teacher!


  7. um maybe i’m not remembering correctly but i thought Ning Rongrong did a have skull spirit bone. The one tang san got when he killed a spirit master during the competition in the dou capital when that spirit master killed him. I’m quite sure he gave it to her at the end of the competition arc when he took the skull spirit bone that part of the reward for winning


    • Yup, she should have a spirit bone, guess the author forgot about it, this happens a lot in these Chinese webnovels, they are so long that the authors kinda forget stuff they wrote previously. The translators just translate what the author wrote, so it’s not their fault though.


  8. Rongrong could ride on someone else’s back, Dai Mubai’s, for example. He wouldn’t feel pressure, since he completed his test. And then Tang San could use Spider Lances to help her, not like now.
    With other things mentioned above, looks like author didn’t think this chapter through at all.

    Thank translators for translation.


    • I thought that that if u completed the test you couldn’t go back in the seagod’s light? Or was I wrong? Cuz I thought that’s why they had to do this in a specific order


      • If you completed the test you wouldn’t feel/receive the Seagod’s light anymore hence it’ll be just like walking up the stairs.


      • Well it described Tang San telling Oscar to stay where he was after the test so him and Rongrong can boost Tang San when he goes to take his test.


    • because Tang San can recover spirit power much faster than anyone and he’s conserving Dai Mubai’s spirit power for his own test


  9. Thank you for the chapter! I Think the reason they cant/dont use Rongs’ ability on tang is probably a mixture of the fact only Oscar is a support spirit master, and so its only oscar who can use it, or they are all saving spirit power to help Tang get to step 333. Also noticed that they said rongrong had no spirit bone, skull bone from dream spirit master.


    • there is a loophole, they decide to all take the test the last day, that is not the best idea, they should have made a 2 people a day for 3 days then Tang San the last day with everybody help in their best condition.
      the gain from cultivating for 365 or 362 days in seagod light shouldn’t be an argument to take so much risks


  10. The whole reason why oscar is the one using RongRong’s powers is because he’s the one with the most expendable spirit power. Tang San needs everyone to have as much spirit power as possible and Oscar is the least he need it from. Tang san’s climb would be him receiving support from his teammates and draining their spirit power therefore he needs to converse Dai mubai’s and the other non support spirit masters.


  11. Poor Bai… those drugged kids just have too much of an advantage, else they’d probably be around her level right now.

    I mean, not only did those plants give them a few years worth of power in a day (and the younger you are, the easier it is to grow), but it also increased their base talent by a lot, making their growth much faster than any other Spirit Master. Plus, for a couple years, the excess energy from the plants also helped speed up their growth. So while they’re still young, their growth speed is monstrous, so their potential is still greater.

    The only one without cultivation benefits from the plants was Tang San… but he had mysterious heaven skills, the mental fortitude only an adult could have used with the potential of a child, cultivated earlier than most, eventually had an evolution that increased his talent further, and kept on level breaking his Spirit Rings (and the better ones rings, the better their growth will be as well).

    I mean, Tang San had a better 3rd Spirit Ring than anyone else (though it was worse than ideal 4th rings), 4th ring that would normally only be good for 5th rings, an upgrading 5th ring, and then a 100,000 yr ring….

    These kids just have too many advantages….

    AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

    But I do get annoyed by her constantly comparing herself… surely Tang San should have at least another miracle drug to help her.

    Thanks for the chapter XD


    • You’re argument is completely correct except for a few points. First- Tang has gotten the most op plants out of all of them for his growth, besides xiao with who ate the ginseng and heartbroken flower. He ate the ice and fire plants which made him immune to poison and built his body, along with the herb that leveled up his eye ability. Now only that, he has a special method of increasing his strength from his other world which enabled him to increase his body and abilities faster than everyone else.
      Second- even without the help of the elixirs, they were still geniuses that were farther than anyone else their age. Heck, they all set records for their ages. The items only increased their levels by 5 or 6 ranks- and they all grew up in extremely poor conditions. Think about it, all of the people they faced that were more powerful than them were 5 years older, and also had a powerful background which means that they had access to items and training techniques that increased their strength. So I don’t think Bai would be caught up with them at that point. Especially since she probably didn’t train as hard as they did in their youth either.


      • Actually, they didn’t grow up in poor backgrounds.

