Douluo Dalu – 238 – Tang San’s Eighth Spirit Ring

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118 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 238 – Tang San’s Eighth Spirit Ring

  1. Had to partially re-read it, I started trying to read multiple lines at once, lol. I just re-read the series, so the craving for new chapters is especially high at the moment.

    Thank you very much. 😀

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I’m glad this test didn’t take forever to finish, like the Sea God’s Light one did.
    I also always love power-up chapters! I can’t wait to see what this new spirit ring and spirit bone do!


  3. Thank you for the chapter 😀
    No spirit bones from 500 orcas, clear attempt to cover up the fact that Tang San met a “Rare” spirit beast 3 times and 2/3 times got a spirit bone, the same one, the “rarest” external spirit bone. xD
    BUT, we have to wonder who is to say that left leg bone can’t also be a left arm bone, i mean it’s a flipper bone, it doesn’t have the properties of an arm or a leg.


        • It evolved because it absorbed the energy that was of the same source as his external bone, not because it gave him a new external bone.


          • Even if the Man Faced Demon Spider’s might still couldn’t compare to hundred thousand year spirit beasts under the Spider God Possession, its aura was already similar, and the chance of producing a spirit bone was thereby greatly increased. After its painful death by being drained by the Eight Spider Lances, it had caused something similar to the Eight Spider Lances Tang San originally obtained from that first Man Faced Demon Spider, equivalent to the appearance of yet another external spirit bone.
            However, the external spirit bone that appeared this time was swallowed by the external spirit bone Tang San already had, the two spirit bones fusing into one, causing a special fusion effect. It was also just because of this that Tang San’s original Eight Spider Lances made a qualitative leap, appearing as this solid armor. -chapter 163


            • But does that directly say that the whole reason it was even likely to produce an external spirit bone is BECAUSE he was using the spider spirit bone he had to kill and absorb it?
              “, its aura was already similar, and the chance of producing a spirit bone was thereby greatly increased.”
              It seems like the type of process that makes it easier once you get a foot in the door, so to speak. Once he has a bone, he has a better chance at getting another of the same type. So it would follow that once he has two bones of the same type, he would have an even better chance of getting a third, etc.
              That is, at least, the impression I get based on the wording of that chapter. o:


              • The man faced demon spider’s aura was approaching the aura of a 100 000 year beast thus the chance of an external spirit bone dropping increased


    • For ten thousand years spirit beasts to give spirit bone, certain conditions should be met. Look for how Grandmaster had explained it. For example in the case of Tang San and seven thousand years Man Faced Demon Spider, the spirit beast died with extreme anger/resentment towards it’s killer. In the case of the Demon Killer Whales, it’s more like they all died with fear.


        • That only happens for sea spirit beasts though, unless they make a permanent transition to human like Xiao Wu did.

          I think a better explanation is that there is an intrinsic link between spirit beasts and humans. Why do both groups have compatible spirit qualities? Why are humans born with specific spirit types?

          I think the answer is that spirit beasts and humans are closer than meets the eye. Since spirit beasts can become human, that implies that there is always some part of them becoming more human as they age.
          And since we are told that the older a spirit beast is when it dies, the higher the chance that they drop a spirit bone, it makes sense that all spirit beasts have some percentage similarity in their spirit to a human spirit.
          So when they die, their spirit can condense into a ring and also potentially a spirit bone.


    • Oh I get it, everyone was considered lowered difficulty (incl. Tang) because he considered cheating using broughted item (ice fire yin yang bottle), howerver (tang) was doubled because of his cunning yet accurate strategy and also because he manage to minimalize the white shark casualities. unlike the previous battle with xiao bai, (they are purely using spirit ability and thus, rewards are multiplied)

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      • I think the chapter says that Tang gets increased rewards for tackling a difficult problem wisely and in such a way as to preserve the lives of his ‘soldiers’.
        So the *difficulty* was lower because of the tactics they chose to employ (assassination vs direct confrontation), but they also got double XP because they achieved even greater success than they were asked to do for their assignments.

        For everyone else, this just means “normal xp” overall since they got half for it being ‘too easy’ and double for ‘kicking too much ass’.

