Douluo Dalu – 245 – Sea Witch, Mermaid Princess?

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94 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 245 – Sea Witch, Mermaid Princess?

  1. 5 chapters!! You seriously released 5 chapters in a day??!! Bagelson, Armored Raven, thank you so very much!! We appreciate the effort.
    So, not all of the sea douluos show politeness towards examined. Not sure of whether I should be surprised or not. I hope the seadragon douluo will act in a manner more befitting of his position.
    That said…Zhu Zhuqing, kick this mermaid’s ass out of the water!!!

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  2. Did they just say that the eight spider lances poison ability was negligible before he ate the fire and ice herbs? I’m pretty sure it was a guaranteed kill in a matter of seconds against anyone without poison resistance even before he ate those. There was quite a bit said about the terrifying poison of the man-faced demon spider.


    • I guess they meant for a title douluo level power. A 2000 year old spiders poison may kill low-level spirit masters easily but i guess it wouldn’t be much of a problem for a title douluo, even without any particular poison resistance, while the two herbs were so extreme that even poison douluo didn’t like going in their vicinity.


  3. The young girl appeared to be so, but everyone knew that as the Guardian Douluo of the sacred pillar, Sea Witch Pillar, her actual age wouldn’t be much less than those of other Guardian Douluos.
    (‘The young girl appeared to be so’ ‘So’ and what? Unless you meant ‘so-so’? Please clarify.)


    • No it was correct. “The young girl appeared to be so” means that the girl looked like that, young. I really don’t know how to explain this clearly as most of the time these sentences just click to me. English is weird.


      • even English people have a hard time reading English apparently lol. I just think the grammar was slightly poor on that sentence? didnt look too much into it


  4. 5 chapters? In a single day? You guys have worked really hard since the last chapter, and I humbly bow before your awesomeness and dedication! ❤
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    (And no, I have jet to read them, as school is currently occupying my time, but as soon as I'm done with it…. then I'll dive into the paradise that this story is ^^ )


  5. Seriously, great work guys. I would have been happy with 1 or 2, and you dropped 5 action packed chapters for us.

    Thank you!


  6. FFFFF*********CCCCCKKKKKK! 5 CHAPTERS! I really thought I was hallucinating! It’s like 5 weeks compressed into 1 day!!! WOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOO! Maraming maraming salamat! (means Thank you very much! in Filipino)


  7. Wow, 5 chapters released today! That’s AWESOME !

    Thank you for your awesome work!

    I updated my Douluo fanfic recently. Still the only pure Douluo Dalu fanfic on You can check it here:

    Planning to catch up with the story here (long term goal). Also, I was glad to hear about internal domains! That was pretty much an idea I had but now, its cannon! 😀


  8. OMG, thank you so much! 5 chapters! Awesome!

    Although this mermaid strength isn’t as powerful as the previous douluo, but her skills seems more varied.


  9. Thanks for the chapters! Never would have guessed that we’d get 5 chapters o.O

    Anyone else kept thinking “spirit power” when “soul power” was written?
    Found it slightly annoying.. But still great work guys!


    • I thought they all had both? one for spirit abilities, and the other for mental attacks and what not. Tangs Boundless eye technique is soul based isn’t it? So a lot of spirit masters who use Illusions (the Illusion douluo pillar guy) really on soul attacks (attacking the mind)


  10. Oh yeah, finally a hint on Tang San’s 5th ring turning red! This had bothered me for quite a while now, since it was supposed to always be at the max age he could handle, and he was clearly able to absorb 100000 year rings by now.


  11. Did the translator change?
    I find a few fault from time to time, but with the latest chapters, a lot of expressions did change and are nonconform with earlier translations. Battle Spirit and Soul Power for example.
    Also the eigth abilitys name is strange “absorption” for stunning?

    And is anyone else getting the feeling, that Tang San is just getting 5 abilities where everyone else just gets one? Like first of two abilities of the eight spirit ring second stage third form? Apart from everything evolving twenty times.
    Kind of lame. Tang San would not need it, better combine skills (hidden weapons, internal energy) with spirit skills and stuff…

    But that’s the author’s work. Thanks for 5 awesome chapters!


    • I am reading the last 3 volumes of this novel and I am getting where you are coming from. Yeah, there are some things that seems not to make sense, but, it’ll be explained later on. You haven’t seen a tenth of it yet! So far, for me, TJSS had explained it quite well. Hahaha. I have learned that There is a lot more that meets the eye, What is important is understanding.

      By the way, the eight spirit ring’s ability is really absorption. Three-second stunning is just it’s effect. BUT, Tang San have the “All Rivers Runs to the Sea” spirit ability of his Blue Silver Domain as well as the absorption skill of his Eight Spider Lances, so most likely that he will be using the eight spirit ability mostly for the stun effect.

      I beg to defend the Armored Raven for using “Battle Spirit” for “Spirit” in his translation because it is really is what it means (Check for the footnotes in Chapter 1) and that is what it really translates to. I have also seen the use of “battle spirit” in some of the previous chapters as well. I just thought of the two as synonyms.
      Soul Power and Spirit Power are synonyms. As well as Spirit Sage = Spirit Saint. It’s not the first time i had seen those here.

      Anyway, Tang San is yeah, above them from the start.


      • With faults I didn’t think of story faults but tiny text-faults like missing letters / additional letters or sometimes words double or half sentences inside a sentence. Nothing terrible. It changed a bit, so I thought the translator might have changed.


        • At the Start of each Chapter is a: “Translated by” note.
          There were several Translators besides Bagelson. Armored Raven seems to be a new one though.


  12. I always had trouble imagining the characters reactions to Tang San’s spirit rings. Now I just imagine what my face looked like when I saw there were 5 updates


  13. I was confused at first. Wait wasn’t the last chapter I read last week 240? Now it’s 245? Did I miss out something?

    Then I realized the awesomeness that is this week’s 5 chapter release. I was like Tivan from Guardians of the Galaxy. *shiver…* Beautiful!

    Thanks Bagelson and Armored Raven!!


  14. I was about to post something (a question) to this chapter`s comment, but was blocked. after seeing that spilr-free zone warning, I was kind of reminded how it would killing the fun to know too much, thanks again for your remainder bagelson! and multi-chapter this week? you`re the best man!


    • Dude! He`s been translating for free, and this week unexpectedly 4 chapters and you`re still complaint?? man..


  15. thanks for the chapter!

    Zhu Zhuqing’s mind could understand the mind reading, but everything before her was happening too quick.

    maybe it should be

    Sea Witch’s mind could understand the mind reading, but everything before her was happening too quick.


  16. When will the chapter end…I just finish reading until this chapter…and suddenly realised that this chapter was released in October…so does it means the translation already stop?


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