Douluo Dalu – 240 – Challenge, Title Douluo

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98 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 240 – Challenge, Title Douluo

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I also updated my Douluo Dalu fanfic recently. Still the only one who isnt a crossover on

    Planning to catch up with the storyline but it will take a while LOL

    Also, I cant wait for Tag San return to his father clan, the Clear Sky School. Their freak out is gonna be EPIC!

    As I readed a few translated chinese light novel, I realized the main hero always have good luck. So I found Tang San to be less cringeworthy now. Sure he is a Mary-Sue but it seem to be the case often in chinese light novel.

    I need to catchup with I Shall Seal the Heavens however. I heard the hero is even more hardworking then Tang San!

    Have a nice day everyone! Let’s hope Tang San vs Spirit Hall fight is gonna be EPIC! 😀


      • Thank you, I really appreciate it!

        I don’t update as often as the translator here (Im writing it after all and my birth language is french so yeah, more work to do lol) but I wanna continue it.

        Im planning to make the main hero a bit stronger then the Golden Generation of Spirit Hall. Close to maybe Zhu Zhuqing but since he have a better spirit and willpower… well you’ll see! :p


  2. As Alyschu (or someone else involved in translation/writing) recently put it, Yun Che is a pay-to-winner that uses hacks. Tang San would then be…. an extremely skilled player who also pay-to-wins and uses a custom-made hack that even affects the server.



  3. Thanks much for the chapter. Two chapters ago I was saying this is why I can’t stop reading. Now we’re back to the type of stuff that pushes me away. I get Tang San is awesome, but this is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be the Shrek Seven Devils. They should ALL be awesome. At this point, it’s the One Devil and his six much less talented friends.

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    • I completly agree with you. I dont like Tang San because not only he is OP and a mary-sue… but he also have barely ANY flaws or life changing drama that cannot be solved. For exemple, his mom is gonna be back to live thx to Poison Douluo special garden, Xiao Wu sacrifice was a blessing in disguise (especiallyu sicne it made his body stronger) and , Im speculating here, Im sure he wont lose a arm thanks to his mother spirit bone (the Healing ability it give).

      For exemple, Chu Feng (in Martial Art Asura chinese light novel) had someone close to him killed by a future opponent (I wont say who for those who havent read it) . THAT’S something that cannot be solved in any ways. Even as OP he have become, their is things he wasnt able to protect, things he have done in his life that cannot be undone even if he regret them in the future.

      Tang San can solve just anything coming his ways and its getting annoying and predictable. I like when a story makes us gasp and fear the hero wont make it. For exemple, when he absorbed his third spirit ring, it was showing how difficult it was and how he miraculously survived. It was challenging and we were scared back then he couldnt make it.

      But he he battled the Demon Whale a few chapter back, I was like: ” Ok, how will he get out of this this time? ” and I was a bit… bored. I couldnt take this challenge seriously, even if he got saved miraculously in the end. I was surprised in fact such thing happened. I thought he would think of a trump card and get miraculously save by quick-thinking or a special weapon. Because of that, I couldnt build tension or be worried about him.

      Tang San just isnt relatable at all. He is good looking, a genious, always a gentleman, know poison, special weapons, the best spirit rings, etc. As I said, he didnt have life changing drama and most of all, we havent seeing a lot of opponents who were his match a lot. He made a few decisions that left me unsatisfied as well.

      Im writting my own Douluo Dalu fanfic because of Tang San in fact. Sure I wont be as great as the light novel itself (my birth language is french too) but I want the main hero to resolve a few things the light novel left me unsatisfied with. So Im cool even with the things that push me back now. It just mean more inspiration for me LOL


      • If you don’t consider any of those life changing evengs then something is wrong with you. Just cause he gets the good endings (not set in stone) from them, they aren’t life changing?

        The fight wth the Orcas uses his intelligence. How else would he beat them? Miraculously find that special weapon in the middle of the ocean? He’s not someone to rush to his grave.

        There’s still lots of time for the other devils to gear up. Like playing an mmorpg. Gear up your main then focus on your alts.


        • The fight with the orcas was good. Im not saying otherwise.

          Xiao Wu sacrifice was heartwretching but I found it a slap in the face when I heard she could be brought back to life. Sorry, I cant help it! Tang San always have a happy ending on everything. Because he is always victorious in everything he does, when he is facing a lifethreatening challenge like he did with the Demon WHALE (nor orcas) well you can’t get into it as much. I was actually glad to see he forgot to use the fire and ice well water against the Demon Whale, it showed that even him cannot think of everything.

          As I said, Tang San need to be Op because his opponents are OP. I made peace with that. BUT I still dont like Tang San as a character still. If you read carefully what I written, you’ll see why.

          I mean cmon, who died and cant be brought back to life in Tang San life? Who he couldn’t protect?

          Im acknowledging he had drama but since he will have a good ending on them if he works hard enough, its not as much drama as its motivations for the character to growth only. Dramas dont involve a happy ending.


          • I think you are projecting onto the series and its main character. He grew up without a mother and with a father who had given everything up for his wife. It isn’t the writers fault for not constantly reminding you of how Tang’s hard work and lucky breaks allowed him to recover some of his obscenely devastating losses.

            It just sounds like this is not the series/genre for you if you prefer realism to that degree. =/
            If you can’t read a story that doesn’t align with how you feel the story should go, then you’ll never be happy with anything I fear.
            This is something I see a lot of though with people who write fanfics, so maybe it is just a type of perspective that most do not share?