        Fatty and Oscar were found early and and raised by extremely powerful Spirit Masters, and Tang San and Xiao Wu had special methods, and the rest came from amongst the highest class backgrounds.

        Next, it wasn’t like the kids trained that much harder than the other geniuses. They all are usually forced to work hard.

        And after taking the drugs, the kids went up 5-7 ranks (which would normally take several years) and had their direct talent improve.

        And they weren’t geniuses ahead of everyone else their age, they were just top level geniuses. So they were just elites amongst their age group, but not overly special.

        It was only after taking the drugs that their Spirit Power increased to the point of being able to fight against those great geniuses 5 years older at the tournament.

        And Tang San’s herbs just refined the body, they didn’t actually increase his latent talent or Spirit Power, but cause of his unique cultivation method, he didn’t need it.

        With the exception of Spirit Hall’s 3 geniuses, the top level genius seemed to be reaching the 40’s around the age of 20 and 60’s around the age of 30.

        So while before taking the drugs, Shrek Devils were top of the line geniuses with great education, resources, help and background (for most of em’) they weren’t unheard of geniuses.

        They’d have been able to shock people, but they’d have just been genius, not the freaks they are now.

        Think about it, before the tournament, once they took the drugs, they went up around 10 levels, and then 5 years later, they went up 20…

        That’s about 30+ levels in 6 years.

        In their teens, they all had levels equal to geniuses about 5 years their senior, and in their 20’s, they have levels equal to geniuses 10 years their senior.

        But it was only after the drugs that they became unmatched talents.


        • They weren’t raised in proper conditions, Fatty and Oscar was picked up by Strong spirit masters however the place where they trained was not a special training ground that’s similar to their spirit type causing them to rank up faster.

          2nd they were all forced to train really hard except at shrek academy since they had grandmaster they were forced to train even harder than anyone in the continent.

          Yes the immortal herbs were a bit cheap however the spirit ranks theyve acquired would have been easily achieved under a year or 2 given at how much they’ve progressed in such a short time span pre-immortal herb. Look at Xiao Wu she barely lagged behind but she was able to keep up. Her progress is slightly faster than the rest of them shrek academy however its still reasonabe to say the rest of the shrek can progress almost as fast as xiao wu.

          That’s where you’re mistaken. They set records on achieving spirit ranks, Even without the immortal herbs. In 5 years they would have over taken the geniuses they fought since This is basically them in 5 years time. from 35+ – 68-74 is a humungous leap. You’re downplaying them far too much.

          You have so much miscorrect information. Shrek academy had good teachers however Resources nope, Background? ISH Oscar and Fatty were just found, Tang san and Xiao Wu has an amazing back ground, RongRong, Dai Mubai, and Zhu zhu qing does have the background however those backgrounds of theirs had nothing to do with their progress after rank 20. You completely forgot that shrek academy is ridiculously poor before they started earning money through battles.

          Again they were already unmatched talents even before the herbs since Blue Tyrant school was said to be elite geniuses and they had way more potential than them.


          • 1st, Xiao Wu was an exception because she was a Spirit Beast.

            Also, they weren’t breaking SPIRIT MASTER records before the herbs, just Shrek’s records.

            Also, in Douluo Dalu, the cultivation locations aren’t as important as pressure. Shrek had extremely advanced teachings.

            And no, Heaven Dou(not Blue Tyrant) were noted to be geniuses, but not really top geniuses.

            And the Herbs were HUGE help cause without em’, they’d have been at most in their 40s.

            Think about it, does it actually seem likely that a bunch of heaven defying talents just happen to come together?

            While they were peak talents, they weren’t unnaturally peaked.

            They should have reached the 40s by the time they were in their late teens and been matching Huo Wu and the other Academies.

            Also, before the herbs, their levels were MUCH lower than Heaven Dou, remember?

            The herbs gave YEARS of improvements, and the kids of Shrek actually got good environments when they were young, so they didn’t lack as much as you say. Remember, they still got the good environments as kids, and the rich kids weren’t gone from the great environment for long and Shrek’s education was considered better than most of those environments anyways.

            In fact, the only real advantage that rich kids would usually get is the fact that their families would allow them to get the best Spirit Rings (cause the better the ring, the easier it is to go farther).

            By their talent and hard work, the Shrek Devils shouldn’t have had much different results than other Spirit Masters of the same age.

