Douluo Dalu – 234 – The Third Test, Tidal Body Refining

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52 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 234 – The Third Test, Tidal Body Refining

      • This time, they are even more limited in their abilities. Beside, someone needed to do her job. I cant see that ninety-nine Douluo taking care of them LOL

        And the Seagod Light clearly showed her she wasnt a match of the Shrek Seven Devil in term of potential and strenght.

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        • As for her job, they are hardly the only ones on the island. And it’s not like her pillar had to be right behind the others, she could have her set up at the 10m instead of 100m wave area. If anything her progress at the first trial should have thought her the Seagod appreciates effort.

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  1. Looks like this trial will be a short one. There’s basically nothing left to say about it. I wonder if they’ll breeze through some of the later ones as well.


  2. Thanks for the double chapters!!!

    Glad this trial is a short one, story-wise, but I hope it ends up being a bit more of a struggle. Like Rongrong’s average time is too low by the end so she has to endure for a full day straight or something.


  3. Thanks for the chapter! Great job as always.

    So now the shriek seven devils have been on sea God island for 3 years. Are we expecting spirit hall to just sit by and do nothing in the mean time? Are they waiting for Qian Renxue to finish the angel tests thing she was given?


    • 3 years so far… how many more trials are there? By that time, Spirit Hall would have taken over everything. The only sect left would be the Tang Sect that’s barely holding on. *cue grand entrance of S7D*


        • I would be completely surprised if any of them wasn’t at least a rank 91 Title Douluo. But I don’t see Tang San being any lower than rank 95 Title Douluo. Not because of the whole Main Character thing, but because of how strong of a hardworking person he is. And the fact that he’s all “Anything for Xiao Wu, its all for Xiao Wu!!” LOL

          Bai Chenxiang would probably be a Spirit Emperor or Spirit Sage. I mean she is only in the rank 50’s. But I could be wrong, she could be a Spirit Douluo. But since she’s already counted as an unnatural growth rate, at rank 40’s at that age, she would be a legend in her own right.


    • Grandmaster did say that Spirit Hall would enter a stage of growth/expansion. With the majority of their enemies weakened as well as having exhausted a significant amount of resources in doing so, they’d probably be more than happy in playing the waiting game considering they have the upper hand.


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