        But for Tang, he got an extra in the form of more Seagod Affinity because he made the wise choice that also protected the Seagod’s flock of Devil Great White Sharks. 🙂

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          • Basically, yes. Tang San did not get the “decreased difficulty” message. Instead he got a reward for carrying the team. The rest of the team got a penalty for being carried and a reward for doing better than expected (lol again because being carried).

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  4. I’m super thankful but…I’ve been spoiled by your multi-chapter releases black in the golden days. Bring back the glory days


  5. Their is something I dont understand. How do we calculate a spirit ring quality?!

    For me, its like cheating the rules of having a spirit ring with attribute that fit your own. It really feel like a shortcut to get spirit rings for the group. If their is a seagull spirit master like Grandmaster said, it should mena their is flying spirit beast around those islands. It would have being better hunting that for Bai Chenxiang at least. If someone can explain to me the spirit ring qualities rules, I would greatly appreciate it! If their is no clear rules about it, Im just gonna ignore it as one of the light novel minor flaws.

    Sorry if it seem minor but Im writting a fanfic about Douluo Dalu and I like clear rules of what we can or cannot do in Douluo Dalu world because of it. Still the only Douluo Dalu fanfic (and not a crossover). Im 85% done with the next chapter, gonna post it once I correct my own betareader mistakes lol


    • It was mentioned when Tang San first met Grandmaster that every rank has a general quality of spirit ring they can absorb. This quality is based on the age of the spirt beast. Remember there is a difference between power even when reaching the same rank of spirit ring (10,000 yr old vs a 50,000, they’re the same 10,000 yr rank but a slight difference in power and difficulty to absorb). Tang San has a tough body and has always pushed or exceeded the limits for what he can absorb.
      What he means for Chenxiang is to have the sharks figure out one that is not only in the 10,000 year range but closer to what her body can probably handle for her 50th rank. In terms of specifics you’ll have to go back to whenever Tang San got his different rings and he briefly mentioned the age of the beast he needed (not like he payed attention to that bit though).

      I would recommend going back to when he first started learning from grandmaster.

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      • Ooooh, I think I got influence by the manga then. The manga was saying the spirit ring must have attribute fitting the spirit of a spirit master to give a ability.

        But by rereading chapter 8 (Douluo Dalu – 008 – Spirit Tool, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges), I realized you are right! It say the spirit rings attribute are small and weak in a spirit ring, so they can easily be absorbed. Sure, it have to fullfill a few preconditions but its still possible.

        So I suppose because the Demon Orcas have detection abilities that it fit her spirit. I think its STILL a bit stretched and that if the spirit beast differ too much it should give her a backslash type of ability or something. I hope we can learn what Chenxiang ability is in next chapter, see if it fit a BIRD type spirit master.

        Anyway my fanfic isn’t that much advanced in the timeline, I still have room to adjust myself later. But thanks for answering me!


        • So as far as I know, the quality of the spirit ring is only determined by the age of the spirit beast. (I think there’s even a list of the ideal ages for each of the spirit masters rings on the DD-wiki).

          As for the compatibility, if I remember correctly it’s best to get rings from spirit beasts of the same kind as your spirit (fish-beasts are good for fish-type spirit Masters, plant-beasts for plant-type spirit masters etc.), but you won’t get any backlash from an unfitting combination. It’s just that the spirit ability might be trash, but if you find a spirit beast with the perfect age for your spirit ring, the overall quality of the spirit ring will (hopefully) compensate for the shitty ability.


          • The rules are unclear and left to interpretation. I suppose its also linked to the spirit quality that you are adding spirit rings to?

            It makes sense I suppose that the bigger the age is, the better the ability is. So to balance it out if you are absorbing a spirit beast not the same kind as your spirit. It still need some prorieties compatible to your spirit however, according to Tang San (the Demon Orcas scouting abilities).

            Tools type spirits have it more easy, only seeking beast with same attribute and with the traits they want. But I suppose that works for beast type spirit as well, thanks to Grandmaster theories. It only need traits similar I guess, thanks to the Spirit Mimicry principle.

            But notice how snakes spirits still have the potential to poison themselves by absorbing a spirit ring with poison traits?