            Think about it. Their talents were already numbered from 1-10 from young, and that number is their talent. With the exception of those with special spirits that give power from rank 20, the Shrek devils were top talents, but they shouldn’t be the only ones.

            They weren’t unmatched talents before the herbs, they were just top level.

            The cheats the kids got was beyond anything in the current Spirit Master world (and it’s used more in DD2).


            • They were able ot keep up with Xiao Wu’s cultivation
              pre immortal herb. Remember Xiao wu was around 33 while the rest of them
              except for Dai and Tang san was around 31-33.

              In doulou dalu cultivation location is also a big factor when it comes to cultivation
              and yes pressure does play a big part however to say that Heaven Dou did not have that
              or Spirit Hall didn’t have that is not true. Spirit Hall can be viewed as the Ideal
              spirit master cultivation as they are trying to cultivate the titled doulous.
              Spirit hall had both immense pressure (they have titled doulous) and cultivation locations
              yet the age gap between them and the Seven devils was not that big. Especially in 5 years
              time they still would have surpassed them.

              Heaven Dou were noted to be top geniuses 2nd to spirit hall geniuses. That was the
              whole reason why they didnt have to fight in the tournament except for semi finals against
              sprit hall.

              Again understatement dai Mubai REACHED 39 AT HIS AGE with the 5 year age gap between them
              and the geniuses. He was at the bottlenect of 39 and the immortal herb only helped him
              break through (instant compensation not the deepening of the foundation)

              Yes it does seem likely as Shrek had a reputation for only raising monsters most spirit masters
              wanted to enroll in shrek but could not. It seems very likely as Shrek seemed to be the school
              that knows how to cultivate spirit masters.

              In their late teeens before 20 years old they would have already passed 50 maybe close to 60
              if they have not taken the herbs again you completely downplay the potential of the devils.

              I’m aware of their levels being lower than Heaven Dou and even then they beat Heaven dou even
              though the last bit of is Tang San’s domination but that only goes to show their potential was far
              greater than Heaven Dou which were deemed Geniuses of geniuses 2nd to spirit Hall. Heaven dou
              at tha time were all 40+ while shrek was mostly under 34 except for dai mubai.

              now you are downplaying Heaven dou empire, you have forgotten how the principle of shrek academy
              had wished they went to Heaven Dou because the environment was far better and not only that
              there were far more elite teachers hence why he was even willing to give up shrek academy
              because their potential would not have been stunted. The environment at Shrek was good but not as good
              as heaven Dou before Grandmaster came and reformed it.

              The real advatanges of the kids are far more than just getting the best spirit ring they were receiving
              an ideal education. Idk where you would get that their education is worse than Shrek academy
              when shrek wanted to be a part of that school and Heaven Dou school being the best school of Heaven Dou

              By their talent and hard work they would have surpassed the rest of them. The teacher at heaven Dou was one
              of the biggest geniuses of his generation reaching 60 at an early age and he was well considered by the
              spirit doulous of Heaven Dou academy yet all of shrek seven devils broke his record. All of them
              possess spirits with much higher quality than most of geniuses. Oscar himself is an incredible genius
              for even reaching his rank as a food system spirit master and this was pre herb.

              Innate spirit talent is mostly determined by the quality of the spirit.

              I never said Shrek Devils weren’t the only one however they were the best as they were the highest level
              ever in their age excluding the pointiff or any one that havent been mentioned.

              they were already unmatched talents before the herbs provide proof that they wrent please.


              • Actually, none of them were close to Xiao Wu until AFTER the herbs (then, Xiao Wu was just barely behind after that).

                Also, Dai Mubai was younger than Huo Wu by about 2 years, and it was only AFTER the herbs that he was her match.

                So the herb helped them level up at minimum 2 years in a single day and then gave them even more of a boost from it’s energy and the fact that it increased their innate talent.

                And Shrek REALLY wanted the rights for the kids to join the tournament and battle against children of the same age group.

                If you remember, they wanted the original teachers to be the ones teaching, so they didn’t want another academies education.

                Without the herbs, Mubai would have MAYBE been early 40’s and the rest all in the 20’s and 30’s during the tournament.

                Again the Devils were PEAK talents (not unmatched) and in their later years would normally not have been much better than those other geniuses.

                It was ONLY after the herbs that all the devils were UNMATCHED.

                The herbs gave years of growth in a day, and for over a year gave considerable growth advantages while improving their innate talent by many levels.


