Douluo Dalu – 237 – Assassinating Evil Spirit Orcas

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91 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 237 – Assassinating Evil Spirit Orcas

  1. Xiao Bai grew stealthier the deeper they went. Relying on the sharp senses of a hundred thousand year spirit best,
    best –> beast

    SHe secretly thought that this was an opportunity bestowed by the lord Seagod,
    SHe –> She

    A red signal flare shot to teh sky.
    teh –> the

    THe main attack signal was finally issued.
    THe –> The

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  2. Evil tiger….makes it sound like a suitable ninth ring for Mubai. Am I the only one who wants tang San to request the pirates ships to bring a needle tailed swift for chenxiang?


  3. This is why I can’t stop reading this series. For all the cheese involving Tang San, parts like this are just way too awesome. Thanks SO much for the chapter. You guys rock!


  4. “If it went on like this, the tired evil spirit orca floc would gradually grow unable to resist, and more and more would be torn to shreds by the devil spirit great white sharks.”

    am sensing a crisis or a turn around next chapter


    • Not necessarily. Not if you consider humanity to be one race. These two groups are literally different species. It would be more akin to humans wiping out our Neanderthal brethren, which definitely did happen


    • That’s interesting, but you say “IRL” like it invalidates something in the story, but this article kind of verifies everything the author wrote.

      The Orca surprised the shark, so there’s no comparison in a true 1v1 fight, but in the story they said that 1 orca of the same level can take on 2 sharks. Also, Tang San exhausted them already.

      So… Orcas are stronger than sharks. “IRL” matches the story.


      • In reality as another has said, their more of a dolphin like species. So since I am a dolphin fan, I will put them under the category of “Giant Evil Dolphins,” which when you combine this chapter and that link totally agrees with my description. But I’ve always even as a child been afraid of Orcas and loved Dolphins as well as think that Great White Sharks are indeed scary but also kinda cool. But again this a reflection and my own opinion. This is not be take as some kind of fact or some other some-such. I do NOT intend to be flamed by this.


      • Isn’t it obvious that when I say IRL I mean what the creatures look like without spirit power or being over 100,000 years of age? And also how they look IRL. No need to correct everybody you see man haha


  5. Thank you for the chapter ^-^
    I have to wonder though, what kind of spirit bone will the Orca King drop for Tang-San, i assume it’ll be a chest bone but you never know, maybe it will be a fin.


    • The spirit bone will take the form of the bone that is needed at the time like a left leg bone. Six spirit bone are needed to pass a god test, one for each limb, a head bone and a torso bone. But I think Tang will end up having seven cause of his external spirit bone.


  6. Yaay! Spirit Orca`s Farming, too bad Tang only brought 48 bolts.. and one man-one shark kind of remind me from some old holywood movie, (except that one boy-one orca) lol


  7. Hahahahaha. Everyone doesn’t dare make a comment for 238 Release, because he didn’t post two weeks ago. I expected 100 comments.


  8. i think there wont be any new release when i look in the spreadsheets update and 238 is still empty slot. but still i’m hoping for a new chapter. DD


    • This is such bullshit. What’s the point translating a series if you can’t maintain the pace or find a team of people who can alternate and fill the gap. If it’s funding related all fans would chip in. But this seems not to be the case. More like if “I am in mood, I will do it” attitude. I read LMS by rainbow turtle and she is very consistent in her translation pace and hence all readers eagerly respect her and team and are huge fans. Anyhow, I love this series but I wish it was taken by someone who has the heart,mind and energy as the fans of this series….I have never commented before and maybe I won’t anymore..I am just painly disappointed.


      • This is going on every week. There are always some people Complaining.

        The Thing is, if you look at it from a neutral point. There were More Translators and/or Editors in the Past.
        I dont really track Reddit/Forum or whereever some people get their Infos. So I dont know whats up with the Others. But I would assume there is a Possibility to work together as a Team on the Translation.

        But it seems, because Bagleson does it mostly alone, that there are not that much People who would want to Translate the Novel. Honestly, I would welcome more steady and frequent releases.

        But thats not Happening right now. I´m glad that there is someone that selfless and Devotet to share the Story with us who are not blessed enough to be able to read Chinese.

        As for the Attitude, the “If I am in the moodd, I will do it” attitude is the only right one in my Opionion. This is a Hobby for most Translators, and not a Job. Sure, there are people who have the Time and Ressources to push out a Chapter every day. But there are also People who dont have the time and Ressources to do so.
        If it gets a Hassle to Translate, and if the Translator forces himself to do it, he will probably just burn himself out. So, IMHO its better to have to wait a week or two for a Chapter, than to maybe not even finnish the Novel.

        Anyway, *still hoping for a Chapter today* 😛


        • I don’t mind, him doing the chap or not, but atleast he can give us a notification or something that says *hey guys no chap this weak* and thats all I want, is it hard?


  9. According to the schedule 238 is 60% done!
    So it’ll probably come out tomorrow.

    Also fuck haters! If it bothers you so much that you don’t get any Info about the status of the Chapter (that you actually get, it is just, that apparently you are too stupid to find it) then why don’t you get in touch with Bagelson and help with the translation (cleaning and editing for example doesn’t need any chinese-skills whatsoever). That way, you’ll always know the current status of the chap, and you’ll actually do something usefull for once, you useless entitled little bitch.


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