Douluo Dalu – 241 – Seahorse Sacred Pillar Battle

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28 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 241 – Seahorse Sacred Pillar Battle

  1. BAGELSON IS BACK BABYYY !!! is this the start of multiple releases per week again? are you free again bagleson?


  2. Many thanks, I give. 😁 Yayayayayya!!
    Sorry if this has already been discussed but— since they r going through their trials and the Angel winged girl is going through hers does that mean while tang San is fighting off double spirit sister the Shrek 7 (w/bai –Phoenix boys lady) will be fighting off angel wings?? Or tang San and Xaio Wu against both crazy spirit sisters. While Shrek “7” against rest of spirit hall crazies????? I mean if angel wings spirit sister is going through her own “God” challenges won’t they both be of equal strength. Oh wait unless he gets his other set of rings. Oh man. This story just gets more and more exciting!!


  3. Thanks for the chapters. It was a great pleasure to read them.
    Even if most of those fights lack killing intent, Tang San and his friends will learn a lot. My only regret stays in Tang San’s help. What was the interest of him fighting the 5 Shrek Devils if they can’t fight without him ?


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