                • Yes they entered heaven Dou empire to able to compete in the tournament however
                  they still wanted the mimicry environments. – Chapter 54

                  If you remember most if not all of education is sorted out by Grandmaster. He is the sole
                  reason why they were able to tap into their own potentials. But that is not to say
                  Heaven Dou’s education is signficantly worse than Shrek when Heaven Dou is the best school
                  in the empire better than any of the elemental schools.

                  spirit power level wise
                  Shrek Seven Devils VS Emperor Team arc ( chapter 49)
                  Dai Mubai – 38
                  Tang san – 32
                  Xiao Wu – 31
                  Ma hongjun – 28
                  Zhuzhu Qing – 28
                  Oscar – 31
                  RongRong – 27

                  After HALF A year
                  Ma Hongjun 31
                  Zhuzhuqing 31
                  Ning RongRong 31
                  0scar 33
                  xiao wu 34

                  Immortal Herb Power Up
                  Ma Hongjun 36
                  Zhuzhuqing 38
                  Ning RongRong 36
                  0scar 38
                  xiao wu 34
                  Dai Mubai 40

                  After another half a year post herb
                  Ma Hongjun 40
                  Zhuzhuqing 40
                  Ning RongRong 40
                  0scar 40
                  xiao wu 37
                  Dai Mubai 44
                  chapter 81

                  After cultivating in mimicry environments they were able to keep up Xiao Wu’s cultivation
                  which is insane progress just like Tang san. The herbs increased in their spirit levels
                  in frightening heights but completely attainable within a years time especially with
                  with all the pressure and the mimicry environment they have.

                  Another year within that same progress of half a year theyve had including the bottleneck of 40
                  they would have all atleast been rank 40 or at the very least at the bottleneck of it.

                  They were all around 13 (before herb) at this point except for dai mubai whos 15 and Oscar 14. Another 5 years
                  and it wouldn’t be surprising if they were around mid 50s.

                  The herbs had nothing to do with their own innate talent .The herbs strengthen and deepen their foundation while the side effects of the herb improved the quality of their spirits. They already had the potential and had they reached the same age as Spirit Hall they would have still been higher ranked than spirit hall because they have the highest potential in Doulou Dalu


                  • No, because the higher one goes, the harder it becomes to cultivate.

                    Yes, they’d have been powerful for their age, but never to the point of being in the 60’s at their early 20 years of age.

                    Maybe early 50’s in Spirit Power, or even late 40’s. But compared to our Pure Speed lady, the gap shouldn’t have been THAT large.

                    After the herbs, their potential was increased VASTLY more than before, to unheard of degrees.


                  • Also, it should be noted that during the training while Tang San was away, Xiao Wu was distracted cause Tang San wasn’t there. The lack of him being there slowed him down.

                    And again, these kids got their environments at a young age, so it wasn’t such a huge difference for them compared to others.


                    • It seems like I’ve grown far too attached to the main characters and was blinded by the huge boost given the immortal herbs.


                    • It can’t be helped….

                      We always want the characters we love to be the most awesome…. but we gotta remember one of the main points in Xianxia

                      Luck > Talent

                      Even the most untalented MC would surpass geniuses cause of random luck.


                  • YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!! It was stated in the chapter Tang San gave them the herbs that it increased their cultivation levels, as well as, nourished their foundations and meridians. I don’t know the exact chapter. But if you doubt me, LOOK IT UP YOURSELVES!!!!


                    • Wrong reread the chapter. All of the immortal herbs first affect was increasing their spirit rank, 2nd affect was to deepen and strength in their foundation for faster cultivation. The third is a different aide effect for different person. Only Dai Mumbai’s opened up his meridians. Fatty’s removed his evil fire..

                      It’s chapter 69-71 reread it yourself

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                    • No need here you are
                      The things I want to give everyone have different properties and uses according to each person. There wouldn’t be any side effects.

