24 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 246 – Evolve to Hundred Thousand Years, Tang San’s Fifth Spirit Ring

  1. Ning Rongrong placed confidence in her San Ge
    That “San Ge” should really be “third brother” or even just “older brother”
    Heck, if you wanna move away from the original, then “strongest brother” or “senior” would also work and be more comfortable in English


    • They couldn’t understand why Tang San would let Sea Witch play out her Sea Calming Divine Song. He actually didn’t, because before that, when Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong made their last attack under his instructions which forced Sea Witch to admit defeat, he felt his spirit power undergo a sudden mutation.

      should say in second sentence, “He actually didn’t know either,”


      • Because the problem lied in the conflict between his Blue Silver Emperor battle spirit and Mysterious Heaven Skill Inner Power.
        lied -> lay

        ((not even going to bother trying to fix that sentence fragment lol))

        He would love the Sea Calming Divine Comedy to drag out longer so that it could help him finish this fusion process.
        love the -> love for the

        In the surge of the blue golden halo, the fifth spirit ring which had the Blue Silver Emperor Javelin skill started to let out a layer of red light from the original black.
        Javelin -> Spear because consistency and whatnot. I also remember something about it being called an Overlord’s Spear?

        Especially when he absorbed Sea Star Douluo’s massive energies and life force, the fifth spirit ring’s Blue Silver Emperor was completely awakened for its evolution, and now the aura in Tang San’s body and Black Sky Inner Power were rejecting each other.
        What’s this Black Sky Inner Power? I assume that means Mysterious Inner Heaven?

        I see more “San Ge”s that should all be third brother or maybe Brother San?


        • “Phoenix Cloudbreaker was executed even though Ning Rongrong couldn’t generate a burst of force that matched with Ma Hongjun’s own, but the technique itself could be used.”

          Is Phoenix Cloudbreaker consistent from the past chapters? I don’t recognise it, but it might still be right and just me being wrong.


  2. Now that I’ve caught up…. Thanks for the chapter!

    A quick question: do the editors/translators want errors pointed out for correction?
    Ex: dischord in this one is spelled discord.

    Ex:”Because the problem lied in the conflict between his Blue Silver Emperor battle spirit and Mysterious Heaven Skill Inner Power.”
    Remove the ‘Because’ and change ‘lied’ to ‘lay’
    “The problem lay in the conflict between his Blue Silver Emperor battle spirit and Mysterious Heaven Skill Inner Power.”

    If they want such input I’ll be happy to provide some each chapter. If not, I won’t.

    Thanks again for the chapter!


  3. Thank you so much for the chapter!
    With Tang San getting so much more OP it makes you wonder how anyone besides Bibi Dong could compete with him once he reaches even single Title Douluo level. I bet he destroys ghost and chysanthemum douluos as soon as he gets back from Sea God island. Remember what he did to that spider? Lol


  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    Lol. Not only does Tang San win easily against Sea Witch but he also (just) uses her most powerful ability to ‘evolve’. I feel sorry for her. (At least he revived her powers as thanks)


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