Douluo Dalu – 229 – Hundred Thousand Year, Devil Spirit Great White Shark King

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62 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 229 – Hundred Thousand Year, Devil Spirit Great White Shark King

    • I can only picture the Great White Shark King as a troll now, damn it Tang San, you make the most terrifying creatures look sweet and playful

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  1. Next chapter out just like clockwork! Thanks bagelson! it’ll be interesting to see how fatty does underwater as well as rong rong since she basically can’t protect herself.

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  2. Such a tyrannical spirit beast would make for an excellent first ring for Tang San’s hammer, I think. Of course, they won’t be killing it, but I could see it granted as a reward for the highest difficulty test.

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  3. Awesome new chapter, thanks~!

    Is there anyway to get a bonus/additional chapters through donations or something?


  4. That’s why I began to cultivate seriously, not to survive, only to spend a bit more time together with you.”
    In my own word if it were me saying it:
    That’s why I began to cultivate seriously, not just to survive, but only to spend a bit more time together with you.”

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    • I’ve reread this a few times and I don’t believe they’ve ever been mentioned it directly. I cant remember when but I recall his dad, and I think someone else, saying that the Disorder hammer wasn’t the only secret they had.

      But no it almost seemed like the author pulled it out of his ass lol. It’s the first time these “absolutes” have been mentioned.


      • Before they left for Sea God Island Tang San visited the clear sky school, when he was there his Uncle, Howling Sky douluo, said he wanted to teach him the schools most secret techniques, created by Tang Sans great grandfather

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  5. Can we only expect one chapter a week? If so then I need to skip a couple of weeks so it’s not an endless cliffhanger.


  6. Devil Spirit Great White King Shark that pranks spirit masters XD ROFLMAO oh my goodness the thought of hundred-thousand year old spirit beast that is a giant shark that does pranks on Spirit masters near the Spirit avatar rank around 3 decades old is hilarious XD makes me thinks of an old man pranking a pre-teen kid ROFLMAO


  7. Every week I keep hoping for a multiple chapter release, seems the odds aren’t in our favor tho… 😀 piggy & the rest are not translating anymore? Even more thanks to the almighty son of bagel that keeps up the good work for us leeches 🙂


  8. F*CK you’re so slow at translating! Give it to other translator to do and stop ruining a good novel by being so slow and inconsistent. Oh please do stop translating other novel if you can’t even commit leave it to other translators who can, so they don’t have to beg and ask your permission to take over. F*CKING TURD!


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