                      The gifts I’ve chosen for everyone all attach most importance to strengthening foundations, they won’t spoil things for enthusiasm

                      Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum,
                      a neutral immortal treasure herb, when eaten the energy will spread through the four limbs, blood clearing the eight meridians, and you can practice Vajra Strength Body.
                      The efficacy is all in the limbs, so this will make your cultivation twice as fast for half the effort. Since you’ve already reached the fortieth rank bottleneck, I think it will certainly help you break through the crisis. Once you’ve obtained your spirit ring the medicine will continue taking effect, and should have even greater promoting effect.
                      Eight Petal Immortal Orchid.
                      Absorbing it is easy, but requires a very long time. Its effect is to strengthen foundations and drive out impurities, its effect should complement the slow cultivation speed you have as a food system Spirit Master. The medicinal effect should even continue until you’ve cultivated to the seventieth rank.
                      Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower.
                      This time I’ve found you a nourishing and purifying yang medicinal herb, it should substantially increase your spirit power and flame.
                      Beautiful Silk Tulip.
                      taking it you can breathe in the quintessence of heaven and earth
                      Yearning Heartbroken Red.
                      can at least increase spirit power by ten ranks, and it will still substantially remold the body
                      Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone.
                      Its function is to soften muscle and mend bone, the clearing the eight extraordinary meridians.

                      Summery of Effects
                      1 STRENGTHENING FOUNDATION (which means more ease with cultivation on higher levels)
                      2 NOURISHING BODY and SPIRIT (Spiritpower power up; immediate and followup gain)
                      3 CLEANSING/IMPROVING BODY and SPIRIT

                      DMR was mostly right, though toiletbun also had some good points
                      Shrek Academy was among the top advanced schools however until Grandmaster came they were below Spirit Hall and only comparable to heaven dou imperial and star luo imperial academy.
                      They were regarded best mostly because (they only accepted) exceptional geniuses which were given a cultivation method based on experience of highlevel cultivators which was centered around pressure

                      The mimicry environments eased their cultivation and brought their growth to the top
                      The herbs helped them break through what was known as the top level

                      As for tang san although his cultivation didnt rise that much due to the herbs effect, he got passive buffs, which made his spirit overcome its weaknesses and his eye ability an attack


  12. I just thought of something…

    Why not have ALL the people use the Sausage and have Rongrong’s Spirit to help them… I mean, 4 people boosting the power should be greater than just Oscar alone….


    • The pagoda’s ability does not stack, imagine how OP the sword douluo would be if the whole clan of tens of thousands of people can support him at the same time.


      • I thought it could stack… I mean, Rongrong and her dad were able to stack it before.

        I just thought that because of his Spirit Power, it’d take too much energy for all of them to strengthen a Title Douluo.

        Also, they need to improve all their helpers, not just one person when it comes to such threats…


          • Is it that they don’t stack, or that it’s just too tough to overly stack em’….

            Course, Rongrong and her dad are probably the most skilled when it comes to boosting people….


            • I’m sure Tang San would have considered to stack the boosting effect of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda if it actually worked that way. The fact that he didn’t is probably indicative of the fact that it doesn’t stack. I think it would be the same if a spirit master was boosted in the same attribute by two different auxiliary system spirit masters regardless of their spirit; only the strongest amplification would take effect.


                • ‘Fortunately, seven treasure glazed tile pagoda’s amplification effect did not stack, in other words, if having two seven treasures glazed tile pagoda spirit masters, the amplification would only be according to the effect of the highest spirit power.’ Douluo Dalu 018 – Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji


                  • Couldn’t they boost in a chain-like fashion? e.g. Mubai boosts Zhu, who boosts Oscar, who boosts Ma, who boosts…


  13. I’m actually kinda worried about Ning Rongrong in this case. Tang San’s a freak of nature and the MC, so he’ll naturally succeed with his trial, but Ning Rongrong has the weakest body amongst the Shrek Seven Devils, and she needs to get to the 136th step. How are they going to help her get that high, I wonder…


    • The Sea God wouldn’t give them these levels of trials if he wasn’t confident they couldn’t pass them, with in the time limit. Especially when Tang San is obviously going to be the Sea God’s heir. As well as when Tang San beat Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji, after the fact the Author purposely added that the Shrek Seven Devils were questioned by a surveyor at the time that they were already Titled Douluo.

      “Several years later, when in the capacity of Shrek Seven Devil Boss Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai already won success and recognition, was asked, among Shrek Seven Devils, who was actually the most terrible?

      Dai Mubai without the slightest hesitation answered, it was Soft Bones Douluo Xiao Wu, for a very simple reason. Because she was Thousand Hands Douluo Tang San’s trigger[1]. Directly provoking Tang San might not at all be serious, but if provoking Xiao Wu and arousing Tang San’s fury. Then, terrible matters would appear, Tang San in that case no longer was Thousand Hands Douluo, but was Thousand Hands Asura.

