78 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 248 – Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, Clear Sky Flying Hammer

  1. Has Clear Sky Nine Finals’ ‘Shock’ character art been introduced before this chapter? I remember Tang San talking about Clear Sky having self made skills but not this.


    • Yeah they called it one of the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes, which he learned on his second time going back (right before heading towards Seagod Island). The story mostly skimmed over it, but did mention that if the (7th?) elder had used them in his fight against Tang San, our wonderful mc would’ve lost.


  2. Clear Sky Nine Finals’ -> Clear Sky Nine Absolutes’
    because that’s how you introduced them, and because absolutes sounds better.

    Flying Divine Claw -> Flying God Claw
    because previous name.

    Cluster Soul Stealer Projectiles -> Cluster Soul Chasing Balls
    same ^

    Are Joss Sticks supposed to be incense sticks? Or are they a new thing?

    Phantom Nether White Tiger -> Hell White Tiger

    Sea Dragon Douluo’s Demon Buster Domain -> Devilbreaker Domain
    c’mon you just did this last week.

    I really can’t be bothered pointing out anything except inconsistencies :c

    As much as I love this book and appreciate your hard work Bagelson, do you think you can keep terms consistent please? Thanks :D!

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    • Thanks very much for the chapter!

      Some editorial bits:

      “Sea Dragon Douluo’s damages would definitely be greater than his own. ” =>”damage” no ‘s’.

      “The reason was simple, Because, he was in the sea and not the sacred pillar platform.”
      => The reason was simple, because he was in the sea and not the sacred pillar platform.

      “While Tang San’s organs was on fire, his own were worse off.”
      ‘was’ => ‘were’

      “Sea Dragon Douluo feared Clear Sky Hammer to an extent, but not afraid of Blue SIlver Emperor. ”
      “Sea Dragon Douluo feared Clear Sky Hammer to an extent, but was not afraid of Blue Silver Emperor. ”

      “…but Clear Sky Hammer left an impression that was too deep and he didn’t dare letting his fearsome hammer fall on him.”
      ‘letting’ => ‘let’

      “Tang San was still 10 metres away from the coastside”
      coastside => shore [later it talks about ‘platform’ so that might be more contextually correct]

      “Poison Douluo used this this to retreat ”
      ‘this this’ => this

      swinged =>swung
      marvellous => marvelous
      evolveing => evolving

      Hopefully these bits are helpful.
      Thanks again for your hard work!


  3. So the Sea God trial was originally going to be easier than the Seraphim trial before Tang San took a shortcut? Actually, it still is since he can do it with team mates. Qian Renxue has to do the same thing on her own.

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  4. Oh sh*t! The sixth challenge is really hard! Dang…. Will they use that seven (now six) people fusion technique like what they use in spirit competition long time ago?

    Also, does that mean Bo Saixi strength is greater than all seven pillar guardian strengths combined?! Wow. Just wow!


    • Sword Douluo talks about the the strength of 99th ranked titled Douluo before they leave for Seagod Island, and i believe a 99th ranked Douluo is close to twice as strong as a 98th ranked Douluo, if i’m wrong it is atleast more than 50% stronger, and Seadragon Douluo is the strongest of the 7 at 95th rank.


    • If I remember it correctly, lvl 95 = 2x lvl94, lvl 96=2× lvl 95, and so on, then lvl 99 = 16x lvl95, or 32x lvl94 (counting the fact that the only lvl 95bis sea dragon)
      So yes, she should be stronger than all 7 together


        • So there’s no way to calculate how strong she is, because wtf is 120% stronger? Is it lvl94 strength=x, so lvl 95 =120%x, or is it x + 120%x?
          So many ways to see it that I will just assume that is A LOT STRONGER and let it be


          • Hmmm… I believe it’s X+120%X. I mean, 120%X means X + 20%X right? That’s too small for what supposed to be “different class of increase in strength” or whatever they call it.


            • Yeah i believe its like that, there’s some other ways to look at it that also could make sense, but maybe we are overthinking it, since we see things like a 20 years old guy more than 10lvls behind overpowering a master that is “120% stronger” than someone 10lvl above the young man… we don’t know the specifics but if a lvl 90 could be “100% stronger” if compared to lvl 89 (with spirit ring buffs skills and all) don’t need to do the math to know it should be like a cat fighting a tiger



  5. Oh, you didn’t follow the rules to pass our completely unreasonable test, so the next one is now even more unreasonable than we originally planned.
    What? We didn’t tell you there were rules?

    …the time required is now 2 joss sticks.

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  6. … Okay, Tang San is badass, but, I mean come on. This is too much, even the level 99 Clear Sky dude couldn’t beat her at sea, even though they don’t have to beat her, that’s just insane. Can’t wait to see how he pulls this one off.


  7. Man talk about a difficulty spike. Not only is she a lvl 99 titled douluo (which was established by Sword Douluo as someone with twice the power of a 98 leveled individual) but she was also strong enough to win against 2 other lvl 99 title doulos before.
    Also lets not forget that she finished her own red peak level trials which means that her spirit rings probably got upgraded just like Rongons. Right now she could even have only red spirit rings on her.

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  8. “Moreover, when he swinged the Clear Sky Hammer to create a maelstrom,”

    It should be Swung. Swung is the past tense of Swing. Swinged is the past tense of Swinge (which means to beat, flog, or punish).


  9. How cunning! in the end, using Tang Sect weapon he did. And after everything settled here comes new challenger, the limit douluo Bo Saixi, things just got complicated lol 😀 , but from what I see here all this trial and tribulations nonsense were just to test Tang San`s worth to be the new Seagod (Poseidon in Greek). Because the last few chapters seems to hint that way though.


  10. I chance upon “legends of the gods realm” manga, i just cannot understand the link between Blue Silver Grass Emperor and Water God, one earth and theother water… If anyone of you read the manga, you’ll know what my question is here haha


    • I think some gods didn’t care about what spirit their heir had, as long as the heir fulfil their (gods) requirements. You need to read ahead to understand what I means, I don’t want to spoils anything. Yes, I already finished reading the raw, but it was long long time ago and I already forgot some fine details of the story. And Google translate from Chinese were just awful, reading the fine translation here feels like reading different story.


  11. After starting reading the Manga, couldn’t stay waiting 1 week to release another.

    So then I started reading here.

    Now, can’t wait to read next 1/2 chapter for 1 damn whole week !!!

    Should I go for LNMTL ???
    #thinking #thinking ………


    • Man… no way I would read that, what a bad experience…
      I don’t know if you are that eager to know what happens, bur for me it’s jult like filling your belly with salad just for not having patience to wait for the meat


    • Hmmm… only if you want to turn garbage into gold. Oh wait that’s not possible. Just stay here where it’s legible :).


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