Douluo Dalu – 230 – Rash Devil Spirit Great White Shark King

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69 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 230 – Rash Devil Spirit Great White Shark King

  1. Wait! Did she just came, attacked Seven Devils, had little chit-chat, and just….gone?!?!

    Talk about passing whirlwind! Or, tsunami, in this case

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  2. Speaking of 100 000years spirit beasts, shouldn’t the whale-king be in a pretty bad situation right now?
    After all when Tang San fought him, he was struck by the 8 Spider Lances and Tang San did his best to pump him full of poison while absorbing his life force.
    And if I remember right, when the Poison Douluo had abducted Tan San for the first time, he said something like “oh shit, your poison is pretty hardcore, even I’d have some trouble getting rid of it if you were to pierce my skin”. So considering this was the POISON Douluo, and the 8SL were still in their non-evolved original state, and Tang San clearly not only ‘punctured his skin’, but was rather high-speed-pumping the poison inside the old whale, shouldn’t he be poisonned pretty badly?


      • I thought it said how the whale had massive vitality. so the little bit of life he took from it, and the poison he gave it wasn’t enought to kill it. That’s what I got from it


    • hundred thousand year spirit beasts are a different matter altogether, they’re by far much stronger than mere title duoluo.

      furthermore, the whale-king is humongous, a tiny drop of poison compared to a large bathtub, with a bit of effort he could simply force the poison out, or dilute it within his body, then he could easily purge it with his spirit power.


    • I dont think so. If i remember correctly he didnt pump the whale with poison but rather rapidly absorbed his vitality. Nothing fatal but it sure as hell pissed him off. As for Dugu Bo he may be poison douluo but he said himself that his knowledge of poison was more due to his spirit than actual study. No ones knowledge of poison can ever be on a comparable level to Tang San.


  3. Thanks for the new chapter, hopefully more come out in addition of this one today.


    Also somewhere in the later third I think there might be a spelling mistake Where the word used was “dignite” – I didn’t see anything come up for a definition in google – it was located in the first line of a paragraph right before the Lord Sea God used his gold light thing ability to disperse the last attack.

    Hopefully it was just meant to be “diligent” or something like that.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day Bagelson.


    • Lol, you might feel a little silly but I believe the simplest answer is generally the right one. I.e. “Dignite” =dignity or dignit-e XD

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  4. did she just transformed in human ? how ?? if a spirit beast transform in human form it will start cultivation from the start o.O


    • I’m just gonna quote the text, since you seem to have missed that part:
      “Very simple. Haven’t you heard of mermaids? After we sea spirit beasts have cultivated for a hundred thousand years, if we go onto land we will be weakened thirty percent, but we can also subsequently take human form. Of course, there’s a time restriction. If we don’t return to the water for two hours, our bodies will gradually weaken, until we die.”


  5. He absolutely didn’t want to see him suffer any harm.

    should be:
    He absolutely didn’t want to see her suffer any harm.

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  6. this translation is one of the few constants I really look forward to everyday in my life. pls keep up the amazing work translators. bagelson, piggybottle and co.


    • I’m with you on this, it use to be soo fast. Now he doesn’t have school and it’s taking longer -.- check out wuxiaworld they have 2-3 other LN from the same author Child of light and Heavenly Jewel Change are pretty good and are still ongoing at the moment


  7. If not for Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor spirit abilities being restricted, the might of this attack would be even more frithegning.
    frithegning –> frightening

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  8. THat’s right, he has my spirit ring and spirit bone, but I’m the one who sacrificed them for him.
    THat’s –> That’s

    “When did you give me the chance?”
    “When did you give me a chance?”

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  9. F*CK you’re so slow at translating! Give it to other translator to do and stop ruining a good novel by being so slow and inconsistent. Oh please do stop translating other novel if you can’t even commit leave it to other translators who can, so they don’t have to beg and ask you permission to take over. F*CKING TURD!


    • Annnd this is the point where as somebody who enjoys staying in the shadows, tells you to go fuck yourself off with the same rusty dildo you rode in on :).


        • You could at least attempt to use the correct tense of a word, instead of attempting at being a horrible internet troll. The correct tense of the word “bought” in your sentence, is “buy” – as in “pity she didn’t buy a new one…”.

          If you wish to learn more about english, please look up some youtube videos on it. There is many that will help you with your tense shifts, and also many more that will teach you how to not be a such a cunt.

          Have a great day!


          • First of all, he correctly used you’re at the OP.
            Secondly, you are correct about using present tense verbs after ‘did’.

            Grammar aside, this is the INTERWEBZ and Bagelson can do whatever [the f.u.c.k., which is an acronym FYI] he wants.
            While he’s not telling other translators to refrain from t/ling it, nobody else seems to pick it up.
            Bagel’s t/l (quality wise) is top notch, to the point of native English speaker level; It’s way better than any other I’ve read.

            All of us readers would love a faster pace, but that’s purely ours to deal with. Who told you to read? Come back in 2-2.5 years, it should be done by then. Or learn Chinese. Or go find someone else to t/l it for free for you to crack your whip at.
            Food for thought: Deathblade releases 14-17 ISSTH chapters per week, and stil we wish he would release more.


            • Hehe, you are right. One could release several Chapters each day. As Long as people read faster than Translate (Which is something that will never change) people will wish it would go faster.

              But a forced moderation in reading is also a good thing. 🙂 I´m always looking forward to sunday to read a new Chapter. If the translation were already finnished, I would´ve read it all by now. And I wouldn´t have a new Chapter each sunday. That would make me a bit sad.


  10. Thank you Bagelson, Piggbottle and co. go at your own pace whilst the trolls can go take a long walk off a short pier.


  11. They are going to force shark to come on land and enslave her somehow. They will release her after crossing the waters. My speculation is that we should see white tiger fusion soon and rongrong supporting them for more than 30 seconds. Hongjun will cross level 70 now and they will get another spirit avatar. They will get rings, i dont know how. Hongjun will enslave shark with some kinda prison. Another theory can be that oscar will take Tang San’s blood and activate spirit avatar.
    Waiting for next chapters.


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