Douluo Dalu – 228 – Oscar’s Vulgar Seventh Spirit Ability

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76 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 228 – Oscar’s Vulgar Seventh Spirit Ability

  1. Hahaha !!! The ending ..awesome …
    Was waiting for the chapter ..refreshing the page atleast 20 times each day …hoping for it to come out soon..I pray the Translators be blessed with good health n they keep translating for us….
    I really wish we could have a complete translation soon.

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  2. Hahhahahahahaha!!!! Man this chapter was awesome. Poor Oscar if only he could make them before a fight and hold on to them like with his mirror sausage. The plus side is that it will be a great distraction for the enemies who will see and hear him do it.
    This can go for the funnies chapter award altho personally I still think that the camping one would win.

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  3. I always wondered about his incantations. It was said that food spirit masters use them to make the effect and quality of the food better. How long will this apply? I mean they said that he can make a thousand recovery sausages now but is this after the incantation, can he make a thousand inferior ones or is he at the level where he does not need it for the first one? He gets better and better with using hsi spirit power as it grows so shouldn’t he slowly become able to make the best sausages without the vulgar chants?


  4. I just noticed that Oscar basicly tells the oponent that he will f**k them.
    He even gives them the finger while doing this “A speck of golden light brightened at the tip of Oscar’s outstretched middle finger”.

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  5. I just realised…Oscar could have asked Bo Saixi or any of the other top sea spirit people for some blood to make mirror sausages that can be used in the sea…


  6. This author’s long term memory loss is starting to get annoying. Rong Rong’s support abilities are supposed to work the same regardless of the target’s level. Having the duration shortened to 30 seconds when supporting Hell White Tiger should not happen.


    • pretty sure it has to deal with the difference in power levels, she has always had difficulty buffing people who are stronger than she is.


    • it’s harder for rongrong to support people of higher levels than her.. it already happened before, so i take it you HAD the memory loss?

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    • It is true that they work the same as in give the same amplification effect. However, if she has to boost some stronger than herself then she needs to use more spirit power per second to do it.

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  7. Do you think the author will try to outdo this level of vulgarity for his 8th and 9th incantations? It hasn’t been a rule that they get worse at each level, but I am curious where they could go from here.


    • I really cannot think how to make it even MORE vulgar without going into hentai territory…but if he really does manage to make even funnier ones then he shall forever be remembered for these unforgettable incantations…and Rongrong will probably kill herself and Oscar from embarrassment if he really goes even further BEYOND.


  8. I was holding back laughing as I read this excellent Oscar ^^ ha-ha firm and erect just what the army requires imagines that chant in a battlefield ^^.
    That link at the end was very educational beetles neat I really wonder what those next ring Oscar will get will do XD.
    Thanks Bagel 🙂


  9. Ahahahaha!!!
    Boss dai and little ao is soooo friggin’ shameless…hahahaha…firm and erect…
    what a chant…bwahahahaha!!!
    ouch!… my poor stomach 😂😂😂
    Thanks for the chapter

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  10. Bahahahaha! I lost it at “Firm and erect”. And everything else was just icing on the cake.

    Is it bad that when they asked if he turned into a giant sausage I pictured the dancing banana man… but… as a sausage? About to loose it again just thinking about it.


      • Seriously.

        It’s known that you let people join you in Translating DD, like it’s freaking huge compared to other works.

        Why they gotta just steal it, teamwork makes the dream work mann.


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