      Dai Mubai all through his life was passionately romantic, even to the extent that within Shrek Seven Devils he was jokingly known as the Unrivalled Slut, but he had never teased Xiao Wu. Because he was an intelligent man, he absolutely did not want to confront a furious Tang San. And all this, was because before him occurred this scene to remind him.” My point being in this is to remind others of Tang San’s trigger a.k.a Xiao Wu. But most importantly, ALL Seven of them were Titled Douluo.


  14. Thanks for the chapter.
    Seing the member getting so Hard to complete the trial, how Will tang san finish 333 stairs .


  15. So I think the real question is why didn’t Tang hold Rongrong in the front and bring out the spider lances and walk backwards, if the pressures is “directional”. For that matter why doesn’t Tang San walk with lances in front of himself how many other times has he used them as shields…? And for add winning have Dai Mubai carry the two of the while draining him with a lance as he no long feels pressure from the Light.


    • I was wondering the same thing but maybe it’s because he feels he wouldn’t be able to move as fast while doing this. As he needs to shorten the amount of time the pressure is on her


  16. That was great chapters..atleast not much cliffy..

    Thank you authors..i hope you also get a boost from rongrong..

    More power to you guys..


  17. Why can’t Rongrong use the boosts on herself when on chapter 222 she used it to climb the stairs??
    Did the author make a mistake in the 222nd chapter or in this chapter ?

    Quote from chapter 222:
    “But Ning Rongrong seemed extremely extravagant. Force boost, agility boost, spirit power boost, defense boost, she directly released the four boost abilities most useful for resisting the Seagod’s Light on herself. Then she walked forward with Zhu Zhuqing.”

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    • she is using the mirror sausage from Oscar to mimic Dai’s body, so she doesn’t have access to her own skills.


      • Ah that’s right, I was thinking it was weird since people were saying that she couldn’t boost herself with her own spirit and forgot about that!


      • No. The author said in the chapter that she was unable to use them on herself. The author is inconcistent asf, and almost never remembers the details of the story. One time it was said that Tang San was 20 when he was 19, then a couple of paragraphs below it said again that he was ALMOST 20 (meaning 19).


  18. “Ning Rongrong’s body was not Oscar’s match, she also did not have any Spirit Bones”

    This part about not having a spirit bone is completely untrue.
    The order of spirit bones in the Seven Devils goes
    Tang(lances)>Tang(skull he didn’t use)>Fatty(arm)>Rongrong and Tang trade 2 skull bones>Oscar(mirror skull)Tang(mama leg)>Tang(wife arm)>Boss(wolf arm)

    Rongrong also used her spirit bone in the Sword Douluo fight.


    • Congratulations: you have entered the last third of the story. I wish you an excellent year in translating. 😉

      Many thanks for the chapters.


  19. Uh… how does it even count if tang San is carrying her on his back?! Isn’t she suppose to walk those steps? Also, I feel like… If this god is giving trials according to what ppl can *possibly* accomplish, shouldn’t that mean rongrong is able to complete this without being carried. Instead all the ones stronger (physically) get lesser trials while she gets one that’s impossible for her to complete?


    • it’s more like enduring the pressure given at each step. They weren’t given any conditions other than finish it within a year so they’re allowed to do something like this. The seaGod bases it off potential or innate talent if I recall correctly and the reason why got Red Level trials in comparison to others is because of her spirit quality which is basically on the same tier as the seraphim spirit when it reached 9 levels.


  20. F5 F5 F5 F5F5 F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5

    … oh and thank you team for your free time and hobby of translating this amazing Web Novel. Just something about it makes it one of my favorite books


  21. This is what annoys the fuck out of me.

    Other translator have the decency to tell their communities when shit happens in life, because shit happens. They let their readers know that there won’t be an chapter of it’ll be delayed. Where as Bagelson and PiggyBottle pretty much just give a great fuck you vibe and vanish of the face of the earth when there isn’t at chapter. No warning no kindly reminder that they life got me this week sorry guys! Nope natta, just one big middle finger while we all wait to continue the story they are trying to translate.


    • Stop being such a dipshit, other translators accept donations or even ask for donations to support their translations. Bagelson and Piggy said that they strictly do not want donations despite people offering because they did not want this to be a JOB and rather be a HOBBY. When people give you free shit or do stuff for fun you don’t demand them to report/update you on what they are doing. Besides you are probably a shit hole who just reads all the translations without donating a single penny to them anyways.