            I personally think Tang was meant to stand out as abnormal. He has memories from a past life, so his incredible success isn’t as incredible when you take into account that he had a set of master-level memories to start his life out with. lol
            Really, nothing about him or his life is typical even for the universe he was written into. But based on some spoilers some people posted, it also makes sense that he is so freaking OP. Maybe that is part of why I can enjoy his character more?


            • You are half-right. I do enjoy the serie actually. But its like how people watch for exemple Justice League. They have their favorite superhero in them but dont necessarly like one of them in particular. He just accept he is there but watch the serie anyway and enjoy it. Its the same for me and Tang San.

              He had loss you say? He never knew his mother when he was alive. But what I meant mostly is that he always prevail and only fail if it help him on the long run. Even Xiao Wu sacrifice was a blessing in disguise, something to make the story go forward but not feel pity for the character or relate to his pain.

              But I dont mind if we dont see it the same way. I respect your opinion on the matter. I just see it differently and we might never see it he same way. If you like Tang San good for you! Im not gonna force you to see otherwise.


              Their is a few reasons I already mentionned why I dont like the character and I believe its my right to like the light novel a lot but find the main character hard to relate in term of personnality (and some of his blessings). I already said that Im fine now with providence and faith helping him. It happen a lot in chineses light novel.

              But the realism I speak off also involve story holes. For exemple, Clear Shy School had the 4 Attribute Clan below them. Why not create the same thing for all great school? Why only 2 Douluo Dalu were serving under Rongrong’s father, especially since its the richest school from all Great Schools?


              • I agree with u on the point of everyone has their own opinion but as far a tang goes if you take his other life in it he is basically as old as his dad in a 20 something body with other 20 to 30 years olds. Of course he is going to be OP in planning based on his personally, experience, and spirit (or will) whatever you prefer and he has gotten lucky on spirit rings a few times and in my opinion if anyone else did the same at that time would have died but because of his spirit to persevere got the rings. And I agree I wish the others were a bit more OP but they are half or more his true age putting it this way take yourself look at kids half your age wouldn’t you be OP?


                • Well let’s agree to disagree then. Sure his past life explain a few thing but in ” Battle throught the heavens” even if the hero have such a past life and is OP in the same way, it isnt helping him do the impossible. Every accomplishement is his own efforts throught some guidance of his master.

                  As far as Tang San goes however, I cant agree with you but I dont wanna argue over such trivial matter. The light novel is good and that’s all that matter in the end. Tang San is only a minor thing I dislike in this light novel.


                  • Lol, I got to read all of your discussion and i have to say, it feels good to see how you saty cool and don’t become haters, and i do agree that tang san is too OP to be liked.
                    But keep being like that, I really enjoy seeing this kind of behaviour

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                    • Well this was 2 3 years ago, but i hope you didnt read BTTH biggest waste of my time kek. And the other one he mentioned martial god asura 3k chapters of nothing kek.

                      Well to give my humble opinion on very first comment, i very much like him soloing stuff with xiao wu then constantly being together with everyone… and if you read this chapters its even more obv they arent that good together couse all they do is rely on tang sanu… sure they should fight in the war or w/e is to come later on but they are all 2 merry together while spirit hall is god knows what doing outthere… its funny how 2 biggest sects get destroyed in 1 night but now everything is gonna be fine for 5 years? Heh


        • I really don’t remember the early chapters all that well but I’m having a hard time remembering Tang San EVER losing a fight. The story is great, I’ve been reading every week for like two years. But arguing that Tang San has suffered is ridiculous. He has a magical cure to every single issue and nothing bad ever stays bad. It is a flaw in the story, sorry. I enjoy this more than anything else at the moment, but pretending it doesn’t have flaws is writing just not accurate.

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          • I have to agree, it’s hard for me to like Tang San’s mary sueness (is this even a word?) without seeing him as the author’s wish fulfillment (their names are even similar). At this point I’m merely reading this novel for closure and treating it like junk food. It’s not as good but it’s something to read while the stories I like are being translated. Then again, I’m glad this didn’t become a harem. I would have definitely dropped this if that happened.


  4. Once TangSan reaches Title Doulou rank his 5th Spiritring which came from the BlueSilverEmperor-Evolution might turn into a red one too. Although his physical stats could already endure it for a while.

    Means 5 reds on Bluesilveremperor and 9 more potential reds on the hammer. Indeed way too OP.


    • Yeah, I was kinda wondering too why his 5th ring, which was supposed to be always at Tang San’s max endurable limit didn’t turn red when he was able to absorb the 100 000year rings. Maybe the author forgot about that.


      • Maybe the 5th ring can’t reach the red stage. After alll, the blue silver king (which gave him the ring) was 85000 years old. I think it would be a little wierd if the bestowed ring was able to “overgrow” it’s originator so much, 100000 years is whole new level. (Sorry for possible mistakes in my english.)


  5. Wow, Armored Raven and Bagel are really going at it this week! I wonder why there’re so many chapters coming out at once 😮 Not complaining though :3


  6. Thanks for the chapters!

    No matter how many times I read other people’s (excluding S7D now) reactions to Tang San’s spirit rings it still brings tears in my eyes =”D


  7. The book is actually finished, but the quality of english translation is quite troublesome. 336 chapters total translated but compared to the quality of translation that bagelson produce, the works of bagelson is more commendable. But the chapters that I read in that website (googled it) compare to translation in this website differs not far.


    • Yoooooo! Tomorrow will be huge! Bigger than Brangelina Or Obama08 or even first contact with extraterrestrials… tomorrow will change everything! 😲


  8. well, there was a red storm chapter from yesterday i read first … ima go click refresh again now, k?! surprise me ^^


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