Douluo Dalu – 255 – Four Years Rewards And Parting

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65 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 255 – Four Years Rewards And Parting

  1. I find that I’m unable to read this and the two previous posts. They show up as links that I am unable to use. Are the posts going to continue being presented as links, or will they revert to actual text?

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  2. I wonder if changing the “/pub?embedded=false” to “/pub?embedded=true” would fix the problem of chapter display of 253, 254 and 255.


  3. Can anyone tell me if this is this chapter is just wrongly named or if they posted the wrong one, would rather not read ahead.


  4. Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much better my Sundays are when I get to read this! The worst of times will be in a year or so when you finish the story :.(


  5. I guess it was to be expected that Spirit Hall’s influence would stretch far and wide in four years. They are probably trying to exterminate any third party (besides the two kingdoms). The story is finally heading into the “final stretch”. Although there are still quite some chapters to go, from here on out the confrontations will probably get a lot more intense and in your face.


  6. Hell Yeah, I stop reading when they face Demon Whale to reading other wuxia.
    Just to come back perfectly after they finished training arc.
    This must be a will of Bagel God.


    • There are two-and-a-half actually. One is DD2 set… quite a bit later and features very different characters. Its complete. Then goes DD2.5 acting as sort of intermission between 2 and 3. And DD3 has the protagonist who is Tang Sans son and is still ongoing.


  7. So I just read all these chapters within 4 days…. Thank you so much!
    This is awesome!! Came from reading the manga and wanted to see what the differences were, I love this so much more!
    ALSO! I love that they are entering an “Ice Cream Kingdom”! lol


  8. I hate when I catch up in a series 😛 Thank you so much for all your work! I love this story. So we’re about 80 chapters from the end? (The main page says 336 chapters, is that correct?) I’m so excited to see our Devils smash Spirit Hall and Xiao Wu get resurrected!

    How often do you update?


  9. I have wondered about this on rongrong. For everyone else increasing the age of rings increases the power of ability. Her rings use the same power same increase of 10% per level. What purpose does increasing the age of her rings serve? Other than making 100 thousand ring more available and maybe increasing her base stats


    • Increasing their base stats does a lot for a support. Besides the obvious def boost, she will be able to maintain her support abilities for longer.


    • It’s said on the first time she gets the upgrade that this increase lower the spirit power comsuption, so its a great increase for her


  10. Not letting Xiao Wu out to say goodbye is a dick move. It’s almost certain none of them will die, because of plot, but they don’t know that. This could have been the last time they ever saw each other. But he didn’t want her to get EMOTIONAL. Get the f@ck out of here! This is the first time I’ve really disliked Tang San.


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