      • The thing is that some other teams want to take back the translation project, but they can’t because they’re already translating it.

        Hobby or not you need to be regular when you begin this kind of project. Because at some point, with the popularity of this novel increasing, some People Who are really motivated could earn decent money by releasing regular and sponsored chapters daily.

        Thanks to them we discovered this novel and they can continue to make us discover new stories. But it’s really not fun to wait your favorite story for months and having 10 chapters or so when other shit stories have 2 chapters daily. Furthermore when the novel is already finished.


      • exactly like the guy said below me.

        People are willing to pick this up and translate it REGULARLY FOR DONATIONS.

        And many of us are willing to donate to Bagelson and Piggy, but the refuse it and then delay scheduled releases without telling their 250K community anything at all. That is not okay. If others decide to take this even while they are translating and have regular informed releases I will immediately switch over to the other people and donate without looking back.

        I’m not mad about the lack of a chapter, I’m disappointed one didn’t release today since I look forward to it all week but what can you do. I am mad about them not informing us at all, letting their 250 thousand readers sit waiting and wondering, they don’t have the decency THE FIVE MINUETS it would take to post on reddit or to post a comment on here, WHICH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE CHECK DAILY!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sure it’s a bummer that they don’t inform us when their will be no updates but still not a reason to have a stick up your ass. Patience may not be your virtue but no reason to be so annoying. Let the translator go at the pace they desire. You can bitch all you want about other shit novels with frequent updates or just shut up. People like you are the reason why good novels get dropped. Anyways the novel is nearly finished so enjoy it while you can. Sure you can reread it from time to time but nothing beats reading it for the first time. Shut up and enjoy friend!


          • Not sure how you can address him as a ‘friend’ after having insulted him so much; the first sentence you said was enough. No need to babble on about his patience issues, then the translator’s desires and people bitching, etc.

            Liked by 1 person

          • The quality of this novel actually isn’t all that high. The story is beautiful, but the constant inconsistencies on the author’s part as well as the frequently poorly worded sentences on the translator’s part, lower the quality of this novel. The reason they probably aren’t willing to accept donations is because they aren’t willing to have to proofread all the chapters in the future 😂😂😂


        • Hahaha. I was thinking, if I was a translator and i read these rants, I would be thinking that it would be better if i had just spent the time translating than wasting time reading the rants. I personally think, that taking the time to update and post excuses here whenever there is a delay in release is also a waste of time. If there are no updates yet, that only means the translation is not finished yet. Please be more understanding. Not everyone has a lot of time to spare like you guys. Peace.

          GREAT WORK TRANSLATION TEAM!! Thank you Bagelson, Piggybottle for the recent updates. By the way, haven’t seen Owl and Piggybottle’s Helper in a while. I was kinda hoping to also read from them…


    • Hey ass hole unlike other translators they are doing this;
      1) as a hobby
      2) completely free
      3) they are posting publicly so anyone can read this!
      If you don’t like their system then you should try translating it your self. I can’t stand people sitting there thinking they are entitled to have whatever they want. Get over yourself and grow the hell up!


  22. Finally caught up with the translation after a few months of ‘hiatus’ from reading it 🙂 So, thx 4 the chps…


    Btw, do you guys have a general schedule or not? I sincerely don’t remember…


  23. For all those hating on the people saying that expecting free things and whining about it is a bad thing. I run a few private game servers, admin a few steam forums, and stream. Just because multiple people do a novel or game doesn’t mean that others won’t do it for the money and a constant release schedule.

    I love bagels on and Piggybottle for their time, high quality translations, and I only know about this novel because of them. But there are people who make a partial living doing translations like these, have a regular update schedule, and accept donations for their efforts. If somebody gave me an expected release date time and asked for donations I’d totally do it. Would i still come here? Of course. But you can’t be angry at followers that you have built up, given them exoectations, and not say anything. Am I entitled to anything? No. But my expectations and my time are devoted to someone else. The least I can so is give them periodic release times so that they don’t get angry or upset. It takes less than five minutes. And it will save a ton if headache and people will be very appreciative of it.

    Again I don’t feel entitled, I’m not saying they owe me anything. But if you start up a PUBLIC project and built up expectations if the PUBLIC then no matter who you are, you will be held accountable for it.

