31 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 239 – Hundred Thousand Year Evil Spirit Left Leg Bone

  1. Welcome to the translating team Armored Raven! I see you and Bagel are already working not he next set😄 I hope this isn’t the foreshadowing of a long hiatus given how many chapters we’re gonna get next week.😦


  2. If only he`s practicing the toughness of mistyc jade hand on whole body and not just his hand, he probably could`ve become as tough (body) as a title douluo at level 45 or so (half level).


  3. “When the bone reached the position of the ankle, it had looks that were closer to that of an orca’s tailfin, rather than that of a human foot.”

    Tadaa, all the questions regarding how a whale could produce a leg bone has been answered in 1 simple sentence. Case closed LOL.


  4. ‘Tang San was expressionless, “Boss Dai, is there any difference?” ‘ I laughed so hard xDXD Tang San, you total freak of nature.


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