Douluo Dalu – 253 – Pull out, Divine Instrument, Seagod’s Trident

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62 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 253 – Pull out, Divine Instrument, Seagod’s Trident

  1. Uh… is Nine Jeweled Lapis Pagoda Armored Raven’s version of Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda? Or am I having a brainfart and Rongrong’s spirit transformed into Nine Jeweled Lapis Pagoda at some point that I’m forgetting?

    Thanks for the chapter Armored Raven!


      • Excuse me, SUPPOSED to? That’s not what the Chinese characters meant. Jiu Bao Liu Li Ta is a compressed name, and that’s what can drive interpreters up the walls sometimes. When there are meanings that can only be explained better with multiple characters, but the name had to be short due to writing issues, it’s up to the individual mind to decide what it means. Now, I’m going to break it down to you.

        Jiu means nine, and I think most people know that. Bao means treasure in general, but it can also be a compressed term for ‘zhu bao’ (jewels), ‘bao zang’ (treasures) and ‘cai bao’ (wealth). The chinese Ta, depending on the era, would almost always mean pagodas, instead of towers. Liu Li is written in the exact same way in Japanese but pronounced as Ruri, which means Lapis Lazuli. Liu Li IS NOT an adjective. Considering how Ning Rongrong’s entire family line is known for the jewel-like pagodas being their battle spirits, interpreting the pagoda as being GLAZED AND SHINY is very oxymoronic. Nine jewels along the body of the pagoda? Now that is a feasible description of its appearance.


  2. …………………………………….

    things recognizable I’ve just decided to ignore but how tf did the “Yearning Heartbroken Red” turn into “Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence”????????????????????????

    Please ;___; I don’t even care who translated it but “Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence” doesn’t even begin to make sense as an immortal flower medicine

    The second one sounds more like a battleaxe than a flower x_x

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    • Blame the original text then. Xiang Si Duan Chang Hong is just as it says. Xiang Si (mutual yearning, mutual reminiscence, mutual empathy), Duan Chang (intestine breaking, intestine snapping, both of which are expressions of deep mental pain and suffering), and Hong (red).


      • Thank you for working so hard and explaining things to us as a Chinese decendent that can only speak but not read and wrote I am very proud of you. You don’t understand how hard t is for me to love Chinese novel and stories when I can’t read and write, your translation and the work of the other translators on this novel is what I look forward to a lot every week. I really appreciate you guys don’t let the haters get to you you are doing great


      • While I dont speak/read anything else than my Language and English. I can understand the Problem with Translating Names.

        Especiallty Asian names. They are often just descriptionlike. I can see why the other Translators named it: “Yearning Heartbroken Red”, because thats feels more like a name to most, while retaining the meaning. If it were me I probably would have chosen yet a different name.
        While you do more literal translations. To be Honest, for me, I can better remember the “old” names.
        For me, they are just complicated, i have a problem with other novels where Names are more Litteral translated that I can remember them, but that doesnt make them more right or wrong. Translations are always an equal part interpretation. Thats why raw machine Translations are Crap.

        Here usually I see the Context and know what you mean. Apart from that your Translations are (to me) are very good, as I can follow the Situation, even though, I cant compare to Originals and am at the mercy of Translators. 🙂

        I hope you dont feel offended by those whiny people. (And I hope you dont misunderstand my Post, I dont want to insult anyone or Offend anyone. I´m thankfull and amazed by the Quality translations. If you wouldn´t use other names for stuff I wouldn´t notice someone else translated it)


      • I am sorry, if I misunderstood something, but if ‘Duan Chang’ describes deep mental pain and suffering, then wouldn’t ‘heartbroken’ actually be a pretty accurate translation? After all, it also refers to mental/emotional suffering on a very deep level, while (I personally) wouldn’t connect severed intestines to mental suffering.


        • not really. heartbroken is kind of an emotional suffering. i think, back then, that the “heartbroken” in the yearning heartbroken red do not make a lot of sense, since it had chose Xiao Wu. that is, it is not being heartbroken but having experience deep mental pain and yearning.
          however, “intestine severer” in Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence is still a chinese expression that do not make sense in english. so, i think, something like gloom, dread or somehing like that, for intestine severer would be better.


    • That happend to me to. I started Reading, and immediatly: “WTF?”, gone to the Last Chapter, read the end again, and still: “WTF?”, only then I checked the Chapter Number and saw that the Order was Mixed up.


      • I’ve read the whole thing because this one wasn’t released when I started, so I thought it was just a extremely case of bad memory. No true harm done, at least.


  3. Ahh i only see the google doc link for both 253 and 254. Anyone got this problem and know jow to fix this. I’m so bad with computer skill.


  4. Hey bagelson. I understand that sometimes its great to have people help translate chapters. But for future reference can you do a once over of their finished work to make sure its conistant with your work? Like what the fuck is a red intestine server of reminisence? Just thought i would point this out….


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