    I grantee if somebody else picked up this novel, asked for donations and had a steady release schedule there would he a lot of people who shift. Especially when there are currently 3 seasons of this. I’d love to read them all and as a bibliophile I’d gladly donate for the time it takes for people to put their effort into it. I’ve donated lots to Naka tsuki as it is. I can read for free and I feel they deserve something for their time. Bagelson not accepting his donations is his way of doing what he does and nobody can day anything about it. Is it wrong? No. Will people be upset? Yes, people are impossible to please. However, they are easy to placate.


        • No, it’s not just a hobby anymore since other motivated teams can earn decent money by picking up the project. But they can’t because they’re doing it.

          I Think that many people don’t realise what it means hundred of thousands of daily views on a site. Since it’s a hobby, give the project to someone else, or at least makes a comment for us. Even if it’s free, informing has nothing to do about money, it’s about respect and consideration. Those Who support their silent are just uneducated.

          Ps: I’m french, sorry for mistakes


          • What prevents another team from translating this on their own? Seems that if teams are willing to take it on, they would have already without any need to “take” it from Bagelson and PiggyBottle. What am I missing here?


            • The money aspect. There’s a hidden rule between translators, because you can earn money by doing that. If you speak chinese, by translating 2 normal chapters you could earn as much as 100-150 dollars daily ( what represents about 2-3hours of work). Some unscrupulous translators try to pick up famous (with a lot of donations) translation projects by releasing more chapters to surf on the success of the other teams.

              The strange thing is that the translators of douluo dalu don’t want to receive donations, but their work represents potentially an income, and by respect nobody picks it up.


          • Bah! French!? You have better English than most of the most of the American people I have to deal with! It’s actually quite good!! I give you props for not being a Natural English Speaker!

            Though you DO make a valid point. In reality that does in theory happen with abilities cast on themselves, especially people with such strong effects. Someone who’s power is to strong would be an infinite loop making them invincible, so instead it cancels itself out.


  24. Well its free guys, I don’t give a Damn how long it takes! If they don’t want to accept donations, its fine by me. They don’t want to be obligated to to do this. They said in the beginning they don’t want it to be a job, but a hobby. Something they do in their free time.


  25. i’ve read through some of the comments, and a lot (90%, rest i dont know/agree) of the questions are answered if you actually properly read the story/chapter.

    However i myself found one:

    chapter 222:

    ‘But Ning Rongrong seemed extremely extravagant. Force boost, agility boost, spirit power boost, defense boost, she directly released the four boost abilities most useful for resisting the Seagod’s Light on herself. ‘

    chapter 225:

    ‘Ning Rongrong’s disadvantage was not limited to the Mirror Image Sausages and her own weaker physical capabilities, the main one was actually the fact that her own Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit was unable to affect itself. In other words she could not boost her own attributes. ‘



    • Yes, this itself was very confusing for me. Don’t if the Author just messed up on either Ch. 222 or Ch. 225. But one thing is for sure, with Tang San giving his own energy to both Oscar and Rongrong, he may very well be barely alive after he finishes the test. But my guess is that he’ll be recovered to half his max energy after he actually “passes” the test and may very well get two levels for every test he passes.


    • Her third ring affects the main attributes of a spirit I believe, example fatty’s fire temperature or Mubai’s endurance, so her spirit’s main attribute is enhancing other attributes so instead of a 60% increase it would be a 96% increase but the effect would make an infinite loop thus instead it just doesn’t affect the spirit. This is my personal interpretation of the meaning of the statements.


  26. “Ning Rongrong’s body was not Oscar’s match, she also did not have any Spirit Bones”

    Im so confuzzled. So Ning do not have a spirit bone do she? Well **** me. I want to know how she got rid of the rainbow gem head spirit bone. I was sure she had that one. D:

    But maby im just messing up. @,@ Plz somone clear this up for me.
    Anyway, I love this story. After reading the novel, its painfull to read the manga. XD I realy can’t stand how it is made so child frendly. However the art is still rather nice, but even so, I may be unable to read the manga ever again. Thanks a lot for bringing me this pleasure. If im not wrong I have now 150 hours reading this story. XD No wonder my head hurts, almost no time to sleep. ❤


  27. Dude ring rong does have a spirit bone what the heek she got the on that tang son gave her from the 70th rang illusionist


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