68 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 254 – Seagod’s Trident, 108 000 Jin

  1. Arg !! When I saw the new chapter I was overjoyed until I began to read and found something was amiss… And yes, as I thought a chapter was missing …. Is it so fun to play with my little heart ;0 …
    Anyway thanks for the work, can’t wait for the rest !

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  2. Uhh. It’s no issue if there are no chapters or if a mishap like this happens and the wrong chapter is posted. What I kind of dislike or think it’s highly lacking is communication from bluesilvertranslations. It’s a little bit frustrating.
    And the link is working fine for me.


  3. Thanks for the chapter Armored Raven and Bagelson! Guessing he’ll get to test his trident out right when he gets back. There’s no way the Hall didn’t attack something or other related to him.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    I don’t understand – why does he care that the whale he has to kill for his 9th trial gives a spirit bone he doesn’t have if the contents of the 8th trial are for him to have a complete set of spirit bones?


    • Because Bo Saixi believe the bone from that whole will be very powerful. Imagine a torso bone from a Whale which had power equivalent to (almost) a million years cultivation, just how broken and over powered that would be? That would give him quite power up, I believe.


      • I’d say that Tang San can kill the whale to complete the 8th trial meaning he has already finished part of the 9th trial within the 8th trial. He cant use the whales bone if he doesn’t kill it during the 8th trial by this chapters logic.


    • I believe she’s telling him to complete that part of his 9th trial early, and use the spirit bone and ring he receives from the Whale King to help pass the eighth trial.


    • I think the logical explaination is already given by bo xaixi she said: “i dont mind telling you half of the 9th trial”. Thats regarding the whale. So the conclusion is the 8th and 9th1/2 trial are kinda stack together like in game where the quest 1st quest is kill 10 monsters and the 2nd is kill 20 monsters but you killed 30 so both quest are finished at the same or simutaneously.


  5. That last line is definitely foreshadowing a bad situation waiting for them when they get back. As should be expected. There hasn’t been much to restrain Spirit Hall since they left, and the Empire and Shrek academy are clear targets that are opposing them.


  6. If Tang has a full set of bones when he goes up against the whale he wI’ll get the spirit bone he needs. Thus he will get the right arm bone since he will lose his to resurrect Xiao Wu. Wouldn’t he? Thus replacing a 100000 yr spirit bone with another.


    • no his right arm bone will be er mings spirit bone. from that demon whale he will get lwg bone with it crqzu skills like demon whale axe.


  7. It never says what it does if he has a full set or not. Or how it knows which one he is missing. So if he has a full set he will get the right arm since it’s what he needs. It’s either that or he goes after the whale after resurrecting Xaio Wu.


  8. What kind of shitty divine tool is this trident? Like, he cant put it down anywhere because it crushes everything??? So that means he will always need to hold a 7m long pole in his hand wherever he goes? WTF?

    Also about the missing spirit bones, pretty sure he can just take the two from Clear sky clan (which are probably both 100 000 years, or at least almost) and the last one from the Whale King that he can kill early now that he knows that it’s just like completing that part of his 9th trial early.

    What really bothers me on the other side are the 14 spirit rings he needs to find… How awesome would it be if he had only 100 000 year spirit rings, but, where is he supposed to find 14 such old spirit beasts? Until now we only know of the whale king, ginger king, the titan ape, the blue sky python and the skark king, and i highly doubt he would kill the later 3 since they are BFFs.


    • This is just my guess but i think the two bones from clear sky will be brought back FOR his father (i know right, it’s stupid), but i’m seeing something like, what he will do with xiao wu (regarding the right bone thingie), he can do to his father, too.. So his father will be whole again, and i guess he’ll powerup because of tang san.. And regarding to his rings, there are only a few 100,000 beasts and some of them are family.. Will he get just black rings or super op full set red rings? Too exciting!!


      • yea it will go back to tang hao. tang san will obtain ather spirit bones. from deep sea demon whale king. from da ming and er ming.


  9. thanks for the chapter!

    Am I the only who thinks that TS likes to act dumb every time that it involves xiao wu??

    1º) he would glady die for her, but doesnt seems to think that she most likely would kill herself if he do that.

    2º) somehow, he seems to forget that if he doesnt pass all the trials, then he AND xiao we are dead. even so, he wanted to “revive” her and forever lose the chance to pass the trial.

    there is more, but I dont remember now.



  10. In other words, He must hold the trident all the time even when he pee or dump or it would break every toilet he used. Dang.. that’s a commitment.. even mutenroshi has his both hands free..


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