Douluo Dalu – 242 – Control! Evil Eye White Tiger VS Sea’s Lance

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18 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 242 – Control! Evil Eye White Tiger VS Sea’s Lance

    • Well I really have to say. Thats the worst English written text I have ever read. spelling errors, as well as structure, vocabulary and grammar are extremly lacking. Please learn English editor or at least re-read like a real translator.


  1. “As Grandmaster’s disciple, Tang San had never heard from Grandmaster that tool spirit masters could use their spirit avatar to merge into their tool spirit”

    I need to go back…. I understood it as the sword dude in Ning Mings 7 glass clan used somthing to become one with the giant sword. It seems this case here was very similar. >.<'

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  2. Wtf, arent they cheating like hell. They are using oscars susages, which makes it like mu bai having one more support spirit masters help. And tang is constantly giving him advice mid battle and pretty much directing all of mu bais actions. How is this is mu bais test, with tangs constant help and oscars susages, its bs how much he is cheating.


    • There’s nothing about using sausages that would count as cheating. The sausages are prepared before hand vs Oscar actively taking part in the fight. It’s no different than SeaLance Douluo using the water to power up. You wouldn’t call the Sea God helping SeaLance in the fight because he made the island and pillars, would you?

      Now Tang San is definitely cheating from what I can tell. But all that means is the rewards will be less. Since he already has enough affinity to bring back his girl, and he’s hasn’t been receiving ranks as an award, it’s not a big deal for him if his reward is less. The problem is the reward the others get being less. They didn’t want that, but they can always lose and try again while he can still finish his trial. They have a year.

      And, there’s always the possibility that Tang San’s helping might be looked at as part of his challenge. I still call it cheating, tho.


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