Douluo Dalu – 244 – Challenge, Sea Star Sacred Pillar

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15 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 244 – Challenge, Sea Star Sacred Pillar

  1. On top of the platform there was a strange person, clad in similar black garb, but appearing somewhat worn and torn. The most surprising part was his

    fearsome long hair that was draped all the way to the ground, Xiao Wu’s hair was the longest Tang San had ever seen. But this strange person before him had hair that was even longer than Xiao Wu’s, and might have to be around three metres in length.
    (This paragraph contains a bad paragraph break.)

    The attack was not yet unleashed, the sharp aura was already pointing at Sea Star Douluo’s spirit form’s center, causing the latter’s skin to cramp up. But, at this moment, Sea Star Douluo’s spirit form’s already gigantic body suddenly expanded to several tens of times larger in size. So large

    , the body’s diameter had exceeded fifteen meters. Even the sacred pillar platform could not fully support it and thus it slipped down to the sea. Massive pulling force caused Tang San to lose further control. The enlarged suckers’ devouring power had also increased by several times. Tang San couldn’t hold them back and his body’s spirit power started to leak out through the blue silver grasses.
    (Another bad paragraph break.)


  2. This is probably tang sans douchiest moment. You’re really gonna try and kill the man for doing his job? He has no enmity with him. Illusions are his power. I understand it’s a terrible moment for tang san, but hes just doing what he’s supposed to do. HE wanted to take the test, is he supposed to hold back for himand worry about his feelings? F*ck no.


  3. “Tang San wouldn’t give his opponents any chances. This was an edict from Tang Sect in his previous life, which was also one he upheld after coming to this world. Especially when he confirmed that the opponent was his enemy”

    Thats complete bs, tang has let enemies go multiple times, even when he could get rid of them. One exsample is hu lena, which he saved instead of killing her.

    Tang keeps getting more and more stupid, he was about to kill the doulou because of a illusion he saw, even though he knows the problems it would couse. Everytime its something about xiau wu he turns to such a retard. I miss how he was in the beginnig, when everything he did wasent about her, and he wasent such a moron around her.


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