            Thats the kind of small mistakes Im talking about. Poison is just a other trait that is supposed to be “small and weak” (grandmaster own words) so it shouldn’t be a problem with poisonous snake spirit masters. But I suppose if you exceed your body limit capacity and take a spirit ring almost too potent for you with poison in it, it could backslash and poison you. But still, I believe its a little unfair to beast type spirits.


            • CMIIW, but I think your last paragraph is true, remember when Tang San absorbing that demon spider ring? How Grandmaster warn him about the spider poison? It was the first time Tang San absorb ring way above his league, his third ring, if I’m not mistaken. Also remember scenes with Posion Douluo and his grandchild? The girl with phosphorus jade snake or something? Re-read that chapter, there is explanation for how poisons interact with spirit master according to what kind of spirit they had (tool / beast).

              Also, if I’m not mistaken, in Douluo Dalu, it’s commonly accepted that the best if spirit master absorb ring from spirit beast with similar / same kind with his / her spirit, so their abilities overlapping and strengthening each other. But Grandmaster theory said, spirit master still able to absorb ring from different kind of spirit beast, and the ring will gave it’s trait to the spirit and strengthening them (although maybe not overlapping and strengthening each other like ring from similar beast will do). The proof is Tang San blue silver, which gained traits from his rings (like toughness, strength, poisons and also appearance; his blue silver grass appearance is changed several time, although minor, but still reflect his rings)
              I guess Tang San recommend ChenXiang based on abilities the demon whale had (detection and high speed movement, which actually fit ChenXiang since her spirit is speed type).

              For quality, mostly it’s from cultivation of the beast, but the kind of the beast also determine the quality. For example, if you had a 10.000 spider and 20.000 spider, the later spider is better than the former. But, say, if you had 10.000 spider vs 10.000 demon spider or, queen spider or, or, dunno, king spider, then the demon/queen/king spider quality will higher than the ordinary spider.



                • Yeah, the sharks are the fast ones, the orcas are decently fast but not especially fast.

                  Also, Spirit ring strenghtening each other happen only if you have a high quality spirit (like Fatty’s pheonix spirit) or if you take spirit rings from the same kind of spirit beast.

                  I have reread the chapter about poison and Dugu Bo and no explination of how he poisoned himself. As I said, its a bit unfair to beast type spirit master LOL

                  He was wrong on a lot of things (sorry, that’s what I believe) BUT he was right however on the fact their is ranks among spirit beast. A demon/king/Emperor spider have more quality then a normal spider.


  6. Hi Bagelson,

    I want to ask if there is a reason you cant translate more chapters in a week?

    Honestly not that i want to complain, but with this rate of releases i can’t keep track of the story.
    I barley remmember what happens in the most recent chapter.

    I’m aware that you owe nothing to the readers, but I will appreciate if you can make an official announcment regarding your current status as a translator and of your thoughts regarding the readers comments this past several months.

    The last thing I wish to ask you of is, when you said that you will finish the novel in the same time as the first half took you to translate. Do you still intend to keep this promise?


    • Dear mighty Lord Bagelson, please forgive this foolish child, Amir Tal, for he knows not of what he speaks. He is but a mere victim of his own upbringing which has subsequently mislead him to a false sense of entitlement. Furthermore, his sorry attempt to coerce you must be interpreted as a mere cry of desperation. A child of such calibre could do no more, and no less. Forgive this child for he he has not yet learnt…

      Lord Bagel giveth, Lord Bagel taketh away.


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      • Listen up, there is a difference between giving an opinion and insulting people.
        No matter what opinion a man has, as long as it is said politely and respectfully one can say whatever he wants.

        If there is someone that has a right to complain, it is Bagelson himself and not some hardcore fan that needlessly deify a translator.

        Last and most important I am no child and you have no right to insult me and criticize my upbringing.
        If you are willing to insult a person for just writing his opinion, than you must have had a bad upbringing yourself.
        I guess your father has beaten you so badly for having opinions, that you have zero tolerance for the opinions of others.

        What goes around comes around


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    • Bagelson is doing all of this in his own time for free. It takes an extremely large amount of time to translate each of these chapters, especially with high quality translations. If he was doing this for a living it might be different, however as it is none of us can complain about the release rate. He has already stated that he is doing one chapter a week, and so far, he has kept his promise.

      If you are really incapable of remembering what happened in the chapter last week, just read it again. I’ve read this series 3 or 4 times all the way through.


  7. Aaaaa I want to know what are the new abilities! !!!!! This is torture T_T however we thank you Bagelson for giving this small pleasure to us the readers. ^_^ lookin forward for the next chapter. ….. hope is … soon jijij XD.
    Thanks for the hard work.


  8. So I caught up after letting for some months the chapters to pile up. Holy shit, this story is amazing. I’d also like to know what’s the current status of the translators, since it’s never enough of this.
    Thanks a lot for your hard work!


  9. i’m pretty sure Bai Chenxiang can no longer be called a pure speed spirit master,

    from chapter 77, “If one wanted to have spirit rings that all followed only one additional attribute, there was only one possibility. That was to obtain spirit rings from the same kind of spirit beast each time. Finding a ten year strength type spirit beast wasn’t difficult. Finding a hundred year spirit beast of the same type wasn’t challenging. Even a thousand year level spirit beast of the same type could be found. But, as this went on, finding successive spirit beasts of the same type would become geometrically more difficult.”


    • It’s probably giving some sort of radar or sonar ability (like bats), thus empowering her scouting abilities as Tang San states in the chapter 🙂 .. This is just a guess from my side of course 😉


        • It’s the other way round, the sharks are much faster than the whales. It was stated several times that the only reason the sharks were never anihilated by the whales was that, even though the whales are stronger, the sharks are much faster. Which is also the reason why they didn’t worry about not being able to catch up to the fleeing whales when Tang San assassinated them.


    • I didn’t think about this, but I’m sure you’re right. She won’t be a pure speed spirit master. Not far from it, because it’s only one ring and because orcas aren’t slow beasts. But not a pure speed spirit master.

      Thanks for the chapter.


    • In the pin bone to ankle area position, does not seem like the shape of human foot is more like the killer whale rear appearance. clue next chapter.


  10. I am confused how no one thought to question how ANY spirit beast produces a spirit bone that is compatible with human anatomy before this chapter?

    In what way could a spider produce a bone that fits on a human back? Or a rabbit with a leg bone that is at all useful to a human? lol 😉


    • it`s a fantasy world story after all, everything is within the author`s gasp I suppose, 😀


    • Well Xiao Wu was turning human, so that’s rather a weird thing. And MC’s mom had become human (basically, since she was in mature stage yadda yadda). Also, the spider bones were outside his body. Have you seen the shit people wear? All sorts of esoteric things fit around the outside of a human. Because it’s outside. The leg bone from a whale (and probably the skull bone from the mirror beast though no one cared about that since not mc lol) were the first “outrageous” examples.

      tbh, I just take all of this as “ok fiction as long as you don’t contradict yourself you’re good.”


  11. I don’t know why everyone’s all amazed about the leg bone, I mean Xiao bai can turn into a human form. What’s to say the orca king couldn’t as well… hints the leg bone 😛


  12. Missing the days when we used to have 5-6 chapters in a week.
    Now less than 100 chapters left to end but the rate of release is on decrease.
    We are waiting for more.
    Thanks for chapter


  13. I believe many of you so called fans have forgotten a crucial rule regarding Spirits. Spirit have a quality rank no ? Blue grass is crap but tang doesn’t not have blue grass but blue grass emperor surprise surprise of the best quality like the angelic spirit and pagoda. This is also true for spirit beast which the last couple of chapter have been talking about. That among water beast shark orca and Wales are the top three in ascending order. Further more the chapter stated that the quality along with option to find the most suited age far exceeds the need for a swift bird spirit ring due to the superiority of the spirit rings being produced. As far as abilities matching up if you haven’t noticed yet regardless of the rule there seems to be a secret rule ( due to a good story ) that means if it is good age and good quality it will find the most required skill and become that for each individual so sonar does seem most likely it also means I believe her defence will take a leap as good spirit rings often have more than one effect and this is also something she is lacking as for tang San he is so op already he’ll just have like 10 upgrades 😂😂😂
    Kind regards valcreed


  14. i googled orca skeleton. its a mammal – but a mammal without leg bones. clearly the old sea god cheating behind the scenes.

    or maybe the dude got a boner from trying to blow himself …er…up …


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